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Mint boy’s flower ◆ Part I

Requested by the lovely @thefuturewillbeprosperous ♥

Genre : Fluff/Smut/Dark/Mafia/Drugs

Paring : Yoongi x Reader

Summary : When a drug dealer meets the rarest flower.

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes ♡

He can’t help but smile as he takes off his ring. He didn’t expected him to die this quick. He didn’t expected how beautiful it was. All this blood coming from his mouth, the way his body was shaking in pain, and his eyes… Damn, it was entertaining. He puts the ring in the first drawer of his desk and leans back on his chair. Dealing with Park Jaebum was a mistake and he should’ve died a long time ago.

Min Yoongi raises his head when he hears someone knocking on his door. When he sees his right-hand man, Kim Namjoon, he beckons him to sit up. The tall man sits in front of him and crosses his long legs, a cold smile on his lips as he asks :

« So… How was it ?

- I think it’s my favorite. Maybe a little too quick, but sometimes that’s not that bad. »

Namjoon chuckles and lightly shake his head : « You love torturing people, you sick bastard… » Yoongi raises his eyebrows and looks slightly off, as if he was wondering if it was actually true. When he realizes it was the case, he snorts, a sinful smirk on his face. Namjoon gets up and go behind the wooden bar, taking two crystal glasses before pouring whisky in it. He smiles :

« We have great news, boss.

- Choi Woo Yeon ? »

Namjoon brings the drinks on the desk and sits down.

His dark and haughty glance could freeze the hottest volcano.

« Jungkook found him. He went with Jimin. It’s almost done.

- Let’s wait for them. »

Yoongi winks and takes a sip of the strong drink, a wave of heat going down his throat.

It’s been two weeks since Choi decided to stop working with Yoongi and he doesn’t like it at all. And when he learned from Jin that Choi was a snitch, it was worst. Yoongi is not the kind of man to let anybody think you can fuck with him and stay alive. If you betray him, you die. So, Choi and all his boys will die. Isn’t it simple ?

Soon enough, Yoongi’s office’s door opens and two men enters. Yoongi & Namjoon gets up and walks toward them. When Yoongi sees Jimin’s smile, he puts his hand on his cheek and asks « Is it done ? ». Jimin raises his eyebrow in a playful way, like he always does, and replies « We have Bucheon », his voice lightly hoarser than usual. Yoongi bites his lips and tilts his head on the side, watching Jimin smiles back at him. Yoongi looks at Jungkook and nods before he announces they’ll celebrate it tonight.

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Teacher, Teacher | Min Yoongi - Part 1

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Summary: Being a teacher is not one of the most exciting jobs, especially Kindergarten. But one kid and one father seem to change that.
Genre: Fluff + Slight angst in the future + Mafia!AU
Word Count: 2,994

“Ah, Yoona, please sit still,” Yoongi said, trying to calm the jittery girl in his arms before he somehow ripped out half her hair. He was trying to do her hair, since it was her first day of Kindergarten and all. Yoongi was trying his all out best, but his efforts didn’t seem like they were working. Her hair kept falling out of the ponytail holder, or he finally got it into a bun but it was too loose. All he was supposed to do was put her hair in a bun, but it did not turn out the way he wanted it to.

“I’m sorry sweety, daddy tried his best, but it still doesn’t look right,” Yoongi said with a slight sigh, letting his hand with the brush fall to his side. He really didn’t want to let her down, but he was getting frustrated and didn’t want to take it out on his little girl. He took the ponytail holder out and let her hair fall down to her shoulders when she jumped off the chair she was in.

“It’s ok, daddy!” she said, turning around and facing him. “You tried your best, I like my hair down just fine,” taking the brush and brushing her hair, she smiled up at him. The one thing Yoongi always wanted to do was have his daughter smile, and if she was happy, so was he. Putting all the supplies away, he came back and clapped his hands gaining his daughter’s attention.

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Pairing: Florist!Steve x Reader x Biker!Bucky
Summary: Steve and Reader finally learn the fate of their biker from a redheaded stranger. 
A/N: Okay so this is based off an ask here. This is written in collaboration with @writemarvelousthings. I wrote this chapter and I really hope you guys like it as much as we do! Come let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.
Word count : 1,951

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Chapter 5

The loud slamming of a drawer pulls you from your day dream. Business had been slow that day and you found yourself glancing at the clock often. So, when you hear Steve grumbling behind you you’re glad for the distraction.

