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It’s very rare I’ve been able to get into the 20th century. When I turn from 1899 to 1900 I jump for joy. I did in “Rebecca”, I got into the ‘30’s then. I have done some modern stuff but I’m so thrilled I over-act like crazy. I’ve got pockets! I’m so used to wearing tights all the time that when I put my hands in my pockets I nearly fall over. I’m so unused to playing a modern guy. It all started because I was a classical actor, I was trained that way. When I left drama school, I wanted to do Shakespeare, I loved the words, I really fell in love with them, I loved the sound of them. So, most of my training was classical…
—  Jeremy Brett

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Alpha pt. 3

Really wanna see where this story goes. I don’t typically plan my stories so what I write is purely something I just throw together. Hopefully, this series is a hit and not a miss.

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Part One // Part Two // 

“So, are you going to the dance on Friday?”
You laid on the bed with your eyes closed, listening to the sound of the music.
Vanessa closed the book and placed it in her bag.
You couldn’t focus on the dance.
Not with everything that’s been happening as of lately.
“Why not?” Vanessa gasped.
“Anyone would be lucky to have you on their side”
“Well, I see no takers. Besides, Jackson and Lydia’s going and I don’t want to be near them”
“You could always call a certain someone who is a certain friend of a certain lacrosse player who just so happens to be a certain enemy of Jackson"
You rolled your eyes at her persistence.
Ever since the encounter in the library, you began to see more of him throughout the school. Every time he saw you, his lips would curl up into a smile which would then lead to him waving at you like a goofball in an attempt to get you to laugh.

“Nessa, I’m not going over this with you again. I said no”
“Fine. You can’t force the horse to drink, but I can lead you there”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“What did you do?”
“Not sure what you’re getting at. I’m tired, I’ll see at school tomorrow”

Vanessa left before you could grasp her intent. Shaking your head, you went into the bathroom to wash up.
When you came back, a man scanned your bookshelf, his hands in his pockets.

“You like the classics?”
“Of course”
“Why? You’re a teenager, you should enjoy movies and short videos in the span of six seconds”
“Well thanks to you, I’ll be a teenager for many years. Maybe then I’ll get the memo”
He faced you, and a shadow cast over half of his face.
“Such a feisty little thing, what makes you this way?”
“What do you want?”
“You’re going to the formal on Friday”

You furrowed your brows and crossed your arms.
Who was he to tell you what to do?
You dropped the towel and began to apply lotion on your body.
The Alpha sustained a growl in his chest as you undressed in front of him.
Your nonchalant attitude both soothed and unnerved him at the same time.
From where he stood, your soft skin looked appetizing, taunting him with a seducing song.
It was the moon that made him think this way.
He closed his eyes and tried to compose his thoughts.

“I’m not going to that stupid dance”
“You will”
“I already did what you asked, what more do you want of me?”
“Why are you trying to kill him? You would’ve killed him, back at the school. You would’ve killed all of them. Why not do your dirty work yourself?”

He didn’t speak nor made a motion to.
His face, or at least what you could see, remained emotionless.
He instructed you to close the bleachers while Scott was still in there.
How he couldn’t catch your scent, made the both of you curious.
It was a full moon on Friday’s yet you were more calm than usual.
You were a werewolf, no doubt. But something was different about you.
You didn’t have claws.
Grow hair on your face or ragged teeth when you were mad.
Your eyes didn’t glow but you could see in the dark better than you could before.
Your healing, hearing, and smell was stupendous, however, your transition period was way longer than the traditional sense.

“You’re going to the dance and just to spice things up, I want you to take McCall’s friend”
“Stiles? Why him of all people here in Beacon Hills?”
“Wear something nice”

Just like that, he was gone.
He disappeared in the darkness.
You pouted and crossed your arms as you realized why he hid by the shelf.
You lived next door to Danny and a certain someone just so happened to look out the window.

