Things I want in the next acnl

1. To be able to go with friends to the WiFi island and/or whatever the next wifi area is (make it to where you can go with friends.)

2. When someone is over visiting in your town you can see where they are on your map

3. The option to change the inside of your pocket design with a T-shirt design like in the original 

4. The ability to send letters to your worldwide friends from your post office without having to visit them 


6. Little mini jobs you can do throughout the day other than the roost such as working at the able sister’s part time or helping out shampoodle.  ( wouldn’t it be so cute if you could give animals little hair adjustments or make up!)

Just some thoughts I had. lol.

Ease - Part 7



Length: 3.2k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

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The next few days you spend in bed, battling a flu that appeared after you walked home in the rain, following the night at the spring market. It was the weekend, so no lectures meant that you hardly left your room, feeling very sorry for yourself. Your housemates were being noticeably sweet, bringing you porridge and damp towels to calm your fever. However, despite still feeling the germs marching up and down your throat, part of the reason why you didn’t seem to be getting any better was the head space you’d put yourself in. There was only one thing you could think of, or one person, for that matter.

All you wanted was for Taehyung to be happy. Although Yeji was still the light of his life, there was a great sense of foreboding about the future. Surely Yeji’s conscience must be heavy with guilt by now? When was she planning on breaking up with him? If only I had told Taehyung that I liked him, all of this could’ve been avoided, you thought, mentally hitting yourself for not taking the chance when he was still single. As well as this, you were conflicted as to whether to tell Taehyung what Jimin had told you. After all, that’s what best friends do. They look out for each other. It may lessen the guilt for you, not hiding yet another secret from him, but in the process, Taehyung would be shattered. You barely remember the Taehyung that didn’t have a crush on Yeji, so it wouldn’t it be cruel to tell him that his love was unrequited?

Asking Jimin to help was out of the question. True, it was his big mouth that got everyone into this mess, but he clearly still had larger problems of his own that you didn’t want to interfere with. He shouldn’t have said it, granted, but Yeji was the one who took it to heart and went too far. Love was bitter, and left no survivors.

Rolling over in your bed, you closed your eyes to get more rest. Your temperature had gone down, but your stuffy nose gave you a pounding headache. Just as you were slipping into an uneasy sleep, Mijung burst into your room, a sly smile on her face.

“There’s a cute boy waiting outside,” she announced, motioning her head for you to go have a look.

“That’s nice,” you mumbled into your pillow.

“He’s been hanging out by the gate for ages, and Jiwon is eyeing him up.”

Sighing, you cracked one eye open to give Mijung a disapproving glare. “And why was this news important enough to disturb my sleep?”

“Because he keeps looking up at our window, and we don’t know him. Is he your boyfriend?”

You threw your pillow in Mijung’s direction, and a squeal confirmed that it reached its target. Grumbling about having to move, you slung on a dressing gown and headed to the laundry room, which overlooked the view of the road. Jiwon left as you entered, but not before she gave you a suggestive look, trying to imply something that you didn’t want to find out. Peering out, you expected to see a mop of orange hair. Instead, it was chocolate-brown.

Jungkook looked up and caught sight of you, his eyes forming crescents as he grinned. He leant against a lamppost, dressed in all black with his hands in his pockets, his t-shirt showing off his biceps. A small blush crept onto your cheeks as you recalled Mijung’s earlier words, as you couldn’t help agreeing. He did look kind of cute. Jungkook waved his hand, motioning for you to come out and meet him, but you looked down at your dressing gown and shrugged in apology. Stubbornly, he crossed his arms and continued leaning on the post. Knowing he wasn’t going to budge an inch, you sighed and went back to your room to change.

“Why didn’t you just ring the doorbell like a normal person?” you questioned, coming down the steps.

“Your doorbell doesn’t work, so I tried knocking and your landlady answered. I asked for you but because you didn’t know I was coming, she said she couldn’t ‘put her girls in danger’. What’s up with that?”

You laughed hoarsely, the noise sounding weird in your ears due to your sickness. “She’s fine, just overprotective. That’s why we’re not allowed any boys in the house.” There was a short silence afterwards, where you stared at each other, unsure how to react. Last time you’d spoken was when you found out about Jimin and Yeji. Holding your head up high, you said bluntly, “I don’t want to talk about him.”

“I know. You don’t have to,” he replied gently.

“And I don’t want to practice today, either.”

“I know that, too.”

You were slightly taken aback, not expecting that response. “So… why did you come here?”

