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will the real king of gondor please stand up

nat: also ahaha that ‘fellowship happens anyway’ fic?

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What is 'hot pocket'?

Hot Pockets is an American brand of microwaveable turnovers generally containing one or more types of cheese, meat, or vegetables. Hot Pockets was founded by the Chef America Inc. company. Since May 22, 2002, they have been produced by Nestlé.

There are more than 30 varieties of the traditional Hot Pocket, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner varieties. Nestlé also offers Lean Pockets, Pretzel Bread Hot Pockets, Hot Pockets Croissant Crust (formerly called Croissant Pockets), Hot Pockets Breakfast items, Hot Pockets Breakfast/Snack Bites, and Hot Pockets Sideshots. Nestlé formerly produced Hot Pie Express, Hot Pocket Pizza Minis (originally called Hot Pockets Pizza Snacks), Hot Pockets Subs, Hot Pockets Calzones, Hot Pockets Panini, and Hot Pockets Breakfast fruit pastries. Hot Pockets are viewed as “an after school staple”. (x)

Hot Pockets were invented by Paul Merage and David Merage in the 1970s originally under the name Chunk Stuffers. They founded the company Chef America Inc. and began producing Hot Pockets in 1983, which is when it landed in grocery stores. On May 22, 2002, Chef America was sold to Nestlé. Hot Pocket products were “a $2 billion category of frozen sandwiches and snacks”.  (x)  Breakfast style Hot Pockets were introduced in 2001.  (x)

Change Your Mind|(Fuckboy!Calum)

“How many girls have you slept with since this semster started?” I question which makes Calum’s eyebrows rise up in shock before nibbling on his bottom lip, his nose scunching up as he looks down at the ground before looking back up at me.

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Words: 5000+ (i didn’t mean for this to be so long!!!)

Request: No

Rating: R

(inspired by this picture & caption xxx)

The smell of stale beer and weed was all that I smelt throughout the frat house, the pumping bass of some upbeat song blasted through the speakers of the living room just down the hall from where I am lying against a wall. The smacking of lips could be heard across from me as a blond and brunette boy are sucking each others faces off while both of their hands roam down south.

A sigh rolls through my lips as I bring the red solo cup to my mouth and take a sip of the fruit punch that I surprisingly found in the fridge of a frat house filled with boys. The taste of cherry burned on my tongue as I swiped my tongue along my bottom lip before retrieving my vibrating phone out my back pocket.

Don’t wait up for me!

Roamed across my screen as I see Chantelle’s name hang above the text with a purple heart emoji beside it. With a roll of my eyes and an annoyed groan tearing from my throat, I stuff my phone back into my pocket before bringing the fruit punch back up to my lips while taking my back off of the white wall sprayed with graffiti.

 I wonder what the point of Chantelle dragging me to this pathetic party was, when all she did was wander off right when we step foot into this dirty household. Yes, I do love her with all my heart but the stupid shit that she does just tremendously pisses me off.

“Well if it isn’t the beautiful girl that sits in front of me in film history,” I hear a voice say from in front of me, making my eyes tear away from the crimson colour liquid in my cup and look up at the boy in front of me. I roll my eyes before gently bitting down on the plastic of the cup.

Calum’s body was towering over mine in just a minute, the faint smell of his cologne and cigrettes lingered on his body as he takes another step towards me, pushing me into the wall that I just stepped away from. He wore a jet black long sleeve that visably shows his biceps, as his regular pair of black ruined denim jeans are glue to his legs like a second skin.

I gently bite down on my bottom lip while leaning my head side ways, my eyes running up and down his facial features that has a smirk written on his lips and a cocky glint in his eyes. “What do you want Calum.” I sigh out while looking at him unamused, the once flirty smirk wiped off his face as he looks at me surprised.

“Do I need to have a reason for talking to you?” Calum questions while cocking one of his thick eyebrows up on his forehead, his juicy bottom lip getting tucked between his teeth as he steps closer to me, my body leaning into the graffti sprayed wall as I feel his breath float around me.

“Uh, yeah.” I state while cocking my hip and leaning my head against the warm wall, my eyes flying to Calum’s rolled ones.

