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don’t let him get away!! 

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Any headcanons you have on being close friends with Modern!AU Hamilsquad? (^.^)

boss’ memo : i think this is one of the first straight up platonic requests i’ve had !! very nice!!!!

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  • hercules might not carry a bag, but he honestly has anything you could ever ask for just in his pockets. need a phone charger? he’s gotcha. bandaids? yeah. gloves? yep. bubble wrap? mm-hmm. he makes for an excellent Parent Friend! he’s the one who also lets everyone just come and hangout at his house. it’s pretty cool of him! he goes long periods without making any puns, but whenever one of the others says one (usually john) he’s quick to start firing them off in rapid succession, and can go on for an hour or two or five.
    • you can always vent to him ! also, if you’re a really close friend of yours, he might actually open up to you!
      • for all that he talks, he never really reveals more about himself other than the standard instruction… he’s one of those friends that, when you take a step back, you realize that you don’t actually know that much about him,,
    • if you mess up on something or accidentally hurt the feelings of one of the others, hercules will make sure that the problem gets solved,,, he doesn’t want anyone to split the friend group nor does he like drama
  • lafayette is that one friend who likes to ask you for favors constantly, but you can’t ever really dislike him for it because he always does his best to make life easier for you,, he likes to playfully tease you and the others and may bond with you over being salty about someone / something,, he’s got info on everyone,,, 
    • if you’re the type to make big, wild plans about anything, he’ll usually tag along and support you so long that it doesn’t get either of you hurt,, he’s your partner in crime !!
      • (and if you ask him for any favors, he’s glad to do them for you!!)
    • if you ever get into any hobby or game or media–lafayette also supports you there !! he’ll probably join you and will be three times as enthusiastic about whatever it is that you like
    • like hercules, you can tell he really likes you if he shares what’s going on in his mind!!
  • alex has lots of friends but only a few close ones,, if he’s listening to you talk, it’s a clear sign that he thinks highly of you–you don’t even have to fight for his attention, ‘cause if you’re close enough to him, when you speak? he listens and absorbs your every word (he’s one of those sainted people who will help suggest a word or thought if you can’t think of one)
    • he might love you as a friend, but he’s super competitive and you can bet that he’ll laugh happily if he wins over you in any game, ever,,, he might flaunt the victory in your face but he means it with love
      • in a similar sense, he will reply with any typos you make and might just make them into inside jokes
      • (you have so many inside jokes with him you can honestly just talk purely in them,, s’like your own language!)
    • a lot of your friendship with him is playful bantering–it’s lots of fun when you’re in the same room as him with lafayette
  • john’s a protective friend through and through, and if he gets wind that you’ve ever been picked on or bullied you can expect him to Get Mean about the other person,, just because he’s a sweetheart for you doesn’t mean he’ll be the same towards anyone who’s wronged you,,,, he doesn’t forgive easily and if you’re trying to make amends with someone who’s previously hurt you, you can expect him to flat out inform them that he’s watching. and he doesn’t trust them.
    • he’s really good for late night talks,,, he doesn’t often give out advice but when he does it’s pretty useful !! john will often just end up listening and comforting you if you vent to him, might also exchange a similar experience that he’s had! he’s not afraid to share !
    • he likes to steal your food (with permission!! give it once and you’ve created a food stealing monster) 
    • he’s quick to become upset and while he holds grudges, past a certain point of friendship with him, he becomes more forgiving and more likely to be sympathetic towards you,,
      • in general, you don’t really have to worry about him being upset at you for too long because if you already know the others then it’s a clear sign john wants you as a friend for life. (plus, herc is always quick to sort things out)
  • most of your time is spent at hercules’ house, each of you doing separate activities (or maybe two or three of you are playing a game with the others watching). but generally, a lot of the time in your friendship with each other is just… enjoying each other’s presence, really!
  • platonic and sarcastic “i love you”s are frequent and sometimes hilarious
What You May Hear - One Shot

 Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

WARNINGS: Alcohol usage, Groping, Light Sexual Assault, Mean Bucky, Fluff Bucky, Protecter Bucky, ANGST

Summary: A misunderstanding of Bucky’s feelings towards you leads you into a dangerous situation. 

Word count: 3000ish

Author’s Note: This just kinda formed in my head and I had to write it, I hope you all enjoy it. I know I am a sucker for an angsty knight in shining armor Bucky. Please head the warnings, some things may be triggering, I’m a descriptive bitch. 

“You like her!?” Steve’s voice rises with the sudden realization, staring at his best friend as the smile suddenly drops from Bucky’s face. “How did I not see this before? You like Y/N!” Steve insists.