“I wanted to make sure you were okay. You haven’t been answering your phone.” Jungkook’s eyes were soft as he hung his head subtly, so that his fringe hung low. He was shy, you realised.

“I turned off my phone,” was your reply, not bothering to explain why. The truth was, you didn’t want to see any messages from Taehyung, as it would only increase the guilt shrouding your heart. Already feeling bad from the flu, you didn’t want to make it worse.

“Do you want to walk with me?”

Linking your arm through his, you accepted and you set off down the road. You weren’t sure where you were headed, and it seemed that neither did Jungkook, but it was nice to get some fresh air. Jungkook begun talking about the dance, and how he’d come up with more choreography for the last and most upbeat chorus. You were content to just listen, feeling his body occasionally bump into yours as he got too excited talking about a certain move, and watching his eyes sparkle as they caught the light. Although Jungkook was still very closed off and removed, it was nice seeing his passion flare when he talked about what he enjoyed, which was anything music related.

You walked past the shops and into the park, and even though your body ached from illness, Jungkook didn’t stop smiling, and it grew to be infectious. Before long, you’d forgotten about your sore throat and blocked nose, and were having a good time without overthinking your problems.

Jungkook sat down on the grass underneath a blossom tree, closing his eyes as the sun warmed his skin. He was definitely handsome, but you tried your hardest not to stare at his dozing figure. Although you weren’t exactly dating Taehyung, you still felt like you had to stay loyal and not let your hormones take over. Instead, you poked his side, demanding he showed you the new moves to your dance.

“I thought you didn’t want to practice,” he grinned cheekily.

“Go on, smart ass, show me the choreography.”

The rest of the morning was spent dancing, but because of the sun, neither of you were trying particularly hard to get the moves right. In fact, you managed to trip up several times, but Jungkook swore that he didn’t have anything to do with it. You were glad you’d suggested dancing, as Jungkook always looked relaxed and in his element.


“Y/N, Jungkook!”

Taehyung was standing a few metres in front of you, looking as shocked as you were feeling. You hadn’t anticipated seeing him on your walk, especially not by himself. Sometimes it looked strange not seeing Yeji hanging off his arm.

“I’ve got to go,” said Jungkook suddenly, his body language instantly changing to tense and tight, the opposite of what he had been a few minutes earlier. “Got work to catch up on.”

Jungkook strode past Taehyung without a goodbye and avoiding eye contact, but Taehyung hardly flinched. His brown eyes lay on you, not saying anything. He just smiled, the way he always did when you were telling him a story or if he caught your eye in class.

“Having fun with Jungkook?” he asked, his warm, deep tone comforting you, despite knowing that his question was meant to get under your skin and annoy you.

“Just friends, Tae,” you reminded him.

You’d been thinking of this moment for days: you were either going to tell him about Yeji, or you were going to add it to your list of secrets. Still undecided, you waited for Taehyung to say something, but he remained silent. Instead, he walked over to the closest tree and pulled one of the branches. You watched him as he snapped off a twig adorned with cherry blossoms, and brought back to you. He reached up to brush away the hair on the side of your head, then tucked the blossom behind your ear.

“I knew it would suit you,” Taehyung said happily.

In that moment, your decision was made: you weren’t going to tell him. All it was going to do was anger him, as he was unlikely to believe you in the first place. Plus, it wasn’t your business to interfere. What happened between him and his girlfriend was their personal concern, and you shouldn’t have got involved anyway. You should’ve just left Jimin alone instead of asking what’d happened, because you were now caught up in something you shouldn’t be.

“You never asked me what I did for our date the other night,” Taehyung continued, going back to his normal self, copying Jungkook by linking his arm through yours, and then following in the direction of where the younger boy strode off. “We went to the spring market, you know the one off the main street with all those cute shops? I ate so much you would not believe.”

“I thought you might go there,” you lied, your heart beating a little faster. You hated lying to Taehyung. “You’ve always liked romantic stuff.”

“There were so many couples, but I wish we could’ve gone together. The tteokbokki was unreal.”

You hid the grin threatening to blow your cover. One thing you always agreed on was food, which saved you from many quarrels; Taehyung only got grumpy when he was hungry, which never happened with you around.

“But I realised something while I was there.” He paused to avoid a puddle, his arm slipping out of yours. “I think,” he continued, once he’d dodged it, “I think I’m in love, Y/N.”

He held out his arm for you to take it again, but you’d stopped completely, your body going slack. “You love Yeji?” you spluttered, unable to believe what you just heard.

