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Yes, I’m still in orrery mode - a little one set in a pocket watch case.  The planets are solid metal - gold, silver and copper tones.  It was made to be a desk ornament but could be very carefully used as a fob or pendant.  It doesn’t move - no orbit or rotation - just an assemblage piece made to look like it might move.  

Available in my https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/steelhipdesign 

Work not Play ---Gameboy Accessories for getting things done.

Recently the Angry Video Games Nerd Just released his latest episode on the accessories for the Gameboy. 


At the end of the episode, he briefly mentioned four accessories made not for gaming, but for turning your Gameboy into a practical tool for getting things done. Intrigued, I investigated more.

The Workboy

Introduced by Fabtek in 1992, the Workby was a plug-in keyboard that essentially transformed a Gameboy into a practical laptop computer or PDA. Included with the Workboy was a word processor, calendar, scheduler, bank account tracker, and address book. It retailed for around $80.

The Gameboy Pocket Sonar

Introduced by Bandai in 1998, the Gameboy Pocket Sonar was device marketed to fisherman. It consisted of a jack which was inserted into the cartridge slot, and a sonar device which was placed into the water. It could detect fish or other objects to depths as far as 20 meters (65 feet). 

In case the fisherman wasn’t getting any bites, a fishing game was also availabe on the system. The Pocket Sonar was only available in Japan, and retailed for 14,500 Yen.

The Singer IZEK

Singer has been manufacturing sewing machines since 1851, however in the year 2000 they merged technology with Gameboy to created the Singer IZEK. The IZEK was a sewing machine which plugged into the Gameboy. With the Gameboy, a person could chose dozens of different patterns or created custom patterns.  Once a pattern was chosen, the machine would then automatically sew the pattern. Below is a video of the IZEK in action.

The Gameboy Pedisedate

Invented by Geoffrey A. Hart, the Pedisedate is a device which connects to the Gameboy in order to sedate children for surgery or dental work. A headset and nosepiece is placed on the child, and as the child plays a game sedative is administered. Currently the system is being adapted for the iPhone and Playstation portable.


Pocket watch Orrery - a miniature model of our solar system (with all 8 planets) set in a pocket watch case with a clear base.  It doesn’t actually do anything and doesn’t move.  I’ve just used the gears to imply movement.

It’s available in my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/steelhipdesign

Home ; Part 2

A/N : and so the continuation heheh :))) also ive been rlly busy for preparations for an event at my sch so im rlly sorry for any delays in requests!! i hope yall cld bare with me for a while :“) enjoy!

Part 1, Part 2

"Babe you wanna- no shit i hate you torchlight go die,” the torchlight Sicheng had been using died off just as he was about to ask you if you wanted a break. He frowned as searched through that gigantic duffle bag he never allowed you to help carry for batteries as you pulled him to the side and fed him a few raisins to eat.

The pair of you have been walking through the drainage system for about five hours now and you werent gonna lie – you did feel tired from all the walking – but you didn’t want to risk the both of you getting spotted trying to escape the city through the drainage system. The pocket watch on the top of Sicheng’s duffle bag said 10pm. You squatted down, deep in thought, while waiting for Sicheng to get the torch working again. You could only think about how everything was fine in that little constricted city – how everyone was happy, how everything was peaceful, and how you still had your family – before all this chaos happened.

This little city of yours which you called home had always been a peaceful one. No disputes between the people and the leaders; everyone abided by the rules and was happy to do so. Wanting to protect their citizens from misleading thoughts and people from the corrupt world outside, the city’s leaders build barriers around the city and conducted a tight security system and was cautious when people came to visit the city. Even so, everyone was very accepting, understandable and very generous. No one was poor – help in any form was always prepared in advance, even economically.

