pocket niall

“I told you guys to watch his margarita intake, so really, you people brought this upon yourselves.” You tucked your phone into your back pocket as you approached Niall and Louis. “I hate to say I told you so, but I-” 

“Yeah, yeah. We know, you’re always right. Can you jus’ go in t’ere and deal with him?” Niall snorted, tugging you into the hotel room and pointing to the direction of the couch. “I managed to pry him off of me after about twenty minutes of forced cuddle time.” 

“The more you fight him the tighter he’ll snuggle you.” You clicked your tongue, making your way over to the couch and smiling softly at your clearly drunk boyfriend. He looked like he was asleep, but you really couldn’t tell because he had his sunglasses on… Why did he have his sunglasses on? 

“Harry…” You trailed off, receiving nothing as a response. Maybe he had conked out for the night. Of course, you had spoken too soon because before you knew it, his sunglasses started wiggling up and down, a lazy smile growing on Harry’s face. 

“Oh my god, it’s my girlfriend!” Harry snickered, the arm hanging off the edge of the couch reaching out and wrapping around your thigh. “Tha’s right, you’re my girlfriend…” 

“That’s what he said to me an hour ago! I can’t believe I lost a boyfriend so quickly.” Niall teased, laughing lightly when Harry’s arm jolted causing you to nearly fall forward. 

“C’mon, Harry. Time to get up. I was about to take a bath so you’re lucky I walked down the hall to get you.” You poked his cheek before turning to look at Niall. 

“Will you at least help me- Ow, Harry!” You paused when you felt Harry bite down on your finger, a giggle slipping past his lips afterward. “Will you at least help me carry him back if he doesn’t budge?” 

“I’m way too tired for t’at, Y/N. I’m sure you can manage. You’re a strong girl.” Niall yawned, looking ready to pass out as well. 

“Louis, how about-” Louis had already fallen asleep and was snoozing away looking awfully comfortable on the sofa chair. Obviously, this was going to be a one-woman job. 

“Harry, get up!” You frowned, letting out a huff when Harry chewed on your finger in response. “What can I say to make you get your ass up?” You pushed Harry’s arm off your leg before bending down so that you were face to face with him. “Hm?” 

“Tell me what I wanna hear, baby…” Harry purred, a hand reaching up to pat at your face. 

“You’re gonna have to tell me what you wanna hear. What do you want?” 

“Y’know wha’ yeh haven’t done in a while that I really wan’ you t’ do?” Harry perked up, lowering his sunglasses until they were on the tip of his nose. 

“What’s that?” 

“Wan’ you t’ ride my-” 

Hey! Okay, okay. We don’t- You don’t have to finish that sentence.” You clamped a hand over Harry’s mouth, looking over your shoulder to see if Niall was still in the room. (He was. But he was on his phone, so maybe he didn’t hear.) 

“Oh, please, Y/N? Yeh haven’t done it in so long and- and a man needs to be dominated once in a while, you feel?” Harry hiccuped, flopping back down on the couch before pouting at you. “I’m not leavin’ till you agree.” 

“Harry- I- You can’t blackmail me into-” Again, you glanced over your shoulder before turning back and leaning closer to Harry. “You can’t blackmail me into bloody riding you.” 

“I know yeh wan’ to, though. Cos you can’t get enough of my dic-” 

“For cryin’ out loud, Y/N. Give t’e man what he wants!” You jumped when Niall spoke up from behind you, your cheeks growing red as you got up from your knees. For the record, it had been a while since you… You know. And the idea of… you know… sounded kind of nice? 

Fine! But he’s not getting up anytime soon so it’s not going to be happening-”

“No, no! I’m walking, I’m going.” Harry hiccuped, pushing himself off the couch before stumbling towards the door but not before turning and shooting finger guns in your direction. “You’re gonna get it t’night, love. Jus’ wait and see.” He hummed, leaning against the frame of the door with a wide grin. 

“Alright, Ni. I’ll see you in the morning. Make sure Louis gets into bed.” You patted the top of Louis’ head gently before turning to walk towards Harry, only to realize he had fallen asleep in the span of twenty seconds. 

Looks like you weren’t going to get it tonight, after all.


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Meet Me In The Hallway; H.S.

She’d always meet me in the hallway. Whether it was four AM, three in the afternoon or so early she had almost had to leave for work, she was waiting for me to come home. For a kiss placed upon her lips, her arms snaking around my waist one of the things I always looked forward to. Gradually, she didn’t wait for me anymore. I don’t know what caused her to be so heartbroken that she’d just laid on the sofa, eyes trained on the television as I passed her.

I know where it started. Rumours. I’m not one to go around and lie that I didn’t do anything wrong, because I’m not perfect – but whatever magazines were slandering about, I knew that wasn’t true. I’d never do anything that would do Y/n any wrong. But I think, and somehow, I hope I’m wrong, that it had gotten through her head. Everything she heard – from so many people – pictures that were ripped out of their context – I just couldn’t blame her. We never spoke a word about it. Per her request.

I hope she still loves me. I hope, that when it gets better, when I get better, she’ll give me another chance and it’ll work out. When I got home today, her last drop seemed to have fallen.

“Y/N, I’m home…” My voice hasn’t been chirpy since she stopped waiting for me – I know I can’t just expect her to do so, but it seemed she enjoyed it as well. I hear a mumble coming from somewhere out of my field of sight, so I take a few steps into my home.

“Harry.” Y/n appears in front of me, apparently completely dressed, her jacket slung over her shoulder. I stare at her, at every aspect of her, and I feel my throat already constricting. “Where are you going love?” Her lip starts quivering and without a second thought I leap towards her and cup her face in my cold hands.

“H., I – I need some time off. I think.” She averts her gaze and I swallow to keep any fluids at bay. Within a split second, I wanted to scream out and vomit all over my floor. She can’t leave me. Not now. “Y/n, sweetheart, where would you go? Please, don’t leave me.”

She just shakes her head. I don’t want her to disappear through that door and not know where she is. I don’t think my heart could handle that. It was more than logical in my mind that the next words flowed past my lips. “Stay. I’ll leave.”

“Harry, no. This is your home; I was just a guest.” She pushes me away from her and starts shrugging her jacket on; but I won’t have it. “The moment you stepped foot insides this house it was also yours. Everything that I own is yours.” My words were heavy and I hope she grasped the nuances behind it. For now, I might as well leave.

“I’ll come collect my things when you’re at work tomorrow.” I mumble, my voice so strained I think she knows exactly how I feel. I take another step towards her, pressing my lips against hers, for maybe, my last time. I didn’t look back, because she would see how much this was paining me.

I had roamed the streets for the rest of the day. I didn’t want Y/n doing this, but right now I didn’t know where to go either. Of course, I could just give Lou or Niall a call and I’m sure they’d help me out almost immediately, but, we were going our own way and I don’t think they liked their former bandmate crashing on their sofa for an unspecified amount of time.

I walk and walk, think and try to force myself to think harder, for it to get better, for me to get better, for some way to work this out. I knew my girl and I know the most important thing she needed now was time. But I wasn’t going down without a fight.

My chest still feels vice-grip-tight, my throat closed off. I’m in some sort of daze where I somewhat realize I’m walking the streets of London, but I have absolutely no idea where I am. At some point, I’m sure I passed Piccadilly Circus, but it seemed so empty. I had never seen it empty.

This is hard, both for her and I alike. I wouldn’t want to think about reading so much slander about my girlfriend and pretending everything is alright. I would’ve cracked months ago. The hours pass and the sun trades his place with the moon.

When I stop in front of his door, I don’t know how much time has passes. I just hope he’s still up. I need a friend, horribly. I hear his heavy footsteps stomp towards his front door and shrug my coat closer to my shivering frame as I hear the familiar click.

“H.? What are you doing here? It’s almost six in the morning, man.” Niall opens the door, rubbing his eyes tiredly as he stares behind me to see if I brought anyone with me – Y/N.

“Y/n and I – uh – we are on a break.” I cast my gaze down, biting my lips while stuffing my hands in my coat pockets. I hear Niall sigh and the door creak. “Come in, H. You want some tea?”

I talk to Niall about it. Every single little thing that has eventually built up to my relationship crumbling at my feet. I feel helpless and I never thought I’d experience something like this again. “I don’t know what to do now, Niall. If I lose her, I’ll practically lose everything. But the horrific part of it all is that I get her and I wouldn’t blame her if she decided to let it be.”

Niall just sits there and lets me ramble. We talk until ten in the morning when he offers his guest room to me. I assure him it’s just for a few days – at most.

Those few days pass and when I’m not doing promo for the new album or recording, I try to stay out of Niall’s way as much as possible. I don’t know what I need to do, but I need to come up with something, fast. I’ve been so occupied in my mind that it’s physically paining me.

I walk the streets, and by now I find that I almost have them all completely memorised. I’ve met some new people, found some new bars. But all I could think about is how much Y/n would like this overjoyed fan, or how much she’s like the paintings on the wall on this art-themed café.

I’ve stopped at my front door many times, about to knock, but deciding not to. This day wasn’t any different, although I’ve been standing here for almost an hour now. I lack the courage of knocking, or just entering, and talking to her. I’m afraid – terrified even – she’ll say the things I don’t want to hear.