“I really think I do.”

“No, you don’t.”

It wasn’t meant to come out as blunt and abrupt as it did, but the thought of your best friend loving someone while they had no feelings for him back infuriated you. He deserved better than her.

“What? How do you know how I feel?” he asked, looking disappointed in your response.

“It’s not love.” Once you’d started, you couldn’t seem to stop. A small voice in your head was telling you to tone it down, as it probably took a lot of guts for Taehyung to admit his feelings. But you ignored it. “Don’t go jumping into things, Tae.”

“If it’s not love, then what is it? You’ve never been out with someone before.”

The familiar sense of jealousy was bubbling in your stomach. “What does it matter? I still know about love.”

“Yeah, and so do I,” Taehyung argued, turning away slightly to ensure he didn’t get too riled up. “It’s the feeling I get with Yeji, like nothing in the world is wrong, like everything is perfect. Do you understand that? Hang on, why don’t you think I’m in love?”

“Because I’ve loved someone before, Tae. And love isn’t perfect, not like that.”

Taehyung let out a low chuckle. “Yeah? Who have you loved? Because I’m pretty sure celebrities don’t count, nor does Jimin’s younger brother.”

Perhaps it was the condescending tone Taehyung had begun to use, or the fact that he was making fun of the tiny infatuation you had on Jimin’s brother several years ago, that lasted a maximum of three days. Either way, something in you broke. You were sick and tired of keeping secrets from Taehyung, and you were bored of pretending that he was just a friend to you.

“I like a boy with bright orange hair who has a stupid smile and has an awful sense of humour and likes skinship way too much and who’s too thick to realise that I’m in love with him. He annoys me daily, and I want to throttle him for being so oblivious, but no matter what I do, I still love him. He makes me happy even when I don’t want to be. But he’s dumb as hell.

If Taehyung wasn’t staring at you before, he was staring at you now. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide, completely dumbfounded. You weren’t even aware that you were crying until you felt tears run down your chin, too caught up in the moment.

“I’m fully aware that the feelings aren’t mutual and they will never be mutual, and that’s fine. That’s life, I guess. I just want you to be happy, Tae. Really, truly happy. If you think that Yeji can do that for you, then go ahead. I’ll support you the best that I can. But I want you to know that I’ll always be your best friend, even when it hurts to be.”

There was a bitterness in your voice that couldn’t be covered, but finally expressing your emotions almost made you giddy with relief.

“I shouldn’t have told you like this,” you added, your voice getting choked up due to both emotion and illness. Taehyung stayed motionless as you played with the hem of your shirt, trying desperately to hold back the sobs. “I’m really sorry. I’d… better go.”

You left Taehyung standing in the middle of the park, his usually solid frame looking limp and feeble. Casting one final look over your shoulder at your friend, you saw a single solitary tear on his cheek, shining in the sun.

Two days passed and you hadn’t heard a single word from Taehyung. Lectures had begun again for another week, but his usual seat was empty, making your lectures feel even more dull than usual. During your breaks, you began your new job as a janitor, cleaning the university hallways and emptying the bins in each classroom, allowing your mind to wonder. However, your thoughts always returned to your confession in the park, making you cringe and shudder in embarrassment. Did you really say ‘that’s life’? To make it worse, as soon as you walked away, you suddenly came up with fifty other things you should’ve said to Taehyung to help explain yourself better. But you knew turning around and justifying your words would only make you look weaker and more vulnerable than you already were.

Grumbling under your breath, you scrubbed at a particularly stubborn coffee stain with a mop, pretending the stain was the memory you were trying to forget and erase. You weren’t sure whether it was because of what happened between you two that stopped Taehyung from coming to lectures, or whether he was genuinely busy and couldn’t make it. In your mind, it was the former idea.

You’d passed Jin several times in the hallways since that day, and the sweet smile he gave you told you that he knew nothing about Yeji’s secret or what had occurred between you and Taehyung. Therefore, Taehyung had kept it quiet. Was he ashamed? Did he not want his housemates to know? Questions and worries swirled your head as students filed into the corridor, the lessons changing over. You watched as people munched on a sandwiches or noodles, crumbs and spots of sauce dropping to the floor.

“Can’t everyone be more careful?” you muttered to yourself, pressing your body against the wall so a group of girls could pass.

“If I say it was an accident, will you still be annoyed with me?”

