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Conditions of being in Arashi member-affiliated interest groups

Sho-kun: (alcohol) drinkers for a fun time.

Masaki-kun: foodies please apply here.

Kazu-kun: only pocket wifi holders need be considered (cos games are his life of course!)

Oh-chan: (obviously) boat-owners please~ (LOL)

For our youngest, Imada-san already notes it’s likely gonna be stricter conditions for our perfectionist.

Jun: Firstly… (and Sho asides that ‘[because] there’s a first one.’)

Jun: person who has my contact info; person liking things neat [pretty] and in order; someone who can just up and go when I contact them on the day.

└ And now we know how to be individual members’ groupies ne~ (^_^)

Cr: VS Arashi 07.09.2017

Hirakata, Osaka: Day 2

So I guess my original video didn’t post so I never told you guys that I made it but here I am!

In studying abroad there are stages (like the stages of grief) and one of them is the Honeymoon stage, which is probably what I’m in right now, but it’s really nice here! Don’t get me wrong, there are downsides and upsides to those downsides and downsides to those upsides etc., but overall it’s a really nice place (Hirakata).

(As an aside, I’m still bitter about not getting into the apartment dorm, but my friend from Ottowa is staying there and has a roommate who is likely moving out so I may request a change!) I have an eight-tatami room with one roommate and also a desk space. This is the most organized space I’ve ever had in my life (although typical Ivey has already made a mess, see picture below).

There’s a dog park right up the street (fluffy boy!!! I love him so much)

There’s a store called Avail that sells pretty much all Japanese clothing Americans try to buy online for outrageous prices really really cheap. I bought two pairs of earrings, two dresses, and a skirt for ¥3,200. Here’s me jet lagged and disoriented in them:

(Notice the tatami? Pretty nice, eh?)

I’m just slightly bitter that my shoe size is LL and there was nothing over medium. Relevant pic from the men’s section:

(Okay, I know I’m only posting clothing pics and you’re probably wondering, where’s all the cool scenery? About that–)

I have a ton of videos I can’t upload because the internet is pretty slow. I thought Japan was really high tech and stuff because that’s how it’s portrayed in America but most families don’t even have wifi (a staple in any American household). I’m pretty sure the GAIDAI network is also by ethernet cord (since it’s LAN) and the computers we use to log on to our portal is a really clunky Windows Vista. Not complaining tho bc it’s nice to have wifi at all.

There are these things called pocket wifi which is basically a phone plan. No calls or texting, but in 2017 nobody really needs that anyway. It’s the only way we can get wifi or internet for our phones. It’s also only like $57/mo for unlimited which is better than any regular phone plan. So basically it’s a mini wifi modem/router that you carry around and it gives you LTE/data wherever you are.

Also, everyone rides bikes. I love it. There are bicycle racks at every store and girls in skirts and heels ride bikes (which I thought would be impossible?). I’m definitely getting one (even though I haven’t ridden a bike in years). Such a cute aesthetic: スクバ in the basket, biking down the tiny streets.

Also, it’s extremely safe here. I walk alone to the grocery store at night with no worries. The police’s biggest concern here is stolen bikes.

It’s so hard to give an idea of what the streets look like without video! Here’s a screenshot with two kids riding their bikes home:

Tomorrow is my placement test, which luckily is on the computer (and not handwritten, something I’m really bad at because I can’t remember kanji strokes well). Wish me luck! :-)

Lastly, I give you a picture of a nice and pure sleeping kitty.


licollisa  asked:

so i wondered, since u draw with paper and stuff... you, uh, shitposting alot XD (Which is actually for my need of daily memes) can you take a photo of papers that you use for making that kind of posts? like, BUNCH of em?

