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a/n: wow, it’s been a minute hasn’t it? Here's some bad boy Shawn!! this started off as a spew of emotion by @xbetter-than-wordsx and I, and this is the final result!

importing this was a pain in the ass, but ya’ll bring me so much happiness

synopsis: she’s got to babysit, but Shawn’s got other plans for her.

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Eggsy stood staring at the two screens in front of him, unable to say anything as Merlin and Roxy talk behind him. There was a face on both screens, one of his current girlfriend, European royalty, tied to a chair with a timer attached to it. The second screen had your face on it, the woman he’s been in love with since primary school, the sweet, kind, beautiful person he should be with, but was too scared you wouldn’t feel the same. The difference between both screens were that your face was calm, silent tears rolling down your eyes as you looked up at the camera in desperation, hoping someone would come and save you, whereas his girlfriend was shouting and screaming, throwing her head around and panicking.
“Eggsy,” Roxy said, shaking his shoulder to snap him out of his daydream.
“Eggsy I’m sorry, the timers appear to be connected. As soon as the weight is taken off of one chair, the other will detonate automatically. If no weight is taken off, they’ll both go off in 30 minutes,” Merlin explains as Eggsy’s mouth drops open slightly, his eyes focusing on the floor.
“(Y/N),” he whispers.
“(Y/N)?” Roxy repeats.
“I have to save her,” he says, looking up at Roxy with determination.
“(Y/N) it is then. I’ll wait here as back up, Merlin will guide you in,” she nods. Eggsy prepares himself, filling his pockets with gadgets that he might need, then picks up his umbrella and heads out of the plane. He puts in his ear piece ready for merlin’s instructions and makes his way to the back entrance of the large abandoned house you were being held in. Whilst Eggsy makes his way in, the kidnapper stands in your room, talking to you as he holds a gun to your head. Merlin taps in on he microphone in the camera set up in the room and listens to everything.
“Why are you doing this?” You sob to him as the gun imprints itself on your temple.
“Oh darling, I needed to take something away from Galahad. He’s the one who took away everything from me. This is only fair.”
“Why me?”
“Because I’ve been watching you both. He may be with the princess, but it’s you who he truly loves. This way he has to decide which one is more important.”
“What do you mean?” You ask, scared.
“He’s only allowed to save one of you. These chairs are rigged, and when he saves the one he really wants, the other will die.”
“No, please!” You cry out, thinking Eggsy will save the princess.
“Y'know, if you’d have just said to him that you love him, maybe you wouldn’t be the one to die.”
“What? How do you-”
“It’s obvious. Just admit it, you love him, and now you’re scared he’s going to save the princess and have the happily ever after without you.”
“Of course I do!” You shout, angry that you never said anything before, that when Eggsy had told you he was with the princess, you didn’t tell him that he was making a huge mistake, “and of course he’s going to choose her!”

Merlin sits back, shaking his head slowly as he hears the words coming out of your mouth.
“No, you silly girl, he’s coming for you,” he sighs out loud.
“What was that?” Eggsy asks as he hears Merlin’s words.
“Nothing, Galahad, keep going down that corridor, it’s the last door on the right.”

“Well, do you want me to put you out of your misery then?” The kidnapper asks, eyes darting to the gun presses against your head, “if you know he’s going to save the princess, I can make it short and sweet for you.”
You look down at the floor, genuinely considering if this would be the better option. If you were going to die anyway from the explosion, then wouldn’t a gunshot to the head be quicker and less painful? You look up at the man standing in front of you.
“Do it,” you whisper.

Merlin’s eyes widen in shock.
“Galahad, run!” He shouts.

