pocket buddy

Just screwing around with some brushes on Clip Studio Paint and ended up drawing this dumb comic.

On a related note, I’ve been milling around the idea of making a Shimeji (a desktop buddy) of Pocket Fi. A lot of people like Pocket Fi, so it would be a nice thank you gift for my followers. The downside is making a Pocket Fi Shimeji would take a long time, and time isn’t really something I have right now. Plus, I want to make different color variations including Lemon Meringue Pocket Fi and Fairy Queen Pocket Fi. Hrm. :/

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This is pocket buddy again. Heehee I love that name. ☺️ but really David, don't ever doubt yourself. I have seen so much potential in you just through all of the strong posts you create. 😊🤗 you may have lows. But, don't ever forget it's only temporary. Nothing bad will happen to change the good. Keep staying strong like we know you have been. 😘 you have our support

im not crying! your crying! getting anons like you really make my day and its amazing to know i have people like this in my life. you all mean the world to me <3


Areum’s leisurely day of grocery shopping was interrupted by a bit of a ruckus between two other customers. Normally, she’d go on her merry way and get out of the noisy area. And she almost did, until she felt something from one of the customers. She wasn’t sure what, but it was mystical. At least, it felt that way. She pops her headphones out of her ears, rolling up her sweatshirt sleeves only to shove them back into her pockets.

“… Hey, buddy. Let’s head this way, huh? This situation’s done, isn’t it…?”
She directs the question at the other customer, who might’ve said something biting in reply, but Areum’s stony glare keeps them quiet. Sure she has made her point, she nods for the woman to follow her. When she is sure no other customers are around, she finally addresses her.

“What are you? And how far away from civilization did you come from? You’re sticking out like a sore thumb.”
None of these words are spoken with a particularly mean intent, but to any stranger, it might seem that way.

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hey David I don't come on anon much but it's pocket buddy. I wanted to let you know everything's going to be okay. Don't let your mistakes get to you because everybody makes them and we still love you. You're so talented and I really love what you've been drawing! Keep smiling because you're a handsome valid man 😘🤗🤗😁

You , my lil pocket bud, are too pure for this world. Thank you so very much for your comforting words <3 <3 <3

Friday I spent the day with my daughter Alannah 😊 She made pizza pockets and iced tea for lunch. For dinner Mom made vegetable lasagna. In Pokemon Go I selected my buddy. In Puzzle and Dragons I played the experience of a lifetime dungeon. Yo-Kai Watch 2 has a demo available on DS systems so you can try the before you buy.

G/t idea.

A size shifter who shrinks more and more when they feel comfortable or relaxed around people, one day they meet someone who makes them feel amazingly at home and this new, poor unknowing person is at first terrified as they watch their new friend shrink in front of them!

The shifter of course explains and ends up snuggling up to their new friend while the friend (who has never seen anyone so teeny before) just gently pets them happily, because they actually really enjoy having a pocket sized buddy.