pocket thor

Au where the avengers are a group of professional hustlers and they each use their specific skills to pull off cons. Thor speaks so many languages that he’s the best at playing the lost tourist card, and people take pity on him because he’s so gentle and charming. Those people who take pity on him did themselves half an hours yet missing their wallets. Steve is also really good at playing the confused and puppy eyed student, who just moved to the city, but his artist fingers are quick and he’s the best pick pocketer they have. Thor and Steve often double up for extra effectiveness. Clint hustles pool, darts, games of hand eye coordination-he’s better than anyone else even when he’s drunk, which leads to people taking him on thinking it’ll be an easy win. He hasn’t lost yet. Tony plays the betting man-mostly poker and other card games. He’s good at card counting but his charming and flirty exterior often distract anyone at his table from seeing what he’s actually doing. He’s also better than most whilst drunk, making people more likely to challenge him and lose. Natasha uses her incredible looks and manipulative skills to relieve men of their wallets, watches, credit cards-basically everything. She’s also the master of extraction plans-she knows where every team member will be when they need to get out. Wanda and Pietro run a double magic act-Wanda can do some phenomenal illusions, and Pietro’s sleight of hand is beyond any others. The audience is so distracted they don’t realise that whilst one twin is performing, the other is roaming the crowd, and most of the audience leave each show minus their personal belongings. The Vision is a genius hacker-he can get into and out of any bank account without anyone noticing, often months go by before someone realises and by that time he’s long gone. Bruce runs the operation-he used to be “in the field” but anger issues started to give him away and get him noticed. Now he plans out jobs and finds targets for the team.

Ultron is the name of the police taskforce charged with rising them and taking them down. They’ve never even come close.

Two dead men walk into a wedding...

Loki sighed, fixing his brothers tie again, slapping the mans hands away before he could mess it up. He stole the flask from Thors pocket before sending him out to start celebrating with his and Janes friends. Loki twisted the top from the flask, downing some of the thousand year old scotch.

He smoothed out his suit again. Being reborn again had some perks to it. He looked barely old enough to drink like this. Hair flame red for the occasion. He fixed his green bow tie again before heading out to the party, avoiding the black widow and her bird friend before finding the singles table. There was two chairs. Damn Thor and his stupid mortal, Loki cursed to himself. Taking the seat with his name written in Runes.