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“The tattoo of the pocket watch” soulmate AU

SOULMATE AU SERIES // Title:  “The tattoo of the pocket watch”
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Prompts: SOULMATE AU Colorless tattoos that get color when you meet your soulmate AND Soulmates where you can communicate via thoughts.  

Word count: 1776

Warnings: Some language as usual and I think this is kinda shit… but whatever?

A/N: I think this is kinda… trash??? Yeah probably, let me know whatever. Looooove And of course let me know if you guys want to request anything.

Bucky’s Part || Steve’s Part. ||  MASTERLIST

|| I don’t own Pietro Maximoff AKA Quicksilver or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

Imeyet li eta rabota?”(*)

She opened her eyes and looked around her bedroom. It was around four in the morning and the day after she had school. But no one was there, so she thought that she may have dream it.

“That was weird” She thought and closed her eyes once again.

“Yavlyayetsya li eto angliyskiy ? U tebya prekrasnyy golos”(**)


When she grow up the voice was still there, it was a male and with a marked accent. But she wasn’t able to understand what he was saying.

Her friends would talk about how great was to have conversations with their soulmates but when it comes to her… well she would just smile and tell them that indeed it was great.

“If I could only understand a word”


By the time she became a teenager she learned more about the soulmate with another language thing, it wasn’t weird and that made her feel calm.

But when she was around seventeen something changed, she was drinking an iced tea on the backyard of her granny’s house when the book that was on her hands fell to the grass.

“Khello ? YA dumayu, chto ya nashel sposob , chtoby pogovorit’ s vami .”(***)

“It’s been a while” she said and lifted her book.

“I know.”

Her heart skipped a beat.

“You can speak English?”

“I’ve learned.”

He had learned, for her.

“I’m Pietro”

She smiled, he had such a beautiful name. “Y/N” she said.

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“We’re not ready for this - yet.”
“That was awesome!”
“I don’t Hulk out.”
“I got into this because I wanted to help.”
“I’m not sure what to believe any more.”
“Gimmie a minute.”
“I kinda have Heropedia superuser priveleges.”
“The book was better.”
“I’m kind of the prince of space.”
“I’m the Young Avengers resident shapeshifter.”
“My Wiki page needs an update.”
“One sec. Just got a text.”
“I don’t have pockets.”
“No regrets.”

Timeout - A Tasertricks Oneshot

So, I had this dream. My brain decided it would be a good idea to write out my dream. This happened.


Timeout- Tasertricks Oneshot

Darcy knew the risks of having a psychopathic Norse ex-prince supervillain as a boyfriend. Darcy knew that he had been ingrained in his ways, was prideful, stubborn and occasionally just plain douche. Therefore, Darcy never expected him to change his ways for her.

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Into Infinity (Pt. 2)

Summary: Imagine randomly being pulled through a portal. When you awake, you find yourself in the Marvel Universe. More specifically, Tony Stark’s lab. Guess this is what happens when Tony Stark ‘examines’ an Infinity Stone.

Part 1

Warnings: None

Word count: 1800

A/N: There’s not a lot in this one, but I hope you guys like it regardless! The next chapter has a bit more plot to it, and things’re gonna ramp up from there :D

Originally posted by hobbithope

“I’m sorry, the last time you fooled around with alien technology you created a blood-thirsty robot, and you didn’t learn anything from that?” This scene was looking terribly familiar to you, except there were so many more people in the room than when Tony announced his plan to create Vision, and this time you were actually in the room with them. It was ultimately nerve-racking, having all these superheroes you daydreamed about glaring at you like some sort of alien pathogen ready to infect their society. You couldn’t help but nervously raise your hand - there was no way you were gonna be a smartass under this pressure without permission.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve as an extraordinary pick pocket, and when the avengers are partying one night, he decides to show off and see how many he can rob in a night before they notice and at the end of the night he shows them all proudly. Love your blog! Can't wait to meet the new mods too!

No one had believed him except Natasha and Sam when he’d said he’d had to pickpocket a lot in his youth in order to make some money. Something about it not being very patriotic and good, etc etc. Sam, who’d been travelling with him constantly, just snorted and declined to even be a part of the conversation, and Natasha had just smirked a little, like she was remembering him hot-wiring the car in Jersey. 

No matter, Steve thinks, adjusting his cuff links for the fundraiser tonight. He’d show the rest of them.

First, is Clint. Not that Clint has much to pickpocket, but he easily steals his ID and keys while he’s busy heckling Stark. 

Bruce is so trusting it’s hard to make himself do it, but his clothes are so loose that taking his entire wallet is so easy that Bruce doesn’t even twitch.

Natasha catches him stealing Thor’s necklace straight off his neck and her lips twist into a little grin. She winks at him and whisks Pepper off to dance.

Stark is last, and he takes his wallet and priceless watch in one deft move, pretending to trip clumsily against him. 

His pockets are heavy but at the end of the night, he lays everything out on the table, relishing the outraged looks he gets.

altheaknorka  asked:

Imagine Bucky meeting Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman and remembering her from their missions together for Hydra.

“We sure could have used your help in the battle of New York too!” Tony exclaims as both the Avengers and the Carol Corps enter the Quinjet.  