Whipping round, you saw Namjoon standing at your side, balancing on one foot with the other held aloft, dripping with water.

“Did you put your foot in my bucket?” you asked incredulously.

“Maybe,” he replied shiftily, biting his lip as he shook his foot, sending water everywhere. “Whoops.”

“Namjoon, you need supervision,” you laughed. Grabbing his hand to help his balance, he was able to pull off his shoe and pour it out, the smell of cleaning liquid filling the air.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. I just came over to talk and I’ve just made your job harder for you. But anyway, I thought you were in the dance competition to get the money? Why are you doing more work?”

“Because we might not win,” you shrugged. “The dance thing was a spur of the moment decision, but when I thought about it, it seemed a bit silly to put all my faith in winning the competition. But I like dancing and Jungkook seems to be having fun, so it’s a good side project.”

“Don’t put yourself under too much stress,” he said sternly, putting his shoe back on. You just smiled ruefully, knowing that it was a bit too late for that. “Oh, and Taehyungie is ill,” he added. “Something like the flu. I’m not sure, but he hasn’t left his room and he’s been quite quiet recently. I thought maybe you should pop over later to visit? It’s strange when Taehyung isn’t his usual, bubbly self.”

“I don’t think I can,” you lied. “I’m busy.”

“You don’t have to stay long. Just a quick hello, cheer him up a bit. You’d be doing us all a favour, especially me. Making soup every day for the boy is slowly killing me.”

Namjoon’s pleading expression whittled down your resistance, especially as he looked so pitiful with one foot and ankle still dripping with water. Although he was older and a whole lot cleverer than you, you had the urge to protect him from anything bad that could upset him. Which is why you kept your mouth shut about why Taehyung was acting funny, and instead agreed to his request.

Taehyung’s room was dark, as his curtains were drawn despite the spring sun shining outside. In the dim light, you could just make out the mess that had accumulated, from tissues littering every surface to bowls of half eaten soup stacked up on his bedside table. However, it still smelt like honey. On the bed lay a Taehyung-like lump as he hid under the covers, fast asleep and letting out guttering snores as he struggled to breathe, his nose congested.

You sat on the edge of his bed, and suddenly, the noises stopped as he stirred awake. After two days of waiting, you were finally going to talk your feelings through and sort them out. To know what Taehyung had been thinking about scared you, but it was now or never.

In a soft voice, you called his name. “Tae?” 

iamonlyfrogo  asked:

2/?? Sorry for spamming you a bit ahead of time but I wanted to kinda fill your inbox w/ some inspiration? OK! So I was thinking of a couple things. 1st - Sweet fluffy relationship hc's for Shiro, Keith, Hunk, and Lance. Or if that's too many, just Shiro and anyone lmao. What's the general vibe of the relationship like? Are they scared at the beginning? What personal things do they share with them? What do they like doing with them mostly?

If you think you can handle the amount of fluff my body is able to hold than so be it


-Shiro does not like the word relationship. It scares hims senseless cause he feels like it comes with this impossible standard he wants to hold himself to but feels he is never good enough

-That being said his s/o will become his rock, the one he turns to at night when things get rough. He may not exactly tell them what is wrong cause he doesn’t want anyone to feel burdened by him but he will seek them out to keep him company

-On those nights he will ramble about his life, his childhood and the things he misses from Earth. All the things he hasn’t shared with the other paladins cause he wants to be their immovable force, their leader who can handle anything

-He is a master at board games, mostly old fashion things like chess, checkers and card games. He finds it keep his mind occupied and sharp and well it is a nice one on one activity that gives him an excuse to spend more time with s/o

-He is just super old fashioned that he probably wants to take them out to fancy restaurants, for long walks, museums and buy tickets to charity events for them to attend


-The relationship is super casual and neither of them even realize what it really is til someone else, probably Lance, points out that literally everyone in the entire universe sees them as a couple but them

-Labels don’t mean much to them but it does feel kind of nice once its established cause some how it just seems natural to the two of them

-Its lots of not really doing things together but doing their own thing in the same vicinity as each other. Like Keith will be working out and s/o will seek out where he is and sit there to read their book or play their game or whatever

-And they don’t realize it but they are always together. It just kind of happens and Keith doesn’t even realize it until suddenly s/o isn’t there and things feel wrong it makes him anxious but he can’t figure out why

-When he does figure it out he is super flustered by it cause he has been by himself for long and took a weird pride in being a lone wolf but now he wants someone around? What a wuss … but he loves it

-He slowly starts to open up to s/o, it usually happens late at night where he is almost delirious from not sleeping and pushing himself to hard and he just wants to talk about everything but s/o finds it super endearing

-When he wants to get away for a bit he takes s/o and they go on a long ride is the red lion. Sometimes its silent, just enjoying the stars and sometimes he rants and raves but either way they always come back feeling much better than when they left


-This relationship is super silly and at skins deep seems shallow but they often surprise their friends with how close they really are

-They love to make each other laugh. Lance especially loves to make s/o laugh cause really??? Have you heard them laugh??? Its so great omg hold on one second and I will make them laugh and you will love it!!!!