sorry i really cant post any of my art for awhile

im using an internet cafe to check on my tumblr daily every 30 mins xD

i have no scanner now (so i cant update my comic)

im still planning on buying my own pocket wifi so dont worry


ill find a way to update my epictale comic 

i apologize guys

im still dealing wih my new “LIFE” for now

ike fussing over soren is the hill i die on he is so… carefully attuned to soren’s mood without being coddling or overbearing and even if he stumbles over his words he’s so genuine it more than makes up for it!!! this post brought to you by the magic of pocket wifi

Anyway, we touched down in Japan, managed to go through immigration, customs, get the train passes and the pocket wifi and board a train for Tokyo in less than a hour 😎

Also the humidity is killing me and I feel so gross I want a shower asap

What time is it home

i’m alive, just exhausted. sorry. i’ve been posting to facebook most of this trip (and twitter for anything overtly fandom). i’ll update with pictures when i get to it. i just forget how exhausting it is to walk 5+ miles a day in like 70% humidity. my fat body isn’t used to it.

my pocket wifi also died on friday, so it’s been interesting getting around without it (and by “interesting” i mean “infuriating”). i have a special stupid phone that won’t let me use foreign sim cards, so i’ve been at the mercy of public wifi for the past three days. at least it happened now and not when i was in the middle of bum fuck nowhere like i was last weekend.

i’m doing odaiba today to be digimon AND snk AND fujoshi trash. omg. such a good way to end my trip.

i start home tomorrow. then i’ll be a functioning person again. wait… “functioning person”, as if i ever was one.

anonymous asked:

jieun I'm going to stay in sk for a month alone in march do you have any advice? Like clothes for the climate or just general advice bc I'm scared of being in a foreign country alone thank you 💕

i haven’t been to korea during the early spring in a really long time…… but i do know it’s still very cold then… like freezing at times 😨 so make sure to pack warm clothes!!! layer up!!!! a good outer will be your best friend!!!

i have a couple of places that are somewhere in my recs’ tag if you scroll through a bit that list out places you should visit, things you should eat, where to shop, etc. that might be helpful!!

as for general traveling around tips, make sure to rent pocket wifi!! sometimes different companies have special promotions for foreigners and/or students. also, if you have a wifi egg, you should definitely download the subway app and have google maps handy too (i’d suggest naver maps but that’s all in korean so it’d be difficult for you to follow the directions…)

i hope you have fun!!!

csway21  asked:

I'm going to Seoul for 10 days in March! So yes please make a Seoul visitor tips/places to see master post!

