pocket mirrors

- Izumi ) Izumi as a smart and practical person would buy Kouhai a charm bracelet and a small round pocket mirror! // He would also give her a self-made present! 

- Yuu )   Snacks and lots of snacks, mostly junk food. He would want Kouhai to grow big and strong in order to protect everyone. // A very big hair bow! So he can have more reason to gush at her cuteness

- Ren )  Ren would be very shy when giving her the set to her favorite movie series. He would pretend he didn’t think much about it, but in fact he had thought about what he would give her months in advance!

- Touya ) A set of markers, colored pencils and a sketch book. Touya would tell Kouhai that he wants to teach her art and that hopefully someday she can make a beautiful piece beside him. Of course, he wants to share a bit of his own world with her. // He might also throw in an abstract painting or water color painting of kouhai!

- Hajime ) Hajime would not only give her a great gift but also an outstanding party. He would buy her a new dress with his hard earned money and tell her to wear it when they next meet out of school! 

-  Reiji ) You know how Hajime planned the party? Reiji was the one who constructed the huge fake cake that confetti shoots out of! As a oke, Rieji gifts kouhai a fire extinguisher so that the next time something goes aflame, she will be there to save the day!

- Shun ) A matching 3DS that kouhai can battle him with. This means that kouhai will spend a lot more time with Shun, and tying to beat him in Super Smash Bros. // Neko 3DS case

- Souma ) He would give kouhai hand made coupons that makes Souma cook dinner for kouhai three times. // He’d also be the one to bake the cake for her birthday!

- Wakatoshi )  Bright blue earrings, maybe not real diamonds but are ethereal nonetheless. He wants kouhai to wear them every day!

-  Makoto ) A one on one session of basketball after school, including a trip to the spa afterwards! // He’d treat kouhai to icecream 

-  Tokiya ) A special dance alone in the gymnasium to whatever song of her choice. A charm necklace as well. 

- Baa ) His gift to kouhai would be a picnic in the park. // A rose with a special note on it or with a small pic of his mascot-less face.

-  Soujiro ) A new blouse and a pair of heels! 

-  Souh ) A day in which kouhai can boss him around as much as she wants. Her own personal servant. 

-  Touru ) A date in the council room for the two themselves, a cup of coffee and a movie projected onto the white wall. // Alone on the school balcony for a quiet “date” away from stress!

-  Hideki ) He would take kouhai to a pet shop and show her all the cute animals. Afterwards he helps her research some of the new breeds. // a small pocket sized item that will encourage kouhai during hard times

- Suzuki )  VIP concert tickets to his own show. 

- Yamato ) A book of songs he’s written for her. 

-  Kyouya ) A somewhat carefree date to the carnival, and he promises to go on as many rides as she wants! // Something to take care of kouhai, such as arm warmers or eye mask so she can sleep well. Also, since he cares for her academically as well, maybe a self-written study guide :)

-  Takeru ) A visit to his parents house where he and kouhai go over their childhood memories. // Scrapbook of all their memories plus pictures that will include what has changed. A hand written letter.

-  Haruka ) He’s done a bit of research and chose to give kouhai makeup and only a few of the best brand. // First aid kit + some refreshing desserts and sorts to help her maintain her health!

- Jean ) Roses. Lots of roses. Some sweet poems and a portrait that Touya helped him make. 

-  Ai ) Movie date! // An expensive glass made heart

- Hinata ) Tickets to the star observatory. A tea date afterwards~ // A charm to ward off any “bad” or harm.

- Sousuke ) A new coat // Something that was carved out of wood! A heart maybe, or an arrow or even a small figure of kouhai

- Kei ) Cute hairpins

- Takahiro ) A purse from her favorie brand. // Discounts and coupons for places he works for

-  Katsuo ) A new swimsuit so they can swim together.

- Ryuu ) A subtle date to a theater show he wants to take you to. He’s not as forward about the date but hints to it anyway, making sure he asks if you have plans. // A birthdaycard. His standoffish personality makes him a bit awkward around others because he doesn’t have much experiencing in socializing! He will probably go all out from searching “how to present” or go with the simple.. “birthday cards.. are for bdays.”

- Kurou ) A pair of pink sandals perfect for summer. // A comedic commentary of all Kouhai’s favorite movies or animations

Contributors: Jjun // Dae


Let’s Play : Pocket Mirror Pt. 1 [ RPGMaker Horror / Puzzle ]


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the Most Flawless of Them all?

That would be all the cute babes with these adorable pocket mirrors. Treat yourself, and stay looking your best. ♡.Shop Here.♡

Pocket Mirror ver. 1.1!

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Various bugs have been fixed as well as a few issues that have been adressed such as the mirror maze chase scene.

The bug fix list is available after the cut.

Thank you for your patience and feedback which has helped us improve Pocket Mirror! Please don’t hesitate to report bugs or issues that may ocurr! ( ^ 0 ^ )

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Announcement! ☾★

Hello everyone! 

We’re making this post to officially announce our game development team Astral Shift! From now on we will be using this name for all of our future projects!

This blog will no longer be dedicated to Pocket Mirror alone and will, instead, serve as our main blog for all of our games and projects! 

We will be making a post soon to clarify more about our team and our goals for the future! 

We will also be announcing our next project, “Little Goody Two Shoes” soon! Please stay tuned for that!

We have changed the domain of our blog to astralshiftpro, but feel free to keep on sending us asks, including asks about Pocket Mirror, since this is now our main blog!

Thank you all for your support up until now and we hope you will keep on cheering us on in the future!  ( ^ 0 ^ )/

anonymous asked:

Hello :) sorry for bothering you, just wanted to ask you when will you be posting your theory on pocket mirror? I'm really ineterested in your take on the story ^v^

It’s not as much as a theory as it is the canon plot plus some speculation on my part as I was a part of the beta testing team and one of the first to figure the plot out.  Fuck it, I”ll post it now since I had it saved for later. 

Edit: forgot to say you’re not bothering me, don’t worry about it! ;w;


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