You smiled recalling these memories of how your neighbourhood had always been. You remembered frolicking happily in the vast fields meant for public use – picnics, celebrations, gathering parties held every month. Oh, such pleasurable moments you longed to see again. The sound of a click and sudden brightness snapped you out of your thoughts; Sicheng had finally gotten the torch to work. “Hey, you deep in thought again?” he settled down beside you and pulled your head onto his lap and stroked your hair. You nodded as a reply smiling a little. “You remember how we got together?” he asked looking at you lovingly, “Gosh, i wish that place where i confessed wasn’t destroyed though; i wanted to bring you there on our next anniversary.” You felt something wet drop onto your cheek and sat up only to see Sicheng wiping away his own tears this time. “We should get moving now okay? The quicker we get out of here the quicker we can find our happiness,” you tried to comforte Sicheng with your words only to hesitate at saying ‘happiness’. He seemed to notice that and lifted your chin to kiss your forehead. “Lets go,” he whispered, getting a hold of your hand and continued walking.


Sicheng yawned and glanced over at the pocket watch; 3.25 am. Just a little more, he told himself, a little more and we can rest before tackling another 5 kilometres. You streched your arms while you walked on. Everything seemed normal under the tunnel except for the fact that Sicheng has been fidgeting and flipping his hair constantly; a habit of his when he felt that something was amiss. Sure enough something shone through one one of the connectors. “I swear if i find people here,” that someone spoke with a low voice as the sound of ammo being loaded into a pistol was heard. Both of your eyes widened. Instinctively, your hands reached for the pistol you attached to the belt of your jeans. Sicheng already had his pistol out, duffle bag out of the way. They had better not find out that people were escaping through the tunnels. Or it’s goodbye to the surface of the earth.

End of Part 2

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Send me a symbol and I will tell you…
🎄 = my opinion on AUs


like overwatch agent AU Stash opens up the possibility to learn more about the Pocket System!!!!!! The fourth dimension!!!!!! cmon!!!!!
the disarmed AU gives you a chance to meet the people who helped make Stash the way he is!!!!! you meet Tobias and Brendon and Theresa and Sharron!!!!! cmon!!!!!!!
I PUT LOVE AND WORK INTO MY AUS AND SOMETIMES I GET SAD BC i feel like its wasted work bc nobody caaaaaares and answers those opens or starter calls

but i also tend to make AUs for multiverse/crossover verses sometimes, especially if i like u or wanna keep track of that rp in particular… bc im gay 4 u and i have BIG PLANS

Cloth Diapering Vocabulary/Lingo:

Microfiber - A synthetic material commonly used to make cloth diaper inserts. It soaks up liquids quicker than natural fiber inserts, but is not the most absorbant. Reliable all the same. Microfiber cannot touch baby’s skin.

Microsuede/Microfleece - The inner lining of most pocket diapers and the soakers attached in All-In-Ones. Microsuede/Microfleece wicks moisture away from baby to prevent rashes and is okay to be against baby’s skin.

Inserts - Insert is a loose term referring to the absorbent mechanism in a cloth diaper. For pocket diapers, the most common inserts are made from microfiber. Inserts can also be made from organic cotton/hemp fleece, bamboo velour, charcoal bamboo, or any blend of the said fibers. Natural fiber (blend) inserts are more absorbent than microfiber, but don’t absorb liquids as fast.

PUL - An abbreviation for polyurethane laminate, PUL is the outer waterproof cover of most cloth diapers. (A lot of WAHM brand diapers are made with a cotton outer layer and a hidden layer of waterproof PUL.)

All-In-One (AIO) - The easiest cloth diapering device, just grab and go! AIOs are made with sewn in inserts/soakers. Most AIOs are made of synthetic innards (microfiber soakers lined with microsuede against baby’s skin), but there are natural fiber AIO options out there.

All-In-Two (AI2) - Also known as hybrid diapers, AI2s are very similar to AIOs. Unlike AIOs, not only do they have snap in inserts (often made of natural fibers), they also have disposable insert options. The removable insert option allows you to reuse the outer cover more than once, unless the diaper has been pooped, then you have to replace the entire system.

Pocket Diapers - Often referred to as just pockets, pocket diapers are also very easy to use and loved by cloth diapering parents. Pocket diapers are lined with microsuede/microfleece and have an opening in the back to put the insert in. Most pockets come with microfiber inserts, but you can put anything from folded receiving blankets to old t-shirts in pockets as inserts if you’re in a bind.

