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Whooooooo’s ready for some good and pure Pokemon nostalgia? Featuring such elusive characters like Aunt Hillary, Trey and Troy and Ash’s math teacher who’s surprisingly black in a Japanese-based region.

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1930s Three Little Pigs pocket watch, “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf” by Tom Simpson

Happy Tumblrversary to me! 2 years of progress, change and hard work! omg I sound like a politician. 

Here I give you the reason why I joined and never stopped drawing, mister Gru.
I hope you all enjoy and stick by me on this lovely blog for more artworks! It’s been a long journey filled with struggles like every artist.

Thank you all for being amazing Minions, kisses for each and every one of you! 


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Yui x Kino

Send me a ship and i’ll rate it

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PocketKino tend to be very clingy of their keepers, and if they don’t pay enough attention to him, he may cling to pocket!Yui instead. Pocket!Kino will often get into trouble and pocket!Yui is often the one who has to clean up after him because he refuses to do it himself. This can cause conflict between them, so it’s best if the keeper not leave it all up to pocket!Yui to entertain him. 

I dunno; when Akashi gets drunk he becomes more loose-lipped, starts complaining about people, business, annoying social events. Nijimura never understands anything but accepts the free cuddles. ^q^ …m..maybe…


Title: Roots 

Characters: Benny Lafitte, reader (female), mentions of the Winchesters

tags: Memories, childhood backstory, abandoment, small mention of death, Voodoo, hoodoo

word count: 1300 (ish)

A/n: the product of


and Me bouncing ideas off each other at midnight about Benny’s Backstory

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“ You know what I have a hard time seeing?” ( y/n) said as she sat Indian style on Benny’s bed. The large Cajun went on unpacking his few belongings from his duffel. Dean and ( y/n) had convinced Sam to agree to Benny living with them at the bunker. “ Ain’t no telling with you, cher.” Benny shot the young woman a wink and smirk that she returned with a flirty smile of her own.
“ I’ve seen pictures of the boys as kids. Cuties both of them, even if Dean went through a goofy phase. And they tell me stories all the time, even Cas has a few stories about being a young angel, but I’ve known you for a hot minute and you never talk about your past. I can’t picture you as a kid.”
Benny froze. His hands on his old sailors’ cap, “ What ya mean by that, Shug?” He didn’t look up but he could hear her shift positions and start picking through and folding his clothing. “ I just mean, you are so…big. Like, I can’t imagine you being a little boy. I imagine you just kinda..springing up from the ground Greek myth style. All broad chest and sparkling personality. Plus some nice baby blues if I may say so.”                              

Staring in the mirror, Benny couldn’t help but smile. He got his eyes from his Mama, their mischievous glint inherited from a long ago time when he use to shove frogs in his pockets to stay entertained when he was dragged to Sunday mass or sent off to the halls of the school he hated so much. Those days he’d spend his time daydreaming of sailing the open seas with his papa. The same Papa who gave him the cap he was now holding the last time he left home for those same open seas. Seemed like lifetimes ago now.

 And the way (y/n ) looks at him makes him think of his mama. Sparkling eyes so full of open curiosity, so willing to love him. With a deep sigh, he placed a big paw on her knee. “ ain’t that a long story.” He said, getting lost in memories of the bayou and the fireflies he’d chase until Mama would call him home with the promise of a home cooked meal. He closed his eyes, almost smelling the earthy musk of the swamp and feeling the sticky air. He felt the bed dip and ( y/n) moved closer to him.

 “ I’m not going anywhere.” She slipped her smaller hand in his and rubbed the calloused skin, “ and we have all the time in the world.”

 With a soft sigh, he looks at her, “I’m what happens when the Sea falls in love with the land for a floating moment.” He said the words that echo to him from a time when he stood at the stove stirring the shrimp Creole that his mama had helped him make. “My mama was a humble woman, my papa a man of the open waves. Ain’t no one more beautiful than my mama. I Use to think the world was built around her. At least, I thought mine was. ” fragments of her hummed song flutters through his mind.

  You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… He could still see the gleam of the mid afternoon light filtering in to gleam off her dark hair as it hung near him. If he thought hard enough he could remember the thump of his Papa’s boots on the old wooden floor before he was swooped up in big arms. He could still hear the booming laughter from the barrel chest and smell the salt air mix with the sweet warm smell of his Mama when he would be crushed in an embrace. He opened his eyes to see ( y/n) looking at him with a soft smile and her own hair falling out of its messy bun. 

“ I used to be a hand full. All boy from my bare feet to my cow lick Mama never could get to stay down. Used to drive her clear to distraction, keeping up with me and minding the house. Couldn’t cook enough to keep me and my Papa fed it seemed. That woman loved her cooking. Much like you.“ running a thumb over (y/n)’s jaw he smiles. “Always found her in the kitchen, don’t matter if it was midnight.”

