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Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind Chapter 11

Chaptered Fic: Chapter 11/?

Rating: Mature. Nsfw in other chapters

Chapter Word Count: 2811 / Full Fic Count: 28690

Summary: Phil is weird in many ways, but there’s one thing about him that is weirder than most. He has the ability to enter people’s dreams. Normally, he just hops into a random friend’s dream and goes along for the ride. Until, that is, the new kid, Dan Howell, comes along. From the moment they meet, Phil can’t stop get him out of is head….. And Dan may have a hard time keeping Phil out of his. Literally.

Warnings:  semi-nightmares, one instance of vague bedwetting (minor character, chapter 1), some language,



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Pettaway Pocket Houses - UACDC

Whoops, time really got away from us with everything we have going on. Expect a flurry of posts this week while we get everything caught up!

So as we promised last time, here are the student home designs for the Pettaway Pocket Neighborhood:

The students developed 6 different house types, ranging from the two-story Two-Faced and Extended Porch types, to the three-story Tower houses.

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