Rick and Morty T-shirt Design 5

After a full week and a half of 2am-ers and 10+ Mortys a day… I have completed my final design. I’m very happy with how it came out. I tried to give Each Morty a personality based on their data/characteristics. Like my fav personality is Tank Top and V-Neck Morty. V-Neck Morty is supposed to be “cooler” by being different to other Mortys and Tank Top Morty has yet to discover deodorant. 

I was originally planning the little “projector” above the Morty device to be bigger and go over half of the Mortys but…. I like how colorful this display is so I kept it to a minimum. I used the color scheme from the Morty Deck icon for the little projecting, cause you know its showing all the Mortys… I guess(?) lol

Feel Free to vote for this design in Rick and Morty’s T-shirt Design Contest! I apprecaite the support! <3

Ahh, I can’t believe I forgot to mention this. A HUGE shoutout to PocketMortys.net . This would of been a lot harder if they didn’t exist! <3