pocket monsters' stadium 2

ihateflying  asked:

Five top games and why

Oh shit ok umm let’s gooo

1. Pokemon. All of them because I’m addicted to the tiny monsters of the pocket. If hard pressed Pokemon stadium 2 is my fave if only for pure nostalgia

2. Rimworld. If I start playing I can’t stop it’s just so good and constantly getting better. The way he difficulty scales to your progress is perfect blend of challenge and fun.

3. Animal crossing new leaf. Carry that shit with me everywhere so may as well put it here.

4. Binding of Isaac After birth. Lots of fun to be had there and it’s a fun game to just pick up and play.

5. Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition Ps2 version. Not only is it a fucking long was title I spent so many hours as a kid and adult playing that shit.