Ok let’s see

  • There is SO much to see in Seoul, no way I can list everything but here are a few places I visited myself or recommend visiting: Myeongdeong, Insadong, Hongdae, Itaewon, Gyeongbukgung/Gwanghwamun, Dongdaemun, Hyehwa/Naksan Park/Ihwa Art village, Seoul Forest, Ttukkseom Hangang Park, Gangnam, Bukcheon Hanok Village, Samcheongdo, Ehwa, Gwangjang Market, Namsan Tower, (more shopping places: Garosugil, Apgujeong Rodeo Street, Cheongdamdong ((clothes can be €€€€ tho^^))
  • Obv there’s not just a lot to see but also a lot to do! You can visit museums, galleries, rent a bike @ hangang, order chicken and picnic at a park or hangang, go to a jimjilbang, try all the streetfood, go clubbing, visit a cat/dog/sheep/whatever they have cafe, go to a noraebang, visit flea markets, try on traditional clothes (either for free or pay for photoshoots) or try on a wedding dress instead?, discover all kinds of cafes,hike a mountain, go to the Everland theme park if u wanna, visit temples and ssamzigil for handmade gifts, go to a hair salon and get a straightening perm lmao.. idek.. . just research a lot! ((:
  • Somehow I was kinda scared of using public toilets because a lot of people said they mostly have squat toilets and sometimes there’s no toilet paper inside the stalls (or even outside??) so just in case anyone wanna know my experience lmao. I usually used the metro underground restrooms (they have squat and ‘sit’ toilets) or the restrooms at cafes/restaurants (some just have one toilet for male and female) and I always had a ‘sitting’ aka westerner toilet and there was always toilet paper soo… everything’s good! The only thing I found weird and kinda gross is that they have those buckets you gotta throw your used toilet paper in??? Haven’t informed myself about this yet but honestly I just couldn’t do it….. need to know why they do that.. (edit:  “ Many Korean plumbing systems are also very old, so they’re a bit weak and temperamental. Because of this, in older buildings, the systems can’t handle massive amounts of matter and will clog frequently. Many establishments will have signs saying to put your toilet paper in the wastebasket.”) She’s also saying to bring toilet paper with you.. tbh just buy (baby) wipes.
  • Learn how to haggle ! I haggled a lot at dongdaemun (inside the malls), hongdae and ehwa.. and unless it’s not a sale item you’ll probably get a discount if you ask (sometimes just 2k won if you pay in cash sometimes more if you’re good or just lucky!), maybe do some aegyo (I’m talking to the girls here haha), if you can, talk in Korean! I just know very little Korean but basic stuff like “It’s pretty but I don’t know, it’s expensive, etc.” was VERY helpful. But well, don’t worry sometimes English is enough too (: Ah! Idk about other cosmetic stores but etude house has a discount app (you can ask someone there to help you register) but you won’t get any samples (ask anyway maybe you’ll get one haha)  
  • I recommend getting the citypass plus card at incheon airport/when you arrive (don’t forget to take a metro map with you). 
  • I think this is universal but don’t buy drinks in clubs! Very expensive! Same goes for booking a (vip) table but you’d need to know Korean for that anyway. 
  • Finding the right place to eat at can be quite confusing (and sometimes also quite expensive) if you don’t have any Korean friends who’ll help you out, especially in the evening.. Always take a look at the menu outside (if they have one outside^^) here’s a little guide, I don’t really have any tips since I had friends who most of the times ordered for me and knew the best places. (idk why I wrote this point lmao I’m just saying)
  • Get a currency exchange app!!! Don’t exchange too much money at the airport. I exchanged money at the bank in Seoul once but they took around 10k won and the second time I went to an exchange shop(?) (Hongdae and Myeongdeong have a lot) and their fee was around 3k? idk but it was much less.. anyways always ask for the fee beforehand and use the app!
  • Don’t forget about the Tax refund.
  • ((For ma ladies: remember, you don’t have to talk to every Korean guy who comes up to you! js))
  • let your host/hotel staff write down the street name and number for you in case you wanna use a taxi to get back (remember some drivers don’t know any English!) and if you wanna know how much a taxi ride approx costs just ask the driver before getting in (basic Korean would be helpful in this situation). You can pay with your citypass/T-money card if u wanna. (edit: don’t take the black taxis, they cost more)
  • Check the dates for markets at e.g hongdae, very interesting, get a painted portrait they’re beautiful and you’re helping out a student ((:
  • If you’re outside and need help and you can’t find someone who speaks English (imo usually they do know at least a bit though) try to say excuse me in Korean and do use e.g google translate for single words or even google images if you’re searching for e.g a pharmacy.
  • Bring medicine with you, for headaches and diarrhea mostly. I ate Yukhoe/육회/raw beef meat for the first time there and my stomach didn’t like it at all haha.
  • You’ll have free wifi basically everywhere but still not always so if you want fast wifi all the time I recommend getting a pocket wifi egg/device/whatever it’s called. Oh! Also what I didn’t know before is that you can recharge your phone at cafes/restaurants! Sometimes they’ll have charging cables but just bring your own anyway. Simply go to the counter with your phone and ask them to charge it.