“Where are they?” he mumbles to himself, rifling through the nicknack drawer in the workbench.

“Where’s what?” you ask spraying a fresh bunch of wild flowers with water. Steve doesn’t acknowledge you but simply moves to the next drawer. He slams the drawer so hard it rattles the workbench and that’s when you put your sprayer down and walk over to him.

“Steven Grant Rogers, if you don’t quit that I’m going to put you in a time out” you grumble and Steve turns looking bashful.

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Rumbelle Week / Day Threed
Rumbelle+Colours: Silver

Belle spent the last few minutes just staring at her own reflection. No mistaking what was in front of her very eyes; gingerly, she lifted a hand to press to the side of her head. Although still shy of her thirtieth year, she was surprised it wasn’t more prevalent, considering all the stress they’d faced over the last few weeks. Now, how to -

“Belllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Came the muffled whine from the adjoining room. Speaking of stress, it had been a long and trying day, and both of them were beyond tired.

With a wry smile, Belle stepped to the doorway of the master bath, looking in on the bedroom. Rumplestiltskin lay flat on his back on the bed, limbs splayed out in the exact position where she’d left him 10 minutes prior. The only difference being that he’d managed to change into his blue silk pajamas (that she’d often favored wearing herself many-a-morning). He’d tossed a pillow across his eyes to block out the offending bathroom light. Switching everything off, she carefully made her way over to the bed while her eyes adjusted to the moonlight peeking through the drapes.

Rumplestiltskin cracked an eye open at her as she perched on the edge of the bed.

“Everything alright Sweetheart? You usually spend less time in there than I do.”

“Hmm,” Belle peeled off her slippers. “I found one.”

“Found what?”

“…A white hair.”

The other eye popped open. “What?”

She pointed to the side of her head to touch the offending strand.

Rumple just stared at her for a moment in semi- amusement, then flopped over on his side, facing away from her in a halfhearted sulk.

“Oh yes,  right. ONE.”

Despite the playful timbre to his voice, Belle felt a bittersweet ache in her heart. He never spoke of it out loud, but she could tell the gap in their physical ages sometimes bothered him.

Gently, she reached over and carded the shining streak that lived near his left temple. The one that lately seemed to be growing day by day, that could usually only be seen peeking out from the tufts of his long hair.  The one she secretly adored.

He grunted as she crawled under the sheets and snuggled up behind him. Lightly running the back of her finger up the line of his jaw, she stroked the soft sideburns which were also peppered with gray.

 “Mr. Gold has a silver lining,” She purred, trying to soothe. “But only I get to touch.”

Finally, Rumple smiled. “You can touch as much as you like,” he said, pulling her into his embrace and tucking her under his chin.

“Really?” Asked Belle, with a hopeful note.


 Rumplestiltskin would regret those words come morning.

Heart of a Rebel (his heart grew three sizes that day…>3<!!!! <333)

The finale was perfect and i needed to sketch some tiny kallus ;v; <333

Tiny Kallus: (Part 1)  (Part 2) (Part 3)


I really like how sweet this one turned out, and I’m kind of a fan of how assertive the reader was in it too. A nice change of pace, I think for a Bucky fic, courtesy of the fact that she had very little to do with the Avengers. Thank you to the gorgeous Emma for the request!

Prompt[s]: Could you PLEASE write me a something based on this imagine …Sam Wilson always flirts with you and has an obvious, huge, crush on you. On the other hand, Bucky Barnes has an even bigger crush, but hides it because he thinks you like Sam. Thank you. (so maybe I am a Bucky girl after all)

‘Can I See You Again?’

“Well,” Sam sighed, tossing the cardboard popcorn box into a nearby bin. “I don’t know about you, but that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.”
“I enjoyed it,” Bucky said, relishing the look in Sam’s eye upon hearing that they disagreed. It had been Steve’s idea for them to go to the cinema together, hoping that they’d learn to co-operate. Guilt had insisted upon their attendance once they’d discovered that he had used his own money to buy them tickets.

They ambled back towards the tower, stopping to peruse nearby shop windows whenever one of them wanted to irritate the other by dawdling. When Bucky stopped to admire a watch in the window of a jewellers, Sam propped himself against the adjacent wall, until a voice called out to him.
“Sam Wilson, as I live and breathe.”

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Trauma and Healing: PTSD [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: So sorry this took so long to get out. I had a bit of trouble getting this done, just experienced a bit of writers block with it. I hope you guys like it!

