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Some things from my childhood that are now gone

- the Barbie website was lit, like I’d go on all the time but now it’s like completely trash
-Pixie hollow, brooo I would go on pixie hollow for hours and like when I found out they shut it down I was so sad
- shout-out to all my Webkinz, hope y'all are alive in well but the website is trash now
- the playhouse Disney website was like the place to be, I loved it so much and I would spend so much time one

- at least I still got Polly pockets and my scene girls websites


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Not Dead Yet (Part 17)

*Was gonna wait to post this Saturday but when you’re actually productive why wait? Enjoy the plot dump! Might need to start Keep Reading links if they keep staying this long.*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

I didn’t know where I was heading but I didn’t care. As long as it was off the island and far from where Pan could kill me than I was fine. The portal ended and I hit the ground with a thud.

“Ouch…” I stood up and brushed myself off. It looked like I was in some forest. Good, I hadn’t just transported myself to some other part of Neverland.

There was a loud crash behind me. I barely had time to register that someone was there before I was tackled to the ground again. I elbowed my assaulter off and reached for my dagger. “Oh no you don’t!” he shouted and I was left pinned to the ground staring up into the enraged face of Pan.

“You followed me!” I thrashed trying to get free of him.

“If you thought you could just run away from this then you were sorely mistaken Lost Girl!” I pushed with all my might and we rolled to our sides. I got an arm free and punched him in the throat.

He let out a wheeze as his grip lessened and I made a break for it. “You are not getting away that easily!” he was pounding after me. This wasn’t his island. He couldn’t just blink in front of me as he wished! I kept running as fast as my feet could take me, nearly dodging trees and jumping over logs.

A hand snagged the back of my shirt and I was pulled to sudden stop. The jolt sent me falling and I brought Pan along with me. We wrestled on the ground, scratching, biting, slapping, punching, kicking and all around thrashing trying to pin the other one.

I finally wore him down enough that I was on top, dagger pressed to his throat. “Just leave me alone and I won’t kill you.”

“Like you have the guts to kill me.” he said but there was uncertainty in his eyes.

“You wanna bet.” I pressed further until I saw blood on the blade. My blood was rushing in my ears and all I could focus on was the roughed up boy under me. I could see his mouth moving but my ears were deaf to it.

His eyes darted to the right in alarm. What was he–I looked where he was glancing and saw a speeding carriage barreling towards us with no sign of slowing. I was thrown back just out of the way of the carriage as it sped past us.

Pan was laying on top of me breathing heavily. He rolled off and sat up with a long groan. I tried to sit up too but he shoved me back to the ground. “That’s for almost getting us killed.”

“Wasn’t that the goal?” I sighed from the ground. Going a round with him had been exhausting.

He glared at me and wrenched the dagger from my grasp. He stared in disdain at it, tracing his thumb over the carved R on the bottom. “I should have known this would happen. Nothing good ever follows this damn thing.”

“Not gonna kill me then?”

“I should. I really feel like I should.” he rubbed his injured throat. “But that would just be too easy wouldn’t it?”

I slowly sat up again. “So…here…” I handed him the pouch back. “You probably want to get back to Neverland.”

“Yeah.” he took the pouch and reached inside. “Funny. Give me the beans.”

“I just did.”

“Y/N, I am really in no mood. Give me the beans so we can go home.”

“I’m telling you I just gave you the beans!” He stared me down before searching the pouch again. “What? What’s wrong?”

“That was the last bean.” he plunged the dagger into the ground, “Dammit!”

“Can’t you just have the Shadow take you back?” I asked.

“No. A part of me has to always be on the island. If not me then my shadow. If I call it to get us then Neverland will disintegrate.” He was on his feet pacing, “You just had to use the bean didn’t you? You just had to poke your nose in places it didn’t belong and now we’re trapped here!”

“I didn’t expect you to follow me!” I shouted back at him. “Why couldn’t you have just let me leave? You never would have had to worry about me again if you hadn’t followed me through the portal!”

“And let you go scot free after you invaded my privacy again? I don’t think so!”

“You are so over dramatic!” I stood up and began to storm off.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

“Away from you!”

“No, you’re not.” he grabbed me. “We are going to find a way back to Neverland.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” I stopped struggling, “Have you been saying we? Do…do you want me to come back to Neverland?”