“I’m offended now,” Calum pouts while giving me puppy eyes, making me let out a bitter laugh before looking Calum up and down. “No but seriously, what do you want?” I ask, now watching Calum’s face set back into it’s natural state instead of bulging eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

“I was gonna ask you if you wanted to dance.” Calum says while sporting a charming smile and placing one of his hands out in front of me, which makes me scoff while shaking my head.

“First off, if you want to ask me to dance at least have proper grammer,” I say which makes Calum’s eyebrows rise before a smirk settles on his lips.

“I like when girls play hard to get, makes me want them even more.” Calum says while pushing his chest towards mine before peeling back, his tongue skiming along his bottom lip while flicking his eyes up and down my body.

“God everything they say about you is true.” I state while shaking my head and pushing myself off the wall, ready to get away from Calum and head back to my dorm. “Wait, What’s true, who said what about me?” Calum questions while grasping my wrist in his hand and turning towards me, a groan falling from my lips as I turn back around to look at Calum.

“Everybody, everybody says you’re a fuckboy Calum, and it’s true, you are one.” I say while tearing my arm out of his grip and placing it at my side while looking at Calum and I watch his eyebrows knot in confusion as a slight pout sets on his lip.

“I-I’m not a fuckboy, what the hell? You don’t believe them right?” Calum says while looking at me with concerning eyes, only making me roll mine.

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Newt was a bit of a chubby child, always had snacks in his bag or pocket his mother gave him. She taught him he couldn’t be grumpy with a happy tummy. He still carry this habit as an adult. In one of his infinite pockets, he has fruits and candy he eats and shares.

Bagginshield Week

For @bagginshieldsource’s Bagginshield Week

Day 7: Free day!! Anything you want. (Set during the quest, pre-relationship)

While most of the company settled into makeshift beds for the night, Bilbo found himself oddly restless. He ambled over towards the collection of ponies, something which was quickly growing into a nightly routine. During the day, he stuffed his pockets with any fallen fruit he could find, when they were lucky enough to be given breaks. It was hard to ration such meager pickings amongst thirteen ponies, so he had to alternate who was fed each night. (Bilbo absolutely refused to go anywhere near Gandalf’s horse - the ponies were smaller by comparison, yet still dauntingly huge to Bilbo’s practical sensibilities. That horse was just - just monstrously ginormous! …But every so often, he would roll an apple its way - from a safe distance. He did not want to anger the beast, after all.)

Tonight he had three bruised, withering apples. He first gave one to his own steed, Myrtle, who Bilbo was afraid had grown rather spoiled. She had not been given anything special for a few days now, and had taken to jostling her rider in his seat and moving restlessly any time he tried to mount or dismount.

“Now enough of that,” Bilbo murmured as he stroked the pony’s broad face. “You get your turn, just like everyone else, Myrtle.”

Next he moved onto Thorin’s pony, whom he had named Bungo. The creature had a funny shaggy coat, which ignited the hobbit’s allergies terribly if he ever touched it. “Now remember our deal,” Bilbo whispered as he offered the largest fruit to the animal’s large, searching lips. “I give you an apple, and you make Thorin take that giant stick out of his arse.”

The pony snorted as it took a huge bite of the apple, wetting Bilbo’s whole hand with the effort. The hobbit sighed, shaking his head. “Who am I kidding?” he muttered. “Not even the Valar could do such a feat!”

“What are you doing, Halfling?”

Bilbo jumped at the sudden voice, hand clamping down on the soggy remains of the fruit as he spun around.

“I, ah,” he stammered, staring up at none other than Thorin Oakenshield, rightful King under the Mountain - and rightful pain in the arse. Bungo’s large head nudged at his back, blunt teeth nipping at his enclosed fingers. “Oh, there’s no point in hiding it!” he muttered, turning back to the remarkably hobbit-ish creature. “I am giving the ponies some treats,” he admitted.

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Pocket Genius

Imagine a pocket-sized you prancing into Namjoon and Jungkook’s shared room, expecting to be greeted by one of the two, but you’re met with the view of Namjoon’s hunched figure hovering over his work desk. Tilting your head in confusion, you carefully climb up the drawers of the desk, carefully grasping on the handles to make sure you don’t fall. Once you’re level with whatever object Namjoon is paying so much attention to, you move closer to take a look. On a piece of notebook paper, you see a multitude of drawings and writings in what you assume to be the work of Namjoon trying to solve a math problem. You peek at his face and see his eyes flickering over his writing furiously as if he’s struggling to even process anything at all.