Italicized = Flashback

Warnings: Mental Illness (PTSD), Mentions of abuse, flashback to abuse

Tagging: @cherryignacio @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @crazyfangirl1810

(I’ve started tagging in my series fics, if you’re interested message me loves)

Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 5 - Ch. 6 - Ch. 7 - Ch. 8 - Ch. 9 - Alternate Ending


Ch. 4 PTSD

The way the needle slid into your skin felt exactly like it did when your captors used to drug you. A prick of pain that never changes no matter how many times it happens. You felt the blood begin to be pulled from the vein. As the blood began to slip away so did your connection to your mind.

You struggled against the men holding you down. A blood curdling scream erupted from your throat, you’re having one of your episodes that accompany the voices. They screamed in your head as you thrashed and fought.

“Hold her still!” A man yelled, flicking a syringe that had an antipsychotic in it.

“We can’t! The crazy bitch is strong!” One of the lackeys growled as you only thrashed and screamed harder.  “Then knock some sense into her!” The man wielding the syringe yelled again.

One of the men grabbed the back of your neck while the other sent a slug across your cheek. The pain made you freeze enough for the man to plunge the syringe into into your vein. The sedative knocking you out and the drug blocking out the voices.

“[F/n]!” Feeling a jolt of someone shaking your shoulder brought you back. The moment you snapped back to reality you yanked the needle IV out of your arm. Standing so fast the chair toppled over behind you. Now realizing your labored breathing and the thin layer of sweat on your brow.

Scanning the room you saw them all staring at you. Noticing how Jason and Roy were now in front of you rather than the wall. Concluding that one of them or Kori had been the one to snap you out of the flashback. Feeling as their eye bore into your skin, “W-why are you staring at me? W-why are you..?” trailing off to catch your breath.

Not being able to take their eyes anymore you pushed by them all and ran out of the apartment. Faintly hearing someone yell for you to ‘wait,’ but you were too far to hear who it was.

Stomping down the stairs to reach the main doors to the apartment building. Rushing out you picked a direction and just ran. Following wherever the sidewalk took you. The images of the flashback rushing through your head, not realizing the gash you caused by yanking out the IV earlier. Blood stained the sleeve of the sweater Kori lent you.

Winding a corner into an alley you pressed your back against the brick wall, struggling to get air into your lungs. Feeling tears pool into your eyes, letting out a small whimper you squatted down, hiding your face in your hands. Small whimpers and cries escaping your throat.

Wiping the tears from your face, you stood up. Tucking your hands in your pockets while exiting the alleyway. Eyes searching the surrounding to only discover you were lost. You had been running mindlessly, not knowing exactly what triggered that fight or flight response.

Looking down, noticing the blood on the sweater. You rolled up your sleeve so the blood wasn’t visible any longer.  Letting out a sigh you looked side to side before picking a direction and beginning to walk. Hands shoved further in your pockets, bowing your head to avoid eye contact with passersby. Walking what felt like the whole city as daylight passed over your head. Watching as the sky would begin to darken gradually as the sun crossed the sky.

Jason had run out after you, finding the sidewalk busy but without you on it. Swearing to himself he heard Roy and Kori coming out after him. “You guys search that way, I’ll go this way” he called before running off. Roy and Kori couldn’t get a single word in, it’s strange for him to act this impulsive. Yes, Jason works on instinct but he’s usually more calculated. Roy and Kori simply exchanged a look, running in the direction they were told.

They need to find you and fast. With your powers being unstable who knows what could set them off.

“Dammit Kori what have we done? We promised to protect her and now she’s lost in the city. Some protectors we are.” Roy growled, beating himself up over the matter. They promised to protect you and now, you’re lost in the city somewhere.

“You mustn’t think like that Roy. We will find her. There wasn’t any stopping her from those tests. Now let’s think, if you needed to calm down, where would you go in Coast City?” She questioned as they continued to look. Roy smiled, “Kori you’re a genius! Let’s go!” diverting their direction toward the coast. Something about the ocean seemed to calm almost anyone down, this was the best lead they had.

They came up to a nearby beach, taking the path that would’ve been the most likely for you to have taken. Both sets of eyes scanned the beach until Kori’s gaze landed on your back. “There” she pointed, seeing you with your knees pulled to your chest. Just staring out at the endless blue. The sun was setting, leaving the sky a mix of soft pinks and reds. It was very relaxing, they could see why you were drawn here.