“What? You’re kidding right? No… Steve… No I don’t like her. Seriously, that amnesia is starting to kick in there, old timer.” Bucky scoffs, stammering quickly, a redness rising in his cheek as he tries to defend himself and throw Steve off his scent. Steve nods his head, pouting his lips slightly as he feigns belief for Bucky.

“Oh, sure sure, Buck. I’m sorry I was wrong, you don’t like her.” Bucky nods, sighing with relief, “Thank you, glad we’re on the same page.” Bucky sighs, taking a sip of his beer, “Yeah… you’re full on in love with her.” Steve says casually, watching Bucky’s expression freeze as he chokes on his beer, bits of the brew dribbling down his chin as he sputters.

“Love her!? What! I don’t… You’re being ridiculous… She’s my friend… I don’t…” Steve began to laugh as Bucky stammers, glancing around the living room embarrassed, praying that no other avenger was within earshot. “My god, how did I not see this before! You’re in love with Y/N.” Steve smiles to himself, enjoying his personal torture of his best friend.

Little did Bucky know that Steve was about to solve all his problems of the heart. That is, after he had his fun, of course. Steve had known for weeks that you had fallen for Bucky, ever since he saw the way you watched him during training.

Well, if he was being honest, it was Natasha that called you out on it over drinks, Steve was just privy to the conversation where you drunkenly gave in and admitted to your love for Bucky Barnes.

Now, if he could just get Bucky to admit his love for you, he could steal the title of matchmaker right out from under Nat! Steve smiled as he relished the idea of being responsible for his friend’s romantic happiness.

“Can you shut up about it? I’m not in love with her.” Bucky’s growl snaps Steve back to the conversation, redness painting Bucky’s cheeks as he tries to deny his feelings for you. “Buck, just admit it! You fell in love with her, it’s ok, she’s gorgeous and brilliant. You two have been getting closer for months it was bound to happen sometime.” Steve rolls his eyes, making Bucky’s embarrassment and frustration climb.

“God Dammit! Will you stop? I don’t even like her!” Bucky yells out, slamming his beer on the table as he stands up from the couch, rounding on Steve his heart pounding hard in his ears as he fights to disguise his secret.

Of course you had left your god damn phone charger in living room. You roll your eyes, silently scolding yourself for your irresponsibility in letting your phone’s battery drop so low. You came up on the entrance to the living room, hearing Steve laughing from within, you smile as you make to enter the room.

Your steps are halted by the sound of Bucky’s rising voice, drifting from the room. You quickly duck into the shadow of the doorframe, listening to Bucky shout. “God Dammit! Will you stop? I don’t even like her!”

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lifting from office stores

okay hoes, take a seat because i’m about to rock your lil worlds. 

okay, maybe not, but i worked in a big chain store (office depot) for over two years, and let me tell you - it it easy as hell to just fuck the entire store up.

