pocket sized love


Imagine a pocket-sized Seokmin pushing a stuffed bear to you with pocket!svt helping him out. He then walks up to the front and starts singing your favorite song with the help of pocket!svt as he smiles up at you.
After he’s finished, pocket!vocal unit comes up and presents you a bouquet of roses as Seokmin asks:
“Will you be my valentine?”

Pocket-Sized to Perfect-Sized {1/?}

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Member: Kim Jongdae/Chen

Genre: Uhhh….That is yet to be determined 

A/N: Okay, so. I saw this EXO pocket-sized fanart on pinterest and got inspired to write this. So please enjoy this pocket-sized fic with our lovely Kim Jongdae. ((Have no clue how long this will be. Oh well))

-Part 2-


When you came home from work that day, you didn’t expect to find your apartment a complete mess.

“What in the world?”

You walked to the small kitchen, it in a mess as well, and placed your keys and purse on the counter. You heard yelling coming from down the hall that lead to your bedroom, followed by the sound of little feet running on the wooden floors.

“(Y/N)! You’re home!”

You looked to see Jongdae, or Chen as he wished to be called, running up to you. You sighed softly and gently picked him up, placing his small figure on the counter, crossing your arms with a stern look.

“Jongdae”, you said, using his real name. Chen let out a nervous laugh. You rarely called him by his actual name, and when you did, Chen knew he was in trouble.

“Uh…How was work?” Chen asked, trying to seem as innocent as possible.

“You were riding the cat again, weren’t you?” You said, already knowing the answer. Your cat, Smoothie, hopped on the counter as soon as that left your mouth, her fur all in a mess.  Chen smiled widely at you.

“We made 3 laps in 45 seconds. It’s a new record!”

“Chen, we’ve talked about this. No riding the cat! What if you got hurt?” You sighed. Chen only shrugged innocently. He smiled widely.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). But, come on. It was fun!” he chuckled. Chen watched as you rose a brow at him, giving him a look that said ‘I-still-said-no-riding-the-cat’. You saw a familiar glint in Chen’s eyes. “Chen, don’t you do it.” You watched as a cute pout graced his face.

“But, (Y/N), I said I was sorry…Won’t you forgive me?” he said. You began to feel guilty. Boy, did he have you wrapped around his finger when he did that. One pout like that, and he could get away with anything. The longer you stared at him, the more precious looking he got.

“Damnit, Chen. Okay, I forgive you” you groaned. You laughed lightly as he jumped up, a cheer leaving his lips.

“But!” You said catching his attention. “You’re going to help me clean this place up.” Chen held his hand to salute, a serious expression his face. “Aye aye, captain!”

A giggle left you as you gently picked him up and placed him on the floor.

“Will you get the things you can pick up while I change?” You asked. Chen sent you a smile and nodded before running off. You headed to your room and sighed in relief that it wasn’t a disaster like the rest of the place. You quickly changed into comfortable clothing and went to clean with Chen. After about 3 hours, you finally managed to clean the entire apartment.

You slumped on the couch with a tired sigh. You jumped slightly in surprise when Chen began to climb up your leg. Once he was on the couch, he moved to rest on your lap. You gently ruffled his hair with your finger, earning a laugh from him. You smiled as Chen hugged your finger.

“You’re my favorite giant”, he said smiling up at you. A giggle escaped you.

“Wanna have a movie marathon? You can choose” You said. Chen’s face lit up and you laughed as he quickly climbed off your lap. “Help me down, please?” he said shyly as he stood at the edge of the couch, remembering he was too small to jump down or he’ll get hurt. You nodded and set him on the ground, watching amused as he sprinted to the movie cabinet.

“Want popcorn?” You said standing. You heard a loud ‘yes’ from the movie cabinet and laughed, walking into the kitchen to get some popcorn.

Once the popcorn was finished and in a bowl, you walked in to see Chen dragging a movie case on the ground. You lightly shook your head and set the bowl on the small table in the living room and walked over to help.