Just when I had decided to come back another day, hopefully with more courage, or maybe a box of Y/n’s favourite chocolates, I feel my phone vibrating in my coat pocket. A text message from her flashes brightly onto my phone screen.

Meet me in the hallway.

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33 for the prompt list thing:)

33) “I envy that. You and Y/N. I envy the love you have”

Shawn’s POV. (just for a note, I will translate the verb to myself and for you too who you want to know what “envy” means in Estonian; it means “kadestama”.)

As I was driving to the studio with my lovely girlfriend, Y/N, I never stopped thinking how lucky I was to have her and gosh, how gorgeous she looked. It may sound ridiculous but for me, I’m just probably so in love with her. 

“Baby,” Y/N placed her soft hand on my tight, “focus on the road.”

I nodded, a smile on my face. I felt my cheeks coming rosy and warming up like a hot boiling water. Her eyes sparkled like the shining stars in the dark night but they were the most beautiful stars in my eyes.

We arrived in front of the studios. Y/N taking her purse, me grabbing my guitar. Andrew waves to us, opening the door for us.

“You are pretty fast today,” Andrew laughs. 

“He was just trying to get on time this time,” Y/N joined in the “lets-mock-Shawn” club that Andrew always liked to make happen before every single studio session. “Has Geoff arrived?”

“Yeah, he is already upstairs,” Andrew takes one of the guitar, which was acoustic I assumed. “and so is Niall.”

Niall and I were writing some new songs and most of them had fallen into deep shit because we haven’t had any ideas what to write about. So, today I took Y/N with me and I thought maybe it was a good idea because she gives me mostly the strength, motivation and inspiration to write.

We made it to the studio, Niall was behind the huge music control center, hands in his jeans pockets.

“Niall!” I called out him. 

“Shawn!” He turned to face me. Y/N was holding my hand although I had to leave the grip of hers because I had to greet Niall. When I said hi to him, Geoff came to say hi to Y/N which was a lovely gesture from him. It makes me happy to see my friend and Y/N to get well on together.

“Niall, this is love of my life, Y/N,” I placed my hand around her waist, bringing her closer to me. 

They introduced themselves and Y/N said she’s a big fan of his music. As the time was ticking forward, about 2 minutes had passed since Y/N said hello to Niall, I was sitting behind the big table and a comfy chair. I made sure that Y/N was always by my side, not like being overcontrolable boyfriend, and I could look into her eyes, her beautiful features she had.

“Y/N?” I asked, humbled and blown away by her beauty.

“Yes, my dear,” she moved her head closer to me, her mouth very close to mine.

“Would you–,” I get interrupted by the kiss of Y/N’s, so sweet, the taste of strawberry and vanilla on my tongue.

“Guys, this is not a kissing studio,” Andrew shouting, but blushing like a little baby.

“Pardon,” Y/N broke the kiss, hiding her face into her hands. “I just wanted to do it.”

I took a proof look over the lyrics I had written. Niall turned to glance at me, putting his guitar down.

“Hey man, maybe want to read those lyrics before we start to put some melody with it?” the paper in my hands was taken from Niall’s strong grip. I took Y/N to sit between my knees.

Niall went through multiple times over the paper, crossing the words with his eyes, sometimes looking up to get the idea of the sentence.

“Shawn, I envy that. You and Y/N. I envy the love you have.”

Y/N put her gorgeous eyes on me, the sparkle never disappeared. She made me so happy.

“Oh, Niall. I hope you will find your true love. You deserve it,” her kind words always make my heart warm, she never brings the cold feeling into me when tries to stay nice and kindhearted. She has the most beautiful eyes, but she also has the most amazing soul and heart.

Wherever You Are Is The Place I Belong [Narry] 4/?

Summary: (part three) Niall and Harry get a little help, and everything goes right this time. 

A couple days later and Niall is in gym class, finally feeling like he’s shaken off the bad feelings from the past few days and grateful for the good distraction of burning muscles and a shirt stuck to his back with sweat. They’re in the middle of a pretty intense footie game, when Niall accidentally collides with a player on the opposite team and they both go down, to some extent.

Niall gets up but the other guy, an omega named Josh Niall recognizes from his Literature and Comprehension class, he stays on the ground, curling up and clutching at his stomach.

“Shit, are you okay?” Niall asks, crouching down and putting a hand to Josh’s shoulder. Josh groans weakly and rocks back and forth, and so Niall lifts his hand to flag down the teacher. Mr. Higgins blows his whistle and Niall winces. At the shrillness of the sound, nothing else.

“Devine!” Mr. Higgins says, running over and moving Niall out of the way so he can crouch beside Josh instead. “What’s wrong?”

“Hurts,” Josh finally groans, covering his eyes like he’s trying to hide his tears.

“It hurts like five minutes on the bench or,” Mr. Higgins trails off, looking around at the growing crowd like he isn’t quite sure what to do, and, great, that’s exactly what they need.

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Anonymous said: Could you write some fluff with n at your wedding?  

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The actual wedding ceremony was too emotional for words. Off in the distance, as you and Niall stood face to face to each other and saying your vows, you heard someone softly sobbing. Someone from your family no doubt, you and your entire family tree were criers. The I Do’s were said, the romantic kiss had been done, hand in hand you and Niall practically sprinted out of the church, ready to start a new chapter in your life together. After standing in front of the church for a moment, letting people take their pictures of you in your beautiful white dress and Niall in his sharp tuxedo and blowing bubbles as you did so, you two jumped in a limo and headed to the reception hall.

That was where the real party started. At the head table, Niall’s brother gave a speech just as Niall did at his wedding, bringing up an old childhood story that brought back a flood of memories to them both. He did a toast. Niall did another speech, thanking everyone for coming and to enjoy themselves of course. Dinner was served, after that the cake was cut. The knife was the biggest you’ve ever seen. Your hands were still shaking from the excitement and surreal shock of the day. Niall helped guide your hand to cut it, so you wouldn’t somehow accidentally hurt yourself. 

Hundreds if not thousands of pictures were taken of people dancing and singing and having a grand time. Niall danced with his mother, you danced with as many small children as you could. They all came around you to party like moths to a flame. The reception hall suddenly had a prom-like feel to it as the DJ slowed down the music, calling the bride and groom to the center for their first dance. Your armpits started to sweat with the spotlight literally on you and Niall. All the sudden nerves had went as quickly as they came when Niall touched you, leading you to the dance floor.

In the shoes you were wearing, you were about the same height as him. You kicked your shoes off, wanting to be your natural height so you could lay your head properly on Niall’s chest. Under all his clothes you could hear his heart racing. A slow and romantic song popped on the speakers, a song Niall happened to know by heart. He sang in your ear, taking the lead and swaying you round the dance floor. You closed your eyes, soaking in the moment with your new husband. He was so warm, a little sweaty, but the temperature of his body heat seemed comfortable compared to the blasting air conditioning. You should have got a shawl with your dress. You naturally shivered when you and Niall went right under an air vent.

“You cold?” Niall asked you quietly, as if telling a secret.

“It’s a little chilly in here.” You commented. 

Niall took a step back. Without even having to think twice, he undid the buttons on his tux. You protested, saying he didn’t have to do that and you’d be fine, but his jacket was already off and being swung around your bare shoulders. His jacket smelled like his cologne, it was warm from his heat. You laced your arms through the sleeves, it was a little long and probably looked silly with the dress but you didn’t care.

Niall was left in his dress shirt, and he looked mighty fine in it. His shirt was tucked into his pants and the waist coming higher than usual. Niall’s shoulders and arms looked much broader, the months in the gym trying to prepare for the big day paid off. As if he needed to changed anything about himself. He smiled at you, admiring you in his tux.

“Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.” Niall said in awe. “Did I tell you that you look stunning in your dress?”

Niall pulled you back in to continue your dance. You wrapped your arms around his neck, the sleeves of the jacket flopping over your hands. Niall’s hands rested on your lower back, rocking you back and forth. A few people joined the dance floor. A couple of your bridesmaids and a couple of Niall’s groomsman partnered together.

“Only a couple of hundred times.” You muttered. 

You looked up to Niall and Niall looked down to you. You were outstandingly beautiful. Niall admired your face as much as he could all at once, how your makeup was perfectly done and how your hair was perfectly styled. Sometimes he wished he could just scoop you up and put you in his pocket. Niall didn’t hold back with the compliments. Every detail he liked on you, he let you know. Under your makeup, he could still see how flustered you got. Niall kissed the tip of your nose and nuzzled himself in the space between your shoulder and neck, helplessly whispering how much he loved you.

Preference #16 - Happy Valentine’s Day

A/N: It’s already the 14th where I am! Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! Whether or not you have a special someone to celebrate it with, I love all of you so much. Thank you for giving me the motivation to do what I love. I hope you’ll enjoy this :)

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Better Person

Harry can remember the day he met Niall clearly.

It was a crowded day on the tube and Harry was minding his own business per the usual, trying his best to ignore the people around him with headphones in his ears and eyes glaring at the ceiling. That’s when Niall fell into his life, quite literally. Niall had accidentally stumbled into Harry’s much taller, broader, and stronger physic and instantly fell apart into a fit of apologies, to which Harry was ready to shrug it off and try his best not to sound indignant when he said “it’s okay,” but then the boy in front of him started crying.

