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||Rick is assigned to clean the facilities at the MortyLand theme park. His job gets pretty boring, so sometimes he’ll get a little too drunk and end up hanging out in the broom closet with his mop bucket
I mean– He goes on adventures with his Morty..

Malec Wedding
  • Magnus had told Alec that although he loved him deeply and would want nothing more in the world to marry him, he, in good conscience could not do it, not until it was recognised by the clave
  • Magnus wanted their marriage to be official, he wanted their love to be recognised by the clave, he wouldn’t have them waving their relationship to the side  
  • It’s not that Magnus needed their marriage validated, to earn the respect from the clave, he wanted their union to be worthy for Alec. Magnus knew the shadowhunter valued traditions and had secretly dreamed of the day since he was a child
  • Magnus wanted this to be perfect, just for Alec
  • And if that meant waiting and doing things the traditional way then so be it
  • It was only an added bonus that Magnus always thought the two of them would look dashing together, standing embroidered in gold.
  • So they waited.
  • Alec approached Imogen about the subject on several occasions, only for her to wave him away.
  • It wasn’t often that downworlders and shadowhunters fell in love, but when they did, why shouldn’t their marriages be ordained by a silent brother, and recognised as a union.
  • Alec fought for month, years even for peace between the downworld and the shadowhunters. It was something that he cared deeply about.
  • One day the day came where the clave agreed that unions between a shadowhunter and a downworlder is equal to that of two shadowhunters.
  • When Alec heard the news, not that he would admit it he shed a few silent tears of joy, and began planning almost immediately.
  • When they had first started dating Magnus had portalled Alec all over the world, France, Italy, Japan. Everywhere that Alec had wished to see and so much more. It was only fitting that he proposed in one of those places that held so many loving memories for the two of them.
  • It was one Friday that Magnus suggested they portal to Paris, they had no other duties, and Alec had the weekend away from the Institute, it would be romantic.
  • Alec thought to himself that now would be his chance. He rushed to get ready and slipped the little box that he had been carrying around for weeks, in hope of catching the perfect moment to pop the question,into his jacket pocket. The box burned a bright hole into the fabric and Alec itched to bend down onto one knee, he couldn’t bear to hold himself back any longer. All he wanted was to make the beautiful man before him his husband.
  • When they arrived in Paris, Alec was stunned into silence as he took in his surroundings.
  • Magnus had portalled them onto a rooftop, overlooking the dazzling light show of the Eiffel tower. A blanket and a mountain of pillows were spread around the floor, a bottle of wine was set to the side in an ice bucket. Fairy lights twinkled softly above their heads. Alec was in awe as he turned on the stop.
  • Alec turned to face Magnus, only to find then man bent down on one knee.
  • If anyone asked, Alec didn’t cry and he most certainly didn’t turn into a puddle of mush either.
  • Magnus gave a long romantic speech, professing his love for the shadowhunter. Talking about how he had never felt so much for anyone before in his life. He loved Alec to the end of the earth and so much further. Magnus had waited so long to find someone to share his soul with, and he hoped that Alec would do him the honour of marrying him.
  • Alec didn’t respond for a long while, he only laughed to himself.
  • Magnus was confused. Until Alec too bent down on one knee and pulled the box from his pocket, “I guess you beat me too it.”
  • The two embraced each other tightly, and spent the night under the stars, before heading how just as the sun broke in the morning.
  • They had a beautiful ceremony a few weeks later.
  • It was a quiet affair, close friends and family, only those who truly knew the depth of their love for one another. The walls were adorned with vines of luscious greenery, golden flowers weaving in between them. Everything was perfect. A mixture of subtlety and glamour, representing the souls of the two men.
  • Both men wore gold. Magnus made one too many jokes about shadowhunters past turning in their graves. They exchanged soft kisses at the altar, a pretty blush bloomed across Alec’s face. Even after all these years together, Magnus never ceased to make his heart skip a beat.
  • The party afterwards wasn’t so quiet, downworlders and shadowhunters alike mingled and dance together. The atmosphere was warm, joyous and ever so loving.
  • Alec and Magnus held tightly onto each other the entire evening. Alec had never thought that this day would come, all throughout his youth he believed he was doomed to live a lie, suffer in the name of the clave, and do what must be done, not matter the cost to his happiness. Magnus had grown tired of the world, locking up his heart in fear of being hurt, he had created a persona of himself, building up walls, and throwing fancy events to distract from his inner heartache. 
  • But they had unlocked something in each other. This wasn’t just  a union of their deep rooted love for one another, but a new chapter, something that they would both hold dear to their hearts forever. However long forever would be.
He Was Lost

The past three months were lonely.

