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REQUEST: Everyone forgets Bucky’s birthday and he (internally) is really bummed about it. But actually the reader has thrown him a surprise party (with the help of Tony Stark’s wallet) and everyone attends and it ends with an unhealthy load of fluff.

this is super late and not as great as my original one. I hope you guys still like it!

“Okay, everyone knows the plan! I need everyone back here for seven for the surprise party.” You smiled at your group of friends that were all gathered in front of you. Natasha, Tony, Thor, Wanda, Sam, Clint, Bruce and Steve were all more than happy to help you with your boyfriend’s birthday party.

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The Wager

@captain-biryani asked for Logyn x 10 Things I Hate About You. Sorry it’s late, and I hope it’s okay. xoxox

Character descriptions inspired by @nanihoosartblog Logyn High School AU posts.

Loki sat in the living room, a sharp contrast to the cheerful décor in his signature black, trying not to sigh with boredom whilst Odin ripped into a hungover Thor yet again.

“I’ve had had it up to here with your immaturity and your recklessness!” the old man shouted whilst his wife lingered in the background, ready to step in if things went too far. “Do you have any idea how many favours I had to call in just so that the police wouldn’t press charges?! Do you honestly think you will get into any decent college with that sort of drunken buffoonery on your record?!”

“I’m sorry, father. I wasn’t thinking-”

“Exactly!” Odin roared. “You weren’t thinking! You never think things through. You only care about having ‘fun’ in the moment, consequences be damned. Well, I have had enough! You are grounded until you graduate!!”

“Odin…” Frigga chided quietly before Thor had a chance to object.

“Fine,” Odin grumbled. “A month, then. And after that you will have a strict curfew. Home by eight every evening. No excuses.”

“Father! You can’t be serious!” Thor whined, failing to know when to keep his mouth shut.

“Deadly serious,” Odin shot back. “You will be home by eight. You will eat dinner, you will do your homework, and you will go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

“And have no social life! If you wanted me to become like Loki so badly why didn’t you just say so?” Thor grumbled petulantly, sparing a glare at his brother sitting quietly at the other end of the couch.

Frigga whispered in Odin’s ear and Odin smirked.

“Very well,” Odin murmured before turning back to address his son. “Your mother has thought of reasonable compromise.” Thor perked up, shifting to the edge of his seat. “You can go to parties on the weekend… when your brother does.”

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I struggled with the plot for this one but hopefully this one was alright. I didn’t quite know how to make a good scenario in which Loki could be jealous but hopefully it was subtle enough that I covered it over with some angst. Plus FRIGGA BEING A LOVELY MUM WHO JUST KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE THING EVER. For floating-balloon, I hope it was what you were looking for. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Something with Loki maybe I’m ok so Thor and u r really close friends and at first Loki doesn’t care but he sees how close u and Thor can get and like playful flirting and he jets jealous idk if ya want

“My Best Friend’s Brother”

“Higher, Thor. Higher!” You cried. The God’s hands were on your waist and he had lifted you with ease into the air but still your fingertips were just a bit shy of the black pear.
“If I lift you any higher, you shall fall.” He laughed from underneath you.
“Loki! Come and help us.” You called out to the Trickster God who was sitting at the base of the tree with a book in his hand. Rolling his eyes, he looked up and sighed.

“I shall not be partaking in such foolish activities.” He muttered. Thor nudged him with this foot whilst still trying to hold you in the air.
“Come now brother, do not deny us your services.”
“I find it curious that you still insist upon my assistance despite my most blatant refusal.” Loki slammed his book shut to make a statement before standing and walking off. He had been reading so peacefully until Thor and his friend had arrived. The two had known each other for countless years and always seemed to be in each other’s company – he only wished that they could do so without disturbing. On their own, they were tolerable, the woman more so, but together they were a barrage of laughter and playfulness that Loki just couldn’t stand.

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“Okay I borrow Tony Stark’s shrink ray and then put Tiny Phil Coulson in my pocket for safe keeping” 

That’s how four of the avengers meet Darcy. The teams walks into the common room late after rescuing the city again to a drunk Astrophysicist and her equally drunk assistant. Clint instantly knows the voice and smiles. Thor also grins. The rest of the team shoot each other looks.

“How do you know Tony Stark has a shrink ray?” Jane counters still upright and contemplating her drink. 

“Are you kidding? Of course he does!” Darcy scoffs. “and He might get lonely so I’ll shrink Clint to keep him company. and Black Widow to keep them safe!”

Clint almost can’t keep his laughter back at Natasha’s face. Tony and Bruce also look amused. Steve looks confused but is watching them with interest. Thor has moved to Jane’s sight and the tiny scientist smiles and makes grabby hands at him. 

“And then I’ll shrink her one of Tony Stark’s zoom zoomers so she can keep going on missions. and people will be like Darcy why do you carry a hot wheel around and I’ll look at Tiny Black Widow and we’ll both laugh!” Darcy laughs now at the idea. 

