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U know who in the west wing universe would be a r good president? That’s never really talked about regarding presidents? 

Donnatella Moss

Josh wants to be the guy the guy counts on–Well hello DC power couple. Donna, who absorbs info like a sponge, is just so damn competent and brilliant and smart and can grasp difficult concepts v easily and translate them into things that the average American can understand without losing the nuance of policy, like the cats and the Supreme Court.

And CJ said it herself :“Josh isn’t ever going to find an assistant better than you” CJ has worked in a myriad professional industries and made over 500k a year and is the goddamn US Press Secretary and for the fact that the deputy chief of staff will never find a better assistant than donna

Like……this isn’t some podunk law firm in the middle of nowhere this is the white house. A West Wing job. To say no one would be better means out of tens of thousands of people who would kill for that job would not be better than donna (honestly there’s even an episode addressing it being Josh Lyman’s assistant is better than getting a Master’s and Donna’s starting salary at that website was what she assumed the total budget would be. That’s how valuable pre-Santos era Donna is considered to be). She hears and she absorbs and she retains and she’s able to apply that information–remember when she knew the exact filibuster rule, with the Stackhouse ep?

And Donna can publicly speak–we’ve established with Leo (and plenty of other people) that some people just forget almost everything in front of a camera or a crowd, or in a debate type of setting, or just look bulldogish and antagonistic(can you say the plot of the pilot?). It just isn’t for everyone. But this is what Donna did, for two campaigns and even as Josh’s assistant. Remember when he sent her to North Dakota to deal with people who wanted to eliminate ‘north’ in ‘north dakota?’

Once she quits she gets almost as good as Josh in like a year and sure, there’s few complications, yeah. But hey Bartlet had his riding into a tree affair. Donna has her yelling at a chicken debacle.

And also the trip abroad. Like she doesn’t like to politicize it. But people who are like “oh she hasn’t served in combat” well she was injured in a war zone. Annabeth mentions how the people fell in love with her, wanted to make her story into a movie. There’s name recognition early on right there, something that would make it a lot easier to campaign on as a Senator or a Representative than the average person, get her foot in the door.

And listen people would be much more afraid of pissing off donna than Josh because Josh is always pissed but donnais the one person who can sometimes reel him in. No one is there to reel in donna. She’s charismatic, much more than josh, and people like her. Maybe after shes served a term as the first ladys chief of staff, helen more at ease with being first lady and more of an idea of what she’s doing, she’d run. She’d totally get elected as a Representative with her resume, then maybe serve two or 3 terms, then after possibly run for governor. And then start her election campaign. CHARLIE AS VP LBR CHARLIE IS TOTALLY GONNA GO BACK INTO POLITICS, HE’S TOO GOOD AT IT AND HAS SO MANY CONNECTIONS AND HIS WORK AT THE TAIL END OF THE BARTLET PRESIDENCY HAD HIM HOOKED HE TOTALLY WOULD BE DONNA’S VP.


Newark Day 2 post concert

Good morning, babies!!!

I’m sorry I didn’t update throughout the day yesterday! Tumblr was giving me problems and being incredibly glitchy so I wasn’t ever able to update my location here :((

Needless to say, the pit was sort of amazing?? And my soft Suga Bun is even softer and sweeter up close irl! //falls over I didn’t take many pics or fancams but Admin B took a ton and has said she’ll be posting her gorgeous fancams later :)

I’ll leave you with this pic I took of the softest triangle on the planet

Next time I’ll be updating for DAY 1 ANAHEIM!

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•18|02|2017• first blog post

hi ! my name is phantom and im a 5'3 agust d diehard in secondary school. im eurasian and i really like music composition, photography and drawing.

my other blogs on tumblr include: @yoongilyrics and @2am-convictions (fanfic blog). i am also the yoongi admin for @houseofbangtaninternational !

im going to try post my notes and bullet journal spreads here and hopefully it’ll motivate me to write and study more because my handwriting needs jesus. ;;

people who have inspired me to begin this blog include @studykouffee @studybuzz @studyjimin @baby-gloom and @tbhstudying, thank you so much for being so creative. ^^