-They are the hand holding, ironic matching t shirts and pointing at random things and saying “look its you” couple

-Biggest bonding moments is over stupid dares and seeing who can push each other the most

-And of course also when either one expresses any sort of self conscious thoughts its time for cuddles and “how dare you talk about that way when you are an angel. I will fight whoever made you sad even if it was yourself”

-They are just really a bright spot in each others life and really need it when everything else can be so dark and dreary and while others may see it as nothing but silly its actually really important to have someone who they don’t have to worry about making a fool out of themselves in front of


-He always had a crush on his s/o but had to be literally forced into asking them out cause he never thought that such a perfect person would ever be interested in him no matter what the signs have said to disprove this. After that first date it becomes hard to imagine a point when the two weren’t together

-They are the hand in each others pockets, unironic matching t shirts and pointing at things saying “Oh look its you! Oh wait nope you are much cuter/sweeter” couple

-The definition of relationship goals tbh

-Like if they had an instagram it would be a shared one where they post pictures of them doing every day domestic stuff and just being adorable together. People would eat it up

-He just wants to do everything for his s/o cause he wants them to be as happy as possible and they deserve the world and he wants to make all of the problems they have ever had go away

-Their perfect nights involve food network, lots of snacks and yelling at the contestants about how they are idiots and what they should have done

-They probably make their friends disgusted by how sweet they are by each other. Like it gets to the point the team wonders if they even remember each others names cause they always use sickly sweet nicknames for each other instead

-Also Hunk makes it his duty to live out every romcom cliche in his dates so there is that to look forward to

-Its just all full of love and communication and wanting to be the best for each other

Broken Dancer.

Shawn Master List found HERE

Just as much as you’re supportive of his career, always attempting to visit him on tour, attending his shows and what not, he’s just as supportive of yours. 

Being a dancer isn’t the simplest of careers to maintain, you’ve gotten to the point where it feels as though there’s always some sort of ache in your body— you’ve gotten used to it. 

He’s sitting in his dressing room, half dressed with his hair still a mess as his eyes are glued to his phone. You had sent him the final, 

“I gotta go, baby, good luck. X.” Text around an hour ago, in which he had replied, 

“Good luck to you too! X” 

He despises Monday nights, particularly when he’s stuck doing his own show while you’re sitting in Las Angeles, backstage while draped in a dancing costume getting ready to perform for the nightly entertainment of dancing with the stars. His eyes stay glued to his phone as he follows the current two dancers that are currently treading the tango, Shawns hair stylist striving to get his hair to represent something other than a curly mayhem. 

“I hate this show, I’m just trying to watch my girlfriend and they always put her on last.” He mumbles, unfortunately, peering into the mirror at his stylist, 

“Always save the best for last, right?” She chuckles, spraying his hair one last time with hairspray before combing it back a little. He grumbles under his breath, uncomfortably moving in his chair as he continues to follow his screen, not wanting to miss anything. 

“Shawn, you need to go on stage.” He is summoned by his manager, interrupting him from viewing the live broadcast on his phone. 

“Five-minute delay?” He attempts to work his magic, batting his eyes as he’s eager to see your performance. Shawn’s manager shakes his head, “please? Five minutes just so I can watch her. She’s been so excited about this one performance.” He tries to persuade his manager but he continues to shake his head, “c'mon she’s on next.” Shawn pouts, gesturing towards his phone as the announcer announces your name and your dance partner. 

“Sorry, we are on a strict schedule, if it was up to me I’d let you.” Shawn’s manager sighs, giving Shawn a small smile, “C'mon, don’t make me drag you.” He jokes in a somewhat serious tone as Shawn stands to his feet. 

Shawn sighs, “I’m going, I’m going.” He nods his head, placing his phone in his pocket and adjusting his t-shirt, taking in a deep as he prepares to walk on stage in front of thousands of fans. 