“I didn’t quite catch that, what did you say?” The kidnapper asks.
“DO IT!” You shout. Suddenly the door flys open, Eggsy standing there with his umbrella pointed directly at the kidnapper.
“Don’t you fucking dare,” he says, firing at him right between the eyes and taking him out within seconds.
“What are you doing? Why are you here?” You sob, “you’re meant to save her!”
“How could I? How could I live with myself if you died?” He asks, a frown on his face as he starts untying you.
“You’d find a way.”
“No! No I fucking wouldn’t, because I love you!” He says, voice raised in annoyance. He goes to lift you up, but you stop him.
“He said that only one of us can live. What’s going to happen now?”
“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen now,” he starts, taking your face in his hands and stroking your tears away, “we are going to walk out of here together. We’re going to get on the plane with Roxy and Merlin and we’re going to my house where your things are currently being dropped off. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.”
“But nothing. I love you, (Y/N), always have done. I’ve been too afraid to say anything because I thought you didn’t feel the same.”
“How could I not feel the same? Sometimes I wonder how you got into kingsman, you’re not very good at seeing what’s right in front of you,” you laugh a little, a smile finally spreading across your lips. Eggsy laughs, sliding his hands away from your face and holding his hands out for you to take. You hold onto him as he helps you up and the room shakes as an explosion goes off, then setting off a string of smaller explosions that were creeping towards you both.
“Now we need to run,” Eggsy says, pulling you out of the door and back the way he came into the house. As soon as you’re outside, the whole place falls to the ground in flames and you look back, your heart sinking as you think of the princess.
“Hey, come on, we need to go,” Eggsy whispers against your hair as he notices your hesitation. You nod and follow him to the plane, then heading back to kingsman headquarters. You sit in a room on your own as Eggsy, Roxy and Merlin discuss the operation and the consequences of Eggsy’s decision. It was agreed that it would be publicised as a deliberate attack on the European royalty, and nothing to do with kingsman. Eggsy then heads out of the room and back to you.
“Hey, lets go home,” he smiles as he opens the door and holds his hand out to you. You smile back, getting up from your chair and take his hand, his fingers sliding between yours to interlink them together. This was the beginning of your happily ever after.


NEW! Victorinox SwissCard Lite Pocket Tool

Victorinox, the Swiss army knife manufacturer, has designed a clever multi-tool called SwissCard Lite. Admittedly, this little gadget probably won’t save your life, but it could come in handy in various situations. As the name implies, the SwissCard fits into a standard wallet card slot, meaning that you can easily store it in your wallet or pocket.

Meet Pocket Printer: a miniature robotic printer that rolls on paper

From The Verge:

Would you replace your desktop printer with a tiny robot that prints by creeping across a sheet of paper? Zuta Labs, which recently launched the Pocket Printer on Kickstarter, hopes so. The Pocket Printer, fundamentally, is a robotic Ouija planchette containing an inkjet printer head. Place it on a piece of paper, and it will slowly roll across it with an omnidirectional wheel system, printing as it goes. Currently, it can sync with computers, and the team is working on an Android and iOS app; it’s supposed to be a printer you can take anywhere, although most people would probably just leave it on a desk in lieu of the standard box.

Read more by clicking on the source link.

Image credit: Zuta Labs

Secret Powers

The powers come slowly.

Jazz only notices after a while. She’s stronger than she used to be. Faster. Her high scores at the Fenton Virtual Training Helmet have increased, but that’s only the start.
She discovers she can hear things a month after the incident. Hums. Electrical cords, devices, but also, signals. Bits of binary transmitted over the air, from cell phones and computers.
What’s more, somehow, if she concentrates, they unfold themselves into meaningful words.

It’s embarassing, to listen. It feels like an invasion of privacy. But somehow, she can’t turn away. It soon becomes natural, like you’d use your eyes.
She stands in crowds. She goes up to the rooftop to listen to shortwave radio signals without needing a receiver.

It’s only when she stays up one night— all night— and doesn’t feel tired the next morning that she realizes she doesn’t need sleep like she used to.

