pocket mirrors


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the Most Flawless of Them all?

That would be all the cute babes with these adorable pocket mirrors. Treat yourself, and stay looking your best. ♡.Shop Here.♡


Guess who updated their shop? ~THISSSS GUUUYYYY~
new pocket mirrors are gracing my bigcartel store!
New additions are Babe Alert, Ghost babes and Cutie Bones!
I also only have three of those pizza pocket mirrors and I’m not re-printing them, so if you’ve been eyeing them up nows the time to get them!
I also added four rad new prints and pre-orders on my new comic are still available for a few more days!! good good yes yes!

Click here to visit my bigcartel store!

First of all, I’m very sorry if any character didn’t come out well or has any mistakes. I hope you like them anyway ( ;´Д`)

I wanted to free my mind and do something beside my own game. So I pixeled most of the new horror games’ MCs. I tried to add a lot more, but I’m no professional pixel artist (even amateurish as you can see) and it took a lot more time than I expected.

From left to right:

Oliver & Walter {Hansel} || “Alice” {Pocket Mirror} || Inko {Kago to Torii} || Aria {Aria’s Story} || Tear {Tear} || Hisao {The Haunted World} || Micaiah {Mica: Apoptosis} || Amaka {Midnight Rendezvous} || Flora {Sleep} || Étoile {Ciel Nocturne} || Oz {Kakurenbo}


here’s my table location for ANIME EXPO!! D30! (right by the food…omg how did they know…………)

i’m excited to be selling wallscrolls this year, they’re about 21x31″ and printed on peachskin fabric (★>U<★)

in addition to the new merch shown above, i’ll have lots of mobile cleaners, stickers, buttons, pocket mirrors, and a few copies of my sketchbook. unfortunately, i’ll probably only have a very limited amount of coin purses and eye masks ): sorry!

all purchases of $40 or more get a free postcard pack and your choice of eco tote bags!

i can’t wait to see you cuties there ♥

Brave pocket mirrors!

Made with flyers the Disney store passed out back when the movie came out. I made two. I hand cut the circles and it’s funny how close they came to being EXACTLY the same, just by eye balling them!