Prefolds/Flats - Prefolds and flats (often made of organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, or a mix of said fabrics) are a square fabric made to be folded and pinned either around baby. Prefolds and flats are most like “old style” cloth diapering, and is the cheapest method of cloth diapering. Prefolds and flats can also be folded into threes to be laid flat into a waterproof cover and can be changed out several times before needing to change covers. (Unless baby poops.)

Snappis - Snappis are a modern diaper pinning device for use on prefolds and flats rather than conventional diaper pins. (People still use diapers pins, so don’t worry if you’re not coordinated enough to use Snappis!)

Aplix - Aplix refers to the velcro closure of diapers. Aplix is much easier to get a better fit with, but wears out quickly, which is a problem if you aren’t a crafty mom who can replace it or want to use your diapers for future babes.

Snaps - A reference to the button like outer closure of diapers. Snaps last longer than aplix, but can be more difficult to close with a wiggly baby. For the most part, snaps are favored by a majority of cloth diapering parents due to longevity and the fact that it’s harder for babies to undo snaps than it is aplix.

Fitted Diaper - A fitted diaper is made of natural fibers in the shape of a typical diaper. They can come with or without snaps. Fitted diapers without snaps need to be pinned. Fitted diapers are not waterproof and need a cover if you don’t want any leaks!

Hybrid Fitted - A hybrid fitted diaper is a cross between an AIO and a fitted diaper. Hybrid fitteds have a hidden layer of fleece to force moisture back into the diaper before leaking outwards. A lot of cloth diapering parents let their kids roam the house in hybric fitteds without a cover. They are very breathable, but are not completely waterproof and need a waterproof cover if you want to be 100% leak free. 

Diaper Covers - Covers are used over prefolds/flats/fitteds/hybrid fitteds to prevent leaks onto clothing/bedding/etc. There are three common types of covers: PUL, wool, and fleece. PUL covers look very similar to pocket diapers, just without the inner lining. These are the cheapest and most commonly used cover system. With PUL covers, you can put them over fitted/hybrid fitteds and snappi’d prefolds/flats or just lay a folded prefold/flat onto of the cover. Wool and fleece covers are very similar to each other. They can look like shorts, pants, or even underwear. They’re much more expensive than PUL covers and prefolds/flats must be snappi’d/pinned around the baby. The pad fold method would not work with fleece and wool covers. Care instructions for wool covers are more detailed, but wool does not have to be washed as often as PUL and fleece. (If you have the money to try it, you get a lot of bang for your buck while wool diapering.)

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If the fats you eat are the fats you wear. Then how so much people lose fat on hflc diet ?

The High Fat Low Carb diet is actually low calorie starvation via induced sickness.  Its temporary & inferior weight loss that includes dangerous muscle loss, as well, likely even from the heart muscle. 

You need to understand how it works, though.

Human Body = Needs Energy = Has 3 fuel tanks #1. Carbs #2. Fat #3. Protein

Human Body uses easiest fuel 1st = Carbs because they come with more oxygen molecules & when we use fuel we are OXIDIZING it (burning, but not really just exchanging elements) & FAT requires twice the added Oxygen.

So with HFLC your body only has #2 Fat & #3 Protein to run on because there is no #1.  so its burning fat & protein, you get skinny & sick & your metabolism gets destroyed because the only way this works is if you eat less than you burn = restriction, which is easy to do on HFLC because you are sick all the time & constipated the entire time while decomposing flesh is rotting in your digestive system & rotting pockets in your digestive system, too.   We even know vegans who try this “eco atkins” and they smell horrible, like Ammonia.   They literally think that is healthy…  

Now we have WSLF which is option #0  See before #1 you have starches which are long chain sugars that take time to digest, but keep you full and satisfied, in fact every satiety study I’ve ever read is based on STARCHES because our intestines signal our brains that we have eaten based on starchy receptors.  Don’t believe anyone that says fat & protein makes them full…  its an illusion based on addiction.  You can simply bust that myth looking at this;

So when you eat #0 (starches), your body burns #1 & #2 (sugar & fat) in a synergistic blend where you don’t mess up your metabolism, you get your nutrients & you get skinny or if you are doing strength training you get muscles :)  This is evolution, this is how we are designed.  Nothing magical about it.  Eat starches.  We are Starchivores.  Nature did not screw up, we screwed up nature.