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Day 369 - Achamo | アチャモ | Torchic

Achamo is a rambunctious little chick. When it runs, it releases flames from its nostrils and beak. It’s hard to control, but as it gets older it becomes more disciplined. Careful around dry forests!

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Day 297 - Fushigisou | フシギソウ | Ivysaur

Fushigisou’s bulb becomes a bigger red flower bud. Even though it looks light, it’s actually quite heavy. It coils its opposable vines within the flower. They prefer to live in thick jungles.

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anonymous asked:

im very okay with your answer being essay cause i mcfcukin like omnics too

I kept this ask in my inbox because I needed an excuse to talk more about omnics. And because I’m currently poking at a hole in the last pair of trousers I had that didn’t have holes, I want to talk about omnics wearing clothes.

Quite a few do it. Zenyatta has his trousers, that omnic from Sombra’s short has decided on a ridiculously hot tank top, others prefer to go without.

But there’s no real practical reason for them to wear clothes. Temperature regulation would become more of an issue with additional layers of fabric, threads might get stuck in the moveable parts.

And granted, I never had a practical reason to wear a modified gas mask decorated with pipe cleaners and did it anyway, but I’m not entirely sure omnics even go through a puberty equivalent and usually if you wear impractical stuff you combine it with the necessary things (for example, I almost always wore pants)

So what would be practical clothing for an omnic to wear?

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       ❝ … If I put my head inside the Inventory, would it disappear? Would everyone else look at me and see a headless body? ❞

Day 276 - Kimori | キモリ | Treecko

Known colloquially as the ninja of the forest, Kimori moves between shadows. Bands of them join together and thrive on stealing goods from hikers and explorers.

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Kouta always carries around his messenger bag–here’s what he usually keeps in it!

  • water bottle
  • pencil case
  • school notebooks
  • personal notebook
  • sketchbook (super secret!)
  • manga manuscripts (very super secret!!)
  • reading material
  • mini first-aid kit (various bandaids, gauze bandages and pads, cotton balls, tweezers, alcohol cleansing pads, antibiotic ointment packs, ibuprofen tablets, aspirin tablets, nasal decongestant tablets, aloe vera gel)
  • face mask for sick days
  • hand sanitizer
  • handkerchief
  • tissue packet
  • spare jacket
  • dietary supplements
  • a couple of granola/protein bars
  • hair ties
  • safety pins
  • chapstick
  • calculator
  • breath mints (sometimes gum)
  • glasses case (he doesn’t usually need to wear them but will sometimes)
  • lucky (magical girl) charm buried in the bottom–

“Beat you again, which means I win the bet.  Pay up” you smiled, tossing the xbox controller next to you and extending your hand.  Brandon groaned, handing you the $10 that he betted against you and slumped back in the couch. “Thank you” you smiled, rolling it up and putting it in your back pocket, stretching your legs on top of his lap and laying back.  “Oh shit, what time is it?” Brandon asked, jumping up and running towards his phone that was charging on the kitchen island.  “It’s about 5:30, why?” you asked, getting up and following him.  “Nothing…I gotta go get ready,” he explained, unplugging his phone and moving to the door and grabbing his sneakers.  “Ready for what?  What about our movie?” you asked, intrigued.  Brandon shook his head, “Nothing.  I’ll make it up to you later okay?” he smiled, kissing your forehead and running out the door.  You frowned, picking up the mess you two left on the coffee table, “What could Brandon be hiding?” you thought to yourself, throwing out the garbage.  You shrugged and walked to your bedroom, changing into some comfy clothes before heading to the freezer.  As usual, the freezer was always empty, never staying stocked due to you and Brandon’s late night munchies.  You sighed, closing the freezer and grabbing your keys and purse off the counter and walked out the door, locking it behind you.  As you walked down to your car, you realized that Brandon’s car was already gone, strange knowing that if he was going out somewhere, that he was never on time and took almost an hour to get ready.  You shrugged it off, hopping in to your car, starting it and began driving down the road.  You drove by countless supermarkets, food trucks and bars before you got to your favorite sushi restaurant, the one that you and Brandon go to almost every weekend.  You parked, grabbing your wallet from your purse and walked inside.  The restaurant was extremely busy so you opted for take out instead, grabbing a menu off the counter and looking through it, knowing what you were already going to order but was curious.  You went to the counter, ordering a volcano roll and a small to-go bowl of miso soup, placing the menu back down on the counter and peering into the restaurant curiously.  Your heart dropped, noticing Brandon sitting at the window, with another girl.  She was pretty, her hair in wavy brunette curls that cascaded down her tan skin, she laughed with Brandon, tossing her hair back over her shoulder and reaching for his hand, squeezing it playfully.  You turned away, hurt….but unsure why.  Was it because he ditched you for her?  Or the fact that it wasn’t you sitting across from him, flirting with him like she was.  You turned back to the waiter, a to-go bag in his hand.  You handed him the money to cover the food and ran out to your car, speeding away.  

After eating all your food, a carton of ice cream and crying to three movies, you heard a small knock on the door.  You got up, noticing the time…”Brandon it’s 10:30 at night….Go home,” you groaned through the door, not in the mood to look at him.  “(Y/n) that’s never mattered before.  Open the door” Brandon chuckled, tapping the door again.  You opened it, leaning against the door with an unamused look on your face.  “Whats wrong?” Brandon asked, moving forward to hug you.  You backed away, “I don’t know…maybe it’s the fact that I know that my best friend ditched movie night with me to go out on a date with some gorgeous, more interesting girl that wasn’t me” you confessed, regretting the last part but standing your ground.  Brandon frowned, “Listen…(Y/n),” Brandon tried to explain but was cut short by your door slamming shut.  You huffed, feeling the heat of wet tears falling down your cheeks.  “(y/n)…..Please let me explain.  Jason set me up with her…She was gorgeous, yeah I admit.  But she wasn’t you,” he mumbled through the door.  You turned the door knob and opened the door slowly, looking up at Brandon, “What do you mean?” you asked.  Brandon blushed, shoving his hands in his back pockets nervously, “For starters, she had no idea who Phil Collins was.  And when she said that she liked Brent Rivera, I pretty much walked out,” he chuckled.  You smiled, “Good for you,” you smiled, still leaning against the slightly opened door.  “And to top it all off.  I couldn’t help but think of you…It felt wrong, sitting at our usual table, eating volcano rolls, which she didn’t like may I add.  I wanted it to be you,” he sighed, moving forward once more and gently pressing his lips against yours.  You gasped, shocked that your best friend was kissing you and the fact that you were kissing him back.  You gripped him closer, pulling him through the door way and kicking the door shut behind him.  Brandon lifted you off the floor, sliding you onto the kitchen island and wrapping his arms around you.  You could feel your heart pounding against your chest as you lifted off his shirt, tossing it to the ground while Brandon did the same with your hoodie, exposing the lace bandeau you wore underneath it.  Brandon pulled away from your lips, smiling as he admired you, “You’re shaking,” he chuckled, holding your hands.  You giggled, “Sorry…I don’t know….I guess I’ve wanted this for a while,” you stuttered.  Brandon smiled, kissing you once more, “Me too” he whispered, pulling you off the counter and carrying you into the bedroom.