pocket time


Do Not Take A Picture of Your Ballot

It is illegal. Your vote will be thrown out and not counted.

DO NOT post it on Facebook, or Twitter, or Snapchat or Instagram or Tumblr or ANYTHING. Don’t share it with your friends. The likes and notes are not worth it. Just keep your phones in your damn pockets the entire time you’re voting.Take a cute selfie with the “I Voted” sticker afterwards instead.

Please don’t let me read headlines going something like “Millennials fucked up the election by posting pictures of their ballots” because it will be fucking insufferable. And also Trump will probably win and we’ll all be fucked.




Pocket Mortys is devouring me, I need help. 

These are few of my favorite mort morts I have! Psychokinetic Morty freaked me out at first but now he’s my ultimate fave son. 

Also, I really wanted to put that collar on my Morty. Damn it. (keep morty away from me) 

For an entire year, Yuri has been completely unaware that his idol, now coach, the man he’s crushed on since childhood and fallen in love with as an adult, has had at least a dozen pictures of him poll dancing in only his underwear while covered in champagne. Just chilling in his pocket. At all times.

What do you wanna bet Viktor’s taken a look at them more than once because he CERTAINLY didn’t delete them.

I’m sorry I just can’t stop drawing Graves with Newt’s creatures, I feel that if you date Newt you are also dating his creatures with the Niffler taking up 90% of the time, because I can’t stop reading fanfics of the Niffler being obsessed with Graves’ pocket watch XD And poor Dougal playing babysitter and Graves using his wandless magic to complete his paperwork because I would too. Or maybe MACUSA has a filing system where completed paperwork automatically folds itself up into origamis instead of on command hence papers everywhere. Still a Gramander, because Newt = his creatures like you can’t encounter Newt without bumping into Pickett/Dougal/Niffler/random occamy etc. And Graves has hexed his watch to fly back to his pocket every time it leaves his vest just to save time chasing down the Niffler.


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