  • first things first: every store is different. i worked in two different locations in two different cities, and there are major similarities and differences in each. SAME: cams on the ink and some tech. managers care more about ink more than their children. that shit is expensive as hell, and easy to lift depending on the policies in the store. if they are in the security boxes: you are out of luck my friend, unless you can get your hands on the spider or alpha key to unlock them. they are practically indestructible. my coworkers and i would throw them against the walls and they would just bounce. other than tech, cams throughout the store are bound to be few and far between, if there are any at all. seriously, find a blind spot and conceal in your purse, and you can get enough pens to last you until you graduate with your college degree. DIFFERENCES: obviously locations. it depends on the area that you’re in when you go inside, because it determines how you’ll dress and be viewed by the employees. watch your cams. they might not be just in tech. i’ve seen them in back corners and above the hallway to the restrooms before, but those aren’t common where i’m from. just be careful.
  • things that are easy to lift: pens. markers. sticky notes for days. phone cases that are not in security boxes, just pop those lil shits open and shove them in your pockets. phone chargers. desk accessories. if your bag is big enough, paper and notepads are a breeze. folders are a joke. do you even know how many pencil bags and things of lead for mechanical pencils i have? it’s insane. literally anything in the store that is not tagged or in a box, grab it.
  • things that are not so easy: i have mentioned before in a post or two the major things i’ve been able to lift. 
    • Printers: easy as pie. literally just grab the thing, box and all, and walk out. these are not tagged. they are easy to boost. they are light, depending on the model you grab. let me tell you how it is the easiest thing you’ll ever do: you ever see those SAs with the mobile phone lookin’ things? those things are a dream. we use them to check inventory in our store, other stores, but the most important thing is that we use them to check customers out in other places in the store other than the registers. This is key. You need to make sure that one of the associates that you talked with has one of these, or you see them, otherwise this approach will not work. If the store associates don’t carry them, the second phase of this “whole lift and carry out” plan will not work. When you grab the printer, you can either put it in a cart and walk around for a bit or walk right on out if there’s nothing else you have to grab. If you are stopped, which is more than likely, shoot them a sincere, nice, genuine smile and tell them this: “Oh, (insert associate’s name here) checked me out already on that phone thing.” These are basically the magic words. We are lazy fuckers. We do not care about double-checking. The son of a bitch behind the counter will wave you out and say have a nice day. Honestly, this method is best used if you’re super confident and have been doing this for a while. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TRYING THIS IF YOU ARE NEW TO LIFTING. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO GO OVER SMOOTHLY. Like I said before, every store is different. If you have a bad feeling, do not go through with it. This method works best in a crowded store, or during a rush for back to school. BACK TO SCHOOL IS ONE OF THE MOST STRESSFUL TIMES OF THE YEAR FOR US. IT IS STRAIGHT BLACK FRIDAY FOR THREE MONTHS. I HATED IT. IT STARTS IN JULY AND GOES THROUGH SEPTEMBER. But use that to your advantage. I haven’t paid for my school supplies in years. YEARS.
    • Desk Chairs: tbh, you can use the printer walk out method with these as well. just bring a cart back to the furniture pad with you, pick out a chair, and walk out with the same line. 
    • Laptop: Okay, this is priceless. A lot of my friends asked me how I got it, but honestly it only works if you have a really, really good friend in the store. My coworker was really into lifting, and we talked about way to get a computer for each of us because our old ones were dying. Computers are held in the back of the store in a cage that is locked and only the managers have the keys. Not the tech guys you see walking around the floor, but the manager on duty.They are the most precious thing that the store has to protect, which is why only select people have access to them. We were a close knit family, my friend, my manager and I. My manager would leave us to close the doors when we closed, and lock everything up, since they were usually counting the money and didn’t want to be distracted. So we used that to our advantage. One night, I came in 5 minutes to close, my manager was already in the back counting the cash, and my friend was working the floor alone. It was a rare and beautiful thing. My friend borrowed the keys to “lock the side doors” and he ran to the cage in the back, unlocked it, grabbed the laptop I wanted, handed it off to me, walked me to the front, and locked the doors behind me. I was home free. It was honestly the biggest thrill of my life, but it’s helped me though homework and classes this semester, and I am so thankful. Now I have a 17″ beauty to blog on and it’s amazing.
    • INK IS ALWAYS TAGGED IN THE BOXES. THEY ADHERE TO THE SIDE OF THE INSIDE OF THE BOXES, AND WILL SET OFF THE ALARM. IF IT ISN’T IN A BOX, IT’S STILL TAGGED. These are usually off-brand or cheaper brands of inks, like Canon, and Epson. HP is always tagged and in a secure box, so those are lil bitches. For the cheaper ones, you can slip it into your purse, and walk out with a crowd or after a small purchase, and keep walking if/when it beeps. 


HAPPY LIFTING BABES, AND IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO ASK ON TIPS AND POLICIES FOR RETURNS AND SUCH. I am here at your disposal, use me how you like. Literally ask me anything.

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Hiii saw you were going to go see Louis and im so so excited for you!!! Are you if you are able to do a livestream or post videos? my english is bad sorry xxx

Thank you!! 💞 I’m a bundle of nerves and excitement myself. 🙌😄

I don’t know if a livestream will be possible. But I’ll do my best to get something to share! I bought a pocket charger at the train station just for the occasion. 😅 Definitely feeling the pressure, haha.

So... That happened.

So as many of you are aware I got to go onto a tv shows set today for the first time ever. To answer @mm8fic‘s question, I signed up for a talent agency back in March and this is literally the first time I’d ever been called in for an ‘audition’ (standing with a piece of paper with my name written on it) and then given the OK that I was to be involved. The fact that it had Dean’s name in the cast list must’ve meant someone somewhere loves me very much :P

Anywho, you’ve all be super patient, so on with the photo’s. I will say, I always knew that seeing Dean, let alone getting a photo with him was pretty slim, so… yeah :/

Breakfast on set. I’d already had some food that morning but I’m glad I had some fruit salad and fruit bread because it was a looooong time until we got to eat again. Although breakfast was technically lunch as we had it at 12:30, but the point still stands. Someone even made my hot chocolate O.o fancy!

