pocket smaug

stumbled upon this cute edit while searching for elf’s ears online … the net will never be short of puns and edits of this father and son duo. I wonder if Legolas’s mother was taller or shorter than him, or else it will just be as awkward as everything else that fails to match his majestic vibes..  it must be truly majestic for him having people look up to him while he has to look down on people all the time, see, even the universe is in his royal favour..  (that reminded me the door in HCF, a door that matched his height, the door was sexy) …

kapulobo  asked:

Do you recommend any of your favorite Sherlock blogs? Also, I love your blog and your art!

This list is pretty long but YESSS.


Abitto, ACameraObscure (tho this is a blog set up as part of a storyline), Aiwa-sensei, AnotherWellKeptSecret, AntisepticBandaid, ApitnoBaka,Archiaart, AugustbirdBadwolfonBakerStreet, BakerStreetBabes, BassfAnimation, BeautifulFic, BennysLegs, BirdsFlyThroughUs, Bulecelup, Buneesi, CellarDoorPodfic, ChelloKoru, Chuuface, Cinnamagen, Corpsereviver2, CumberbatchWeb,CumberCrieff,Cypress-Tree, DeduceMySoul, Doctor-J-H-Watson, Doodleigh, DoubleNegativeMeansYes


EarlGreyTea68, Edyluewho, Elasmosaurus, Emillu, Enerjax, FFFFFFCough, FlamieKitten, FlyingRotten, ForScienceJohn, Francesksgk, FuckYeahTeenlock, GeotheBio, GhostBees, GingerCatSneeze, Gingerthon, GoAwaySherlock(also part of the storyline blog thing), H3rring, ilovemyjawn, inchells, indyfalcon, ineffableboyfriends, ireallyshouldbedrawing, iriarty, ivorylungs, 


Johnnybooboo, joolabee, jujuproblems, jupitereyed, katzensprotte, knottai, lascocks, lesmoules, lordofthejohnlock, lovelynobody00, madlori, makokitten, martinfreeman, mindpalaceofversailles, mizkatt, moonblossom, moriartea-cup, mournstash, msaether, mystradedoodles, namara-ashina, naturalshocks, navydream, netherworldvineyard, 


p-chi, pocket-smaug, poopflow, prettyarbitrary, prettyvk, professorfonz, reapersun, rednavi, rsinq, sarah-the-artiste, scienceofdestruction, seki0930, sevnilock, sh2jw, sherlock, sherlocked-development, sherlockipoo, sherlockisthebest, sherlockology, sherlockspeare, shortshenanigans, skinofstripes, songlinwrites,stitchlock, sweetlittlekitty, 


Taikova, Taryndraws, TextsfromJohnandSherlock, TheBritishTeapot, TheCumberCollective, Traumachu, Tumblebuggie, WatsonPorn, WatsonDick, WearitCounts, WhyBenedict, WinifredWeatherbee, Withoutalittlerisk, x-sherlock-holmes-x, xinspiralx, xorestesfastingx, 

This ended up really long but umm.. hope that helped? LOL. The ones bolded are people I actually talk to a lot  =B Tho everyone on the list is wonderful and make my kokoro go doki doki tbh.

Not all of these blogs are solely sherlock blogs, but has sherlock in them a lot.