W̝̮͚̪̐̈̈ͫ̉̓̈H͇͙̞͙̙ͫỸ̜̮̜̝͂̈̈ͮ̆̿ ̸̢͓̹̰͍͌́̿ͪ̑̄̉Ḑ̨̤͎̱͎͍͂̉̆ͯ͋͞I̸͓̲̜̱̭͚̻̽ͭͯ̍ͦ͛̔D͇͕͓̩̮̅ͦ̓̓͋̾͆̂͂̀Ņ̫̼̤̙͎̤͂ͭ̏'̭͖͈͓ͤ̏ͨͭ̑̓͂́T̫̜͖̥͙̖̽ͮͮ͂́ͅ ̳̻̼̑ͣ̓͛͞Ẏ̗͕͕̪̙̹̳̔A̟̥̍ͫ̄ͬ̄ͥ̌̊̍ ̷͔̟͓̯͓͙̘̀͆͜J̵̳̩͚ͤ̂͌̿͌͒̿̃̚͢U̠̣̫̟̬̠̹̺̓̋̈́ͥͅS̖̭͚͍̞͊̊̐͘̕͟T̰̼̫ͮ̌ͅ ̂͑̽ͅS̛̫͓̱̤̪ͫ̔A̵̻͕̖̜̬̤̲̰ͤ͂̇ͭŸ̙͓̤̮͖̫̰̣́̓̅̐͐͠ ̳̞̻̌̽̋ͭ̚͢'̥̙͇̫̱̇̆̍̍͋̎̃̒̕E͕͇͂ͨ̈́̐̀G̵̷̡̪͕̲̭̮̓̆͂ͥ̒G̵̜̻̘̥͇̘̅̐́̌ͦͪ̕P̨͒ͭ͂̋ͬ̋̄͜͏̠͔̘̙Ḷ̹̠̫̞̯͕̘͊͋ͣͥ͋͒̌ͮ͡ͅĂ̢̻͙̯̯͕̲̙͆̏̍ͥ̄Ń̫̹̠̙̘̱̲̺ͪ̍͝T̬͎̖̳͈̀̒̚'͔̺̖̭̬͉̫ͯ͑ͥ͊̎ͫ?͎̱͍͉͖͚ͥ͊͑̑̐͌ͤ̉͘͢ͅ

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Hello! I've read a lot about Peter Lorre, and I've determined that he was pretty much the sweetest guy on the planet. Does it say in his bio somewhere why all his wives left him then?? Or was it the other way around?

Well, it sort of shines a little light on his marriages in the Youngkin book (link here, I recommend it if you haven’t read it). I mean, he wanted Celia and Karen to drop their acting careers and basically be housewives once they got married to him so that’s kind of a dick move. I think he probably had some old-fashioned views. Also, he definitely cheated on at least Karen (I don’t remember but I think Youngkin alluded to how neither of them were faithful, not that it makes it ‘okay’) and this wasn’t any open relationship thing. So. Also they like lived on a farm and shit and I don’t think she was into, you know, homesteading. Cleaning up St Bernard shit.

As for Annemarie like, I don’t even know. Nobody has good things to say about her, even Peter, idk what was happening with that but at least Catherine was a total cutiepie

As for who left who, who knows. Peter Lorre is great but I think he just had issues, I mean you have to remember he had addiction problems (throughout allll of his marriages) which I’m sure didn’t help to foster a no-stress relationship. Especially since back in the day people didn’t know what the hell they were doing with curing addictions. iirc Peter almost died a few times because of old school ~treatments~.

Anyway, if it makes it any better, he stayed close friends with his wives after they were divorced. He saw Celia basically every day forever. So maybe Peter is better to just like, hang out with, not marry, LOL.


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CUUUUUUTE!!! (also the more i read about ira the more he reminds me of germany i cant handle this,,,,))

Same! And that improves Germany for me. I was “oh well” about him, but now I picture him more like Gamagoori, more honest and awesome. As a side effect of loving Iramako, I love Germany more XD

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4, 20, & 35 (radiata meme)!