It was something that Harry didn’t really know how to deal with. He hadn’t done anything wrong, had he? He spent a good couple of seconds rewinding what had just happened, trying to figure out if he had said or done anything that could’ve garnered that reaction from the admittedly pretty boy in front of him, but he couldn’t figure it out.

Trying his best to disregard the hard glares he was receiving from other people on the tube, Harry pulls out his headphones and shuffles closer to the blonde, placing a hesitant hand on his shoulder. “C’mon, love, it’s alright.” He mumbles lowly, attempting to channel his own mother and her nurturing instincts.

What he didn’t expect was for the boy to respond so quickly, almost instantly looking up into Harry’s eyes and then falling into the brunette’s chest, wrapping his much thinner arms around Harry’s waist. 

Harry remembers the confusion he felt in that moment. 

To begin with, Harry wasn’t the most approachable person to begin with. What with his piercings and tattoos, many people would immediately write him off as intimidating or dangerous, yet this boy seemed to have no issue forcefully hugging Harry. But possibly the most puzzling part of this experience was the fact that Harry didn’t completely hate what was happening. And Harry really hated when people touched him, whether it be his closest friends patting him on the back or strangers brushing past him on the streets, Harry hated human contact. But he liked this. He couldn’t help but hug back as he felt a warm, fuzzy feeling spread across his chest as a little blonde kid he had never seen before in his life snuffled into his chest. 

It’s at that point that Harry realizes he might be a tiny bit screwed.

And later that same day, when Harry offers to take Niall out for dinner, the brunette finds out that the small Irishman  didn’t cry because he ran into Harry but because he had failed a test that day and just got overwhelmed. It’s in that moment, watching Niall shrug in embarrassment from across the table at Nandos, that Harry realizes he’s actually 100%, completely and totally screwed. 

* * * *

To be clear: Harry is not a people-person. 

He doesn’t like spending time around strangers or making new friends, no, he’d much rather occupy his days doing something that actually interested him like drawing up new tattoo designs, working out, or staring at his immaculately perfect boyfriend. 

Niall is everything Harry has ever wanted in his life. Disregarding his physical appearance (because really, Harry could go on for hours about how much he appreciated Niall’s soft blonde hair, his electric blue eyes, and bright smile), Niall has so many qualities that Harry loves. Not only is outgoing, artistic, and sweet, but Niall just has this way about him which draws Harry in like nothing else ever has before. 

More often than not, the actions of other human beings disgust Harry. If anything, other people repel Harry with their boisterous, badly worded sentences and unbecoming attitudes, but that all changed when he met Niall. 

He met Niall and it was like he finally found the one person that he could be with for hours on end and not want to bash his own head in. And it’s so strange because he’s heard other people talk and he knows that there are some people out there that find Niall annoying. In fact just last week Harry and Niall were out with a couple of friends when some random guy Harry had never met before asked him “How do you stay with Niall anyway? I mean, don’t you find him, like, kinda annoying?” 

That conversation ended with Harry’s knuckles a bit bruised and the guy screaming profanities, but that was besides the point. 

There wasn’t a single thing about Niall that Harry found annoying. Of course, they got in fights and they weren’t always perfect, for example, the night that Harry punched that asshole in the face, Niall had given his boyfriend a complete lecture on why violence was never the answer. But Harry never felt truly antagonized or irritated by Niall like he did with most other human beings. 

“Babe…” Niall complains in a long, drawn out groans, breaking Harry out of his own thoughts. “I don’t want to go to school.” 

Looking out the window at the flurries of snow falling past their window, Harry’s surprised Niall even has school. 

Harry absently tangles his fingers into Niall’s fluffy hair as the blonde flops onto the couch, placing his head in Harry’s lap. “And I don’t wanna go work, baby, but we gotta do what we gotta do.” 

“You love your work.” Niall pouts and Harry chuckles, moving down to kiss his boyfriends protruding lip quickly. 

Harry rolls his eyes, responding, “Well sue me for trying to make my boyfriend happy.” 

Niall just grins up at Harry and the taller boy smiles right back, knowing his mission was accomplished. Niall reaches up and flicks Harry’s forehead affectionately before getting up. “C’mon, then, you’re gonna walk me to school, aren’t you?” The blonde calls, already pulling on his trainers next to the door. 

With a quick shake of the head towards his ridiculous boyfriend, Harry gets up, laces up his boots and follows his little blonde ball of energy down the steps of their flat. 

It’s freezing outside and Harry’s glad they both put on their bigger coats. Niall’s wearing one of Harry’s hoodies along with his snow jacket and he looks so adorable Harry can’t help but laugh, tugging Niall by his reddened cheeks to kiss him hard on the steps of their flat. “I love you.” Harry says gently and Niall’s eyes do the thing that they always do when Harry says that, lightening and softening before he returns the words and kisses Harry again. 

They begin walking towards Niall’s school against the wind, shivering and huddling together as Harry wraps his arm over Niall’s shoulder and Niall stuff’s his hands into Harry’s pockets. 

Twenty minutes later Niall reluctantly pulls himself out from under Harry’s protective arm and wraps his arms around the bigger boy’s neck, kissing him a little too passionately for them to be out in public before backing up and skipping off with a grin. Harry stands and watches, makes sure the boy gets in safely before sighing, lovesick and longing already before backtracking down the street off towards the tattoo parlor that he works in. 

He clocks in with a small head nod to Zayn, another worker there before moving to the back and preparing for a new design that he’ll be tattooing today.

Not long after that, Harry hears the bell to the front door ring and he cracks his fingers, moving to the front of the building. 

“Hey there, I’m looking for a Harry Styles?” The man asks hesitantly and Harry prays that this isn’t the guy’s first time. It’s almost one of his rules, that his customers aren’t first timers, because despite certain situations with very certain people (or, person), Harry isn’t the most comforting person. 

“That’s me. Alright, mate?” He asks, voice low and grip tight as he shakes the hand of the man across him. Wearing all black, with tattoos across both arms and a piercing shooting through his eyebrow, Harry knows he has a relatively intimidating physic, but this guy is practically shaking in his boots. “First time?” He asks with a somewhat indignant tone, giving Zayn a glare as he lets out a snicker. 

“N-no, but I’m just a bit bad with needles is all.” 

Harry closes his eyes in frustration, motioning towards the back and mumbling. “Great.”

Despite how bad his customer service may be, Harry is good at his job. He begins to draw the outline of the tattoo on the man’s right shoulder rolling his eyes and huffing overtime the man flinches, always taking the time to remind him that, “this isn’t even the part that’s supposed to hurt, mate.” 

It’s only about ten minutes in that the door’s bell rings for a second time.

“Guess whose school got cancelled!?” Harry hears a brash, brazen, and all-too-familiar voice ringing through the shop. Instantly, he turns the buzzing needle off and stands to his feet. 

He hears his customer call out in confusion but he just hums lowly, moving towards the door, where he’s met by his beaming boyfriend. “School was canceled!” He says loudly and jumps up into Harry’s arms, giggling like the little kid he is. Harry catches him, of course he does, unable to keep the stupid, foolish grin from moving on his face. 

They’re just hugging for a moment, Harry lifting Niall’s feet from the ground, giggling like madmen when Niall lets out a little gasp and pulls back, landing on his feet. “Harry, you rude bastard, you have a customer!” He says, Irish lit loud and clear as he waves to the man staring wide-eyed in the chair. “Sorry, man!” He calls. 

Harry rolls his eyes, remembering that even though Niall is out of school, Harry still has work. “Sorry baby, but I only have to do this one tattoo and then we can go. That cool?”

Niall pouts, for the second time in the day, but nods anyways. “Can I stay in here with you, though? Zayn’s boring.”

They both ignore Zayn’s offended “hey!” from the front room, but Harry leans back, finally making eye contact with the man in the chair, who still looks a bit bewildered. “Do ya mind if Niall here stays in here?” 

“I’ll be better conversation than this twat, I’ll tel you that much.” Niall says once the man nods and he sits down across from where Harry’s working. “So tell me buddy, what’s your name?”

Harry tunes most of their conversation out, but the smile stays on his face. He finds himself being much gentler, more precise as Niall’s voice is fluttering through the room, doing its best at calming Harry. He begins to relax more fully and soon enough he feels like he’s just at home on a normal day, laying on the couch listening to Niall ramble on as he half-listens and draws in his sketchbook. 

Harry’s ears perk up at the word “boyfriend” and he looks up, taking a break from tattooing and using the time to wipe off the extra ink. He looks to Niall only to catch the blonde staring back at him dreamily, kind of like the cartoon caricatures Harry’s seen Zayn draw of himself and Niall (or Narry, as Zayn likes to call them). 

He sees the guy (he never actually heard his name) looking between the two with an interested look before chuckling lowly. Normally, the act would annoy Harry, but with Niall around, he really can’t be bothered. 

A couple of minutes later and Harry’s finally finished with the tattoo, he sends the man up to the front to pay and Niall follows closely behind to go put on all of his coats again while Harry hurriedly cleans up his station. 