That was putting it lightly, because honestly, how were you supposed to feel when you’re suddenly living without the other half of your heart -your best best friend, the love of your life. It wasn’t supposed to end the way it did. To be fair, you never imagined there would be an ‘end’ at all.

You remembered that day like it was yesterday, replaying the turn of events over and over again. Maybe if you’d looked him in the eyes more. Maybe if you’d kissed him harder. Maybe, if you’d hugged him a little bit longer. Then maybe, just maybe, he would still be yours, right where he belonged.

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aughisky  asked:

Hey! I absolutely love your writing, and I thought of a prompt that feels perfect for Stucky--Steve and Bucky are on a Work Retreat with Work Friends and after a few drinks end up back in one of their rooms, on the verge of hooking up. Only, just then Mutual Friend Sam knocks on the door, but (oh no!) neither Steve nor Bucky can remember what room they're in and so can't figure out who should respond. Maybe Sam knows? And is messing with them? TIA, you're fantastic <3

I decided to do Steve and Bucky as sober instead of tipsy because I just like to write consent to be very, very clear!

— —

Steve takes a seat next to Bucky at the bar. “This taken?” he asks.

“It is by your presumptive ass,” Bucky says. “You want a drink?”

“Ginger ale?” Steve asks.

“What me to ask ‘em for a shot of something? Some grenadine, perhaps?” Bucky asks, gesturing to his own Shirley Temple.

“That’s a little wild, Barnes. Not sure if I’m up to it,” Steve says.

“Aw, c’mon, live a little,” Bucky says. He gestures to the bartender. “Can I get my buddy a Shirley Temple? Extra cherries, and put it on my tab,” he says.

The bartender nods and gets to work.

“How’s everyone doing?” Steve asks.

“Sam’s fine, Maria is gettin’ into an argument with Dum Dum, but that’s par for the course. You wanna know how I’m doin’?” Bucky asks, wagging his brows a few times.

Steve rolls his eyes. “Doesn’t take a genius to see that you’re fine,” he says.

Bucky raises his eyebrows. “So you think I’m fine?” he asks.

The bartender sets Steve’s drink down in front of him. “I, I didn’t say that!” Steve stutters out. The bartender snorts and Steve shoots her a look, but thanks her anyway because Sarah Rogers raised a son with manners.

“Anyhow, what’s on the agenda for tonight?” Bucky asks. “Got another executive session planned?”

Steve sighs. “As a matter of fact, I do not,” he says, taking a sip of his Shirley Temple.

Bucky hums in agreement, and surveys the bar. “Seems like a chill night,” he says.

“Sure does. Think everyone needs some rest after the awesome team building exercises we did today.”

Bucky looks over at Steve through the corner of his eye. “You’re jokin’, right?” he asks.

Steve grins. “‘Course I am,” he says.

Bucky laughs. “Jeez, the sober corner got a lot more fun when you joined the firm.”

“Did it?” Steve asks.

He nods. “Yeah, it did.”

Steve had been worried about the vibe at the new firm when he first got here. His last job was… pretty booze-heavy, and the fact of the matter is that Steve doesn’t like to drink. Never has, never will. It took all of ten minutes to find Bucky sitting at the corner of the bar with a Shirley Temple — his usual poison — and great conversation. Bucky’s been sober since he was eighteen for reasons that he doesn’t talk about, and the two started hanging out during office retreats. Then they started hanging out at the office. Now, Steve just wishes they could take their hang-outs to the next level.

“Hey,” Bucky says. “If I ask you to come hang out in my room do you gotta fill out some paperwork?”

“What?” Steve asks.

“Let’s ditch this place and go hang out in my room,” Bucky says.

Steve’s heart starts pounding and he throws back his drink in a few gulps. “Let’s go,” he says.

“Was that some weird macho shit?” Bucky asks.

Steve rolls his eyes. “I just didn’t want to waste your money.”

Bucky leans in. “Steve, buddy,” he says, voice going low. “It’s on the company’s dime.”

— —

The walk to Bucky’s room is pretty short and Steve spends it with his hands in his pockets, heart beating fast in his chest. Bucky unlocks the door and opens it for Steve. “After you,” he says.

