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Day 369 - Achamo | アチャモ | Torchic

Achamo is a rambunctious little chick. When it runs, it releases flames from its nostrils and beak. It’s hard to control, but as it gets older it becomes more disciplined. Careful around dry forests!

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day.)

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@ciacowboy ( sc. )

     she’s lounging on one of the armchairs, bare legs draped carelessly over the side. she feels like a rebel, wearing short shorts in such a fancy establishment. when solo walks past her, she stretches one of her feet out and nudges his leg to get his attention (she could have just said something, but she’s never done things the ‘normal’ way). “you look very dashing today.”

Anti-Gency starter pack

•"Gency is boring"
•"Kys if you ship Gency"
•"Unfollow if you ship Gency"
•"But Genji’s gay????“
• Forced homosexuality
•"They’re forcing Mercy to be straight”
•Against Doctor-Patient, but fine with Teacher-student
•Only cares about their ship porn
•Doesn’t understand the concept that Genji and Angela are two very different people not only in color, but backstory and personality, and had a 1 in 9 billion chance of meeting.
•Only cares about their own opinion, doesn’t listen to anyone else
•"So that anti-Gency post I made yesterday..like everyone’s attacking me because of it"
•Pharmercy is obviously superior cause it’s an interracial gay couple with two unbelievably attractive women
•But Gency is bad because it’s an interracial straight couple with a mortally wounded man

Pocket-Sized Doom

**Starter for @lord-darth-maul

There she stood in all her five-foot-two glory; fire and rage and destruction personified in the entrance hall. Lady (Lord) Eviscerus had come to the Jedi Temple to reclaim the slave she’d so carelessly allowed to be retaken by the Jedi scum.
She was human, as far as anyone could tell, and though she exuded age and wisdom, she appeared to be, at very oldest, in her mid-thirties. She laughed as the Temple seemed to put itself on high alert at her presence. As if even the strongest of Jedi could touch her, let along capture her.
“Pacifus, darling,” she called as she strode confidently through the main hall. “Mummy’s come back for you, sweetheart. All is forgiven, Mummy knows you didn’t want to abandon her. Those awful Jedi took you from me!”
As she walked, she either Force-choked those who came too close or who were in here way, or she shoved them quite forcefully out of her path. ‘How puny are these light-siders,’ she thought as she followed the Force to the delicious darkness she sensed that she assumed was her former-captive, Qui-Gon Jinn. It wasn’t until she drew nearer that she realized she was sensing another close by her intended prey.

In their quarters, Qui-Gon was absolutely freaking out. He hadn’t sensed her coming, but once Eviscerus had made herself known within the Temple he’d utterly lost it. Nothing he was trying to say made any kind of sense. He reacted violently to any kind of physical stimuli. If the Temple guards hadn’t all been rushing to protect the younglings and the Council, they likely would’ve come to subdue the master.

Day 285 - Bayleef | ベイリーフ

As a Bayleef, its plant necklace becomes long rolls of leaves, and as it gets closer to evolution, they unfurl and have a pleasant scent.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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Well, I think it’s about time that I have one of these .  Most have probably seen them by now and know what to do but ,  for those that don’t ,  here’s the idea :

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