On his way towards the lobby, though, he can’t help but overhear a passing conversation. 

“So, is there a reason why he hated me or?” The man said which received laughs from both Niall and Zayn. 

“Nah, Harry doesn’t like most people. But you kinda got off easy today, mate, what with Niall being around. That usually puts Harry in a good mood.” 

Harry rolls his eyes as he hears Zayn explain what he’s known ever since he met the blonde boy he’s lucky to call his boyfriend. He walks into the lobby with loud, stomping footsteps and goes to start putting on his coats along with Niall. “Talking about me again, huh lads?” He asks somewhat playfully and Niall winks. 

“Of course, babe. Zayn here was just telling James how I make you a better person and all that.” He says, walking over to tuck himself into Harry’s arms. 

“Yep, we were, cause’ you seem to hate all other human beings unless your little boyfriend is around. How did you ever exist without him, huh Haz?” Zayn jabs back and honestly, Harry has no idea. 

Zayn’s words put a smirk on Niall’s face, one that makes Harry groan and roll his eyes before dragging the blonde out of the shop because he knows he’ll never hear the end of it. In fact, their entire, slow walk back home in the deep snow is filled with Niall bumping against Harry’s shoulders whispering “I make you more manageable, huh? I’m just so great, I can see why you love me so much. C’mon Haz, admit it!” and many more random sentences in the same fashion. 

It’s not until they get back home and their cuddled up under about four blankets on the couch with the fireplace roaring that Harry snaps, “Alright, alright, you make me a better person and i never want to live life without you again otherwise I might just kill everyone in sight out of pure annoyance.” He says, being completely truthful despite his sarcastic tone. 

He sees Niall giggle lightly in the corner of his eye, but before the blonde can snark something back to him, Harry shuts him up by kissing him a bit roughly. “I gave you what you wanted, yeah? Now how about you give me what I want.” Harry suggests and Niall quirks a brow.

“And what is it you want?” 

“I want you to shut up and kiss me for the rest of the night, is that alright?” Harry asks cheekily. 

His ears ring with the absolute beauty that is Niall’s laughter. “Simple enough.” 

I hope that wasn’t too choppy I had to write it in weird order b/c i literally never have time fml. Punk Harry is everything to me and nothing will ever change that. PLEASE send me an inbox letting me know what I should update next (oneshot, arcadia, or 3 musketeers) and thanks for reading!

Prompts are open! I do any niall centric OTP, OT3, OT4, or OT5! You can see my previous writing here and my master post here

The Coffee Shop

Originally posted by pinkharold

Summary/Request: Y/N is a smart college girl. She is a manager of a local coffee shop. Niall is a hot cocky college boy who gets what he wants. He starts working at the coffee shop, which y/n hates, but then realizes she can boss him around and she loves it and he hates it. One of the big things is that she won’t let him wear his hat. So one day, Niall seduces her. He takes her to the back and gets her on her knees. During the bj scene, he forces her to gag, and says, “guess I can wear my hat now, huh?”

Warning(s): This is smutty and involves oral sex!!!

(C/S/N) means coffee shop name 

Thank you so much for the request. I hope you like it. x


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Something New - Zianourry

Something New - Zianourry


Pornstar!Niall, Pornstar!Liam, Pornstar!Zayn, Pornstar!Louis, Pornstar!Harry.


“Hey, guys, can I talk to you all for a moment?” The boys’ boss, Austin, asked them, gesturing to his office. The boys nodded in confusion, and proceeded to Austin’s office.

Austin stayed by the door as the five boys walked into his neat office, and closed the door behind them all. The boys took a seat on the chairs in his office, Louis sitting on Harry’s lap and Niall sitting on Zayn’s while Liam stood.

This was normal, you can’t act shy around anyone. That’s what being a pornstar taught you, if it even taught you anything useful. All of the boys had shot a porn scene with each other at least once, there was no reason to be shy.

“Alright, well, I have a proposition for you all.” Austin started, sitting down behind his desk and folding his arms across his chest. Austin was cute, he had dark green eyes and almost black hair. He was a little tan, and he was only 23 and running the biggest porn website out there, Pornhub.

“What is it?” Liam asked him, leaning on Zayn’s chair. The boys were all staring intently at Austin, quite nervous about what was to come. He never really asked more than two people to come into his office, and that was only to tell them they’d be doing a scene together.

“Well, the business needs a new spark, ya know? Like, yes, the scenes we film are great, but, I think it could be better.” He stated, looking at each of the boys.

“What are you saying?” Zayn chuckled, wanting to get this over with.

“I’m offering for you guys to shoot a scene together.” Austin finally said. Niall slightly gasped, taken aback by the offer.

“What? Together?” Louis furrowed his eyebrows, dumbfounded.

“Yes, together. You’d get a raise of course. But I believe this would be a great scene for our website and bring in a lot of attention and people.” Austin smiled.

“But, that’d be too complicated. Too much to handle.” Liam pointed out.

“We’re going to give you guys a plot where it won’t be. We don’t have it yet, but we do know only one of you are being a bottom. It’s easier that way.” Austin said, nodding.

The boys sat in silence for a moment, glancing at each other and pondering their thoughts. They would get a raise, and that was good. Even though they didn’t need any extra money. They had more than enough.

“Okay.” Harry muttered, nodding.

The boys looked at him all at once, and he shrugged, wrapping his arms around Louis’ waist. Louis then nodded himself, “Yeah, alright.” He almost whispered, nodding himself.

Niall sighed and nodded, shrugging and nibbling at his lip. All eyes were on Liam and Zayn basically, and Zayn huffed and breathed out, “Fine, fine.”

Liam was hesitant, he usually wasn’t, but this time he was. He looked at the pros and cons, and honestly there weren’t any cons. Everything was fine, nothing too risky.

“Yeah, whatever.” Liam mumbled, and the rest of the boys smiled.

“Great! Okay, first things first we need a good plotline.” He said, smiling widely.

“Who’s going to bottom?” Harry asked, looking around.

“Who has the biggest dick?” Austin started out.

“Liam.” The boys muttered all at once. Liam chuckled.

Louis softly groaned, “I was limping for days.” He mumbled.

“Okay, then, he’s out. Who usually is top? Harry, you top, don’t you?” Austin said, pondering his thoughts.

“Yes, not with certain people though, like Liam, but most of the time yes.” He stated.

“Okay, then you’re out. Um, Zayn we’ll put you out as well. I think Louis and Niall have that twink look to them, don’t you think?” Austin nodded slightly.

“Yes.” Zayn laughed and squeezed Niall’s hips, pulling him back against his chest. Niall pouted.

“I do not!” Louis argued.

“Louis, you act like you’re a virgin every time you do a scene, and you constantly have that pout on your lips.” Harry rolled his eyes.

“No I don’t!” He stated.

“Louis, I think we all can clearly agree you moan too easily and have an innocent face. You’re a twink babe.” Zayn winked.

Austin laughed, “Alright, well, we can change it and have you both bottom?” Austin offered, looking at Niall and Louis’ seemingly innocent faces.

Niall shrugged, and placed his face in Zayn’s neck, closing his eyes. Zayn ran a hand up and down Niall’s back gently, smiling at the boy.

Louis shook his head, “I refuse.” He said, feeling intimidating. But in reality he looked like a puppy who thinks he’s tough.

Liam rolled his eyes, “Louis just say yes. You know you want to.” Louis shook his head again, closing his eyes and crossing his arms with a ‘Hmph.’

The boys let out frustrated sighs, but Harry held up a finger, signalling for them to wait a minute. He leant down to Louis’ ear, brushing his lips past his earlobe.

“If you say yes I’ll get Zayn to have a threesome with us.” He whispered, before kissing below his ear. Louis visibly shivered, and felt his pants tighten. He became hot all of a sudden, and he immediately nodded.

“O-okay.” He whispered, his voice quivering. Harry smirked, and leaned back in his chair, sending a wink to Zayn, who raised his eyebrows.

“Then it’s settled.” Austin clapped, smiling brightly.


The scene and the plan was all put together. Zayn, Liam, and Harry would leave, and Niall and Louis would start to heavily make out on the bed and get caught by the three, leading to hardcore sex.

The boys were on board with it. It wasn’t anything unusual, or out of the ordinary. They’ve all seen each other naked, they’ve all fucked at least once, it was natural. Louis has been a pornstar for longer than the others, famous for his big and round bum and the innocent twink look he had.

Then came Liam. When Liam first came they immediately had him and Louis do a scene together, as someone small like Louis would be an awesome fuck for a buff guy like Liam. Louis would never admit it, but he loved it.

Then there was Harry, who was famous for his chocolate curls and charming smile. He brought in a lot of viewers, and did good with anyone he was paired with. Then it was Zayn, who only joined two years ago. He was great for the business, his looks getting him much attention.

And last but not least came Niall, he came this year, and he first did a scene with Zayn, and they’ve been attached at the hip since. Being a pornstar really meant no committed relationships between others, and Niall followed that rule, as did the others.

It was like they were friends with benefits, constantly doing scenes, and pleasuring each other. They loved it, and they could never possibly get enough of each other.

There were different scenes you could do. There were many. There was the classic bed sex, which the boys did mostly, there was shower sex, that Niall and Louis had done together due to them both having an innocent look, and what better than having two innocent twinks fuck each other in a shower?