“I thought she was in your pocket?” Thor chuckles from his new seat under Jane. 

“Hey Thor, and no! She’d like my shoulders better I think. Like my own good and bad angle.” This makes Bruce snort loudly. “Plus if she was in my pocket she’d see Phil and Clint kissing.” She whispers and proceeds to laugh even harder. Clint’s eyebrows merge with his hairline. Oh. Darcy had never been subtle about her crush on Clint but this was a new train of thought was far as he was aware. 

“We kiss?” Clint asks drawing Darcy’s attention to the rest of the team hovering in the door. Darcy’s eyes focus on Clint and despite not having move she looks dizzy for a moment. 

“You should.” She shrugs. “Yo!!!! You!” She pointed suddenly at Tony. He paused pointing at himself in question. “Yea you beardy. I need your Shrink Ray!” 

“At your service Short stack!!” 

“Told you Janey!! What kinda science magician doesn’t have a Shrink Ray?”

Au where the avengers are a group of professional hustlers and they each use their specific skills to pull off cons. Thor speaks so many languages that he’s the best at playing the lost tourist card, and people take pity on him because he’s so gentle and charming. Those people who take pity on him did themselves half an hours yet missing their wallets. Steve is also really good at playing the confused and puppy eyed student, who just moved to the city, but his artist fingers are quick and he’s the best pick pocketer they have. Thor and Steve often double up for extra effectiveness. Clint hustles pool, darts, games of hand eye coordination-he’s better than anyone else even when he’s drunk, which leads to people taking him on thinking it’ll be an easy win. He hasn’t lost yet. Tony plays the betting man-mostly poker and other card games. He’s good at card counting but his charming and flirty exterior often distract anyone at his table from seeing what he’s actually doing. He’s also better than most whilst drunk, making people more likely to challenge him and lose. Natasha uses her incredible looks and manipulative skills to relieve men of their wallets, watches, credit cards-basically everything. She’s also the master of extraction plans-she knows where every team member will be when they need to get out. Wanda and Pietro run a double magic act-Wanda can do some phenomenal illusions, and Pietro’s sleight of hand is beyond any others. The audience is so distracted they don’t realise that whilst one twin is performing, the other is roaming the crowd, and most of the audience leave each show minus their personal belongings. The Vision is a genius hacker-he can get into and out of any bank account without anyone noticing, often months go by before someone realises and by that time he’s long gone. Bruce runs the operation-he used to be “in the field” but anger issues started to give him away and get him noticed. Now he plans out jobs and finds targets for the team.

Ultron is the name of the police taskforce charged with rising them and taking them down. They’ve never even come close.



AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine kid!Loki meeting his newborn baby sister for the first time.


NOTES/WARNINGS: This one was too cute not to write. No warnings.


Loki was six and Thor was almost eight. At least in terms of mental-age. Asgardian aging was vastly slower than Midgardians’. They were wrestling on the floor, growling at each other, pretending to be wild animals. Even from such a tender age it was easy to see who was stronger. Loki was very slender and slim while Thor was stockier and bulkier and he easily kept his little brother pinned to the floor. “Thor! Gerroff!” Loki grumbled, face pressed into the carpet.

The blond brother laughed and got up.

Loki pounced to his feet and jumped on Thor’s back with a, “Hi-yah!” and he yanked him to the ground, rolling to get Thor under him.

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anonymous asked:

ok but how do the rest of the avengers first react to lovelace? and did tony take her up into the penthouse or kitchen or something, or did they just stumble on her when they visited tony in the workshop?

Title: A Wing And A Prayer, Part 1A
Notes: Lovelace masterpost here. I wasn’t sure I could write ALL the Avengers meeting Lovelace so I just did the two I thought were funniest. 


When Tony brought Lovelace home, the morning after the accident, she was still a little loopy from the anaesthesia, and honestly, he wasn’t feeling all that sane himself. Dr. Nathalia had given him a huge cage that barely fit in the passenger’s seat of the car, and as he carried it into the elevator to the workshop, he swore JARVIS to the strictest secrecy. 

“I don’t want everyone and their brother coming to rubberneck at her,” Tony said.

“How very unlike you, sir,” JARVIS teased gently.

“Well, we’ll do a big splashy debut when I’ve built her a new wing. Which reminds me.” Tony held a hand-drawn sketch, done in ballpoint pen on the back of an AUDUBON SOCIETY brochure, in front of the nearest camera. He’d drawn it around two in the morning, sitting vigil over Lovelace as she recovered from surgery and still aghast at the idea of the poor creature having its flight robbed from it by something as prosaic as a mack truck. “Scan and render for me, would you?”

“Shall I start a new project file?” JARVIS asked.

“Yep. Begin sourcing lightweight materials, too.”

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anonymous asked:

Imagine aromantic Tony walking both Steve and Bucky through the different orientations and genders because he remembers not understanding his own orientation and being confused about himself and doesn't want them going through that.