He was silent for a moment before nodding. “Oh my dear lord…why?! You just tried to kill me! Is there some horrible torture device back on the island you want to use on me or something?”

“I don’t want to torture you and I wasn’t trying to kill you.”

“Then why in the world–”

“I don’t know!” he snapped as he began to drag me along, “I don’t want you dead and I don’t want you away from Neverland! No matter how much trouble you are.”

It was my turn to be quiet. I wasn’t sure what to make of all this. Back on Neverland he was going to kill me, I was sure of it. Then just a couple minutes ago we were fighting to the point we almost died. Now he was dragging me with him because he doesn’t want me to not come back to Neverland? This boy is all shades of confusing.

I stopped on the trail. He tugged on my arm harder when I refused to move. “Come on! We need to keep moving before it gets dark.”

“No.” I said simply. “No more.”

“What are you talking about?” he released my arm.

I was done. I was not just going to sit back and accept that Pan was just this whatever he was. I was going to get some answers right now.

“Why do you hide your past?” I asked.

“Not this again. Just drop it!”

“I can’t! Don’t you understand that by now?” I shoved him into a tree, “I am tired of you telling me to forget. I am tired of you hiding what has made you this way! You owe me some answers!”

“How do I–”

“Because I showed you all the dark parts of my past! You know all my secrets! It’s your turn!” I growled.

“Why couldn’t you just leave well enough alone?”

“Why are you so keen to keep denying that you are just as human as the rest of us?” He let out a snort and looked away. “What happened to make you this way?”

“Why do you need to know?”

“Why do you not want to talk about it? I’ve always been able to talk to you. Why can’t you talk to me?”

“Need I remind you the last time you talked to me you called me a codfish and hit me in my head.”

“I’m trying to empathetic. I suggest you take advantage of it.” I backed up. “I’m not dropping it this time.”

He studied me for a long time. “Let’s make camp, I don’t think we’re going to stumble across a town before it gets dark.” he walked into the forest without a glance back to see if I was following. A part of me wanted to just keep on walking down the trail but my feet instinctively followed Pan into the forest.

We set up a camp and Pan tested his magic. It still worked but not nearly as well as it did on the island. After the sun had set and the sky was black Pan and I sat around a small fire huddled for warmth. I missed the island. It had always been so warm and now I was freezing.

The weather didn’t seem to bother him. If it did he didn’t show it. For hours all he’s done is handle my dagger in silence. What he had said before finally caught up to me. Nothing good ever followed that dagger. Just another mystery that he wouldn’t let anyone solve.

“Pan,” I spoke up, “You need to talk to me.”

He continued to ignore me. “It obviously bothers you, your past.” I shifted to face him directly, “I saw what you were hiding. The flowers, the children’s clothes, the iron shears…”

He gave me a quick glance before staring back into the crackling fire. “There’s nothing to talk about. I’ve moved on.”

“If you had moved on then I’m guessing you would have destroyed all that stuff long ago.” I inched closer toward him, “I have a proposition. You tell me what made you this way and you can use the favor I owe you to make sure that I never bring it up again afterwards, okay?”

“Seems a waste of a perfectly good favor.”

“You’ve been harboring this said favor for years, it’s time to redeem it.”

He finally looked at me head on. “You really won’t let it go, will you?”

“I risked being killed to find out, doesn’t that say enough?” I tried to lighten the tension but it flopped. “You had a family once, didn’t you? When you were a kid.”

Pan stared back into the flames. There was something different in his eye though. A humanity I had only glanced before. “I did. A very, very long time ago.” I waited patiently for him to continue, “The woman who gave birth to me, she thought I was a changeling.”

“The flowers…”

“Foxglove.” he spat the word.

I knew all about changelings. A few of the boys on the island were children mistaken for changelings when they were younger. The horror stories they could recall. The nightmares that not even Pan’s pipes could make them forget. The price they had to pay because their daft mothers believed they were malformed creatures taking the place of their real children.

Mothers would hold children underwater in basins full of ice cold water and foxglove to try and get the so called changeling to bring her baby back. Other ways I heard included surrounding the baby with iron or holding it over a burning fire to reveal the changeling for what it was.

“I can remember laying in my crib and staring out the window at the stars wishing for the misery to end.” his features softened a tad before tensing again, “That’s when Reul Ghorm came. She heard my wish and took me away to Neverland. Been there ever since.”