Then off to hair and makeup with this lovely lady whom we all know and are slightly (very) jealous of. As per @drakkhammerwrites request I passed on your hellos and told her her fans said they loved her etc. She was very surprised that she has a fan base at all, so hopefully that made her day. Also got to congratulate her on getting married which she laughed and said thank you, that it was a fun wedding and it’s fun being married as well :)

On set. The Remarkables mountain range definitely put a show on for us, and considering the scene is based in winter I think it did very well :D

By this point I then actually had to do some work (oh and I’m walking towards the camera in all the shots so I get to be a famous person :P), so there aren’t any photo’s from during the day. However this happened for those that missed it:

***UPDATE #1***



Dean’s here

***UPDATE #2*** Currently watching them block a scene Deano’s in :D

***UPDATE #3***Just had a costume change. As i left the tents i waited to cross the road and Deano was practising driving the truck he’s in. I waited for him to go past and he looked at me and gave me a grin and head bob (the sup bro, pursed lips, head jolting upwards slightly) as he took off  XD

Then we went for lunch/dinner (where my iphone cable, which was hanging out of my pocket as my external charger charged up my phone, got caught on the assistant directors walkie as he brushed by me O.O lol super awkward!! Managed to get it untangled and we had a bit of a laugh about it, and someone kicked a ball which happened to come towards me, and one of the crew came racing in and booted it away for me, freaking me out at the fact I’d literally been blindsided by it and the director looking and laughing at what had happened) and then it was back on the film set for some re-shoots, and then we were done.

Now, I’d been trying to figure out how to approach Dean and ask him for a photo, but it appeared I’d missed my chance, so I snuck this photo of him to prove I was there when he was.

So off I went back to get changed. Then, as I went to sign out I realised my drink bottle was missing as I’d left it back on set, so I hoofed it back to grab it. As I came back… well, this happened. All I can say is thank god for missing drink bottles

He was standing by his trailer texting and I asked if he’d mind having a photo, which he was all “yeah no worries,” laughing as he does. Told him I have quite a few friends on Tumblr who were big fans of his so I needed proof I’d met him, so… here you go.

Dean’s waving hello to you all cause hes super awesome. That’s also an unfortunate photo of me as I saw him do it and took a photo as I began to laugh.

Seriously guys. This has made my year. I don’t think anything is going to be able to top this, just saying :D

http://everydaycarry.com/posts/6072/Fujifilm-X30-Digital-Camera-Review?utm_source=tumblr&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_campaign=tumblr Submitted by Ed Jelley
External image

While most phones come equipped to take photos, they don’t come close to the same experience of using a dedicated camera. The distinct feel and added control are just some reasons to keep a compact camera in your carry. Fujifilm has been a huge player in the mirrorless camera game over the past few years, and they’ve sent us their X30 to review, confident that it can fill that need for a small, capable on-the-go camera. In this review, we’ll put that to the test — but we won’t be doing any extreme pixel peeping. Instead, we’ll explore how the X30 measures up as an everyday carry camera.

The Specs

External image
  • 12MP 2/3” XTRANS CMOS Sensor
  • 4x Optical Zoom Lens with f2.0-2.8 aperture, 28-112mm equivalent
  • Macro, Super Macro, Scene shooting modes
  • Full Manual Controls
  • 3” Tilt LCD
  • Built in Wifi for easy sharing

Design, Fit, and Finish

The Fuji X30 is a compelling blend of retro design and modern technology. Magnesium alloy construction of the body leads to an incredibly sturdy camera that feels great in the hand. The dials and control rings are all crafted of metal with precision ridges for tactile control. Nothing on the camera wobbles — the dials and buttons feel deliberate and solid, as they should be. Every press on the customizable buttons are affirmed with a satisfying “click,” nothing mushy here.

External image

The electronic viewfinder is the largest in its class, providing an excellent field of view and accurate color representation. Settings, a shooting grid, and focus confirmation are all easy to read on the display. Flipping the orientation of the camera changes the viewfinder as well, making it even easier to see what’s going on. The large viewfinder made it easy to frame out shots and it is hugely helpful to know exactly what the exposure settings are going to look like before pressing the shutter.

External image

The camera is fitted with a comfortable, ergonomic molded rubber grip section. Throughout the course of using the camera, I never felt as if it were going to slip out of my grasp. I brought the camera with me to New York City and the grip was easy to maintain with one hand. Overall, the design, fit and finish of the X30 are superb. It feels like a solid camera that will have no problem bouncing around in a bag or being worn around your wrist for countless days of shooting.

Operation and Performance

I really like how the X30 can be as easy or as complex to use as you want it to be. The camera can be set to fully automatic to capture fleeting moments, but has full manual controls to get a shot exactly the way you planned it. The menu system is easy to pick up on and the quick menu (with a dedicated “Q” button) is fully customizable to suit your shooting style. Through most of the testing, I shot on aperture priority mode. This leaves the shutter speed up to the camera and the aperture setting up to me. Most photos were properly metered and exposed, leaving me happy with the results.

