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happy new year, fellas !

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A chicken has appeared on the battlefield. What will the miniature mercs do?

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| Take Your Spy To Snipe Day | 

2560x1440 Resolution | Made In Source Filmmaker

Requested by @greypillowsheet

No sniper can headshot and dominate the entire team without their trusty spy companions B)


I know of the Pocket Pyros, yes. My opinion on them, well.. I find them a bit unnerving interesting, to say the least. 

No, I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of the Blu Pocket Pyro. Perhaps, weary of them. Apprehensive about them. Distressed by them. Maybe frightened.. Not afraid, though.

I suppose I have actually yet to make the Red Pocket Pyros acquaintance. I do hope they are more agreeable than their Blu counterpart..

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