Steve walks into the room. It looks the same as his generic hotel room, but knowing that Bucky’s spent the past few nights in here sends a little thrill up Steve’s spine.

“Sorry,” Bucky says. “Was kinda goin’ nuts out there. By the end of these retreats I just get a little sick of everyone.”

“Did you want to be alone?” Steve asks, managing to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

“No, I wanna hang out with you,” Bucky says. “Unless you wanna go,” he says, futzing with something on the table and not looking at Steve.

“I want to be where you are,” Steve says, maybe a little too honest.

But then Bucky looks up at him with a smile. “Yeah?” he asks.

“You may not have noticed, but I really like you,” Steve says.

“You’re gonna have to be more clear than that,” Bucky says. “Don’t think HR will take ‘really like you’ as an official relationship designation.”

“How about, I’ve been wanting you to ask me out since we met?” Steve says, standing straight and hoping for the best.

“So, boyfriend?” Bucky asks.

“That’s a little presumptuous, but sure,” Steve says. “Boyfriend works.”

“Boyfriend,” Bucky says, moving across the room, closer to Steve. “Hi boyfriend,” he says, coming so close that he’s almost flush against Steve’s chest.

“Hi,” Steve says, leaning down and wrapping an arm around Bucky’s back. “Why don’t we…” he says, pressing his lips to Bucky’s.

Their kiss is amazing and slow and the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to Steve.

And it’s cut off too soon by a knock at the door.

Fuck,” Bucky says.

“Don’t answer it,” Steve says.

BUCKY,” says a loud voice on the other side of the door.

“Sam,” they say in unison.

Bucky sighs and detaches himself from Steve. Steve frowns, but doesn’t complain when he does.

Bucky walks over to the door and opens it up, part of the way, not enough to let Sam see Steve. “Hey man,” he says. “What’s up?”

“We need a ride to Taco Bell, wanna soak up some of this poison. You game?”

“Oh, uh, I’m a little busy right now.”

“Don’t be like that, Bucky. Take us to Taco Bell!”

And that’s when Steve walks up behind Bucky. “Take an Uber,” he says, then gently pulls Bucky out the way and closes the door.

He can hear Sam whoop as he and Bucky kiss again, this time for real.

I’ll Find You

Request: Hello! I can say without a doubt that I love your writings!❤ I also was wondering if you could do a newt x reader where she goes missing and when it gets too long everybody loses their hope except for Newt. Later on he finds her being tortured, saves her and it’s a grand and really fluffy reunion?:) Sorry, I just crave for angst and fluff😂 

Warning: Allusion to torture

Word Count: 3,095

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Pickett crawls from the pocket of Newt’s discarded vest, top leaves drooping from exhaustion. Stumbling forward, the tiny creature pulls itself up by the bed’s legs and hops onto the mattress. Gripping the headboard’s bars, Pickett inches past the pillows and avoids Newt’s hand when it jerks forward.

Once he’s in range, the bowtruckle reaches forward and tickles Newt’s nose. He jumps back, slipping off the mattress and swinging wildly when Newt smacks at his face.

Pickett’s still swaying off the bed when Newt jolts up, rubbing his forehead with one hand and reaching for you with the other. “I had the worst nightmare, love. Love?”

His terror peaks for the third night in a row this month when his hand only hits empty sheets and a cold half of the bed. He opens his mouth to shout for you before he remembers: you’re gone.

He takes in two shaky breaths before he hears Pickett’s squeals. “Pickett, what are you doing up here? You should be asleep.” He lifts the bowtruckle from the front of the mattress and slips out of bed, carrying him to a tree. “Yes, I know you don’t want to be here, but this is where you’re staying. Do you want to stay in that tree? I didn’t think so.”

He peels Pickett from his hand and places him on the tree before turning back into the bedroom and closing the door.

Careful to step over the clothes, crumpled up pages, and overturned pots of feed, Newt crosses the room and slides out the desk’s chair.

The two of you had decided to place a small bedroom in the case for any situations where you needed to be ready to respond to a creature at any moment. For the most part, it had been used when one was about to give birth, but more and more often, you and Newt had been spending nights down there after long hours of work studying a new creature.

Newt drops his head in his hands as he stares at the pages scattered in front of him. Notes that mean nothing at 3 in the morning fill the papers, but Newt still rifles through them, furious with the tears dripping down his cheeks. He has no time to cry. He has to find you.

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I’m crying all the time now.