External image

The zoom lens is equivalent to 28-112mm on the full frame scale. The low aperture lens shoots effectively in low light and can produce some nice bokeh (background blur with your subject in focus). At the wide end, it’s great for landscapes, architecture, and getting pictures of large groups. The middle range is ideal for portraits, and the long range end of the zoom can get up close to something that you might not be physically able to. The unique image stabilization mechanism ensures that most shots are in focus and tack sharp. I found this particularly useful in low light settings. When taking pictures at night, the darker conditions usually resulted in a lower shutter speed. The image stabilization allowed for lower shutter speeds when hand holding the camera, eliminating the need for a tripod.

External image

Fuji’s mirrorless cameras have earned so many accolades for their straight-out-of-camera JPEG image quality. This is due in part to the on-board film simulation that emulates Fuji’s film stock. There are several modes and all of them have their place (Provia is standard, Velvia is vidid, Astia is soft, etc.). I personally prefer the muted tones of the Classic Chrome setting. The in-camera processing ability lessens the need for extensive post-processing and makes for a quicker, easier to share, and more fun photography experience. Post processing at a computer is not my favorite part about taking pictures. The X30’s straight out of camera JPEGs cut down on the need to spend extra time in front of a screen, leaving you with more time for shooting. To see some samples of the X30’s image quality and in-camera processing at work, check out the photos I shot with the X30 in my review of the Spyderco Dice.

External image

The tilting screen is useful in a variety of shooting situations. No more laying on the ground to frame out a shot or standing awkwardly on a chair to get that perfect pocket dump photo. The hinge mechanism is robust and the screen locks back into the body with ease. Once you’ve taken a photo, it’s easy to share straight to your smart phone or computer. Simply press the dedicated wifi button on the camera, connect to the created network from your device, and beam the photos over.

Sometimes it’s just as fun to share the photos as they are to take, and the built-in wifi is a welcomed and useful feature. This was especially useful on my trip to the city. I was able to shoot during the day, go through the photos on the train, and the share the images I liked by the time I got home.

Carry Options

Fuji’s X30 is much easier to carry around than even the smallest digital SLR. The camera is compact, ergonomic, and easy to use. The X30 can fit in a jacket or cargo pocket, but don’t expect it to slip comfortably into your jeans. I’ve been carrying the camera in both my bag and jacket and haven’t found it to be a burden. The lens does stick out from the camera a bit, so be careful of snagging it when placing the camera in a pocket or bag.

External image

While not the best option for a truly pocketable camera, the X30 is excellent to keep in your EDC bag. It’s light enough to not weigh you down, and the performance and versatility of the zoom lens will come in handy in lots of shooting scenarios. The X30 has a ring on either side of the body for strap attachment, either a neck or wrist strap can easily be used. Due to the smaller size of the camera, I prefer a simple wrist strap. Holding and using the camera is easy with one hand. The thumb and finger grips are comfortably shaped and encourage a firm grip.

Pros & Cons


  • Great image quality straight out of camera
  • Sturdy construction
  • Wifi for easy sharing
  • Tilting screen makes composing easy


  • Not truly pocketable
  • No dedicated charger, must charge battery in camera


I can honestly say I’m a big fan of the X30. It’s been fun to shoot with for the month. The X Series by Fuji is an optimal blend of retro styling and cutting edge camera technology that results in a well-built, fun to use camera. Fuji has managed to retain the spirit of shooting with a dedicated camera in the X30. The electronic viewfinder is crystal clear, the build quality is top-notch, and the price is right.

External image

For $599, you get a lot of camera. I personally EDC the X100T, the X30’s bigger (and more expensive) brother, and both cameras are equally fun and easy to use. It’s been hard to pick out anything truly negative about the X30, and I’ve been trying. For a point and shoot camera, the X30 delivers on ease of use, image quality, and speed of sharing images. With street prices dipping as low as $500 for this dedicated EDC point and shoot, the X30 delivers a lot of camera for the money.

BUY ($500)

Disclosure: The manufacturer of this product sent this sample to be considered for review at no charge. It does not, however, affect my opinion of the product as stated in this review.


Pocket Charger for Android & Smartphones

With a powerful 2600mAh battery, a micro USB connector and quick charge technology, this useful travel gadget can charge your smartphone up to 100% and still have power left over. Built from machinated Aluminum for maximum durability and featuring an advanced electrostatic touch button, the Flex is the first of its kind designed for daily use.