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I love the little bits of robert in ryan, the tongue, the hand in his pockets during the team photo, and the breast pocket on his white T-shirt, and then there’s just how does this awkward smiley human being actually become robert? How does he do that?

I Don't Want To Live Forever - Part 2

When she was notified of someone being at the gates of her home, she was having a quiet evening just writing some music, having a cup of tea. She wasn’t expecting anyone, her plan was for the quiet to last the whole day but apparently the universe seemed to have a different idea for her because right when she saw who it was, she was a mess of nervousness.

She opened the door and there he was, standing a bit awkwardly at her footstep with a sheepish grin on his lips, hands on his pockets. Wearing a t-shirt that she suspected she had bought for him.

“Hi!” He cleared his throat. She smiled gently.

“I see you’re finally off the crutches now, huh?”

“Yeah, got rid of them yesterday.” He told her. “Would you mind if I come in?”

“Oh! Yeah, sure! Come in!” She stepped aside, chuckling lightly. Adam stepped inside and he noticed something different in the house, the pictures in which he was in had been replaced with her friends, he felt his chest tightening at the reminder that they had actually broken up, that they had moved on with their lives without each other. But he quickly snapped out of it, not wanting her to be uncomfortable.

“How are you? Is everything alright?” She questioned as they moved to the living room.

As if remembering just then the reason for his visit, Adam’s eyes widened. “Yeah, I just wanted to see you. I’m sorry I didn’t call or anything.”

Biting her lip, she tried not to look at his eyes. I just wanted to see you seemed like such a strange thing coming from the man that had broken her heart, the man whose heart she broke just a few weeks ago with nothing but the truth and irony of life. “Oh, it’s okay. I wasn’t doing much so it’s fine.” She shrugged and he nodded his head. “So they gave you the all clear on everything? You’re okay now?”

“Yes, everything is great. They said I recovered fast. It’s just my memory that is a bit messy. They said I may be able to get it back but there’s no way to know for sure and it may never happen.” He explained.

“Oh well, it’s better than nothing. Thank god it wasn’t worse than this.” Worst scenarios crossed Taylor’s mind for a moment and she refused to think about it. The thought of what could’ve happened left her little breathless. Because she still cared about him, you don’t just go from loving a person for a year to hating them. She could never hate him and that’s what she hated about this. It was easy to ignore when they didn’t talk, when they didn’t cross paths and when they agreed to just be friendly when they needed too but this…actually having him here was making her rethink a lot.

“Taylor, I’ve been trying to remember everything that happened, you know? Going over pictures and articles and stuff people tell me. I’ve been trying so hard but I can’t understand what I did, what we did. It’s so confusing.” He sighed.

“Adam…I don’t think I understand either and I remember it.” She smiled softly, placing her hand over his for a second that was far too short in Adam’s mind. “It’s okay. It’s in the past.”

His lips stretched into a smile as he looked at her. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Her brows furrowed and she chuckled. “Sure.”

“I lied. I didn’t come here just to see you.” He told her. “I came here because I have a proposition to make.”

“And what’s that?”

“Ten days is what took me to convince you to date me. So I want to ask for ten days to let me convince you again.” His words were so certain, he seemed so sure of this. “If after those ten days, I’ve made no progress then I’ll give up on you. I guess what I’m saying is that I want us to start over. Everything.”

“Adam, you can’t just do this. This past year has been hell for me, for us. I can’t risk getting hurt.”

“I can assure you that I know what mistakes I made to lose you, Taylor and I know that I won’t make those same mistakes again. I can’t promise you it’ll work but if you give a chance to try, that’s all I’m asking. A chance. So please, let me try.” He begged, grabbing her hand. It was hard to say no to a face like that. But what he was saying was substantially insane and she should totally be against doing it but there was something about having someone handing out what you wanted for months right in front of you.

She didn’t speak for few seconds, turning to look at him. “Ten days. You have ten days.”

“Thank you.” He laughed, hugging her. She was surprised at the contact but soon relaxed under his touch, her arms wrapping around him before she pulled away not wanting to get caught up.

“So this starting over thing, how does it work?” She smiled.

“Well, Taylor Swift, would you go on a date with me?”

“Why are you freaking out over this?” Gigi laughed, laying sideways on Taylor’s bed as she came in and out of the closet pulling different outfits. “It’s not like you don’t know him. It’s not that hard, Taylor.”

Taylor groaned. “I know! But still, I’m just nervous about it all.” She came out of the closet wearing a black dress. “What do you think?”

