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Does being smaller in Night Vale make it even more dangerous for you?

the minature city under lane five can beat me up easier now

I mean they managed it when I was full size but now really they got me–

That is my only request

Cecil, a scientist is always fine

But does that still apply to smaller scientist? what if I just kept you in my pocket? Emergency pocket scientist husband

It still applies, but I am not against a free pocket ride

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Gone from feeling jealous when you notice your significant other staring at another attractive person, to feeling guilty after remembering that you either…

a. Aggressively and frequently engage in sexual fantasies about one or more animated character.

b. Draw smutty pics of those characters. (bonus points if you bury them in your sketchbook so they can’t be found.)

c. Spend hours looking for and saving smutty pics of those characters.

d. Spend hours reading 18+ self-insert fan fiction.


Heyyyaaa can I get a scenario with taeyong when we have twin baby girls and he comes back after some long tour and sees them and you can also put smut in there if u want it’s up to you honeypie k thankyouuuu x 

You can’t be any happier when your husband finally comes home.

me: the worst at doing scenarios on time
you guys: keeps in sending scenarios.
this one is legit from like, two months ago what are you doing people… i’m the worst. hopefully the anon who sent this in likes it ^^

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Tumblr is going to get tired of eating my posts.

My mom bought me my first piece of maternity wear. It’s the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn and it has pockets!!!!

My husband got me a foot spa because I don’t have the energy to go get a pedicure.

I’m up 5 pounds 🙂

This is old news now I guess, but which higher-up thought that it’d be a good idea to call the animal version of a couple Pogglemen the “therian form” when “feral form” works just as well?

dozmuffinxc said: Aziraphale/Crowley, andddddd either Day 6) New Pet regrets, Day 18) Costume party, or Day 24) Minor Phobias!

Chose the costume party! They are in a New Year’s Party going as A.J. Raffles and Bunny Manders (aka another gay dorks). Thanks!

Gift art for ghost-chicky, since she’s such a cutie! I fell in love with her Immortal Husbands AU, and so I wanted to sketch out dancing husbandos! The song they’re dancing to can be found here, and Danny was playing it on his phone in his pocket.

Can’t Take the Heat

For Blushing anon:

Imagine a pocket-sized you rolling around and slowly opening your eyes, sizzling sounds awakening you from your peaceful slumbering. You stretch out your arms and legs, hitting soft material as you do so. Now fully awake, you observe your surroundings and realize that you’re in someone’s pocket. Peeking out of the pocket, you see a pan filled with oil and some chicken being fried. Turning your whole body around in the pocket, you crane your head upwards and see the flattering bottom angle of Seokjin’s face. You turn back around and watch as Seokjin cooks, not really wanting to bother him as he seems to be concentrated on frying chicken.

Everything is all dandy until Seokjin reaches over the pan to grab some salt. Your eyes widen and your hands grip the cloth of the pocket as hard as you can to make sure you don’t slip into a greasy death. You hold in a shriek as he leans closer and closer over the oil-filled pan. When he stands back up straight, you release the breath you didn’t know you were holding and bring your hand up to wipe the sweat off your forehead that formed after coming close to the heat of the pan.

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*chanting* more minis please more minis please!!!! your art is so cute!!!!! I can't stop squishing my own face bc so much cuteness 💗

Omg thank you! I’m so happy when people find my art cute  (//∇//)  I will try and do more Mini’s aka ‘Pocket Husbands’ AU in the future when I can find time. Pocket Tony to the rescue!