Hello, friend of Hayley!

04. Which boss battle was the hardest? The most annoying?

The Ethereal Queen feels like the most obvious answer, haha. The fights against Natalie at Fort Helencia can also be pretty scary, because depending on your level she can either Volty Blast you to death or leave you with little HP to spare.

For most annoying, well, I guess that would be Gobblehope. Damn disappearing dirtbag.

20. Non-human character?

Many of them, haha. Gil, Rika, Mikey, JJ and Gobrey to name a few.

35. What race would you be?

Well I wouldn’t mind being a human because guilds but then again I would because well the whole war.

Who wouldn’t wanna be a Dark Elf tho. C:


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hi!! i read the epic of jack and found that genius's personality changes a tad, at least compared to the game. as a fellow fan of him, which angle/characterization do you prefer? .o.

I already read it and the Song of Ridley, at least until it ran out of English translations. 

I love Genius’s expressions in the manga.

“Take A Leap” (Happy Birthday & Congratulations, Sammie!)

It’s pocketparket‘s 17th birthday today. They said they wanted a ficlet of Clive doing nothing but petting a smilodon. Kinda hard to write a developed story about just that alone so there’s a little bit more to it. Anyway, your wish has been granted, Sammie. :U I hope you have a metal-as-fuck birthday and that things with Dan are going well. Thanks for reading my stories and giving me feedback and all that cool stuff! It’s always fun to make Radiata Stories in-jokes with you. Now I just need to get to drawing that picture of Lord Zane wearing Jack’s turtleneck… or at least trying to.

Speaking of the title, I kinda did this with writing the fic. I really had no strategy going in. I didn’t really know what direction I wanted it to go in or what major theme it would have. I just knew that it had to have Clive petting a smilodon. Suffice it to say, I’m satisfied with how it came out. 

Also, on a related note, from what I understand, this is also the year you graduate high school in a few days, correct? First and foremost, congratulations on coming this far and secondly, remember that life’s no fun when you don’t take risks so as you go out into the world of university or work or just adult-life in general, remember to take a leap.

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THANK YOU!! although i managed to sketch a rough (really crappy) drawing using wikis pictures of him, these will be useful for future crappy drawings uvu (also what computer do you have and how do you emulate rs without it crashing???? is there magic afoot)

I’m sure you’ll do fine! Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing it! :D

I just have a Samsung laptop. What I really need is a gaming PC so it won’t lag as much as it does. Also, the amount of memory used up on your computer can greatly affect how well it runs. The emulator I use is PCSX 2 (that links to the page you can download it) and as for the Radiata Stories rom, you can either download it here or here or insert your game disk into the computer. The latter is probably the easiest. I’ve probably given more information than you want but I figured other people might benefit from the information, too.

Maybe one day I can make a master post walking through how to set up the emulator because as Robby, Sammy, and myself have learned, it’s really fuckin’ complicated.

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so i went into the forest metropolis at level 10 and i thought "how fast would i die if i fought nogueira?" so i kicked him. and you know what i almost killed him because he's slow as hell bUT THEN HE HIT ME ONCE ANd i lost. i never even came close to beating genius though. twas a sad day.

……Tell me again why you were assaulting my brother!?

((Yeah, to beat Nogueira, you need a lot of patience. He’s slow with his attacks albeit very powerful. The trick is to become a master at evading his attacks and having the will to keep that up for about half an hour. :’D Don’t feel bad about not beating Genius. Coco kicked my ass last night and I was a level 12.))

I’m working on this little (so far) 5+ page ficlet that I’ve been telling Sammie about since…the beginning of August at the very earliest, maybe even July. But, of course, I’ve been procrastinating majorly on it, though and I feel kinda guilty because they’ve been asking me and I either say, “I’m working on it slow but surely.” or “I haven’t worked on it at all.”

But the basic premise is Zane uses a public bathroom and it makes him ever so uncomfortable.

There’s more to the story than that, obviously, as it’s over 5 pages long but I wanna finish it so badly.