Approaching you cautiously, Kori broke you out of your trance gently. “[F/n]” she placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. Though your body acted on it’s own as you jerked away, quickly turning to face them. Breathing labored like earlier, they had just pulled you out of another flashback. One back to a night your captors had you ‘working.’

“Easy, it’s just us” Roy spoke comfortingly, trying to calm your nerves. It worked, your breathing leveled while looking at the two people you consider friends. “[F/n] are you alright? What happened?” he asked.

You simply diverted your eyes, “I-I don’t want to talk about it.” Scratching at your arm nervously. They were suspicious, why couldn’t they get you to open up? But all honesty this is only your second day staying with them. It’s not surprising you’re being reserved, they just worry about you.

Kori’s eyes traced down your arms, vision catching the blood. “Oh my gosh!” she took your arm and pushed the sleeve up, revealing a semi deep gash. “Let’s get you back to the apartment and get this cleaned up.” She offered. Hesitantly you nodded.

They led you back to the apartment. Roy had called Jason and told him to meet them there. You were able to hear how frantic Jason was over the phone, was he really that worried about you? Jason was the one you’ve gotten closest to so far, but you didn’t think that he cared so much.

Coming into the apartment you heard boots bounding. Soon enough you were engulfed in a hug and by that familiar scent of cigarettes, gun powder, and green apple. A once again, rather comforting combination.

You wanted nothing more to relish in Jason’s scent but you couldn’t. Pushing out of his arms you smiled shyly before going past him and into the bathroom. You couldn’t face them right now, especially having heard Batman and Green Arrow in the apartment when you returned. You couldn’t face the people you consider friends, how could you face those two?

Kori and Roy stared at Jason as you walked by him. He rose an eyebrow at them “What?” They just smirked and shrugged before meeting Bruce and Oli in the living room.

“You found her?” Oliver asked with his bow slung over his shoulder. Roy nodded, “Yeah, we found her at the beach. She was zoning, I’m worried about her.”

“Well, from the way she had that attack, it seems like she has PTSD.” Oliver offered up an explanation. “That makes sense, she did go through hell and back.” Jason stated while looking over at his teammates. “What about the tests? Did you get anything from them?”

Bruce nodded, “She’s definitely a meta, but the gene isn’t enhancing her physically, more mentally. Which might be another explanation of these voices she has been hearing.” He stated bluntly. Eyes staying glued on Jason before both his and Oliver’s alerts went off, telling them the league needs them.

“We’ll tell her. You both go.” Roy nodded before the two made their leave. Of course they used the window.

“Who should tell [F/n]?” Kori asked looking at the boys. “Jay I think you should, you have her trust the most.” Roy appealed while looking at the marksman. Jason nodded before heading to the bathroom door, he knocked lightly, Roy and Kori only a few feet behind him. When you didn’t answer he knocked on the door again and called your name. No answer again.

He sighed, turning the knob to see it was unlocked, “[F/n] I’m coming in” he called before peering his head in. Finding the bathroom empty “What the hell?” whispering while walking in.

“Where is she now?” Roy looked around the empty bathroom, concern evident in his voice. Jason stuck his head out the open window, seeing the fire escape ladders leading up to the roof down. “I know where she is, I’ll be right back” Jason grunted while pulling himself out the window and onto the fire escape.

He climbed the ladders, peeking his head over the ledge. Noticing you sitting on the ledge with your knees pulled to your chest, bringing a cigarette to and from your lips. He had left a pack and lighter up here. Having told you about it the prior night.

Carefully he came up beside you, “May I?” he questioned pointing to the box. You gestured to it “They’re yours.” He chuckled taking one out and lighting it up. You both stayed there in a comfortable silence, enjoying the taste the tobacco left on your tongue.

“They got the results” Jason broke the silence as you let out the drag you just took. “Yeah? What’d they say?”  asking meekly. “It’s positive you’re a meta, but your powers are focused mentally more than physically.” he explained simply. Making it short and sweet for you. Jason examined your face as silence fell between you once more. Telling by the look in your face that you were contemplating or remembering something.

“You know, I died once” tilting his head towards you. Your eyes shot to meet his, “You what?” confusion laced in your tone. Jason simply nodded, “It was when I was still Robin. Bats saved me from the streets, but the Joker, he tricked me into coming to find my mother but it was a trap. I ended up beaten and bloodied with a crowbar on the floor of an abandoned warehouse. Then after I passed I was revived with the Lazarus Pit in Nanda Parbat. Since then I’ve taken a different approach to serving justice, I’m not afraid to take a life if need be. Not that I try to, it’s only if it’s necessary.” His eyes diverting down to his hands.