Ok that’s pretty much all I can think of right now (will add points either from you guys or when I remember more) and I’m sorry if most of it isn’t helpful but I’m just sharing my thoughts if you don’t mind ^^’

Additional tips:

  • from @redeemtheyears: Express terminal in seoul has the cheapest clothes! and it is HUGE, i couldn’t even finish it in day! The best Ginseng chicken soup was from Toksochon (토속촌) Ginseng Chicken Soup 5, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 서울 종로구 자하문로5길 5 (체부동) and the best fried chicken is at KyoChon near Gangnam, 1309-8 Seocho-dong (8 Gangnam-daero 69-gil) There are lots of cafes at Samcheong-dong that sells good food, desserts, snacks. And for Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake), try those at Sindangdong Tteokbokki Town (신당동떡볶이골목) My favourite barbecue pork place is Palsaek Samgyeopsal (팔색삼겹살), it is 8 different flavours of pork and the staff will help you with it
  • @hamahannah said: Hello! The only other things I could think of was to try and download the subway app! That helped me a lot when I was in Korea! They have it in English and you can download it for Apple and Android phones! Another trip is to try and pre-purchase an external battery for your phone! My phone dies really quickly and it is really handy to have an extra battery with you that way you don’t have to worry about finding a plug! :’D (You can find them on Amazon or in Korea for around $20 or less!

ahahahaha gagogh hahahahahahah nagpaload talaga ako sa pocket wifi para malabas ko lahat ng hinaing ko dito sa blog ko. wew

so ayun no. grabe pala ano po? maski sobrang minahal mo na ang isang tao, yung tipong ginawa mo na siyang parte ng buhay mo, mundo mo, binigay mo ha lahat lahat, ahahahahahaha sasaktan ka pa din or magsasawa sayo or what just because “sobra mo akong mahal eh” hahahahahahaha putangina hahahahahahaha wala na daw kasing thrill hahahaha kasi dato daw siya naghahabol sakin tapos ngayon ako na daw ang clingy sa kanya hahahaha tangina mo hahahahaha di ko na alam sasabihin ko hahahahaha sabi niya balik daw ako sa dati hahaha ang alat naman nun par. hahahahaha baka gusto mo the next thing you know wala na akong pakialam sayo??? na kahit ikaw maghabol, wapakels nako sayo hahahaha grabe sobrang kcinonsume ko almost how many months ko sa pagttiyaga at pagpapasensya ko sa ugali mo only to hear those words hahahahaha bullshit mehn hahaha sorry ah. kasama ka na kasi sa everyday routine ko, pati sa mga plano ko sa buhay. tapos ako pala wala lang sayo hahahaha “past time” lang ako diba??? dinaig ko pa convenience store sa pagiging convenient mong gamitin at kausapin ako hahahahahaha yoqo na bahala ka sa buhay mo ulowl hahahahahahahahahahaha

Things I've learned while traveling around Tokyo

(I’m from ‘Murica so just about everything in Tokyo is different from what I’ve been used to for my whole life) So if you’re in my same boat and looking to travel to the motherland of anime soon, take heed to what I’ve learned and don’t make my same mistakes !!

1. Don’t bring cash!! Funny enough, you would think that traveling with cash is smarter but it’s actually easier to load money into your checking account before you leave, so when you come across an ATM that accepts international cards, you can withdraw there! Money exchanges are harder to find (atleast they were for me).

2. Invest in a portable charger. All of your electronics will die mid-day, especially if you’re uploading pics to snapchat and insta a lot. It’s really hard to find places to charge your phone, especially since Japan is very conservative about power so if you try to charge in a public place, someone will say something to you.

3. Turn on international data or get a pocket wifi from the airport. My Airbnb in Tokyo had portable wifi that I used, by the one I’m staying at in Kyoto doesn’t. I would have rented from the airport but I’ll be traveling out of the country and coming back.

4. BRING A COIN PURSE. trust me on this one. Japan has 100¥ and 500¥ coins (about $1 and $5 respectively). You WILL be carrying around a ton of change on you 24/7

5. TRAIN. STATIONS. ARE. HUGE. Like fucking out of this world man. You think Grand central station is big ?? Psh. So ALWAY REMEMBER WHAT EXIT YOU HAVE TO USE!!