Your eyes glance to another piece of paper with images of fruit and numbers printed on them. Staring at them carefully, you pull out a tiny pen you conveniently had in your pocket and start writing on the corner of his notebook paper. Namjoon takes a moment to stop and watch what you’re doing (he hadn’t noticed your presence before). After a couple of seconds, you stand up and drop the pen dramatically as if it was a microphone and you climb back down the desk and run off into the hallway. Namjoon takes a couple of seconds to process what just happened before he brings the corner of the paper to his face and looks over your writing. His mouth falls open once he notices the correct answer along with the work to figure out the problem he’s been struggling with for so long. He turns his head to the door where your figure once was and wonders what else is inside that miniature head of yours.

#51 He finds out that you're supernatural | Part 2


Hiiya! I’m back. Have been sick for the past what feels like a year. Started out with cystitis 2 TIMES to be exact and not only 2 weeks after I got tonsillitis. So I haven’t really been feeling well for the past month x

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If you haven’t seen the Australian program “H20” you probably won’t understand a fuck from Ash’s. Everything besides Ash’s is based from The Sims 3 Supernatural x


The pleadings from Luke’s eyes never left yours as you guys were still standing in your room, both not even wanting to move a single bit. “I uhm..” You mumbled avoiding his eyes making him take a step closer to you. “You’re gonna think this is crazy.” You exhaled with a small smile, so he took both of your hands in his, letting his thumb draw patterns on your skin. “I won’t tell anybody.” He reassured finally getting eye contact with you. “I know you won’t. I’m just afraid that you will leave me.” You admitted and he tightened his grip on your hands. “I never will. I promise.” He smiled before capturing his lips with yours, giving you a soft peck. “Fine.” You sighed before walking over to the bookshelf, grabbing the book so it opened to your not so secret anymore cave. “Being a witch is passed down from my dad’s side. It’s actually my grandmother’s house. She wanted me to take over it as she got send to a nursing room. Everything in this house is magical.” You explained as you sat against the top of the couch in the cave, Luke walking around looking at the stuff. He stopped at the shelf with elixirs and he knotted his eyebrows reading the small letters on each elixir. He grabbed a reddish tube and lifted it up to his eyes. “Luke please don’t touch that!” You warned loud in panic, the shock from your voice startling the poor boy making him drop the tube to the floor, a massive puff reddish smoke covering Luke. Seconds later the smoke was starting to disappear, Luke letting out coughs as he waved his hand in front of his face. “What was that?” He mumbled through coughs as his eyes were squeezed, you standing frozen in progress staring at him with mouth agape. “Y/N?” He asked as his coughs had stopped and you came out of your trance by the sound of your name. “Holy balls Luke, you’re an idiot.” You mumbled not taking your eyes away from his body, turning your body around for you to find your wizard spells book. Confused by your statement, Luke turned around to see at one of the mirrors in the room, letting out a high pitched scream as he saw his reflection in the mirror, the female forms on his hip showing instead of his usual slim body. He let his hands slide up against his waist before they landed on his what before was just a flat chest, but now a fully grown pairs of tits. “ I’m..” He mumbled in fear before turning around to look at you, your eyebrows knotting as you were searching in the book. “ A woman?” He asked turning back once more with widen eyes taking a step back from the mirror. “ Do something Y/N.” He almost screamed in panic and you let out a deep groan. “ I’m trying as much as a can princess, you could’ve just not touch anything as I told you to!” You fired back before lifting your foot, grabbing the wand from your boot and mumbled out some words before pointing it towards Luke. The zap from the wand hit Luke making his body jolt before turning back to his original body. “Shit.” He mumbled as he panted lightly, feeling himself down his body again, checking if anything was as it should. “ I promise, won’t touch a single thing ever again.” He said raising his hands in surrender. “ Good.” You sighed placing the wand back in your boot. “ Sooo..” He trailed off, looking around in the corners of the room. “ So what?” You asked following him. “ Where is the creepy cat and the magical broom?” He asked amused. “ Oh you mean Putsy? Hey Putsy, come here boy.” You yelled towards your bedroom and before Luke could blink, a flying broom was right next to you, hovering above the ground. The expression on Luke’s face was priceless; the boy had just tried to pull out a joke. “Wanna go for a ride. It’s not dangerous?” You asked with a small giggle at his shocked face. He stared at the broom for a few seconds before nodding his head. “ Like anything could get more crazy today.”