[photo | left to right: muji dotted plastic pocket journal, bts wings yoongi photocard, french connection SUGAr balm, staedtlr black pigment liner 0.5 + muji 0.5 black gel pen]

(i know im no professional photographer but iphones can only do so much >>)

Things to Know About Monster Fortress
  • Medic is a son of Dracula.
  • Scout can’t fly very well because his wings are smaller than normal.
  • Engineer makes candles for Pyro to sleep in.
  • Pyro can change his size at will but likes to stay small so he can hide in Engie’s pocket.
  • Spy’s left wing is cracked, and if he tries to fly it will break completely.
  • Heavy saved Medic from being attacked by humans.
  • Merasmus reanimated Soldier to be an undead servant.
  • It didn’t work out.
  • Despite being opposites, Sniper and Medic get along.
  • Scout is very insecure about his ears since his brothers teased him about them growing up.
  • Medic and Demo usually go out looking for victims together.
  • Medic calls them “blood donors” instead of victims.
Newark Day Two Concert

DID YOU GUYS ALL HAVE FUN THAT WENT TO EITHER DAY!? I Sure did and me and Admin K had a blast! We got lucky and got to be front row GA for the main stage! 

We made friends with the security guards in front of us and with the girls around us as well and everyone was so nice and welcoming. Thankfully we weren’t crowded much during the concert and it wasn’t as tight of a squeeze as I thought it was. (Which is good cause me and K are smol and not that strong :’) ) 


ANd Had such an amazing view of all the solo stages (minus the beginning of Hobies solo) 

Unfortunately we couldn’t see the extended stage that well but the screens big screens were great to watch and I got some gorgeous views of the arena

I will also post the fancam videos that I took for you all later so stay tuned for it! This is a lose fan account as im still emotionally numb and living in post concert depression. So once I get myself together and recover from the emotional and physical strain I will give a detailed description of the two days I was there. 

Admin B(abe)

Tattoos - Alex Summers & Warren Worthington

Summary : instead of having one tattoo of your soulmate’s mutation, you have two. Two completely different tattoos.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : uhh fluff? slight angst? lol idk bro

Prompt : everyone has a tattoo of their soulmate’s mutation (if they have one) and you have two completely different tattoos, because you have two soulmates.

Pairing : Alex Summers x reader x Warren Worthington iii

A/N : so this soulmate au has been swimming around in my head for a while so I thought I would finally write it! I’m total trash for Warren and Alex so that’s why it’s these two love bugs. this also starting off in the third person. (e/c = eye color)

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Wings and Plasma beams. Those were your tattoos. Yes tattoos, as in two and not one. Usually people only had one tattoo that represented your soulmate’s mutation, but that’s if they were a mutant.

Y/N sat under a tree branch, well more like she was swinging from the low hanging branch. She could control plants, create whatever type of plant she wanted. Most people longed for such a beautiful, graceful mutation, but what they didn’t know is that she could also create Earthquake, Tsunamis, and any other type of horrible event.

As she sat on her swing made of vines she read her favorite book, humming softly as her eyes scanned the paper pages, keeping her mind calm and free of any and all horrible thoughts. Her brain was thinking other things though, things that were making her heart race a mile a minute. For some odd reason her brain thought that today was the day she would finally meet her soulmates, the two people that were going to love her till death do them part. It was rare for someone to have two soulmates, but Y/N just thought of it as another opportunity to make more people in the world happy.

Alex Summers and Warren Worthington on the other hand were stressing about meeting their soulmate. Of course the two blonde boys didn’t realize that they had to share the same girl.

Warren was walking around with Ororo, Jean, Kurt, Peter, Scott, Jubilee, and Alex. Of course Alex just had to be walking with them. When the group had just about gotten to where Y/N was, the two blondes stopped walking, their eyes locked on her. The group noticed their absence and turned their heads, looking for what had caught their attention. Jean smirked slightly, realizing that the two boys were staring at Y/N.

“Who is that? I’ve never seen her before.” Warren says. He looked awestruck, completely taken back the beauty of the girl; his soulmate.