It’s awkward, at first.

Tony doesn’t know how to approach the subject- should he just walk up to them and explain? Should he come out and wait for questions? Should he wait and see if something happens?

Eventually, he doesn’t even have to make the choice. It’s about six months since Bucky’s been in the tower, and they’re having dinner in one of the common rooms. It’s one of the rare times that almost everyone is there- Tony is lounging across the couch, feet in Thor’s lap. Pepper is sitting on the edge of the chair, where Clint, Darcy, and Jane are all squished and half on-top of each other. Steve is leaning against the couch, Bucky’s head in his lap as he plays with his hair. Bruce is in the other armchair, Betty and Sam leaning on the other side. The last couch is filled with the younger agents- Skye, Simmons, Trip, and Fitz have crammed themselves into the space while May, Bobbi, Mack, and Coulson have seated themselves against various other pieces of furniture (or people). Even Maria and Nick have joined them, the former filling up the last chair as the latter sits next to Steve. They’re just getting around to choosing a movie when the door storms open, and there stands Natasha, eyes as fiery as her hair.

“Tash? Hey, what’s wrong?” Clint pushes himself away from the girls and approaches her. It’s rare that she’s this angry, even after a very long debriefing, and she’s breathing heavily.

“Fucking guys in this town. I hate being catcalled.” She’s glaring at nearly everyone, and Bobbi sighs quietly. “My body is not their property, and anyway, I’m asexual. I hate dealing with them.” She cracks her knuckles, and the entire room pretends not to notice the blood on her fingernails.

“Oh, relax, Phil. It was a few punches, nothing that bad.” She sighs, and collapses next to Tony. He absent-mindedly puts a hand in her hair, running his fingers through the red tresses easily.

“Um…” Bucky’s quiet murmur makes everyone’s chatter stop. “What’s asexual?” Natasha smiles at him gently.

“It means I don’t experience sexual attraction.” He nods.

“Are there other identities? Like, I know about gay and bi, but… um, are there any others?”

Tony decides that this is his chance. “Yeah, Barnes. There’s loads- gender identities, romantic and sexual orientations. I’m aromantic, which is kind of like asexual, except with romance- I don’t experience romantic attraction.” Bucky nods. “If you want, I could help- um, I could explain them sometime.”

Bucky nods again. “That would be really cool, Tony. Thanks.”

Steve looks up at Tony. “Could- um, would it be cool if I came too?” The shyness in Captain America’s voice makes Tony smile.

“Yeah, of course. Everyone’s welcome.”

A few weeks later, and Tony walks into his living room to find a small group of agents huddled around his coffee table. Steve and Bucky are there, which he expected, but Skye, Simmons, and Fitz are also sitting around the table, looking at each other nervously.

“Okay, so, the first thing to understand is that there are differences between romantic and sexual orientation, and also in gender identity.” Tony begins, and all eyes turn to him. He takes about ten minutes to explain each identity, and then looks at the group.

“And… yeah. That’s that. Uh… this might sound weird, but if you guys ever want to try and talk through this with me… I’d be cool with that. I’m sure Nat would too, as well as most of our little team.”

Eventually, after lots of talks and words and discussions, they decide to go to a pride parade.

Tony wears a small aromantic pin on his suit and walks arm-in-arm with Steve, who has a “STARS AND STRIPES” shirt on in the bi-pride colors, as well as an asexual pride patch on his jeans. Bucky sports a non-binary flag stuck through zyr hair, courtesy of Sam, who tucks a pansexual flag behind his ear. Skye and Simmons walk hand-in-hand, Skye with demi-ace and bisexual tattoos under her eyes, and Simmons wearing a “PAN PRIDE” t-shirt, their agender pride sticker on the side. Fitz has a bisexual flag in his front pocket and laughs when Trip tries to switch it with his transgender one. May walks behind them, linking arms with Natasha and Bobbi, all with ace and pan flags. Coulson and Nick walk together with their rainbow flags, while Maria takes loads of pictures and eventually ends up joining the Nat-Bobbi-May train, xyr genderfluid flag tucked into a pocket. Thor goes all out and dyes his hair blue, yellow, and pink, and Jane laughs as she sports the same-colored shirt. Darcy and Pepper stay near the back, Darcy’s aro and ace flags displayed proudly on her chest, Pepper’s on a lapel pin. Clint wears his Hawkeye costume (“it’s purple and gray and black, so it counts!”) and Mack rolls his eyes while tucking a pamphlet about trans girls into a pocket; at the next parade, she wears a dress for the first time in public. Bruce and Betty each have a rainbow pin on their lapel, but they link arms and cheer and try to find other people in queer-platonic relationships.

Everyone takes a million photos, and they get hundreds of letters from queer kids across the world, saying how much their presence helped them realize they weren’t broken.

Tony definitely doesn’t cry when he opens one from an aromantic girl in NYC, and if Pepper says he does, she’s lying.