 “And your dad?” She presses lightly, hoping not to spook him away from talking. There wasn’t much he could remember about his papa, sometimes on the salted air he’d catch a glimpse here and there, and small bits from La noce à Josèphine. That song always brought goosebumps to his skin. 

“He loved the Sea more than he loved me, and momma.” 

” Oh, Benny, “ the soft voice caressed his ears. ” I’m sure that’s not true.“ He smiled dryly, 

“Oh, trust me, Cher, it was.” He could remember the nights he could hear Mama crying into her pillow before he heard the old skillet hit the stove top and the smell of something fill the small house and the creak of the wooden floors as she’d sneak across his room to crawl into his bed. The warm smell of her wrapped tight around him like his wool blankets. “She got real sick after that. Ain’t a day that went by that she wasn’t gazing out the window in longing" Blinking away the memory, he catches another glimpse of himself in the mirror, “Shame on me for falling in love with the sea as well.” 

” You can’t help it. It was in your blood. Like hunting is for the boys and me. We don’t get to pick our parents, Benny.“ Benny looked hard at the woman across from him. Why couldn’t he have met her all those years ago? She smiled wide at him, ” Tell me more about you as a little boy. Bet you were a cute little thing. And a looker when you were older. Had all the girls in town after you.“ She winked playfully, making him laugh out loud,

 “Well, mama used to say I was quite a trouble maker.” He grinned at the memories of her grabbing him by the ear. “No boy of mine gonna get into the voodoo, hoodoo witchcraft. No not today” he says with a shake of a finger, and basking in her laugh. His mama really did hate his love of magic. “ I used to take frogs and beetles into mass. Once one got away from me and hopped into the lap of the lady beside me.” He winced at the memory of the whopping he got for that one. (Y/n) laughed so hard she fell back on the bed. “ But I was quick in the kitchen. Learned everything she had to teach me. ” Opening a big paw, he eyed the calloused surface, he was rushed with a feeling of happiness at the fact cooking never left him. It was like his mama was still around. “Them were the days I could make anyone De’ Pouille if I could drag myself away from the bayou or the kitchen.” He didn’t have to look up to know (y/n) had tensed slightly.“Ain’t a soul interest me half as much as they should have. I was far too busy trying to grow into my papa’s coat.” A mist fills his eyes with the memories. “It was a good childhood brought to a quick end. All I got left of them is my good old Patrack, my cap and my jacket.that aint bad though, cause now I got you.” With a smile, he leaned over and planted a smooch on her forehead


“Fuck me.”

The arctic fox hissed quietly through his teeth as his fingers slipped yet again, failing to latch the last plastic button of his cheap, bright red work shirt. “Ugh.. Screw this. Stupid, dumb uniform..” With an irritated snarl Angel slammed shut his small key locker, making a small echo in the closet-sized break room as he left his partially-unbuttoned polo shirt as it was. The fox fitted his matching hat over his pierced ears, still wearing a sour expression.

Angel didn’t want to work at a burger joint in his local mall, but he was recently fired from his old job. He had scanned any available occupations he could find, but even then all it boiled down to was working at a register- dealing with bland people dumber than dirt. Today was his first day on the job out of training, and he was absolutely treading it. It was all Angel could do to hope that he didn’t screw this up and snap at someone.

He left the break room then, trying to ease down his grumpy expression as he weaved through the kitchen to the register. Thankfully, the burger joint usually wasn’t busy, no one in front of the counter to ring up. Angel leaned against the marble countertop with a small sigh, bringing his phone out of his pocket to entertain himself, not really paying attention to anyone else that might show up.

Castalian Springs Seafood, it was the expensive restaurant where you had to have reservations and wear formal wear to be allowed in. It was also the place that Jack took all his dates when they were coming to an end - pretty much the entire staff knew when he showed up with an excited flame of the week that the woman would be going home crying. Tonight was no different. They’d only been dating for maybe two weeks but the way his date was talking it was like Jack was going to pop the question that night - poor sap. “Look, I think you’re wonderful. You’re beautiful, smart, funny, and everything a guy could ask for.,” It was a well rehearsed speech, “But I feel like we’re not quite the right fit for each other and I think we should break up.” Rip it off like a band-aid and not mention Jill that hot brunette he’d flirted with at the club and who had slipped her number into his pocket. It was always entertaining the reactions he got from the number of women who had been in this exact situation, he’d seen it all. This was the sobbing crier who was also angry for the embarrassment of being broken up with in public that the pro athlete ended up with a face full of champagne thrown at him as she stood up and stormed off. Of course, there were gasps and silent whispers as he picked the napkin and wiped his face of the sparkling alcohol. 

Forever (Joshifer oneshot)

Surprise I actually wrote something!! I listened to a song, a plot bunny formed in my head, so I had to get this out. Enjoy everyone!


“Jennifer!” I yell as I bang my fist impatiently on the bathroom door, “how much longer? We’re late!”

From behind the door I hear something clatter to the floor followed by some colorful language before she finally yells back at me, “five minutes!”

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