“That’s  Y/N, of course you’d never seen her before because you never attend any of your classes.” Jean chuckles. “She’s always out her, all the time no matter what. Her mutation basically plants her right to the Earth itself it’s probably why we all call her Mother Nature.” Alex and Warren tilt their heads at Jean, tearing their eyes away from the girl for a second.

“What do you mean?” Alex questions.

“She can basically control the Earth, and she’s pretty damn good at it. If she went up against Ororo or anyone else, she’d no doubt win.” Jubilee chuckles, earning a glare from Ororo. Alex’s and Warren’s eyes went wide. Simultaneously they rolled up or pulled off their jackets, revealing an Earth tattoo on their wrist or forearm.

“You both have the same soulmate?” Kurt says slowly, tilting his head in confusion.

Ororo shrugs. “Once when Y/N and I were talking, she did say that she had two soulmate tattoos, but she wouldn’t show me them, and she’s always covering herself up so that no one sees them.” She sighs before continuing. “I guess it could be a possibility that you three are soulmates.” Warren gagged and Alex rolled his eyes at the winged boys child like nature. When they turned their attention back to Y/N she was packing up her things, her back turned to the group.

Warren and Alex looked at one another before sprinting down to her, determined to beat one a another to Y/N. Warren no doubt beat Alex, using his wings as an advantage. Alex huffed, walking over to them. Y/N’s back was still faced towards them, so she didn’t sense their presence. The two boys looked at one another before nodding at each other, both reaching out and tapping their first finger against each of Y/N’ s shoulders. She turned around, her eyes looked up at the two boys, her e/c eyes going wide.

Alex was first to speak. “Y/N? This may sound a bit crazy, but I’m- we’re your soulmates.” He said, gesturing in between him and Warren. Y/N’s perfectly plush, pink lips spread out into a smile across her face.

“I have been waiting so long to meet you two, wow, I never thought I’d actually meet my soulmates.” She beamed, her perfect smile making both boys go weak at the knees. She turned to Warren, giggling softly. “I figured that you were one of my soulmate’s, you are the only one that has angel wings after all.” Warren blushes, making Y/N giggle again. She looked back at Alex, the same smile still on her face. “I had a suspicion you were too, but I wasn’t sure, any one could have plasma energy as their mutation.” Alex chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“How about we all hang out tonight? Get to know more about each other, since you know, soulmates and every things.” Warren said, his hands making weird gestures into the air. Y/N smiled, nodding as she tucked back a strand of her hair.

“I’d love that.” She slung her book bag over her shoulders before saying. “I’ll see you two later.” She kissed each of the boys on the cheek before walking into the mansion, smiles plastered on all three of their faces.

Y/N sat on the sofa in the lounging room, doing her homework and listening to the fire place crackle. She was happy, the happiest she’s been in a long time. She finally met her two soulmates, both very handsome, and both seemed to get a long, or so she hoped. She sighed, shutting her history book and setting it to the side.

“You okay there, doll?” She turns her head slightly to see Alex and Warren standing only a few feet away from her. She nods, smiling softly at them.

“Yeah, just tired of all this homework. I know Professor Logan means well, but I could care less about some of these events.” She chuckled, moving her stuff onto the coffee table and patting the seats next to her. Alex didn’t hesitate to sit on Y/N’s left side, smiling as he made himself comfortable beside her. While on the other hand Warren stood awkwardly, rocking himself back and fourth on his heels. Y/N tilted her head.

“Come sit, Warren, there’s enough room for you.” She said, her voice soft and delicate. God were these two boys already in over their heads with this girl. Warren shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“It’s just my wings, I don’t want you two to feel cramped with them. They’re always getting in the way.” He huffed, obviously upset that he couldn’t sit with his soulmates. Y/N frowned and stood up, moving the coffee table out of the way and growing what seemed to be nest in the middle of the floor. She looked at the two boys and gestured for them to sit down. They smiled and gladly sat on either side of her, forming a triangle almost.

“So, what do you want to learn about me? Or are their any things I should know about you two?” Y/N asked, leaning back on her palms. The two shrugged, making Y/N roll her eyes playfully. “Oh come on, you two. Their has to be something.” She looked at the blonde boys, waiting for one of them to speak up. And to her delight, one of them did; Alex did to be exact.

