pocket beats


Two worlds clashing, becoming one and inseperable through the magic of written lines and heavy beats that pocket you like your hand a dollar note unexpectedly found on the street. With the same bliss.

Keep us in your pocket, carry us around like your lucky charm and make us the soundtrack of your life. It’s what we write about. We’re going to lull you to sleep through your headphones at night. Gonna fight your battles with weapons in the form of words and notes.
No knights in golden armor but four guys with golden intentions.

Your voices are the defibrillator my jet lag heart needs to give you authentic beats. An ocean of ecstasy for me to drown in and every drop of my adrenaline filled blood for you.

I’m blessed by your grace. You were wild tonight.

The signs as kinks
  • Aries: gun
  • Taurus: quicksand
  • Gemini: symorophilia (arousal due to witnessing or staging car accidents)
  • Cancer: cake farting
  • Leo: yiffing
  • Virgo: vore
  • Libra: bees...?
  • Scorpio: guy fieri
  • Sagittarius: choking;))))
  • Capricorn: becoming inanimate objects
  • Aquarius: sacofricosis (cutting a hole in ur pocket so u can beat it in public)
  • Pisces: fish
Seventeen getting kidnapped
  • S.Coups: “fight me bitch” *fucks kidnappers up*
  • Jeonghan: “you can take my life, but not my hair”
  • Joshua: “god will forgive you your sins, so please let me free"
  • Kidnapper: no
  • Joshua: *whispers* "bitch" *gets his guitar out of his pocket and beats him up
  • Jun: “well.. this is awkward” *confused*
  • Hoshi: *dramatically screaming* "pleaaasseeeeee, let me gooooooooo" *continue to dramatically scream for 6 hours until he falls asleep*
  • Woozi: *suddenly disappears*
  • Kidnapper: Where is he?? He's so smol, I can't find him
  • Wonwoo: *sitting in a corner, looking emo af*
  • Kidnapper: hey.. are you okay?*pats his arm*
  • Wonwoo: *immediately body slam him to the ground* "HA, you thought bitch"
  • DK: *tragically falls in love with the kidnapper"
  • The8: "don't cry, minghao. strong minghao.." *cries himself into coma*
  • Seungkwan: *panics for half a minute, passes out for 20 days*
  • Vernon: “pls let me go bro”
  • Kidnapper: *no answer*
  • Vernon: “stop acting like you didn’t hear me orrr”
  • Dino: "god dammit, not again"

Lily was on her way back to the castle from Hagrid’s hut, having been enjoying an evening tea with the gentle half-giant. The sun was setting, darkness falling over the grounds as she slowly trudged through the wet, spring grass. Unfortunately the lack of light made the ground hard to see, and Lily ended up tripping over a small rock. Cursing her clumsiness, she pulled herself together, glad that no one had been there to witness the embarrassing moment. Just at that second, however, she heard the distinctive sound of the snap of a tree branch.

“Hello?” she called out warily, circling around in search of the source of the noise, “Who’s there?” Her hand instinctively went to reach for her wand in her pocket, her heart beating faster in her chest at the scare.


Song of the Day: Kendrick Lamar, “How Much A Dollar Cost”

Can’t get enough of that piano sample and how deep the pocket of the beat is.

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