“It’s perfect!” Gigi grinned at her.

She frowned, looking down at herself.

“What is it?” Gigi asked.

“This was one of his favorite dresses that I wore.” She mumbled, running her hands over the fabric.

“Babe, it’s okay.” Gigi stood up to hug her. “You’re gonna be fine. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. It’s Adam. He did screw up big time but he’s a good guy and you know him in and out.”

Sighing, she grabbed her phone, checking if anyone had texted her, if Adam had texted her. Thankfully he hadn’t said anything which meant she still had time until he came to pick her up.

“Do you think I should’ve given him the chance? What if he remembers everything suddenly and then he hates me?”

“You’re overthinking it, Tay, honestly. This is good, I mean, you can just end up as friends but maybe it can work out this time. I know you still have feelings for him and I wanted to cut his balls off for a second there but you should give this a shot.”

Taking a sharp breath, she smiled softly. “Okay. It’s gonna be fine.”

Gigi smiled at her encouragingly and Taylor’s phone started ringing. Her eyes widened.

“Oh god.” She groaned and swiped it right, answering Adam’s call. “Hello?”

“Hey, Just letting you know I’ll be there in like ten minutes.” His voice came from the other side of the line.

“Okay, yeah, great!” She smiled nervously. “I’ll see you in a bit then.”

“Can’t wait.” He said before hanging up the phone.

“Isn’t this crazy? It’s crazy isn’t it? I made a mistake.” She muttered, running a hand through her hair.

“Okay, stop!” Gigi held her shoulders, looking into her eyes. “You need to breath, Taylor. You gave him a chance to get you back, which is super brace and I think that maybe if it doesn’t work out, you can get some closure on the Adam thing, which you and I both know you don’t have right now with everything that happened, okay?”

Taylor nodded and then smirked softly, looking at Gigi. “When did you get so wise?” Gigi laughed, shaking her head. “I need to get ready!”

Adam was driving the car, his hands gripping the steering wheel as he tried to calm himself down. He wasn’t even sure why he was so nervous, it suddenly felt like this was his first date ever with a girl. Perhaps it was the fact that this was Taylor or just the fact that he lost his memory and now the girl he loved, who he wanted a future with, had left him. Too many things had happened for his liking. How he managed to screw up so badly was beyond him, he kept wondering how on earth did he not fight for her to stay. He knew she had made mistakes but from he’d been told he was the biggest reason for their break up and he wanted to make sure that he would never make the same mistake twice.

He was driving through the familiar street that led to her house, telling himself it was going to be fine. That he could actually convince her to take him back.

Thinking back to the moment she told him what happened, he never knew losing her could hurt that much. He felt suffocated, his lungs collapsing as his heart broke into tiny pieces. It didn’t make sense. Everything people told him about, the articles he read about what he said, it just didn’t make sense. How he had hurt her, pushed her away like that. How it all went down, from the break up to Taylor and Tom, it was very confusing and the only thing he knew was that he needed to get her back.

‘I’m outside.’ The text message read as Taylor checked her phone. Taking a deep breath, she made her way out of the door quickly. Excited yet nervous about that night. She hoped she wasn’t making a mistake by doing this. This was Adam, the guy she was still sort of, very much in love with who didn’t remember anything about their break up, who was a completely different person than the guy she left, in a good way.

His car was parked in her driveway and she saw him wave before he exited the car, heading towards her with a grin on his face.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” He complimented her with a huge smile on his face. She giggled, walking towards him. He planted a kiss on her cheek. “Shall we get this whole date thing started?”

“Let’s do it.”

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I might of… accidentally fallen asleep without drawing art so uhhh, here’s something I’ve had in my draft for YEARS (its actually only been like 3 weeks lol). A couple more of my favorite Mortys from the big Pocket Mortys T-shirt Design I did! <3 

Asleep Morty’s Data says that he is the happiest Morty in the universe so I had to draw him with a smile. :3 We also have our original Rick and Morty here! Rick is holding that Morty Device and he’s showing off the Morty Deck.

Coffee Stains

Type:College AU 
Word Count:549

I would like to say a special thank you to @pterodactylichexameter for being the first one to read my writing and critique it, and also to @tintinnabulary for encouraging me to write. I aprecaite you both so much!!!