Calum blinked twice before scratching his eyes with the palms of his hands. Things went so fast that he barely had the chance to react. “ Y/N?!” He yelled with confidence before taking action running up towards the stairs in a search for you. “ Y/N?” He repeated looking around in the hallway before seeing that the door to the balcony was not closed; he sprinted over to it before walking outside. “Babe.” He sighed as he saw your back facing him, looking at the view sitting on the table with your legs crossed. You winched at his word not daring to turn around. “Cal.  Leave. Just leave me alone.” You mumbled and let out a shaky breath. “ Not a chance.” He answered making you roll your eyes. Walking over to you he placed his hand on your shoulder but you winched away. “ I’m a monster.” You said quietly in pure disgust, exhaling as the tears had started to well in your eyes. “ Hey.. Heeey.” He cooed trying to search for your eyes but you kept on avoiding him. “ You’re not a monster. Not to me.” Looking up at him with your eyebrows knotted he gave you a small smile. “ Forget about the fact that you wanna suck the shit out of me. I won’t love you less.” Pulling a strand of hair away from your eyes he placed it behind your ear before letting his hand caress your cheek. He gave you a peck on the cheek before pulling out a chair for him to sit on. Grabbing both of your hands, he intertwined it with his before locking eyes with you. “Tell me about it.” You stared at him for a few seconds unsure. “I can handle it. I promise.” He smiled before kissing the back of your hand. Exhaling you took a deep breath. “ I once went to a weird shop in a creepy place my grandmother is living at. The shop had different things such as bottles, mushrooms and herbs. And I wasn’t that old, so I accidently ended up drinking a red bottle thinking it was red lemonade or such thing as that. But it wasn’t. The bottle had powers. Much more than what my body could take. It took over everything. My skin started to grow cold. My usual Y/E/C changes into a reddish bloody one if I’m hungry. Oh god not to mention when I’m hungry.” You mumbled whilst looking down at the blood on your shirt, shaking your head. “ You don’t uhm..” Calum mumbled unsure hoping that you could feel what he was hinting. “ No Cal, I don’t drink human blood.” You said in an almost mad tone and he bagged away in his chair raising his hands in surrender. “ But.. What do you eat then?” He asked and you took out a carton from your pocket. “Plasma fruit. But there’s not enough energy to just survive with that every day. So I go haunting - After animals.” “ So that’s what you were doing tonight.” He mumbled under his breath in almost a relief. “Well yea.. I was hungry.” You shrugged feeling more comfortable by Calum’s calm reaction. “ Your eyes. They’re their usual color now.” He said in awe studying them. “I’m full.” You laughed and he let out a giggle as well. “ Wow.” He exclaimed suddenly and you knotted your eyebrows. “I’m dating a vampire how freaking awesome is that.” He said in almost a cheer and you just rolled your eyes at him. “Wait do you have any powers then?” He asked with mouth open. “Well let’s say it in this way, fucking me against the counter in our kitchen wouldn’t sound as such a bad idea.” You winked as you stood up before ruffling his hair and left the balcony, him staring at you in surprise and shock, watching you as you went inside. “ You read minds?” He yelled before standing up from his chair running inside.