It was one of Niall’s first scenes, and he bottomed out due to his inexperience. They set up different kinky scenes like an office, and kitchen counter sex, which Louis and Harry had the pleasure of doing.

They had a few plots with some talking involved, and a few where the top had to be incredibly dominant and demanding. They were all good actors, and they could mostly take on anything they were asked to do, with a few exceptions.

The boys were getting ready for their scene, going through hair and makeup, and outfits. They had on natural outfits, all wearing skinny jeans that they made sure would be easy to remove, and Louis and Niall wearing loose shirts that would help them look inexperienced and small.

They were all shaved to perfection, almost no hair on any of their bodies anywhere, except for their faces and actual hair of course. They had to maintain a healthy diet, to keep their flat stomachs and abs in check. Plus, the smaller you were the easier it’d be to shift positions.

“Okay, are we all ready?” Austin clapped and ran through the dressing room. The boys nodded and looked at each other, Liam, Zayn, and Harry had secret packets of condoms and lube in their pockets, while Louis and Niall had nothing in theirs.

They admitted to themselves they were excited, they’ve never done more than a threesome, and those were always fun.

“Alright, alright, places please!” Austin directed, and the same teo cameramen switched on their cameras, getting ready. They never shot a scene with more than three people for the crew, so they didn’t have unwanted distractions and it wasn’t awkward for the stars.

Niall and Louis laid down on the neat and magazine-like bed, Niall straddling Louis’ hips as if they’ve done this a million times. They had bored looks on their faces, and they were more than ready. Liam, Zayn, and Harry stood off to the side, with their arms crossed and Zayn and Liam seemed to be in a conversation.

This was all ordinary, they didn’t need to watch, and that was the best part. How natural it all looked, how real they made it seem. They were really high up in the porn community, and they all worked hard to get there.

“Are you guys ready?” Austin said, standing by the door to the exit, getting ready to leave when the scene started. They didn’t need to be directed through a scene, they knew what they were doing. Louis and Niall nodded, and Niall licked his bubblegum pink lips.

“Okay. Make sure you guys kiss slowly, tease the audience. Use a bit of tongue too, yeah?” Austin winked, nodding his head. Louis and Niall nodded, shrugging.

“Alright, start, and the cameras will roll when they’re ready.” Austin sing-songed and quickly left. Louis chuckled and grabbed Niall’s hips, bringing his lips and body down on his own. Niall relaxed into the kiss, and noticeably stuck his tongue into Louis’ mouth, by now they knew the cameras were rolling.

Louis and Niall’s tongues swirled together heavily, colliding and trying to dominate one another. Louis started touching Niall’s body, knowing that the audience would appreciate it.

His hands trailed down Niall’s hips, and he grabbed his bum between his hands, making Niall groan softly and start to squirm. Louis smirked against Niall’s lips and bit his lip, pulling on it and making his lips pinker than before.

Niall licked at Louis’ lip, and he could see the boys watching intently from beside them, waiting for the moment to come into the camera shot. Niall started to grind his hips onto Louis’, and ran his hands up Louis’ shirt.

Louis chuckled slightly against Niall’s lips, “You’re so eager,” He mumbled, not exactly wanting the cameras to catch it. Niall softly giggled and rubbed Louis’ sides, attaching their lips again. When things started to get heated again, and Louis started to trail kisses down Niall’s neck, Harry was quick to react and signal for Zayn and Liam to come on.

Liam nodded and looked at the camera, that was facing away from where they were standing. Harry nodded and started to laugh and talk about a random topic while “walking into the room.” Liam and Zayn followed his lead, laughing and going along with what he was saying.

Niall and Louis pretended to be surprised, and pulled away in a panicky manner. Harry pretended to be shocked himself, and stopped laughing suddenly, followed by Liam and Zayn. The cameras changed so all the boys were in one shot.

Liam crossed his arms and pretended to be disappointed, “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” He tsked, shaking his head.

Louis was quick to react, “Um, I-I-” He pretended to stutter, but inwardly he was smirking. Harry smirked, but was really rolling his eyes at his attempt at innocence.

Zayn stepped closer to the pair on the bed, and he grabbed Louis’ chin, forcing him to meet his eyes, “I think you need a punishment.” Zayn whispered seductively, and Louis’ hands tightened on Niall’s hips and he tried not to moan at the thought. Niall shivered at the touch and tugged at Louis’ shirt.

“What do you think guys?” Zayn winked at Harry and Liam, urging them over to him. They nodded, Harry walking around the bed and getting Niall’s attention while Zayn held on to Louis’. Liam crawled on the huge bed and started to fiddle with Louis’ belt buckle.

Harry smirked and pressed his lips to Niall’s suddenly, and Niall slowly inched his hands from under Louis’ shirt and wrapped them around Harry’s neck. Meanwhile Zayn was slowly seducing Louis into his trap.

Niall and Harry’s tongues swirled together and Niall was quick to let Harry dominate him. Harry grabbed Niall’s hips and lifted him off Louis’ body with ease, and Niall wrapped his legs around Harry’s waist.

At this point the boys totally forgot about the cameras and were just thinking about each other and sex. As soon as Niall’s body was off of Louis’, Louis whimpered. Zayn tilted his head to the side and looked to the pair making out against the wall.

Zayn looked back at Louis who looked like a kid who got caught in the cookie jar. He hadn’t meant to let that whimper escape, but he did.

“You want Niall, yeah?” Zayn said huskily into Louis’ ear. Louis only whimpered again and gave a barely noticeable nod. Liam chuckled at the needy boy while unzipping Louis’ pants and tugging them down his tan and smooth legs.

“Harry?” Zayn muttered, catching the boy’s attention. Harry turned around with swollen lips and messy hair, he was holding up Niall by his thighs and Niall leant his head back on the wall due to impatience.

“Hm?” Harry hummed, smirking at the needy looking boys in the room.

“Bring Niall over.” Zayn nodded to Louis on the bed who was bucking his hips into Liam’s hands that were teasingly running down his body and over his bulge.

Whimpers and barely audible pleads left Louis’ mouth, and Harry nodded, getting ahold of Niall’s thighs and bringing him to the bed.

“No touching.” Zayn pointed out to the two boys, and they whined and pouted at the two words. Louis grabbed the sheets between his hands, and kissed Niall desperately, who was laying on top of him and holding up his body with his arms.

Zayn watched intently, making sure Louis’ hands didn’t go near Niall’s body. Niall and Louis kissed roughly, tongues clashing together and fighting for dominance. Niall won, surprisingly, and he deepened the kiss, tilting his head to the side.

Liam was teasingly slipping his fingers under Louis’ waist band, tracing the smooth skin, making Louis shiver. Finally he tugged down his boxers and threw them to the floor, attaching his lips around Louis’ leaking tip.

Louis immediately moaned and his hands shot up to grip at Niall’s hips. Zayn tsked and grabbed his hands and placed them to his sides. Louis whimpered into Niall’s mouth and Niall kissed him harder, trying to distract him from the scenery.

Meanwhile Harry roughly pulled Niall’s jeans and boxers down his legs and slapped at his milky ass, making it red. Niall moaned and pulled back from the kiss, placing his head into Louis’ neck. Louis’ moans then erupted from his throat as Liam hollowed his cheeks around Louis’ hard member and swirled his tongue expertly.

Zayn pulled off his shirt, tossing it to the side. Harry pulled Niall’s jeans fully off his legs, and started to massage his ass with his hands. Niall whimpered and attached his lips to Louis’ neck to get himself to shut up. Louis’ arms spoke faster than his mind and they once again shot up to Niall’s hips and under his shirt.

Louis moaned and tilted his head to the side for Niall to continue his actions.

“Stop touching, Lou.” Zayn muttered before grabbing his wrists and placing his hands underneath his back. Louis huffed and made eye contact with Harry, who was taking lube out of his pocket and tearing the packet open with his teeth.

Louis’ chest was rising and falling heavily, his breaths echoing throughout the room. Liam continued to suck at Louis’ member, the tip hitting the back of his throat. Louis’ moans were nonstop coming out of his mouth, and he looked to be in a daze, his eyes glazed over and cheeks flushed, and they weren’t even halfway done.

Zayn shifted his body towards Liam, and he started to help with sucking Louis off. Louis moaned loudly at the feeling of two boys sucking on him. Niall suddenly moaned loudly, more of a cry than anything, and he bit down on Louis’ shoulder, making Louis shiver.

Louis looked down at Harry, who seemed to have a finger or two in Niall’s tight hole. Harry smirked and pressed his fingers in farther, knuckle deep. Both boys were breathing heavily, and they just wanted to be fucked.

Niall kissed Louis hard, immediately pushing his tongue inside his mouh to keep them both quiet. Louis kissed back the best he could and ran a hand up Niall’s back, but Zayn was quick to grab his hands and hold them to his sides. Louis groaned and was slowly getting fed up with the no touching rule.

Harry pumped in and out of Niall slowly, scissoring just a bit. Niall occasionally moaned, he wasn’t one to do much moaning or reacting. But Louis was a different story, he was loud, which got him more viewers most of the time. His moans were probably the sexiest things your ears could ever hear.