This is my first fic ever, so constructive critism is 100% welcome! Let me know if you enjoyed it <3 

Pt.2 Pt.3 

Feyre couldn’t believe how late she was. You’d think after a year at the University that she would’ve gotten the hang of things. Yet here she was her first day of sophomore year fifteen minutes late, and looking like a wreck. Her roommate Nesta who happened to be her sister snatched her phone charger during the night leaving Feyre with a dead phone and no alarm! She was going to kill her.

However, the plotting against her sister could wait until she got through this sure to be awful day. Out of habit Feyre looked at her phone to check the time only to glance at a blank screen. As she turned the corner to her first Education class she slammed right into a brick wall. Only is wasn’t a brick wall.

Feyre had run into the most handsome man she had ever seen.

Keep reading

Surprising Forever

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re officially graduated from college and on your way back home to Kansas to take care of your sick Mother, when you run into an unexpected someone that is definitely a pleasant surprise.

Word Count: 3,326

Warnings: Talk of cancer, angst if you squint, language, lots and lots of fluff

Author’s Note: I’ve seen so much beautifully written angst lately that I just feel like I need to throw out the fluffiest tooth rotting fluff I can to try and balance it all out. Feedback is always welcome considering I am a newbie author. Thank you so much to @jalove-wecallhimdean for being my beta for this fic! I hope you guys enjoy!

College was officially over. You graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and instead of staying behind to celebrate with your friends and classmates, you headed straight home to your Mother in Kansas. She hadn’t been able to attend your graduation due to being diagnosed with cancer last year. As guilty as you felt for not being at home to be with her more, you knew she would have been disappointed in you if you didn’t finish college. All she ever wanted for you was to accomplish more for yourself than she had been able to do. She wanted you to have a better life, a life where you could support yourself and any children you might have

Lawrence, Kansas was a small town. Everyone knew everyone and that included their business too. You were not surprised to see the normal hustle and bustle of the townspeople walking around the shops whether to work, grab coffee and breakfast, or if they were just enjoying a Friday morning. It was peaceful, a great place for families. Your destination, the hospital, just happened to be in the center of town.

Parking into the hospital parking lot you quickly made your way up to the fourth floor, room 329, to see your mother. You made good time from your drive and only made two stops along the way. One for a gas fill-up and bathroom break, another to stop by the florist shop in town to pick up a bouquet of your mother’s favorite flowers, purple and white lilies.

Making your way to her room you halted in your steps outside of the partially closed door hearing your mother’s laughter along with a much deeper laugh. You didn’t know who could be in with your mother but if they could make her laugh like that, you were more than grateful to them. You waited a few more moments before interrupting, not wanting to kill the moment.

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beautiful things

◦ pairing: oc x jungkook

◦ rating: pg14

◦ word count: 1.6k

◦ a/n: This one was a surprise gift to one of my best friends!

m a s t e r l i s t 

Her feet trekked beneath her as the sea of concrete tiles grew behind her. Hands clenched in each other for warmth, she walked through the crowded sidewalks. The wind stung her eyes as it whipped across her face, tears forming as the cool air hissed against them. The whistling of the harsh breeze as it cut against the corners of buildings and rushed out from alleys echoed in her ears as she walked back to her apartment. Her shoulders hunched up as she tried to press them against her ears and keep her heat contained.

She stopped at a crosswalk, rubbing her hands together, grumbling to herself: something about how she needed a vacation. Her thick, brown ponytail blew to the right in the wind as she impatiently stared at the orange pixelated hand that told her to wait. The heavy reek of the sewers drifted by as cars rushed through the signal. She scrunched up her nose and decided against crossing the street. She kept walking. The stench of the pollution in the air slowly drowned out, and in its place trickled in the cold scent of this morning’s frost stuck to the pavement. She hated the cold season, but the smell of that dry, cool air was oddly pleasant. Her fists loosened up and she relaxed her jaw. She smiled to herself and kept walking.

She walked into a square, perfectly symmetric with its landscape of benches and small patches of green. The trees planted in the center of the square by the benches stretched out with branches ablaze. The red and orange fires on each branch caught her eyes, and for a moment she left her mind completely and admired the beauty that stood before. But, it was the city. Everybody always has somewhere to go, someone to see; there was hardly any time to admire beautiful things. So, again, she was walking.

Taking a right turn, she reached the familiar sight of a tall grey building, stacked over and over with rows of windows. It sat quietly between two identical buildings, but this one screamed out to those who belonged. Her footsteps softened as she slowed and admired the building: her home. Well, it was where she was living at the moment. Her home rested safely with the boy inside one of those windows way up at the top.

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