“So you’re telling me that you’re a fairy?” Michael asked in disbelief, crossing his arms. “ I can’t believe I’m telling Calum this as well.” You mumbled under your breath leaning further down into your chair in front of the couch where Michael and Calum was sitting, looking rather curious and skeptical at you. “Hey I’m a part of this too! If it wasn’t for Michael knocking that can down with dust, we would never be in this situation.” Cal defended. “Hey how could I know there was dust in it?” Michael fired back looking at Calum. “Guys!” You demanded and they both turned their attention back to you. “What I’m saying is that you have to promise not telling anyone about this. Not even Luke and Ashton.” You explained looking hopefully at them. “Y/N this is crazy.” Michael said in disbelief whilst shaking his head at you. “Oh? Really?” You asked with madness in your tone. “Remember that day when we were mobbed by fans in Madrid?” “What has that with anything to do with this?” Calum asked leaning forward, resting his chin on his palms. You kept staring on Michael, him staring back as he was trying to recall the evening. “Holy shit.” He mumbled shaking his head again. “What’s going on?” Calum asked frustrated not getting the hint. “When we were touring in Spain, Y/N and I went to the beach. But the sun was hot as hell and I hadn’t been drinking enough. When we was heading back to the hotel, my vision started to blur, and at that point, fans had started to form, more and more noticing us. I remember we started to run but all of the sudden everything turned black and when I woke up, we were back at the hotel, me laying in one of the beds.” Michael knotted his eyebrows looking back at you again. “What did you do?” Shifting in your chair, you let out a small groan before standing up, taking your cardigan off. “This is going to be good.” Calum mumbled making you roll your eyes at him. Closing your eyes, a few sparkles behind started to form before the sudden pinkish colour of wings appeared on your back. As the transformation was fully done you opened your eyes again to see the two boys staring mouth agape at you. “You are a fairy.” Michael said quietly in awe. “I saved you Mikey. Whilst we were running you passed out. We were at a squandered place. I couldn’t do anything but grab you by the waist and fly us away from it. I don’t know what the fans would’ve done if I hadn’t taken action.” You explained walking over to the kitchen, grabbing the can before walking back to the boys. “The dust in this can is for my wings. Without it, I won’t be able to fly.” “I can’t believe that you saved me.” Michael said still in awe, not fully realizing the whole event. “Awesome.” Calum interrupted making you giggle, Michael coming out from his trance. “So that’s the reason why I was hovering over the floor when I wiped some dust on my pants.” He said and you nodded your head. The boys were both looking at each other in disbelief laughing before they gave each other a highfive. “There’s no doubt Y/N you gotta let us play with this sometime.” Calum said grabbing the can from the coffee table making you knot your eyebrows. “We’re so gonna prank Ash and Luke with this at some point. Scaring the fuck out of them by letting Ash’s drum kit fly or something. It would scare the crap out of him to say at least.” Michael’s eyes widen at Calum’s suggest looking over at you. “Please Y/N, can we borrow your dust?” He said with a pout giving you the puppy eyes. “I don’t know.” You mumbled scratching your upper arm. “Pleeease. I’ll promise that I won’t use it all.” He said moving closer to you. He kept staring at you making you let out a groan. “Fine. But if the guys find out, I’ll make sure to get the other fairy bitches after you!” “We promise.” Both boys nodded in agreement.


“For uhm.. For how long- I mean for how long have you been like this?” He stammered between the words clearly not comfortable by asking. Letting out a small giggle you gave him a kiss on the cheek before taking his hand, intertwining your fingers trying to ease his nerves. “Remember that TV program H20?” “Is Mako Island real?” He asked out loud in awe but confusion. “No.” You giggled shaking your head at him, the tension ten times better now than a few minutes ago. “But it’s all similar to that. I was once on a trip with my family in Iceland and uhm… We were out on a trip, seeing the different heat sources, but somehow I ended up disappearing from the group and I slipped down into this hole. I landed in what I thought was a heat source, totally claiming that I was going to die. But the water wasn’t hot as the others and there were bobbles and waves all over the small pool. It wasn’t after a few minutes that it disappeared and I found my family again. The whole event had scared me so much so all I wanted to do was to take a bath when we came back to the hotel, and ehm..” You mumbled gesturing to your glowing tail filling over the bathtub. “ Oh right I get it.” He nodded leaning more against the tub. “Every time I touch water, I turn into this… Fish. And I can’t do anything about it.” You said quietly, looking down at your hands. “ Hey.. Babygirl don’t sad. Isn’t there anything we can do about it?” He asked making you shrug your shoulders. “I’ve never told anybody.” “Not even your family?” Ashton asked a little bit startled and you nodded your head. “Couldn’t even dare to tell them. I just know they won’t accept it.” You shook your head by the thought of your family. “ I accept you.” Ash said softly and you couldn’t do anything else but let out a small giggle because of his cuteness, giving him a soft peck on the cheek before leaning your forehead against his. After a few minutes of silence Ashton broke it. “ So.. How do I get you out of this tub?” He asked and pulled away from you. “ You don’t have to. I’ve got it.” You smiled, before fisting your hand, holding it above your tail. “What are you-“ Ashton mumbled staring at the steam that had started to form over your tail, and before he knew it your tail was gone and your legs were back. “ Wow. That was. Just wow.” He mumbled running a hand through his hair in disbelief. “  I know. That’s one of the good things about this trap.” You laughed before standing up in the tub, Ash standing up as well. “ Can you uhm.. Do other things?” Ash asked with wide eyes as you stepped out of the tub, standing in front of him now. “ Well.. I can do this.” You smirked, pointing your hand towards a glass of water you had placed before you went to shower, letting a big amount of collected water float in the air before hovering over Ashton. He looked weirdly at you for a few seconds, not getting what was going on before he turned his gaze towards the ceiling and he let out a small howl by the sight the water bottle hovering over him. “Hey.” He said, trying to avoid the bubble but you followed his every mode, letting out giggles as he tried to escape the bobble. “Y/N.” He yelled after a few seconds of play and you let go of your hand, the bubble falling to the ground in a loud splash. “I’m not cleaning that up.” He joked looking down at the pile. He turned around and was about to walk out, but as he did you pointed your hand towards the pile, freezing it. Instead of avoiding it, Ash stepped right onto the ice, letting out yet another howl as he grabbed the door in secure. “Y/N!” He yelled again and you let out a giggle. “I’m done now I promise.” You smiled.

