Yes, I’m still in orrery mode - a little one set in a pocket watch case.  The planets are solid metal - gold, silver and copper tones.  It was made to be a desk ornament but could be very carefully used as a fob or pendant.  It doesn’t move - no orbit or rotation - just an assemblage piece made to look like it might move.  

Available in my https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/steelhipdesign 

During my recent business trip to California I stopped at a street fair and bought a pocket watch. 

As an adult with ADHD, it’s a nice fidget toy to wind up, the gears give me something to focus on when I need to stare into space, and the ticking can be soothing when I need some auditory stimulation that isn’t distracting. 

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the purchase. 


The Desktop by Marcus Rodriguez

Time to color!  Print out this sample page from my new “The Lives of Owls” coloring book and go to town. 
Book available on Amazon