pocket buddah

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SAAEYOUNG f, h, j, l, o, v, y and z.

F: Who is the first person they would call if they were in trouble?

Hands down, without a doubt, this is V. 

V is his best friend, a parental figure of sorts for him. If he ever felt trapped he would turn to the one man he has known since he was young, the one man in his life he has been able to turn to since he doesnt have a father, V. 

H: Who called them last?

Yoosung, groaning and leaving a message asking if that was really him ranked first in LOLOL 

J: When they just want to disappear, where do they go? 

He takes one of his baby cars and drives. Sometimes, it is to the home they grew up in, him and Saeran. Sometimes…he doesn’t exactly know where he is going. But it feels nice to be someplace where he has no memories. He might go to another country. 

L: When is the last time they cried and why?

He can’t help but cry often and randomly thinking of Saeran. Sometimes, the slightest things like smell, taste or sound trigger his memories and no matter where he is or what he is doing he has to excuse himself and shed a few tears. 

V: What is in their purse/pockets?

Honey Buddah Chips, a pen and a pencil, pocket lint, expired coupons, bits of wires, a small screwdriver, a multi-tool. 

Y: Who would they take with them to a remote island? 

Before he met you…he would say Saeran…and he feels selfish, but after you came into his life, he would choose you..hands down. 

Z: Would they rather die rich but alone or be poor with the love of their life?

Sure, the money is great for him right now. But it is nothing compared to you–the love of his life. He could do anything for work, live anywhere, as long as it was with you.