pocket ezio

Ezio: "Must you be so dramatic?"

“Must you be so dramatic?” Arno threw his hands up and exclaimed, but Ezio wasn’t listening. He tore through the living room, and the commotion attracted the other Assassins from their hiding places. Arno had been cooking with he heard the crash from the living room.

Ezio now made his way to the kitchen, but Arno barred his way. If he thought he was going to let him ruin his soufflé, he had another thing coming.

“What are you looking for, mate?” Edward asked from the backyard door. They were having a cookout, so Edward just ducked his head inside. He wouldn’t risk over cooking the burgers for one of Ezio’s…adventures through the household.

“My wallet!” Ezio huffed. “I can’t find it anywhere!”

“Have you checked-“ But Ezio cut Jacob off with a groan.

“I’ve checked my room, your rooms-”

“You went through our rooms?” Connor glared, “If you took my hair gel again, I’ll-”

“I checked the my cars, your cars-!“

“Tread carefully.” Edward glared. “If you so much as scratched Baby-”

“I can’t find it anywhere.” Ezio huffed and collapsed onto the overturned couch cushions on the floor. He sprawled out, dramatic as always, and Jacob walked over and nudged him.

“What?” Ezio had drapped an arm over his eyes, and Jacob just lifted him and reached for his back pocket.

“Woah there-” Ezio wiggled and looked wide eyed at Jacob, who now stood over him, wagging his wallet.

“It was in your back pocket.” He said, and handed it over. The Assassins dispersed, leaving Ezio on the ground, muttering about how he better clean up before the BBQ started.