Niall leaned down to kiss Louis, but just when Louis was about to kiss back he leaned back up higher than his mouth could reach, a smirk on his face.

Louis whimpered, “Stop teasing.” He breathed out, his breath shaky. He felt Zayn chuckle against his member, making his hips buck. He caught a glimpse of Liam taking a packet of lube out, and he braced himself. He focused on getting Niall’s attention, rather than the pain he was about to feel.

Harry pulled off his shirt, and tossed it to the floor followed by his pants and boxers. He rolled on a condom before lubing it up and right before he placed it to Niall’s entrance Louis’ hands grabbed Niall’s neck and forced his lips upon his. Niall moaned at the contact and the feeling of Harry going deep inside him.

Liam lubed up his fingers and immediately slipped two in Louis’ tight hole. Louis’ cries went throughout the room and he lifted his legs, pushing his thick thighs as close to his body as he could get. Zayn watched Liam finger Louis while pumping Louis’ member.

Harry thrusted into Niall’s tight entrance, and his hands held onto his hips. Niall’s body rocked to back and forth the speed of Harry’s thrusts, and he tried to kiss Louis to distract him.

Niall could usually handle anything within sex, and literally anything, without being too loud or moaning. But Louis couldn’t, and Niall knew that, so he kissed Louis deeply, swirling his tongue with his.

Zayn stripped himself of all of his clothing, and started pumping his hard-on while kissing down Liam’s neck as he fingered the squirming boy beneath him. Louis’ member was left deserted, and he focused on Niall’s kisses.

Harry started to pound into Niall harder, hitting his prostate each time. Niall moaned pretty loudly— surprisingly— and dipped his head down into Louis’ neck. Louis took his hands and slipped Niall’s shirt off, Niall doing the same to Louis.

Liam stripped off his clothes and kicked them to the side, opening the condom and slipping it on, as Zayn did the same. Zayn looked to Liam nodded, before they both pushed into Louis’ entrance at once. Louis’ muffled screams echoed around the room and he came right then and there. Liam smirked and thrusted at the same pace as Zayn.

Louis had tears dripping down his face, that Niall kissed away before pecking his lips softly. Niall reached and dipped his finger in Louis’ cum that was rested on his tummy, and he sucked it off his finger, moaning at the taste.
“Fuck, Liam.” Louis moaned into Niall’s hair, clenching his eyes shut and whimpers leaving his mouth.

Niall and Louis had always been caring to one another when it came to sex. They all had feelings, but Niall and Louis showed them the best. Niall knew Louis was delicate, and he probably felt like his ass was being wripped apart. Niall wanted to reassure Louis that they were going through it all together.

Harry pulled out of Niall, and pulled Niall off of Louis’ body and to his, Niall wrapping his legs around Harry’s waist before Harry roughly shoved into Niall just like that. Niall threw his head back and gripped at the sheets, slightly moaning.

Louis whimpered at the thought of Niall leaving him, and reached out to hold onto his shoulder, just comforted by the fact he was there, “Niall.” He whimpered, his voice quivering.

Louis collapsed back into the pillows and closed his eyes, trying to hold back tears as Zayn and Liam pounded into him at the same time.

Liam was big, way bigger than most people’s dicks. And it was always painful, no matter who he had sex with, they were going to limp afterwards. They were directly hitting Louis’ prostate, and he whimpered loudly, his chest going up and down fast with his heavy breaths.

Zayn moaned as he came into the condom, and he pulled out of Louis, pulling it off and throwing it to the side. Louis sighed to have at least some time to breathe, but at the same time Liam was still thrusting.

Harry was almost close himself, and he dug his nails into Niall’s hips, thrusting a few more times before coming into his condom. Niall moaned at the warm sensation in his hole, and he came onto his stomach. Harry smirked and ran his finger through it, sucking it off.

Niall collapsed onto the bed, his head resting on Louis’ stomach and his hair getting into his cum. He could care less though. Zayn walked over to Harry and kissed him deeply, and Harry grabbed his hips in return, kissing him back with more force. Niall whined at the sight, and Louis ran a shaky hand through Niall’s hair.

Liam finally came into his condom, and he pulled out of Louis, making Louis breath out and whine a little. Louis was like a delicate puppy, this was new to him— not being fucked of course but, double penetration. Louis rest his legs down, and relaxed, tugging on strands of Niall’s hair.

“We need a little more guys.” One of the cameramen spoke, putting down his camera. Louis’ eyes widened and he shook his head.

“No, please.” Louis shook his head rapidly. He couldn’t take anymore.

“Niall, ride Louis.” Liam ordered, nodding toward Louis. Niall gasped quietly, and he shook his head.

“No, I can’t.” He mumbled sleepily.

“Oh c’mon, Louis got way more than you. You can do it.” Liam rolled his eyes.

Niall paused, and he blinked tiredly, before nodding.

“Okay.” He looked really tired, as did Louis. They really just wanted to sleep. Niall shifted and straddled Louis’ lap, and he situated himself. The cameras started rolling again, and when Hary realized this he got on his knees and started to suck Zayn off, making Zayn moan suddenly and tug at Harry’s curls.

Liam kissed Zayn, giving some more action to the camera. Meanwhile Niall slowly sunk down onto Louis’ member, clenching his eyes shut as he did so. Louis stayed where he was, watching Niall carefully in case he was hurting too bad.

When Niall got all the way down on Louis, he started to slowly lift his body and grind back down. Louis didn’t do anything, he let Niall go at his own pace in fear of hurting him.

“Move your hips Louis.” Niall mumbled through clenched teeth as he continued to go down on Louis. Louis raised his eyebrows and grabbed Niall’s hips, proceeding to move his hips at Niall’s pace.

Louis angled himself a bit, knowing where Niall’s prostate was. He pushed his hips up, and Niall moaned a bit loud. After a few more thrusts Louis came into Niall and Niall gasped, remembering they didn’t use a condom.

“Fuck.” Niall muttered. Niall moaned with his mouth closed, and he got off of Louis and collapsed next to him, cuddling into his side with cum dripping out of his worn hole.

“-and cut!” Austin’s voice was heard from the other side of the room. Liam, Zayn, and Harry broke apart, and Harry fell onto the bed himself.

“Oh my fucking God.” He breathed. Louis groaned and rubbed Niall’s back, trying hard not to move anything below his waist.

“I won’t be able to walk for weeks, what the fuck.” Louis mumbled.

“I’m sorry.” Liam mumbled, chuckling.

“Oh fuck you Liam.” Louis snapped.

“You already have! Multiple times.” He winked.

“You were being extra needy today Lou.” Harry giggled.

“Shut up.” Louis grumbled tiredly.

“He’s right. Someone hasn’t been fucked in a while.” Niall poked Louis’ chest and Louis rolled his eyes.

“It was really hot though.” Zayn whispered under his breath, and Liam nodded and chuckled himself.

“That was great guys! How do you feel?” Austin asked, smiling.

“Like shit.” Niall and Louis mumbled at the same time.

“I feel fine.” Liam mumbled.

“Same.” Zayn chuckled.

“Tired.” Harry’s voice rasped, a sigh escaping his lips after.

“Well, you guys can sleep in here, I don’t care. You deserve it after all that.” Austin nodded.

“Oh thank God.” Niall muttered before wrapping his arms around Louis’ waist and resting his head on Louis’ chest, closing his eyes.

“Well I’m fine, so I’m going to go get a shower.” Liam said before heading toward the door. Zayn nodded and followed.

Austin nodded himself and followed after Zayn, closing the door to the room.

“How much you wanna bet Liam and Zayn are gonna have shower sex?” Harry turned his head to look at Louis.

“Thirty pounds.” Louis giggled, but immediately stopped and winced, his abdomen triggering pains in his ass.

“Fifty.” Harry suggested.

“Fine,” Louis paused, “When am I getting the threesome you promised?” Louis smirked.

“Whenever you want it.” Harry giggled and pecked Louis’ lips.

“Go to fucking sleep, Jesus Christ.” Niall mumbled against Louis’ chest. Harry giggled and Louis smiled, kissing Niall’s forehead.

Louis flipped over and spooned Niall, securely wrapping an arm around his waist. Harry smiled at the two and wrapped an arm around Louis’ waist as well, all of them soon falling into a deep sleep.


This is all over the place, wow.


Jealous- Harry Styles Imagine

Anonymous said: Can you write a Harry imagine where Y/N is a famous actress and she’s dating Harry and she is receiving an award for best kiss with her co-star and Harry gets jealous? I love your imagines. They are awesome sauce.

thanks, Love!

“Baby, are you ready to go?” You turned around to see Harry leaning against the doorframe. You smiled and nodded. You picked up your clutch and your phone and walked up to Harry. “Well don’t you look gorgeous?” He smiled, wrapping an arm around your waist and the other hand caressing your cheek.

You were dressed in a red cut-out skater dress with black ankle boots. Gold cross bracelet finishing the outfit. Hair curled and makeup perfectly done.

You grinned and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Thanks,” you pecked his nose. “And you look hot,”  you winked. He was dressed in black skinnies with a black button down shirt topped off with a black blazer and black boots.