“How’d you age on an island where no one grows old?”

“I left. Somedays I would ride the wind’s back with a pocket of pixie dust. I’d find some new realm and stay there. Days sometimes years at a time. I saw so many places. Wonderland, Fantasia, the Underground, the Enchanted Forest, Atlantis, Agrabah, just so many places. So many people.”

“You made families…” the group drawings.

“I could never stay though. Something happened with them or I got bored. I’d leave back for Neverland until I decided to make another go of it.”

“What made you stop? You look like you’re what, seventeen, eighteen maybe? You could have built your own life from this point. Why continue to stay on Neverland?”

“That wasn’t my choice.”

“Let me guess, this has to do with the giant hourglass doesn’t it?” he shot me a venomous glare. Perhaps I was being too casual about this for his liking. “Sorry. It was just a thought.”

He rubbed his temples, eyes closed in thought. “I made a mistake and it cost me my freedom.”

“What mistake?”

“According to Reul Ghorm, I could come and go from Neverland as I wished so long as I remained gay, innocent and heartless.”

“The Blue Fairy instructed you to be heartless?”

“It made more sense when I was younger.” he waved it off, “What it meant was that I could not harm anyone. Pranks, play fighting, self-defense, all of that I could do. But I was not allowed to intentionally hurt anybody out of spite, anger or grief. Looking at me now you can guess how that went.”

“What did you do?”

“I killed a woman. A mother that had been trying to pour foxglove tea down her son’s throat.”

“Oh god…” I sucked in a sharp breath.

“Yeah. At that moment the fairies showed up and as punishment for my crime I was condemned to Neverland, my very life force tied to the island so I live out the rest of my life alone. What’s left of it anyways.”

“What do you mean?”

He took in a deep breath avoiding my eyes, “That hourglass is my life. A giant golden reminder of what I did and that the life I’m living right now will be gone. The second the last grain of sand drops I’ll die along with Neverland.”

Silence overtook us as I let the news set in. No wonder he was so defensive about his past. When he dies not only will Neverland disappear but everyone still on the island will die too. What was it like to have that kind of pressure? To know that all these people you brought to this island to escape boring and harmful lives were all on the same clock?

“I’m sorry.” I drew my knees up to my chest, “I shouldn’t have violated your privacy like I have. When I asked for you to respect my past you did and it kind of sickens me that I didn’t extend the same courtesy to you. I’m sorry I probed.”

“You should be.”

“It’s just…doesn’t it get stifling? Keeping all this to yourself all the time? I’m your friend, Pan, as much as I don’t seem like one. But this is so much bigger than you. You’re dying. You and all of Neverland will drop out of existence if we can’t stop this curse. Doesn’t that bother you?”

“Of course it bothers me. Why do you think I leave the island? I’m looking for a way to stop the curse.”

“And have you found it?”


“You have? Well what is it?” He’s so worried about dying but he’s been sitting on this information for lord only knew how long?

“It’s an extremely rare and powerful form of magic. The rarest of them all.”

“The rarest form of magic is True Love.” I knew Pan pretty well, love wasn’t something he would waste his time on even if it could save him.

“No, even bigger. It’s the very soul of Neverland.”

“Youth?” I guessed.

He shook his head. “Belief. People fall in love everyday and more often than they realize it is True Love. But belief…that isn’t something that can be made just by two people wanting to be with one another. It’s about leaps of faith. Standing your ground for what you believe is true and not letting anyone or anything sway you from it. It’s what gives people hope. It’s what True Love is built on. Faith, trust, and unwavering dedication to what you believe is true. That’s what I need. The embodiment of belief.” I stared at him in slight awe. He caught my gaze and squinted at me. “What?”

“I’ve never seen you so passionate before.” I smiled at him.

“It is my life on the line isn’t it? If I’m gonna care about anything it’s that.” he smirked back.

“Yeah…so what is it? This embodiment of belief?”

“It’s called the Heart of the Truest Believer.  Many years ago, before you ever came to the island, I met three old spinners, strange deformed women claiming to be the aunts of this princess. All they ever did was spin flax and it showed, if you saw the lip on the one from wetting the thread you might have thought she was part camel.”

“I have no idea what a camel is. Do they have strange lips?”

“Not the point. These three women weren’t just spinners, they were also Seers. I asked if they could help me find a way to escape my curse. That’s how I came about knowing of the Heart of the Truest Believer.”

