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What do you think would happen if ALL your blonde boys met somehow? (Joey, Adrien, Felix, Chad, ect) idk I just like the idea of them all meeting up for some reason. How do you think they'd interact?

okay it’s not ALL of them (i don’t have nearly enough time to include EVERYONE in my collection of favourite cute blond characters), but here are six blond sons and one bonus blonde daughter

also if you think mighty max and polly pocket aren’t best friends who go everywhere together then wow do i have news for you

My favorite thing about Fossil Fighter’s storyline is that the first two games clearly take place in the same universe, evident by Pauleen being form the Digadig Tribe, (unless ofc this is some pokemon universe bullshit where there are alternate realities with the same people in them and stuff,) so this single universe, on a single planet, has:

- Teleportation
- The ability to resurrect the dead from their skulls alone.  I dont know what not having the full skeleton would do for a human, and we’ve never seen it practiced on a non-human or non-dinosaur entity, but still.
- Magical backpacks that shrink large items to be pocket-sized, or something.
- Implied gods, they never make an appearance but they’re discussed by a tribe that was right about everything else sooo
- Pirates
- Ghosts
- Pirate ghosts
- Dogs that have achieved human-level intelligence, their only barrier being the inability to speak (present in both games)
- A civilization that elected a dog as their king because they were so fucking tired of the government. their civilization has been peaceful and prosperous ever since.
- A “princess is tired of her life in the palace so she escapes with her servant and enters a fighting tournament” plot/character, except the character is a dog
- Aliens
- Dinosaur aliens
- Giant tadpole planet-eating aliens
- A zombie king
- A zombie king who can also revive dinosaurs from their skulls alone, except differently.  He does this in two different ways and creates two different types of explicitly undead vivosaurs, despite the fact that all vivosaurs are zombies.  I dunno.
- A magical hammer
- An Indiana Jones ripoff

Basically its just as complicated as DC’s universe except it has dinosaurs, and I think that’s really beautiful 

Extracurricular Activities Chapter 1

Pairing: Bechloe

Word Count: 1,760 words

Rating: T

Summary: Despite what others might consider flirty banter Beca and Chloe have always remained the closest of friends. Just friends. Until fate will have it Beca and Chloe are forced to be fake girlfriends to save Chloe from a worser fate. 

The Fake Dating AU that has been requested 

Can also Read on FF or AO3 if you wish

The music was blaring, the floor vibrating as people all around Beca danced along to the mediocre house band play at in the club. She was still at the bar waiting for the bartender to pay her any attention. She was even tempted to whip her boobs out for the sake of the gin. But before she could contemplate the idea properly a guy splayed his body out in front of Beca and tried to flirt with her.

“Hey pretty lady.” He managed through his drunken slur.

“Yeah no.”

“Oh come on. I think we’d have a good time.” Before Beca could respond with a snarky comment that would have probably lead to an outburst of violence because it wasn’t going to be pretty, she felt an arm wrap around her shoulders.

Beca didn’t even have to look to know who it was. Despite the smell of beer, vomit and sweat, Chloe still managed to have a sweet aroma to her. Like vanilla.

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An idea! How would pocket!astro react to becoming big for a day? Also your blog is adorable and you're a great writer. Your imagines/blurbs are so fluffy. 😊 (I kinda wanna become a regular anon...) -smol anon

My first regular anon YES ! Thank you for your compliments I’m not quite confident so I need them so much :’) And just so you know, I can’t live without fluff, fluff is life ♥

Anyways, pocket Moonbin’s little series is about imagining him becoming big, but it doesn’t really happen (you can see it as a prequel is you want)

I’m taller than you now ~

Imagine waking up in the morning crushed under a heavy weight. You discover someone lying on you and of course you scream… You then hear Rocky’s voice (has it always been that deep ?) before seeing him storm into the room, visibly into his Knight mode.

“What’s wrong, y/n ?! Don’t worry I’ll protect you ! Where are my sword and my noble steed ? Ah, I found th- wait, why are they so small ? No… I’M THE ONE WHO’S BIG ??!!”

You discover that it’s not only Rocky, the other ASTRO members grew up too (Sanha was the one on top of you) and they’re all very excited.

“Oh my god I’m a big guy, this is not a dream this time ! Hehe now those big guys won’t approach y/n…!” *evil laugh* Moonbin can be scary with his possessiveness… but he’s very sweet too ~ He spends the whole day hugging you (mostly for behind, with his chin laying on your head or shoulder) and shoving away any boy with his death stare. He says they can’t love you as much as he does.

You’re surprised by how tall Sanha became, but he stayed the same cute aegyo boy. He still wants to play cute games and have his tea party with your plushies (he had planned it for days). He often gives you kisses and asks for some too (he’d blush each time you give him one).

If you’re smaller than Jinjin, he’d be so happy and jump everywhere screaming “Yas ! I’m not the smallest anymore !!” *holds you into a big hug* If you’re taller he’d pout about how “unfair" it is. *asks for a consoling hug* Once he discovers his voice became deeper, he’d use it to impress you with his rap ~

Eunwoo might be the happiest of them all. Why ? Because finally ! He can be your gentleman ! He’s so happy to hold the umbrella for you (ignoring Moonbin’s stare) and merrily says “Better me than you~” when his shoulder gets wet by the rain. (he might also run to a movie shop to get the last Minions movie you forgot to buy)

Rocky is as happy as Eunwoo : now he can protect you so much better ! And he carries his noble steed (the poor baby animal is so confused) everywhere to thank him for his job. He also dances for you a lot during the day now that you can see his moves better.

During the whole day you don’t see much changes in MJ other than his size. He stays his usual self… until you go to bed. You discover he tried all day to get used to his slightly different voice just to sing for you the sweatest lullaby ! You fall asleep with him spooning you (and screaming internally because he always wanted to do it).

The next morning six small high pitched voices wake you up. They spend all day pouting and sulking about how they wanted stay big longer or maybe forever (on your side you’re happy to have your tiny cuties back).

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Imagine finding a pocket sized jungkook eating crackers in your sweater pocket,,, and then falling asleep

just the mention of pocket sized jungkook has me crying but pocket sized jungkook sleeping oh god bye )))):