He smirked before ducking forward to place a kiss on your lips. “Mm,” you hummed before pulling away. You giggled when you saw his lips were now red because of your lipstick. You wiped his lips with your thumb. “Got a little lipstick on your lips. ” you mumbled.

“S'okay,” he shrugged before placing another kiss on your lips. You smiled and pulled away once again. He smiled and wiped his lips with his thumb this time. He pecked your nose become grabbing your hand that was wrapped around his neck.

“Let’s go.”

• •

“Y/N!” You turned around and saw the boys walking up to you guys. You grinned and let go of Harry’s hand to hug the boys.

“hello, boys.” You pulled Niall into a hug first before hugging Liam, then Louis last.

“Hi, love,” Liam kissed your cheek and smiled. “You’re looking gorgeous tonight,”

“Thanks, Li,”

“Harold, how are you, mate?” Niall patted Harry on the back become shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Niall, you saw me, like, five hours ago,” Harry chuckled.

Niall shrugged. “Yeah, yeah. Okay, don’t tell me how you’re doing.”

“I’m doing good, Niall.” Harry said before wrapping his an arm around your waist, kissing your temple. “You okay?” Him mumbled against your temple.

“Great,” you grinned.

Harry took your hand in his before pulling you to your seats. “Let’s go sit down, the shows ‘bout to start.”

• •

You were seated next to Harry when the show started. Your hands were intertwined together, resting on his lap.

“Hello, Los Angeles!” Danica mckellar said through the microphone. “It’s a pleasure to be here tonight to present the best kiss award!” Everyone cheered and clapped. “Now, here are our five nominees,”

The top five nominees for best kiss was- the amazing spider-man, Emma stone and Andrew Garfield. Fifty shades of grey, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. The fault in our stars, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. Captain America, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. Then your movie with Logan Lerman.

“And the winner is-,” Danica opened the envelope and grinned. “Y/N Y/L/N and Logan Lerman!”

Everyone clapped and cheered. Harry kissed your hand before letting it go. You stood up and walked up the stage where Logan stood with the award in his hands.

You walked up to Danica and kissed her cheek before standing next to Logan who hugged and kissed your cheek.

“Would you like to speak?” Logan asked, pointing towards the microphone.

You nodded. “Uh-hi. Wow um- I don’t know what to say, really. Uh- thanks for everyone who voted and everyone who made this movie happen,” you breathed out before continuing, “I’d also like to thank my co-star, Logan, for this award. Without that kiss, this wouldn’t be in my hands. So thank you! And thank you guys once again! Goodnight!”

You and Logan were escorted backstage after you finished with your speech. You turned around and hugged Logan.

“Take the award home with you,” you heard Logan say.

You pulled away and grinned. “Are you sure?” You asked.

He nodded. “Yeah, of course,” he nodded. “Know lets get back to our seats. ”

• •

When you walked back to your seat, you tried to grab Harry’s hand, but he would just move his hand. You frowned, but didn’t say anything.

The show was coming to an end and you couldn’t be happier.

“Have a goodnight, Los Angeles.” The announcer said through the microphone

You jumped out of your seat and looked down to see Harry standing up slowly.

“Harry,” you said softly, putting a hand on his shoulder. He shrugged your hand off. You ignored the pang in your heart. “Harry, baby, we’ve been over this. ”

“Doesn’t matter,” he mumbled. He walked passed you and towards Ed.

“What’s up with him?” Louis asked when he was standing in front of you.

You sighed. “He’s jealous. ”

Louis laughed and shook his head. “That boy, I swear. ” he mumbled.

“Tell me about it,” you muttered. “Well, I’m going to go talk to him. Bye boys. ” you waved at the boys and walked towards Harry who was talking to Ed.

“Hey, Y/N, congratulations on the award,” Ed said, hugging you.

You smiled. “Thanks, Ed. ”

“Well, I’ll leave you two lovebirds. ” and with that, Ed walked towards the boys.

You walked around Harry to stand in front of him to see his brows furrowed and his bottom lip jutted out.

“Harry,” you sighed. “C'mon, don’t be jealous. I already told you that it was just for a scene. That’s all. No feelings for Logan. ”

“Heard that,” you turned around and saw Logan walking past you with a grin on his face.

“Sorry, Logan.” You chuckled.

“Mhm, no feelings. ” Harry muttered before crossing his arms over his chest.

“For fucks sake, styles,” you wanted to stop your foot like a five year old kid who didn’t get what they wanted, but you refrained. “I love you and only you. It’s just a peck, that’s all. It only happened once. I told you that there was a kissing scene before we filmed the movie. We already had this talk. ”

“I know,” Harry muttered. “I just don’t like it when someone kisses you, is all.”

“It was only Logan,”

He scoffed. “And other people from your past movies. ”

“Harry, we’ve been together for two years, stop being so damn jealous,”

“Okay, okay,” he sighed. “I’m sorry. ”

You rolled your eyes. You knew he was still jealous, but he’ll get over it. “Yeah, yeah. Now, guess what?” You grinned.

“What?” He grumbled.

You grinned. “I won my first award!” You shrieked.

Harry couldn’t help but grin at how excited you are about getting your first award. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pecked your lips. “you did,” he nodded. “And I’m proud of you. Even if it was for kissing someone. More like snogging.”

You slapped his chest before you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around and smiled when you saw Andrew Garfield and Emma stone standing in front of you.

“Hi, we just wanted to say congratulations,” Emma grinned before pulling you in a hug.

“Thanks,” you pulled away and hugged Andrew.


“Thanks.” You grinned.

“Alright, well, we’ll leave you two,” Emma said before leaving.

“Oi, Y/N,” you rolled your eyes and turned around to see Niall walking up to you, the boys trailing behind him. “Forgot to congratulate you,” he hugged you and kissed your cheek.

“Aw, thanks Niall,” you pulled away and kissed his cheek.

“Congratulations, love,”

You hugged Liam and Louis and kissed their cheeks. You wrapped your arms around Harry. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and kissed your temple.

You looked at the boys to see your lipstick on their cheeks.

“I should really stop kissing people,” you mumbled.

“You should,” Harry mumbled.


“I know, I love you. ”

You smiled. “And I love you.”

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okayyyy so, i'd be really happy if you write a blurb where harry and y/n is best friends since xfactor and y/n is a professional guitarist, and she becomes 1d's guitarist and then they realize their feelings for each other when theyre on tour together?? thank youu ❤️

Ok so I think this will be a two-parter (or maybe more?? idk yet). I think there’s more to this story than just a blurb. So here’s Part 1:

Heartstrings - Part 1

I need to talk to you

You must have stared at the text for ten minutes. Harry never said he needed to talk to you. He just talked. Whenever, wherever. The most he might do is ask if you were busy before immediately going into what he wanted to talk about. Even if you were busy, he knew you’d get back to him when you could.

But this…this wasn’t him. This wasn’t light-hearted, cheeky Harry Styles that you’d known since he was sixteen. The best friend, the confidant. The one person who could make you laugh even when you were at the lowest of the low. This? This was a serious text.

The truth was, you had started to develop feelings for Harry. Feelings that surpassed those of mere friendship. It had started out as a little flutter in your chest about a year ago when you’d gone to his house to hang out. You’d watched a movie that was one of his favorites but you’d never seen, and you were enthralled by his enthusiasm. You’d sat on the sofa next to him, your legs tucked underneath you as you watched his mouth while he spoke. Then your eyes travelled down the length of his body, his torso and long legs both clad in all black. You’d blinked and shook your head. This was your best friend. When you’d gotten home that night, lying in bed and thinking of Harry in a different light, you dismissed it as a crush. That was all it was. It would go away.

One year later, and it hadn’t gone away. In fact, the feelings were stronger. But you resolved never to let him know.

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Summary: Zayn is Niall’s sugar daddy except Niall doesn’t want Zayn for his money, it’s clear with his minutely outbursts of compliments and I-love-you’s that Niall really does love Zayn for him, and the feeling is mutual.

Word Count: 7,946

Warnings: public sex (you’ll be surprised to know where), buttsex, fluff, domestic boyfriends sigh, sugardaddy!zayn, younger!niall, DADDY!KINK sorry i had to

A/N: For Megan bc she’s my main girl and she’s thirsty for sugardaddy ziall fics also good luck on your exams bae

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#74 Bad boy AU

So this is basically about him being a total badass but then, when he’s around you, he’s sweet and kind.

Louis: “It’s a good thing you’re studying to be a nurse, huh?” Louis chuckled, trying to lighten the mood as he sat on the counter in the small bathroom. You glared at him as you rinsed the rag that you had used to clean up the blood off his side. Tonight, Louis was stupid enough to pick a fight, not knowing that the person he had chosen was concealing a knife in his back pocket. Niall and Harry rushed him home as soon as possible, knowing that if they took him to the hospital they would find out he was high which would violate his probation and send him straight back to jail. “You’re just lucky that he only managed to graze your side with that knife. If he actually managed to stab you, you’d have no choice but to go to the hospital.” You rung out the rag before you sanitized the area. Louis flinched slightly due to the stinging that he felt added onto the original pain that he managed to hide. He didn’t want you to actually know just how much pain he was in because he wanted you to think of him as your protector and he didn’t want him being a wimp to affect that. “But,” He reached up, his hand resting on your jaw as his thumb caressed your cheek. “I have the perfect girlfriend who’s taking care of me.” Just as you finished bandaging him up, he hopped down from the counter, once again, ignoring the pain as he moved and pushed you against the door. “So, so perfect.” As much as you tried to be mad at Louis, you couldn’t. When his forehead was pressed against yours and his blue eyes meet yours, it was over. You stood on your toes and pushed your lips against his. He may be a giant idiot at times but at least you know that he’ll always be your idiot.  