while im on the topic of this fuckin nerd lemme tell you that I love chompy with all my heart, hes a fuckin pest and costs one trillion pounds in sawdust bc he has no concept of not running in mud and then jumping all over his hutch but this bun knows he got the good life. as said before he just kinda roams the back garden during the day. patrols the perimeter ynow controls them borders. but yeah one time I went out to check on him bc I couldn’t see him and saw the back gate was open and he’d gotten out and let me tell u ive never shat bricks quicker. hauled ass back into my house to get some shoes on to run round the neighbourhood thinkin I’ve lost my formidable Elder Rabbit forever or he’s been in the road or smthn. shot out my house like a fuckin bullet to scope him out and there he fuckin is, in the front garden, munching the grass. front gate wide open, main road right there, had been presumably free to wander out for at least half an hour but nah. in the front. chowin the fuck down. bc this little bastard probs got to the gate and thought wait. this sucker pays out of pocket for fancy fruit rabbit food when he could just get the generic one that tastes like ass. he grows a garden and gives me carrots straight out the ground. ynow?? im gonna Stick Around, might cause him a fucking aneurysm from the stress of him thinkin I’ve scooted my furry ass straight into a fuckin road but w/e

When I was young, I learned to expect loss. Every time you slept, something disappeared. Whenever you woke up, someone else was gone. But … I also learned that every day, you created everything anew. And whatever you had, you enjoyed as long as it lasted. Spend money when it’s in your pocket…Eat fruit while it’s ripe…Paradise is a promise no god bothers to keep. There’s only now, and tomorrow nothing will be the same, whether we like it or not.
—  Heidi Heilig, The Girl from Everywhere


There aren’t many games where you find something as unique as a mincemeat pocket pie that can restore your health. I’m more used to eating pizza out of garbage cans and using needles of questionable origins to boost that red bar up to where it should be. When you’re running around in a horror game set in 1930s England, you take what you can get and sometimes what you get are delicious meat and fruit filled pocket pies. Now go find the pies Brown, go get them!

- MJ & K

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Day 3 - What’s in my bag?

I love my backpack! It’s comfortable, very roomy, and it’s expandable. Supposedly it’s water resistant, which is absolutely great for me as an Oregonian, but I have yet to test it out. Here’s what’s in it. 

The main pocket: 

  • My binder for the day (Green is day 1 and white is day 2) w/ tabs for each class and filler paper
  • My notebooks for the day. I personally like composition books because they’re so much easier to slide into my backpack
  • My pencil pouch
  • My bullet journal 
  • My water bottle
  • My lunch & a snack (usually greek yogurt with fruit)

Side Pockets: 

  • Calculator 
  • Granola bar if I’m extra hungry or have to stay late
  • Keys
  • Lotion
  • Mints
  • Usually my phone 

Front pocket:

  • The book I’m reading (currently for school, How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas Foster)
  • My Bible

The pictures are a little weird, I took two before dinner in natural lighting and by the time I came back it was dark.

Imagine a pocket sized Jisoo jumping back in surprise when all of pocket sized Seventeen pops out with balloons, confetti and silly string, singing Happy Birthday at the surprise party you planned for him.