“Like the man that kept me?” You questioned, [e/c] eyes locked on him. He nodded, “It was either shoot him or let him shoot you. It wasn’t a hard decision.” His comment made you blush. “[F/n] I know what it feels like to feel unwanted, to feel lost and cast out. Trust me I do, so I want you to know that no matter what you can talk to me.” He took your hand in his, “You’re important to me-I mean us. Roy, Kori, and I.”

The blush burned bright red on your face, you simply nodded, not trusting your voice. “Thank you Jason, that means a lot. You’re important to me too.” Gently smiling at him.

He nodded, “Alright. Well, we should be getting back inside before it gets too cold. Plus Roy and Kori are worried about you. Plus lets get that gash bandaged.” Jason smiled at you. Snuffing out your cigarette and re-hiding the box you followed him back down the fire escape. Having a newfound trust in Jason, now knowing his past. When you got back into the apartment, Roy and Kori ended up telling you about their pasts and how they all became the Outlaws as well. It felt nice knowing all of this about them. It made things more intimate between the four of you. It makes you feel safe. 

Braids & War Paint (Part 7)

Notes On:

Part 1: / Part 2: / Part 3: / Part 4: / Part 5: / Part 6: 

Rowan’s time in Terrasen was running out. He had one day left here, he had one day left with the Terrasen sky, one day left with the royal court. One day left with Aelin. 

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This is the 1944 CJ2 AgriJeep serial #09 of 45 made. Notice the tool indents, MB grill, CJ2A style bow pockets and the brass JEEP markers on the hood and windshield(some CJ2′s had an AgriJeep marker added as well before they finally settled on the usual WILLYS stamped hood and windshield) The CJ2 was a prototype and development mule for the 2A that would be available after the war. They were equipped with the usual Go-Devil 4 cylinder, T-90 3 speed tranny but with column shifter, tailgates, and a pto.

Of the 45 CJ-2s Willys built, only serial numbers 06, 09, 11, 12, 14, 26, 32, 37 and 39 seemed to have survived. As of now, 09 shown above is the only CJ2 that’s been fully restored.

The Feelings We Hold

Originally posted by bluehairer

Request: Can you do a Sebastian Smythe one shot where you go to regionals to watch him sing and the whole time your like “That’s my boyfriend bitches what now” and his smile just gets bigger and after you kiss him and he tells you how much he loves you

Notes: So I hope this is what you’re looking for, sorry this took forever my schedule has been crazy busy but it’s going to get better after this weekend so more fics to come soon! Hope you like it! :)

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I Can Change (Part 10)

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2190ish

Warnings: Angst. So much angst. There’s also a big unhappy yelling match and an aborted attempt at angry sex. 

Catch up over HERE

A/N: Hold on to your butts, guys, this one’s a little rough. Thanks to @moonlitskinwalker for checking it over for me! 

You barely slept that night. All you wanted was to snuggle against Sam’s muscled back, wake up with his arms draped over you and his breath tickling your neck. You didn’t want to want that so badly. You lay awake at the far edge of the bed, body tense and stiff, trying to stay away from him.

All you’d wanted was sex, for fuck’s sake. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

It wasn’t just love that was terrifying, although…yeah, being in love was terrifying. There was the whole usual “what if he realizes I’m a bitch?” set of issues, fear of commitment, fear of fucking it all up.

More importantly, being with Sam meant committing to life as a hunter. It meant giving up on college, your degree, your goals, even your poor parents, who still thought you were doing volunteer work in Africa. There was a part of you that felt more at home in this life that you ever had at Stanford. There was a part of you that couldn’t imagine just ignoring all the horrific monsters in the world, putting it aside to live the blue pill life again. But being with Sam would mean saying goodbye to any chance of a normal life, and you weren’t ready for that, either.

You listened to the soft whistle of his exhales and watched the faint outlines of his form become visible as pre-dawn light filtered through the window.

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Today’s special guest is 1880′s Rick looking mildly disappointed by something

Quite possibly this drawing

Stance referenced from this piece by @1880s-rick-and-morty


When I was little, I was somewhat obsessed with blades and really wanted a really pretty dagger (I was also Very Sure it would come in handy a lot) and now that I’m an adult, the prettiest knife I have is a Kitchenware one from Target :/