Liam: “Y/n,” Liam said, pushing you behind him. “Go up to our room. I don’t want you to get hurt.” “Aww, c'mon Liam.” Scott laughed, enjoying how anger he could make Liam just by mentioning what he could do to you. “I just thought I’d drop by to pay you a visit.” “We don’t fucking want you here. You’re not welcome here, Scott. Louis, take y/n upstairs. I don’t want her to see this.” Liam’s eyes never left Scott, almost as if he was making sure that Scott didn’t move until you were somewhere safe. Louis took your hand, attempting to pull you towards the stairs but you resisted and grabbed onto the back of Liam’ shirt to keep him close. “If you don’t want me to see this, then don’t do it. You don’t have to do this, Liam. Just make him leave then come upstairs with me.” You knew that pleading with him wouldn’t help but you decided to try it anyways. The boys had told you just how scary Liam could become but you had never witnessed it since he managed to control himself around you, always claiming that you calmed him. “I need to do this, y/n. If I let him get away, this will never end; he’ll just keep coming back and I need to keep you safe. Just go with Louis.” You lost your will when you realized that nothing would persuade him when he truly believe that he had to protect you. You followed Louis up the stairs and declined his offer of staying with you. Crashes and bangs could be heard from downstairs and you were honestly surprised that the cops hadn’t been called due to noise complaints. What seemed like an eternity, although it was probably only 20 minutes, Liam enter the room, instantly flopping down beside you. Before you could even open your mouth to question him, he pressed his lips to yours to silence you. “It’s okay, sweetheart. Everything’s okay.”

Niall: “Don’t fucking touch her.” He growled, watching as Dylan held his grip tightly around your neck, barely allowing you enough room to breathe but, luckily, it was still possible. “Oh c'mon, Niall. When we finally heard that you got yourself a girl, we couldn’t believe it. Just let us rough her up a bit; you’ll get her back when we’re done.” You thought that you had known what you were getting into when you decided to become Niall’s girlfriend but practically becoming a hostage to Niall’s enemy wasn’t exactly what you had expected. “This isn’t fucking funny, Dylan. If you don’t let her go, I swear to fucking god I’ll-” “You’ll what?” He interrupted Niall, his grip slightly tightening on your neck, causing you to reach up to grasp his hand in hopes that you could loosen it a bit. “I know that you won’t actually do anything when I have y/n’s life in the grip of my hands. You wouldn’t want her life to end just because you decided to do something stupid, would you?” Niall’s face paled, knowing just how true that statement was but he needed to save you. Niall knew how heartless Dylan was and that he would have no trouble ending your life just to break Niall. “Niall.” You choked out, Dylan’s hand tightening when you spoke, causing you to shut your eyes in attempt to shut out the pain. “Anything. I’ll do anything. Just let her go. She doesn’t deserve to get dragged into this shit. She’s innocent.” Niall pleaded, seeing that there was no other way to save you. At this point, Niall didn’t care if he was making a fool out of himself but Harry and Liam were taking too long and if anything happened to you because he was screwing around, he’d never forgive himself. “Exactly. That’s why I like her, Niall. I want to be the one to destroy her innocence. You obviously see something in her so I’d like to find out what that is. Maybe,” He kept one hand on your neck as his other slipped down before it slid up the hem of your shirt. “I’ll just have to take off some of these clothes to see what you see.” By now, tears were rushing down your face and the lack of oxygen was making you dizzy, the last thing you could remember before you blacked out was someone pushing Dylan back. His grip was lost, clearly not expecting someone to attack him from behind, and you fell into, who you assumed to be, Niall’s arms. “I have you.” The familiar voice whispered into your ear and you felt some of his tears fall onto your cheek. “You’re alright, baby. I’m so sorry that had to happen. You deserve so much better…”

Zayn: “Don’t leave here." Zayn whispering, pulling you close to him so that you could hear him despite the noise of the club. "I’ll be right back; just don’t move.” Pressing a quick kiss to your forehead, he slipped out of the booth to follow Liam and Louis to the back room. As he was halfway through the crowd, he turned back to look at you and smiled when he saw that you had listened to him. Honestly, you would’ve been stupid to disobey him because Zayn might not always have the best motives but he always had what was best for you in his mind. You sipped on your drink but you froze when you heard the gunshots. Everyone seemed to panic and, despite the fact that almost everyone there was drunk, they all seemed to panic and push their way towards the door. You instantly stood up, your heart seemed to stop as you looked for Zayn, fearing the worst. You shrieked when a pair of hands rested on your hips and turned around to punch the man, just like Zayn had taught you, but froze when you saw your boyfriend behind you. “I got you, baby.” He muttered into your ear, moving in front of you to lead you through the crowd quickly and safely. As soon as you were out, he pulled you into a back alley so that you were out of sight. “Are you okay? Nothing happened right?” His words were fast which only showed just how worried he was. You ignored your shaking hands as you intertwined them with Zayn’s, instantly feeling a bit more calm since you knew that Zayn was alright. “I’m good. I just-I wanna go home. I can honestly say that I didn’t expect tonight to end up like this…” “Don’t worry. Nobody was hurt tonight. That idiot guard that came with us for our ‘protection’ stupidly fired the gun to scare the others but nobody got hurt, baby. My only concern at the time was that you’d get lost or hurt in that fucking crowd.”

Harry: “Baby.” His voice echoes through the small apartment as he stumbles through the door. He had said that he would be home after midnight which is why you were surprised to see him home so soon. It was only 10:30 but Harry looked absolutely exhausted as he moved into your arms. “Why are you home so soon, Harry?” You weren’t complaining, just curious as to why he’s early. “The deal went through easier than we had thought. Zayn and I were expecting a fight or some shit but none of that happened.” His eyes fluttering closed as he leaned down to bury his face into your neck. Harry’s arms snaked around your waist, making sure that you couldn’t escape his grasp. Suddenly, it was like something clicked for him, causing him to pull back and reach into his back pocket. “Close your eyes.” He said gruffly, to which you obeyed. You felt Harry circle you, lying a cold chain on your neck. “Open.” You turned around instantly, your eyes wide when you realized that he had gotten you a necklace. “Are you gonna go look at it or are you just gonna stare at me.” He spoke with a smirk on his face as he pulled you off to the bathroom, you still being unable to speak. Harry loved to spoil you but it never ceased to awe you whenever he brought you something new and expansive and this, this gold chain with an emerald charm, left you speechless. “You didn’t have to.” You mumbled, your eyes meeting his in the mirror and it was impossible for you to ignore the proud smirk on his face. “No, I didn’t have to. I wanted to. You’re my girl and I want the entire world to know just how much you mean to me.”

“Damn, where the hell did I put it?” The sound of the drawers opening and closing was the thing that caught you attention as you looked up from your magazine, a small smirk playing at your lips. You knew what he was looking for. “Y/N, love - Have yeh seen my embroidered blouse? The black one.” Harry asked, not even bothering to look at you as he continued rummaging through the drawers to find his beloved shirt. 

“You’ve got plenty of embroidered shirts - I’m sure it wouldn’t be too big of a problem finding something else to wear.” You hummed, fingering at a button on your shirt. To be a little more specific - Harry’s shirt. The one he was currently frantically looking for. 

“I know, but I jus’ wanna wear tha’ one today! I wore the white one the other day so I wanna wear the black one today.” Harry groaned frustratedly, reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck. “I swear I ironed it last night and put it right here.” He gestured to the second drawer before moving onto the closet. 

“You’re going out to lunch?” 


“With the boys?” 

“Yep. I promise I’ll be back soon - Plus, I haven’t had lunch with the gang in a while. I asked if you wanted to come..” 

“I know, bu-” Harry’s phone began ringing, cutting you off abruptly. He pulled it out from his back pocket and sighed slightly. 

“Niall!” Harry answered the call, pressing the phone in between his ear and shoulder while he quickly went through the closet. “Yeah, I’ll be there in a bit. Ten minutes, tops- Yes, I know I’m always late, but I jus’ need t’ find my-” Harry turned around, about to ask you to help him find the shirt before he blanked. 

Your were on your knees at the foot of the bed, fingers already undoing the buttons on his shirt you were wearing. You bit your lip, reaching out and tugging Harry closer, a smirk plastered on your face when you noted how dazed he looked with his eyes wide and his lips parted. 

“I can always give you your shirt, but.. You sure you don’t wanna stay home with me?” You purred quietly, sliding your hand up his arm slowly. Harry’s cheeks were already a little pink, his free hand already creeping its way down to cup your bum. You could hear Niall’s voice over the phone, asking continuously why Harry wasn’t speaking. 

“Hey, Ni? I’m gonna need to take a raincheck on lunch today.”


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