I probably should have posted this earlier but I completely forgot. I recently (well, about a month ago) got a new phone and my old one expired last week. Therefore, if you have my old number, it is no longer of use! Should you wish to have my new number, feel free to try any of the following:

1) Get it from me in person
2) Get it from somebody who has my new number (and preferably let me know so that I have yours too!)
3) Try guessing it
4) Search for the rock that I carved it into and hid somewhere in Rideau Canal
5) Send a note hidden within a coconut, carried by a swallow (African or European) requesting it (please include return swallow; I only have so many)
6) Try communicating with the dead, as they may or may not know
7) Massage me for it
8) Summon a demon to acquire it for you
9) Find the hidden message in this post
10) Message me for it