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From @bawatchpix - Changed a few things in my EDC so I thought I would update. Squale 1521 50atmos Super Matte, Benchmade Mini Griptillion #556, Field Note#squale #squale1521 Edition, Machine Era Black Aluminum small Minimalist wallet, Fisher Space Pen matte black, Black Diamond Caribiner, Aircraft cable Keyring, Gerber Dime, Thrunite Ti3 torch, Gerber Shard, extremely functional minimalist EDC in black. Every piece in this carry is straight utilitarian. @squaleofficial #squalewatches #benchmade556 #minigriptillian #fieldnotes #machineeraco #fisherspacepen #blackdiamond #caribinder #gerberdime #gerbershard #thrunite #thruniteti3 #minimalist #edc #edc247 #everyday #everydaydump #everydaycarry #everydayready.

A Peek into the Future

Summary: When a time-wielding akuma sends Ladybug and a wounded Chat Noir into the future, they’re in for a few surprises. Some more surprising than others.

Rating: G

Main Pairing: Ladynoir (Or Adrienette)

AN: Yup… not my first story ever, but my first on this site and first to contribute for this ‘Miraculous’ fandom (#sorrynotsorry) I hope it isn’t too short. I may end up editing chapter one by putting HOW Chat got hurt… And YES, I have more chapter already written. I’m only just deciding to post it.

Before anyone asks, yes, this story was inspired by ForeverKanade’s “About Time” story (I always love reading future fics :3)

Can also be read here 

“My Lady… I don’t think we’re in Paris anymore.” He chuckled lightly as he tried to get to his feet. Ladybug’s eyes narrowed at his humor towards the situation. 

“Chat! Be serious!” As the boy stood, he was caught up in a series of wet coughs. I’d been hit a lot harder than I’d thought. He told himself as he spotted the blood on his hand.

The ears atop his head swiveled forward before he could say anything to her. “We might have company.” He slid into a fighting stance but winced at the twinge he received in his side. Ladybug saw this and moved to stand in front of him. “Chat. You need to get to a hospital. I’ll be fine.”

A soft, clawed hand held her shoulder. “What? And leave with no one to protect you? I’d be too worried for you to sit still long enough.” He tried to laugh, but only another set of choking sounds came out instead. Ladybug growled at him as a warning, but she didn’t try to stop him from staying.

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Welcome to Freddy's, Damien

Otherwise known as a brief bit of backstory to give you some meat on them bones.

They said he was born glowering. An angry expression on his tiny face that so intimidated the doctor that he was immediately handed over to a nurse without so much as a declaration of ‘It’s a boy!’; his mother thought they were joking until she saw him herself.

Damien Woods was born pissed off and in need of an ass to kick.

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What’s in my Bag Tag

I’ve always wanted to make a post like this since the first time I saw someone did it. I never got the time and now someone tagged me. That would be JM. Thank you so much JM for tagging me. :)

The Story:

The bag is my all time favorite bag ever since I got it. It was just from a thrift shop and I didn’t expect I was going to buy it. All for sure is that the first time I saw it, I really wanted to buy it. But due to my kuripot attitude, I had second thoughts. I had the money but I’m gonna lose it all if I was going to buy it. It was pricey for a bag. But it was pretty so yeah. I just left it there and roamed around. Then, I told Meric about it, and he said it was cute but pricey. But I really wanted it, I kept whining about how I love it. And then yeah, of course I bought it. Even if it led me to being broke. I was so happy to buy it because I’ve been looking for that kind of bag since my online shop days. I was a really happy kiddo back there. Til’ now actually because I almost missed a chance. Woohooo!

So what’s on my bag:

ID. I’m legal now, ID is very important in so many levels. That’s the only ID I got.

Pens and Journal.They do go with each other. I don’t really like not having something to write on so I always bring my mini journal.

Comb and Lip Balm. Simple beauty essentials. Ha. I need them to atleast look like a person. Though I don’t use them much. 

Earpods. My savior when I’m alone.

Wallet. All the butterflies would be free as soon as I open this.

Phone, Ipod and Pocket Wifi. Gadgets I couldn’t really leave especially when I’m out somewhere.

Thanks for reading. If you wanna make one of this, you should try too! :)


Concept video: The Heatmap Microwave.

A former NASA engineer wants to build a microwave with an infrared camera and screen so you can actually see how hot the inside of your hot pocket is.