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Mark Damon on Twitter
“これはスタッフのメンバーによって言われました。 この努力は成功することができます。 私に参加してください!#ReleaseTheEpisodes #RocketVSPlasmaPlease”


ATTENTION all Pokemon fans, particularly of the Pokemon anime.  An inside source on the anime staff, whom will remain unnamed at this time, has told me that there is now a very real possibility of getting the Pokemon Company and/or TV Tokyo to release the “Team Rocket VS Team Plasma!” two-parter, which was postponed indefinitely by the earthquake / tsunami / nuclear meltdown of Japan on March 11, 2011.  While enough time has passed since the disaster, the anime moved on and phased the episodes out of continuity, and with no visible demand for them, the Pokemon Company and TV Tokyo have thus kept them shelved. 

My source says that if many fans deliver signatures and messages on Twitter to the accounts @Pokemon_cojp and @TVTOKYO_PR calling for the release of these episodes, then there very well may be a response from the companies, and the episodes would be released.

Please, use your Twitter accounts (and if you don’t have one, make one) and join in on this movement.  Tweet to both the accounts listed above, either in your native language or in Japanese through usage of Google Translate, calling in support for the episodes to be released.  Use the hashtags #ReleaseTheEpisodes and #RocketVSPlasmaPlease.  

Also, spread the word among all other fans that you possibly can find.

We need to show the Pokemon Company and TV Tokyo that older fans of the Pokemon anime worldwide have not forgotten about the existence of these episodes, or TV Tokyo’s initial promise to broadcast them later.  We need to show them that there is a high demand for them, and that it would serve them well to release them, particularly as the anime is set to bring the character of Sakaki / Giovanni, boss of Team Rocket, back in a substantial role. 

Remember: this is a real possibility, endorsed by a member of the anime’s staff. Let’s not let it, or all the hard work of said staff that worked on these episodes, go to waste. 

Let’s do this thing!


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Ken'yuu Horiuchi to succeed Unsho Ishizuka as Pocket Monster's Professor and Principal Ookido
Unsho Ishizuka recently passed away in mid-August of this year.

Ishizuka has recorded his lines for the Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon anime in advance and will be in the series until early October. Horiuchi will take over as Professor and Principal Ookido (Oak) starting on October 21. 

Ken’yuu Horiuchi is known for voicing Pain in Naruto, Sasaki in Bakuman, Mephisto in Suite PreCure, Wilhelm in Re:ZERO, Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki in Joker Game, and in the Pocket Monsters Best Wishes anime, Professor Araragi (Cedric Juniper).