The ultimate commuter backpack

I’m an experienced commuter. I bus an hour and a half back to school each way, and I total 12 hours a day away at school. After two years of this, I’ve tweeked and fussed with my backpack enough to figure out what works.

First, you need a big, sturdy backpack with big pockets. Most cute backpacks are tiny. It sucks. I know. But relish in the number of pretty and useful things with which you can fill a lack luster backpack, and the number of books you can fit . I also don’t think my backpack is all that bad looking. You can find it all over eBay.

Now the three pockets. Each pocket is invaluable space.

The big front pocket: Small things and things that you use a lot (or, in the case of pepper spray, may need quick access to). You don’t have a dorm to nap in, but you’re going to get tired. Sometimes you have to slog through it, and that’s when you need energy shots. Other times, you really need the sleep, but it’s hard to sleep on campus. That’s what the sleeping pills, and, as you will see later on, the sleeping mask is for. I got the container for the sleeping pills by asking for a sample of a face cream from a make-up counter. Here’s the mini-stapler.

Small pocket 1: Three tall, slim things that will fit in the same pocket. You’ll be surprised how many times it happens that you need some kind of port that you don’t have in your laptop. That’s what the card reader is for. A small notebook is perfect as a subject review book. Following hexaneandheels, I often transcribe the most important things to know from a class into a smaller notebook to review in spare moments.

Small pocket 2: The portable bathroom, and the sleeping mask that fits well in the pocket. Also considered a part of the portable bathroom but that belong in another pocket: Listerine PocketPak. Finding mini versions of everything is the hardest part. Once you find mini containers, you can just refill them from bigger, less expensive sizes of products.

 I’m lucky enough to work in a lab in which I can store a glass to tote around campus, and lucky enough to go to a school with filtered water dispensers and access to a microwave. I drink water and make tea all the time. Hydration cannot be neglected, neither for your health, nor for the functioning of your brain while studying. But if you’re not that lucky, you’ll need a water bottle to avoid over priced water. The beaker mug.

Then of course you need the pencil holder with everything you need constant access to without rustling through your backpack. Writing utensils, money (In my case, a bus pass) and nail files. Pencil case.

And what I stuff in my pockets just before I leave the house, including a waterproof flash drive on my key chain.

Lastly – though this shouldn’t even need to be mentioned – a planner. If you’re a whole day commuter like me, you might not be near an outlet to charge whatever electronic form of planner you can use. A physical planner might be the better option. And a later video will highlight how I made and organize mine.

Still trying to lose weight? I suggest you try Listerine Pocketpaks! If you feel hungry but want to wait a little while longer before eating, try a single strip! In my experience, I’ve noticed that the feeling of needing to eat drops after putting a strip on my tongue!
0 calories, will freshen your breath, and will help you stop cravings! And only around $4 for 3 packs at Walmart!