I cried all over the street when I left the Seattle Wobbly Hall.
I cried listening to Bach.
I cried looking at the happy flowers in my backyard, I cried at the sadness of the middle aged trees.

Happiness exists I feel it.
I cried for my soul, I cried for the world’s soul.
The world has a beautiful soul.
God appearing to be seen and cried over. Overflowing heart of Paterson.
—  Allen Ginsberg, “Tears,” in Howl and Other Poems
A Matter of... Time?

This piece of work - not quite sure what to call it, a little crack-ish maybe? was written for @percywinchester27 Ana’s PJO Quotes Challenge! (Ana, I made it!!!) My quote is in bold, and - of course - I chose Dean. And it was a challenge, I really struggled with this, but I also had a lot of fun!

Thank you to @mrs-squirrel-chester  for being the bestest beta ever, I love you to PIECES 😘  

You groaned as you opened your eyes, the sun blinding you. Something… something large, alive and breathing, was pushing against your face, and you held your breath for a moment before it snorted and sent you skittering backward in a panic. You raised your eyes to see a white stallion, who proceeded to paw politely at the ground, tossing his head a little as if to greet you.

You fought to disentangle your feet from the… skirts? You looked down at yourself and your mouth opened in shock as you tried to absorb what you were seeing. You were wearing some kind of fancy silk gown, yards and yards of frothy cloth tangled around your legs. And then it dawned on you. “Dean? Dean! Are you all right?”

A loud moan was all you received in answer, and then, “What the… Y/N? What the hell is going on?” You finally managed to bunch your skirts up enough to stand, turning towards the direction of the noise, Dean’s cursing and some sort of clanking and banging of metal.

Oh, shit. “Dean! Why are you wearing a suit of armor?”

“Well, I don’t fucking know, but I could use a little help here!”


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anonymous asked:

If it's not too much trouble could you write about a time when inej comes back from being gone for months and idk just what happens between her and kaz during her visit???

        when inej visits it’s……

  • Inej knocking on his office door and him somehow knowing it’s her despite the fact she didn’t speak a word. It’s him yanking the door open and tugging her inside.
  • It’s her with her back braced against the door, him standing directly before her, near enough she has to tilt her head back to look into his eyes. It’s the feel of the room growing smaller around them as they take deep breaths of the suddenly charged and tepid air close to each other’s faces.
  • She knows he won’t hug her, but the warmth radiating from his body embraces her, the familiar scent of his wool suit a comforting welcome home.
  • It’s him knowing he’s standing too close and the smell of sea on her skin isn’t helping him feel like he’s not drowning, but finding it near impossible to draw away anyway. And it’s her voice…
  • The voice he missed, the voice he’s grateful to hear again, dragging him back to shore.
  • It’s Kaz with shaking hands hidden in his pockets, a pounding heart beating far too loud. It’s him without any sharp wit retorts to her Suli proverbs as she talks about how Saints saved her ship during a bad storm. 
  • He’s speechless and when words do come they’re anxious and clumsy.
  • It’s Inej trying not to mix up dates and their respective stories as she loses herself in Kaz’s intense gaze. It’s her being perceptive of the way his dark eyes are dilated and studying her mouth as she speaks and her hands as they gesture. 
  • And it’s her boasting about her successes and him listening attentively, proud and impressed—but not at all surprised she managed to get so many jobs done.
  • But it’s also him concerned by the weary expression in her eyes and the exhausted slump of her shoulders. He’s especially perturbed by her hair being uncoiled from the braid, considering it’s all arranged over one shoulder.
  • It’s Kaz’s hands going still as his excitement dissipates into suspicion. 
  • “Are you hurt?”
  • “No.”
  • “Can I see, then?” 
  • It’s him lifting a steady hand from his pocket and focusing to stay grounded to reality.
  • She nods, insisting it’s nothing. But when he brushes the hair aside, his breath catches at the sight of the shiny, pink scar at her throat.
  • It’s him promising to tear apart the person responsible limb from limb, but her shaking her head. “I took care of him already.”
  • It’s him thinking of course she did, and feeling guilty about the thought he wishes she hadn’t because he knows her righteousness; the death would have been swift and all he can think looking at the fresh scar tissue is the days of torture he would’ve inflicted upon the person.
  • “Are you hurt anywhere else?”
  • “This was the first injury, and also the last. I’m fine.”
  • It’s Inej knowing his mind is deep within dark thoughts and trying to distract him from the rage to kill with, “I can use some food.”
  • It’s Kaz snapping out of his trance and nodding with the thought, she probably hasn’t had a full meal since she departed. 
  • He wants to be with her when she does even if he’s not hungry himself. 
  • “I can send someone for food.”
  • It’s her looking up with a knowing smile and agreeing because she would rather spend alone time with him than going out for the food, too.
  • It’s their fingers brushing, then squeezing each other’s, and him telling her he’s glad she made it back in one piece. And it’s her whispering, “missed you too, Kaz,” at his back when he makes his way out. 
part 2; lies and deceit