“I have a feeling you don’t like me too much”
Danny looked at him and went back to work.
Stiles closed his lips together and nodded.
He leaned back in the chair and turned towards the window.
Out of nowhere, he fell out and landed on the floor, “I’m fine, I’m okay”
Danny turned the page and continued to ignore him.
Stiles got up and looked towards the window to confirm what he saw.
“Oh my, I, Jesus Christ”
Y/N was beautiful.
Her curves were well pronounced, her chest made his eyes pop out of his head, and although he couldn’t see it too well, he bet that her woman was just as divine as she was.
Her mouth was moving as if she was talking but as far as Stiles could tell, no one was in the room with her.
Perhaps he’d been looking so long that he didn’t realize she had caught him peeping at her nakedness.
Stiles quickly ducked under the window and scrambled to close the blinds.
Danny furrowed his brows and stood up from his chair.
“What are you doing?” He grabbed his things and shoved it in his bag.
“I, uh, I forgot I left the shower on”
“The shower?”
“Yup, the last time I left it on my dad was ultra pissed because the water bill went rocket high”
“You’re just remembering that now? It’s been three hours”
“You ask a lot of questions, I’m just gonna–”
Stiles made his way out of the room while looking at Danny but forgot to open the door before walking into the wooden surface.
“My bad, heh,” he opened the door and fled down the stairs and out to his car.

When he was safe in his bed, Stiles kicked off his shoes and his pants so he could get comfortable.
Laying on his bed, images of what he saw drifted in his mind.
He’d never actually seen a real girl get naked before.
Not one that he’d already met.
Before he knew what was happening, his hand had already gone to his hard, rock length and began to stroke up and down.
A moan escaped his lips as he squeezed his cock causing a huge drop of pre-cum to form on the head of his prick.
Stiles took this chance to spread the pre-cum all over his shaft as he increased the speed of his strokes.
“Oh, fuck Y/N”
Pretty soon, the sound of a wet slapping noise could be heard in the room with each stroke of his long, hard cock.
He could imagine having her underneath him as he pumped himself endlessly in her warm cunt. Her moans would carry him for as long as the night, getting louder when he slammed into her so bad that she keeps cumming, screaming out his name.
“Yes, baby, just like that”
At this point, Stiles started to buck his hips against his hand, even bringing another one to increase his pleasure.
His moans got louder and suddenly he stopped thrusting and cried out, “Y/N!”
Stiles shot his cum all over his chest and stomach.
Several more spurts came out when he stroked a bit more to make sure he was completely spent.
He looked down at his shirt to see all the cum, now seeping through the material and clinging to his chest and stomach.
“This was my favorite shirt”
Stiles carefully took off the shirt and balled it up then threw it in his hamper.
Deciding to take a shower, he cleaned himself up and afterward he collapsed on his bed and fell deeply asleep.


Stiles pulled up to school in his parking spot.
He sighed and rested his head on the head rest.
Last night had been the first time he came so much.
He’d never done it using porno mags or movies.
The fact that it was all in his head made it better in his opinion.
That’s when his anxiety kicked in.
You saw him.
What would you do if you saw him in the hallways or in the library today?
Stiles groaned and hit his head against the steering wheel, “ow.”
Feeling bad enough as he did, he climbed out of his jeep, throwing his backpack over his shoulder.
“Jesus!” He closed the door to find you standing right before him.
Stiles gripped his chest as he gasped in horror.
You crossed your arms and narrowed your eyes at him.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the peeping Tom”
“That wasn’t me”
“How do you know what I’m talking about then?”
He looked to the side and faked a confused expression on his face, “what are we talking about?”
“You’re hurting my feelings,” you pouted.
“Did you really not like what you saw?”
“No! God, I loved what I saw–”
You smirked and dropped your hands to your hips.
Stiles realized he’d just incriminated himself.
He loosened his grip on his bag and looked at the ground, “oh, fuck me”
You chuckled at his reaction.
“How would you like to go with me to the dance tomorrow?”
Stiles looked from side to side and rubbed the back of his head.
“This is all a prank right? A huge joke?”
“No, I just figured since you’d seen me naked, it would be more than appropriate to ask you to a school dance. But if you really feel that way, then…”