“That’s good isn’t it? How do we find it?”

“That’s the thing. The Heart isn’t a metaphor. It literally means a human heart.”

“Oh…so we need to find the owner of said heart.”

“Yes. Problem is all those spinners told me was that it was a young boy who had not yet been born. I’ve been bringing more boys to the island since they said that but none of them have been of any help.”

“What do you mean? Help how?”

“The Never Oysters.”

“The oysters?” I had a faint recollection of a long swim and a near death experience at the mention of said shellfish.

“See, the oysters only show up when a new soul enters the realm and only the person with that soul is able to retrieve it from the rock where they appear. That’s why I use it as initiation. If I were to get a Tell-All pearl like the one hanging around your neck to work for me I could not only read minds but I could use it to probe the dreams of children and their future children and so on to find out which one has or will have the Heart.”

“That’s amazing. How exactly are you supposed to be able to do that?”

“With a lot of magic. Magic I unfortunately will not be able to use because as I learned a couple years ago the oysters can only be opened by those that retrieved them.” he gestured to me, “Even worse, the first person to touch the pearl is not the one who controls it. That is also a power meant for the person whose soul conjured the oyster in the first place.”

“So you’ll never be able to use a Tell-All pearl.”

“It seems so.”

“Isn’t there a way to–”

“No! I’ve been searching for years for some other way to find out the identity of this child but it’s lost in the wind! The only luck I’d have was if I found a Seer but even then they won’t be able to give me a name or a face. Only stupid riddles and vague messages meant to make me want to tear my hair out!” he was making the fire burn hotter.

“Pan, calm down.” I reached for his hand and the flames lowered. “I know this has to be frustrating but you can’t give up. We’ll find that boy and we’ll save you…and Neverland of course.”

He squeezed my hand, “You have a lot of faith in me.”

“You may be a violent arse but you’re my leader and my friend first and foremost.”

We stayed staring at each other before he looked away, “Go to sleep.”

“Huh?” I blinked as if I was pulled out of a daydream.

“Get some rest. We’re going to be on foot all day tomorrow until we find a town and I don’t want you slowing me down.” he went back to tossing my dagger up in the air before catching it again.

I decided to let the subject drop for the evening and laid down. “Sounds good to me. Wake me up for my watch.”

“Will do.”

I huddled closer into myself searching for warmth. My curiosity had finally been sated but now my worry for Pan had grown.

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Tiny (Request)

Hi lovely! Don’t know if you’re taking requests at the moment but could you do one where y/n is short / insecure about her height and feels even worse when H is surrounded by all those models? Thank you! love xx


“Need some help, love?”

You were currently stood on your tiptoes, straining your arms as far as they would go. All you wanted was a mug; you didn’t know why Harry insisted on keeping them so high up.

“No.” You grunted. “I’ve got it.”

Harry stood watching you struggle for a few more seconds until he couldn’t allow it anymore. He came up behind you and rested his chin on your shoulder.

“Let me help, sweetheart.”

You sighed, but gave in and lowered your arms. Harry reached up around you and grabbed a mug – your favorite one – and handed it to you.

“Thanks.” You mumbled.

It was a daily struggle for you. Being the size that you were, the world wasn’t built for you. You had always been small; just over five feet tall and very petite. It hadn’t been much of a problem when you were younger and everyone else was still the same size. But now, as an adult, you couldn’t reach a damn thing. Harry was nearly a foot taller than you and loved to rub it in. However, he also knew that you could get sensitive about it, so only teased you to a certain point. He always knew when to stop.

“Keep meaning t’move those down a shelf.” He said, kissing the top of your head.

“It’s fine. You don’t have to rearrange your kitchen just for me.”

“Wan’ to.” He murmured, wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in your neck. “Wan’ you to feel comfortable when you’re here. That way you’ll keep coming back.”

You smirked. “If I keep coming back, it’s not because of how you arrange your kitchen objects.”

“Shame. I was thinkin’ of also installing li’l ladders everywhere for you too.”

You feigned shock and turned to playfully hit him on the arm. “Harry!”

“Ouch! M’just tryin’ to be a helpful boyfriend, is all. And this is the thanks I get?”

“Just watch yourself. I may be small, but remember that means my kicks aim lower.”

Harry grinned at you and tickled your side. “You’re cute, Pixie.”

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