“I uh, have PTSD, from going to Cuba with the x-men, and going through the Vietnam War.” He said. “So I don’t exactly sleep well anymore.” Y/N nodded, then looked over at Warren. He scoffed but when he looked back at Y/N to see her glaring at him he coughed and started to talk.

“Uh, I just have nightmares about the fight with Apocalypse and the X-men, and umm… I have a drinking issue.”  He mumbled, almost as if he were ashamed. Y/N smiled softly at him, grabbing hold of his hand and giving it a soft squeeze to reassure him.

“Well I will be more than happy to help you two boys with your problems.” She said, making the two boys smile at her.

“Well what about you? What’s something we should know about you, love?” Warren said. Y/N’s heart practically melted at the nicknames these two boys were giving her.

“Uh, I’m not sure actually, I’m a pretty open book.” She shrugged, pulling her hair to one side of her neck. “Oh! When I get really angry or sad, or annoyed I can cause Earth quakes or any other type of extreme disaster.” She noted, The two boys looked at each other and then back to Y/N. “Don’t worry, usually I’m very calm and happy so those things hardly ever happen anymore.”

Alex tilted his head. “Anymore?” He questioned. Y/N sighed, pulling her hands into her lap.

“When I was little my family and were in a car accident. My brother and parents died on impact, but because of my mutation the Earth seemed to protect me.” Her eyes wouldn’t look up to meet the blue eyes of her soulmates. “When the doctors and nurses told me that they were dead I became so depressed and angry, I almost brought down the entire block.” By now tears brimmed her eyes. Laughing softly, she looked up, wiping her eyes with he sleeve. “Erik and Professor Xavier took me in after they figured out that it was a kid who caused so much destruction. After that they taught me how to keep my emotions at bay, keep myself calm and free of any harmful thoughts so that something like that never happens again.”  By the end of Y/N’s story Warren and Alex had sandwiched her between them, making her giggle and sniffle at the same time.

“You’ll never have to worry about something like eve again, baby girl. We’ll always make you happy, we promise.” Warren said softly, kissing the top of her head and smiling softly at Alex. Alex returned the smile, also kissing the side of her  head.

The night was spent talking, mostly about their favorite things and some things they did as a kid. The three of them were happy, and they knew they would be for a long time because they had each other.

Second part maybe??

Things I've done as a stage manager that Ford has definitely done
  • Call people by their full or middle name whenever she’s being serious 
  • Everything is in a spreadsheet
  • Finds just??? Random shit in her pockets??? Where did that wing-nut come from? She wasn’t even using them?
  • Picks up every pen she sees, never knowing when she will need them
  • You can bet your sweet bippy she has two binders at all time. One is for blocking and the other are for tech cues
  • Has once led a production meeting where the only people who showed up were the light designer and the director
  • Her emails slowly get more and more incomprehensible the closer it gets to tech week
  • Has cried on every set she has worked with. Every. One. 
  • Accidentally called a light cue wrong, but the director liked the way it looked so they kept it that way. This has happened with more than just light cues
  • Had to stop fight call so she could get on stage and tell an actor to actually slap her so she could show both actors what a stage slap is supposed to look like
  • Has stolen multiple set pieces once strike rolls around. She has a piece of wood that is painted like a window and a foam brick wall. 
    • The foam wall was designed in a way that had intricate holes all around it. She spent hours cutting that foam wall. She once found some of that foam in her underwear.
  • Showed up to cue-to-cue in pajamas 
  • Has so many black clothes but only one set of Tech Blacks
    • high waisted leggings that look fucking hella, and a black hoodie that is now more gaff than fabric
  • Almost got into a fight with some kids who were trying to sit in on the closed rehearsal 

While Admins B and T are enjoying the show, Admin K is getting packed for Day 2!

Remember I’ll be passing out BANNERSand I’ll also be printing out a limited number of Instax polaroids from either @BTS_twt OR a pic from your own WINGS experience using the Snapchat Geofilter :) I’ll be live tweeting at @kkyrichi (also with updates about all the fansite and fanart freebies I am privy to) and also chronicling my own WINGS experience on tumblr @cinnamin-suga

I hope to see a few of you there :))

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