6. You could spend the whole day underground in a train station. So many shops in a lot of the major stations (Note: I mostly stayed in the city center of Tokyo so my experience is limited to that area.)

7. If you’ve never navigated subway systems, good fucking luck. I’m used to NYC and DC subway systems so I could figure out the Tokyo subway systems quickly but it’s even harder considering there are like 3 different companies with rail systems.

8. There are just about no trash cans. Yep. This is not an exaggeration.

9. Lots. Of. Bikes. Everywhere. And they ride on the left side of the sidewalk. This is more confusing than it sounds.

10. On that note, you walk on the left side here. I am still not used to this

11. Everyone here dresses conservatively!!! I didn’t notice until my friend pointed out, but my wardrobe consists of crop tops, short shorts, and sleeveless tops and dressed. Turns out everyone covers their shoulders and many people wear sheer stockings with their clothing.

12. If you decide to go to Harajuku, you better look the fucking cutest you have ever looked in your live. Otherwise you will stand out like a sore thumb.

13. Be very diligent about sorting your trash correctly.

14. Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few Japanese phrases before you come or even teach yourself hiragana & katakana. I regret not doing that.

That’s all I can think of now…ill post again about Kyoto !

What’s in my Bag Tag

I’ve always wanted to make a post like this since the first time I saw someone did it. I never got the time and now someone tagged me. That would be JM. Thank you so much JM for tagging me. :)

The Story:

The bag is my all time favorite bag ever since I got it. It was just from a thrift shop and I didn’t expect I was going to buy it. All for sure is that the first time I saw it, I really wanted to buy it. But due to my kuripot attitude, I had second thoughts. I had the money but I’m gonna lose it all if I was going to buy it. It was pricey for a bag. But it was pretty so yeah. I just left it there and roamed around. Then, I told Meric about it, and he said it was cute but pricey. But I really wanted it, I kept whining about how I love it. And then yeah, of course I bought it. Even if it led me to being broke. I was so happy to buy it because I’ve been looking for that kind of bag since my online shop days. I was a really happy kiddo back there. Til’ now actually because I almost missed a chance. Woohooo!

So what’s on my bag:

ID. I’m legal now, ID is very important in so many levels. That’s the only ID I got.

Pens and Journal.They do go with each other. I don’t really like not having something to write on so I always bring my mini journal.

Comb and Lip Balm. Simple beauty essentials. Ha. I need them to atleast look like a person. Though I don’t use them much. 

Earpods. My savior when I’m alone.

Wallet. All the butterflies would be free as soon as I open this.

Phone, Ipod and Pocket Wifi. Gadgets I couldn’t really leave especially when I’m out somewhere.

Thanks for reading. If you wanna make one of this, you should try too! :)

“All these kids singing my own words back at me.”

Pocket WiFi

This afternoon, I bought a Sun Broadband Pocket Wifi at Megamall since our router malfunctioned and it’s hard for me and my sister to argue on who would use the desktop first in the absence of the wifi connection inside our house. Plus, I’m feeling a bit techy nowadays.

Well, after a lot of thinking, choosing and deciding now I came up with this.

Supposedly, I would only buy a Broadband prepaid kit but because of the hypnotic language the sales officer did to me, I bought this instead and even subscribed on a cheap plan. I don’t know how I got into this. I don’t even have my own job but I managed to have myself subscribed into a plan and now I don’t know where on Earth I would find the means to pay it.

On another hand, although it’s a bit pricey, I find it useful since as of this very moment, accessing the net is just on the go. Just pushing the button on the left and boom, I created myself a WiFi hotspot.

Currently I still can’t have a review on this device since I only got this less than a day but if anything bad or good would happen, I’d willingly post it on my blog so that if anyone of you would be interested, I’m here to help.

On the meantime, I’ll let myself enjoy this fast internet I’m having. I just wish that consistency do exist on this product. Bye.