Part one

Pairings: jungkook x reader x taehyung 

Genre: angst | fluff | light smut (later on)

Description: two best friends, both have lies that can hurt you, but one is going to hurt you more than the other. 

Word Count: 3k

a/n:  this part is super cheesy lol but i don’t care bc i felt cheesy and angsty..  as i said before i want to make this scenario as short as possible but we’ll see.. or i might just stop altogether. either way i really hope some of you like it and again thank you so much for taking the time to read. 

People always seemed to be intimated by you for some reason. Each time you walked the halls people gave you this strange look as if they couldn’t understand you, as if you weren’t like them in anyway. Which is why you never had any friends your freshman year of high school. None. Not a soul wanted to sit beside you in class, you were usually left with empty seats on either side of you. During lunch it was the same, you’d sit at the end of a table while the other students filled the seats on the other side. At first you didn’t seem to mind, it’s not like your main focus in high school was to have tons of friends and as your mother would say “experience the best years of your life”. What you really wanted was to focus on grades and getting the perfect GPA. But eventually the emotionless attitude wore out and the suppressed feelings from being an outcast caught up to you..

The first half of your freshman year was outstanding in grades but a complete failure in making any friends or feeling good about yourself, feeling happy.

The only friends you had were books, you’d stay almost everyday after school reading or spending extra time with a teacher to get ahead in the class. Which is how you ran into the one person who would change everything for you.

Jeon Jungkook was popular since birth, or so the rumors went, he was admired by everyone. Every single person in the high school knew him, including the upperclassmen. They loved the bad boy vibes he had, his leather jackets and boots, his one earring he wore, his dark hair and eyebrows, the intimidating and menacing look he had. He was most known for his skills in sports and dating girls older than him. You had three classes with the guy but never paid him any attention, he was loud and obnoxious and it annoyed you. Of course he had the looks, and the body but with his cocky attitude none of it appealed to you. As far as you knew he didn’t even know you existed, if you passed by it was like nothing, he was oblivious to your presence. So for you he didn’t matter.

It was a regular day for you, you were putting your books away in your locker, the halls were empty and everyone had left long ago. You were getting ready to leave yourself. You didn’t hear when Jungkook came marching down the hallway, his face red and full of rage, his big fists clenching at his sides ready to punch anything that was in his way. All you heard was the loud slam of your locker in your face and its echo filling the hallway. You’d expect a scream or squeal to escape your lips but your mouth stayed shut.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry are you hurt?!” Jungkook quickly asks once he see’s someone behind the locker he just punched, his voice trembling still with anger but now more worried. He focuses on you now to see if he did hurt you in anyway and was completely taken back, the sight of you quickly dissolved all the anger he was feeling before and replaced it with something else.

You didn’t hear a word he said, you didn’t even see who it was exactly. You had your eyes closed tight and your hands up to your ears to block out any sound, all you heard was the rapid beating of your heart, it wasn’t even in sync the beating was all over the place.

He touches your shoulder and you open your eyes. They widened when you recognized the guy in front of you. Jungkook was speaking to you his lips moving fast and his brows furrowed displaying a look of full worry and hopelessness. But you couldn’t hear him you still had your ears covered and you were still shaking. He touches your shoulder again and stands closer to you, he only said one word this time and you knew that word. Your name. Jungkook knew your name.

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shifted serendipity | 01

Originally posted by amillionwon

A dancer and a music producer find themselves tied together by a striped cat.

pairing; hoshi | reader

genre; wholesome fluff. highschool!au + dancer!hoshi and music producer!y/n

word count; 3.8 k

author’s note; this is my first time writing a full length fic, so please bear with me! i have no idea when the next update will be (it probably won’t be until a few weeks later) thank you to @wonfairywoo​ for giving me some potential name candidates for this fic. i’ve tried searching for the page i found the prompt that inspired this fic but it’s been hours and i still can’t find it ): thank you for reading and i do hope you enjoy!

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