pocket invader

Inktober Day 28- A perfect addition to my monster theme, fan art of Netflix and the Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things!! Here’s the mysterious 11 vs. the terrifying alien creature that the kids refer to as the “demigorgon!” If you haven’t seen Stranger Things go and do so now! Season two is coming…..!

Not A Usual Mugger [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: evil!barry au where he’s out there doing his thing and he’s about to idk, mug you or do something to you but he kinda just stays in awe with you and starts to flirt

a/n: evil!barry flirtin man sign me the fuck up

It has been a very good day for Mr. Barry Allen. In the span of just a few hours, he had napped a precious piece of art from a new museum just opening in Star City, along with a few small trinkets, and sold them off to another. Then proceeded to use that money for a couple rounds at Saints and Sinners, even though the effects didn’t last that long. The only thing to do now is go back to the safe house; maybe jerk off.

His steel toe black boots scuff on the nasty streets of Central City while he squints around, hands shoved deep in his petticoat pockets. Humming invades his ears and he smirks to himself. He can fit in another crime, he has time. His eyes practically burn holes in the back of your head, following your every move, noticing your gray and electric blue sneakers turn the corner.

Using his superspeed, he pins you up against the brick wall. The bumps and cracks imprint into your back through your jean jacket, which causes you to shift uncomfortably. Barry’s eyes widen, finally getting to admire you from the front. “Geez, if I knew you were this pretty…” he trails off in a chuckle, keeping his hands on your wrists.

A shiver races down your body, feeling smaller than you actually are underneath the man. “Take whatever you want!“ you plead, emptying what little you have in your pockets.

Interesting. Barry clicks his tongue to the top of his mouth, pouting slightly. A smooth finger runs along your jaw. “Whatever I want? Hmm… Does that include you, princess?” You cock your head to the side; eyes squinted and mouth ajar. A gruff laugh explodes from him; his orbs that are similar to a turtle’s back hiding behind pale skin. Almost snow white. “Aren’t you just…sweet?” he hums, closing his mouth next to your cheek, teeth clattering. “I could just eat you up.”

You gulp, taking in his face with explicit detail; high cheekbones holding his big hazel eyes, freckles that barely touch the surface, thick bushy muddy brown eyebrows that look perfectly imperfect. “Please, don’t hurt me. I won’t tell anyone about this.” you promise, hands inching to his chest. They curl in the air, almost grasping his maroon sweater that clings to his thin torso.

His long bony finger twirls your hair, bringing his upturned nose closer. He sniffs, breathing in the amazing scent of your shampoo. Damn, that smells so good to Barry it practically makes his eyes roll back. “I could never hurt someone this beautiful, baby.” he purrs, thin grapefruit pink lips tilting sideways. You scrutinize his body. “Can’t lie though, I was going to, before I saw your face… Tell you what, sweetheart, I,” he motions to himself with both hands, “won’t hurt you,” his pointer finger swipes your cheek, “if,” he emphasizes, “I can see you again. Preferably under… different circumstances.”

“Are you seriously asking me on a date after you just tried to mug me?” you whisper, clearly unsure of what’s going on. Is this guy for real?

He hums in response, creeping closer to you, breath, mixed with the bitter chill of the wind, soothing your skin. “Damn right I am, sugar.” he smirks. You sigh; you’re in over your head. Still, you nod.