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how many followers does this have right now?

[23402] as of the time of this reply. 
Just a reminder that all of you are amazing, thank you for the support. 

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.

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Yui x Kino

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PocketKino tend to be very clingy of their keepers, and if they don’t pay enough attention to him, he may cling to pocket!Yui instead. Pocket!Kino will often get into trouble and pocket!Yui is often the one who has to clean up after him because he refuses to do it himself. This can cause conflict between them, so it’s best if the keeper not leave it all up to pocket!Yui to entertain him. 

Happy Tumblrversary to me! 2 years of progress, change and hard work! omg I sound like a politician. 

Here I give you the reason why I joined and never stopped drawing, mister Gru.
I hope you all enjoy and stick by me on this lovely blog for more artworks! It’s been a long journey filled with struggles like every artist.

Thank you all for being amazing Minions, kisses for each and every one of you! 


Forever (Joshifer oneshot)

Surprise I actually wrote something!! I listened to a song, a plot bunny formed in my head, so I had to get this out. Enjoy everyone!


“Jennifer!” I yell as I bang my fist impatiently on the bathroom door, “how much longer? We’re late!”

From behind the door I hear something clatter to the floor followed by some colorful language before she finally yells back at me, “five minutes!”

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Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook silently entertaining himself on the kitchen counter by rolling an egg around while you watch t.v
He accidentally rolls it off the counter and gets really scared since you told him to stop playing with the eggs so many times so he just goes to the couch where you are and pretends like nothing happened.