You started to walk away, a smile planted on your lips.
Stiles took you by surprise by grasping your arm and pulling you to a stop.
You’d be lying if his rough actions didn’t make you drip between your legs.
“I would love to go to the dance with you,” your eyes fell down on his hand.
He still held a firm grip and in this moment, you saw Stiles as more than just some kid.
Reaching in your bag for a marker and a piece of paper, you wrote your number and name on it then folded it up.
You grabbed Stiles by his belt loops and slipped the paper in his front pocket so deep, he gasped at how close you were to his manhood.
In a sultry whisper, you brought your mouth close to his ear, “Pick me up at 7:30”
To seal the deal, you kissed just behind his ear, the action making him drizzle in his pants.
Stiles watched you walk away, leaving him alone in the student parking lot with a wet spot in his boxers.
Heading over to the gym, a hand wrapped around your neck, the pressure building.
Instinctually, you wheezed and grabbed at the hand.
“Making young boys soil their pants in a school parking lot, is far from acceptable”
Struggling to speak, you managed somehow, “it got, the, job done, didn’t it?”
Your Alpha thought for a moment and nodded.
“I suppose it did,” he let go, making you almost fall to the ground gasping for your breath.
“Well done, puppy”
“Puppy? Is that some sort of kink?”
“I think you’re ready to hear the rest of the plan”
“Right now?”
He gestured towards the parking lot and you followed him.


“If you compliment me one more time, I am going to explode”
Stiles closed his mouth and sat back in the chair.
He meant well, you knew that.
Almost every guy in the gym was looking at you.
They all made remarks about how you and Stiles were together, wondering how a guy like him could pull off a chick such as yourself.
Truth be told, you didn’t know.
The two of you got immersed in a conversation and it somehow led to the topic of sex.
“Well don’t you remember your first time?”
Stiles looked down at his hands, avoiding your eyes.
“Hey, are you a virgin?”
He cleared his throat and pulled on his collar.
You raised your eyebrows.
As sweet as he was, this kid was a virgin?
Then again, his sassiness and major tendency to piss people off could’ve been a key factor.
One that you adored.
“I seriously didn’t think it possible for me to like you more”
You gave him a smile making him return it.
He gazed into your eyes then drifted his attention to your lips.
“Come on,” you stood up and gestured for his hand, “let’s dance”
After sweat started to pool your forehead, you made a pass to the restroom.
On your way there, you saw a frantic Lydia wandering the halls.
Alright, follow the plan.
“Are you looking for Jackson?”

Lydia whipped around her heels.
She didn’t even flinch when she saw it was you.
Anger boiled inside of you but you let it go.
Nothing would soothe you better than knowing what was next.
Your bully would soon get her recompense.
“I saw him go towards the lacrosse field”
Lydia bumped your shoulder and marched over there.
A smile fell on your lips.
When you went back to Stiles, he was nowhere to be found.
Was I just stood up, you thought.
You took a seat at your table and focused on your hearing just like your Alpha taught you.
A scream ensued and Stiles yelled.
You guessed he went looking for Lydia and he witnessed your Alpha hurting Lydia.
A sharp ping went in your brain.
You lost your interest in Stiles.
He still had a crush on that wretched human being.
Grabbing your things, you headed over to the parking lot and headed home.
The flashing lights of an ambulance and a few police cars made you smile.
It has begun.


Happy birthday, Janis Joplin! ♥ (b. January 19, 1943)

“I gotta go on doin’ it the way I see it…I got no choice but to take it like I see it. I’m here to have a party while I’m on this earth…I’m gettin’ it now, today. I don’t even know where I’m gonna be twenty years from now, so I’m just gonna keep on rockin’, cause if I start saving up bits and pieces of me…man, there ain’t gonna be nothing left for Janis.”