“The Mummy?”

Chen nodded excitedly and you smiled. You quickly put in the first movie and got comfortable on the couch with Chen resting on your shoulder. You handed him a piece of popcorn, giggling as he struggled to hold it with his little hands. He pouted at you and you took it from him and split it in half so he could hold it better. He gave you a large smile and nibbled the popcorn.

A little longer than halfway, you noticed Chen had fallen asleep, that one piece of popcorn still in his hand. You lightly chuckled, seeing as it was still his first piece and he’d only managed to eat half.

You set the half-empty bowl of popcorn on the table and slowly stood. You managed to get Chen in the palm of your hand without waking him up. You silently awe’d as he little figure curled up in your palm. You quietly walked to your room and laid him on the pillow of your bed. You covered him with a blanket you made yourself and quietly walked back to the living room to finish the movie.

By the middle of the second movie, you fell asleep on the couch. 


Hope you enjoyed, my children. 

~Admin Athena

My knight in tiny armor

Imagine a pocket-sized Rocky using a toothpick as a sword and a cotton ball as a shield and saying “I’ll protect you, y/n !” whenever there is a mouse, a spider or any bug. Even when the “monster” is his size or bigger than him, he never fails to chase them away.

You always thank him with a little kiss which results in him being so proud, but also very red and shy ~

(He also goes into “knight mode” when the other member bother you, then they call him “mini knight” and tease him once he gets red from the kiss)

This is part 1 of Rocky’s Knight mode serie ~

crewmantarses replied to your post “you know i just said aos Uhura is 5′7 and aos T’pring should be…”

imagine a crossover where tos t'pring is annoyed that aos uhura is 1 inch taller than her when she is used to being 1 inch taller than tos uhura… but tos uhura is ecstatic to be 3 inches taller than aos t'pring

ohhhhmy gofd OH MY GOD thats so….cute ohmygod

Pocket Sized EXO

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poly-army: Can you do Pocket Size EXO? I love your blog!! ♡♡ Thank you and sorry for my English…

(Your English is absolutely fine!)



■ Chen sometimes gets lost in your front yard and your dog is the one to retrieve the tiny man when he’s lost in the “jungle”. He returns a few hours later covered in the slob of your English Bulldog.

■ Xiumin always trying to seduce you into doing things for him but with his smol physique and adorable face, he looks more cute than sexy anyway.

■ Lay is always wandering around your garden because he loves the flowers that grow there. He picks flowers for you everyday and gives them to you as gifts along with soft kisses to your cheek. 


■ You found Suho outside of your house one day when you saw a figure riding on the back of a dragon fly. You took him in when you found out he was a prince from his home planet which consisted of small people just like him. You quickly grew attached to him and he grew attached to you.

■ Sometimes Kai gets sad when you leave to go to work or class. You buy him talking toys and dolls to keep him occupied and avoid the feeling of being lonely.

■ Even when you lock door to keep Sehun from wandering into the bathroom, he’ll crawl under the opening in the door. He barely gets an eyeful when your clothes drop the floor and trap his tiny body in the pile of laundry.

■ Chanyeol loves candy, especially chocolate. You buy him fun sized Snickers all the time that usually takes him hours to finish but despite all your protests, he never stops until the candy is gone.

■ Kyungsoo’s favorite part of his day is cooking with you. You let him taste everything you prepare, holding the gigantic utensils to his small mouth and letting him taste. It sometimes has a bad ending when you tip the spoon too far and the contents spill all over him. Poor baby.

■ Baekhyun is a sneaky little guy. He knew how ticklish you were and it made it more fun for him when he was climbing up your legs. His tiny fingers sent shivers down your spine as you laughed, and honestly, your laugh was something he could listen to all day.



a pocket-sized seventeen having a surprise party for pocket-sized seungkwan when the clock strikes 00:00. They’d put a party hat on pocket boo and throw him in the air, singing a birthday song very loudly.