“Oh. Yeah. We had to decline.” Col. Monica Rambeau says, barely looking at him. Col. Carol Danvers explains: “Yeah, sorry. Busy cancelling an Incursion.” Bruce and Tony blink. Carol pauses, then rubs her forehead: “I can’t remember the technical term, sorry. That thing when Planet Earth from an alternative universe is obliterated, and the Earths of two adjacent universes collide with each other, destroy their respective universes and threaten our dimension, know what I mean?”  

Tony and Bruce exchange confused looks: “Er… no?”

“Well, that’s because we did our jobs.” Monica smirks and fist bumps Carol.  

“Wow.” Tony grabs Fury’s sleeve as he passes by: “Hey, Nick, why didn’t you ask these ladies to be part of the Avengers Initiative?”

“I did.”

"Aw, you mean, we weren’t your first choice?”

“Tony.” Nick Fury pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs. “You barely even made the list.”

Carol and Monica turn their attention to Rhodey and gently tease him. Their youngest ally, Kamala Khan - who is dressed from head to toe in the colors of Captain Marvel - fires questions at Bruce and Tony.

Jessica Drew ignores all of them and walks straight to the very end of the Quinjet, where Bucky is sitting, hands deep in his pockets, eyeing the Avengers and their new allies with equal wariness. Jessica croaks something unintelligible at Bucky. He nods. She sits down next to him. She crosses her legs and stares at him expectantly. He lowers his head but keeps his eyes fixed on her. Her hands are shaking. She has this weird, hesitant smile of her face.

Suddenly, Bucky yelps and springs up. Rhodey has his gun out of the holster. Monica and Carol go in combat mode, their hands sparkling with energy. Tiny, protective Kamala throws herself in front of Tony and Bruce.  

Bucky presses his hand over his mouth and tears start running down his face.

Jessica wants to say something, anything, but no sound comes out of her mouth, so she eventually opens her arms and to everyone’s surprise, Bucky steps in her embrace, lets her cradle him as she shakes her head and murmurs: “For years, I thought you were my imaginary friend.”

“I remember you”, Bucky says. He smiles through his tears. “I know you. You…”

He looks at her teary eyes and beaming face, and it all comes back to him: Dr Drew’s baby daughter, Dr Drew’s twisted take on the Black Widow, Hydra’s very own spider, Hydra’s princess… the toddler babbling to him, parroting Hydra songs, and falling asleep under the Winter Soldier’s chair, her first wobbly steps around his cryogenic chamber, her light taps on the frozen glass as her father described to her the marvel of eugenics, needles as thick as her arm, the day she first crawled up the wall and the smell of electricity that hasn’t anything to do with the wipes…

“You…” Bucky gulps. He remembers it all and yet she is standing before him, a SHIELD jacket on her red and gold suit, a wide grin across her face, her eyes glittering with pure joy and relief. “You found a way out.”

“I did.” She extends her arm towards his face, refrains from touching him, but curves her hand in an affectionate gesture above his cheek.  "I sure did.“ Her smile grows even wider, "We both did.”

Poisonous toast?

Pairing: ReaderXBucky.

Plot: Bucky has been brought home from hydra for only two months and has been living with his girlfriend, who is also part of the avengers, She leaves him home for the first time and things go.. Not as planned.

Warnings: Swearing, Cuter asf Call from bucky that may murder your soul from laughter and love?! Hopefully!

“Bucky…” You signed, Running your fingers through your Y/H/C hair. “I don't have to go..”

“Then we have no groceries and die of starvation, Y/n..? Do you want me to die?” He looked at you, Puzzled and hurt. Your heart melted looking at your boyfriend’s face.

“No,No! Of course not, Buck!” You quickly replied, relieved when his face went back to its cute self.

“Oh, Okay.. But, I think you should go.. I’ll be alright..” He reassured you with a award winning smile.

“…Okay.” You nodded. After all, Bucky was a big boy. He could handle himself.

“Love youuu, Y/n!!” Bucky yelled as you went out the door.

You drove to the store and began shopping. You were biting your lip the whole time. 

What if he burned the house down?! Killed your cat?! Order two thousand Banana’s like he asked you if he could do earlier. At that though, You giggled. Remembering to pick up banana’s for him. Just as you put them  in the cart, your phone rang.

Oh god.. Please not Mr. Whiskers.

“Bucky..?” You breathed, Terrified.

“Your Welcome.” He replied, sounding proud.


“Well Y/n, I just participated in a fierce battle.  I walked in your kitchen and found a little robot, possibly from Hydra. As i was looking it over, trying to figure out its attack move, Two large pieces of poisonous toast flew out and burned my face!! so.. I went in your garage and grabbed your baseball bat and saved your house! Your welcome! Did i mention i am surprisingly not affected by poison?!” Bucky sounded proud as you tried to contain yourself from bursting out in laughter like a manic in the middle of the store.

“O-Oh.. Thanks,Bucky..I gotta go now. Be home soon.” You hung up sighing and shaking your head.

Oh lord, What were you going to do with that boy?! 

You pulled out your shopping list then, and quickly wrote the words “New, Non robot looking toaster.” On it before stuffing it back in your pocket.


I thought I’d uploaded this little guy, but apparently not.  Meet Pocket Captain America!  He’s the next in my series of knit Avengers and was a little more complex than Pocket Iron Man.  Most of the color changes were knit in as I was going; the only duplicate stitching was the lower half of his helmet.  So yes, his belly stripes are stranded on the inside.

Pocket Captain America was hand-knit and sewn together before all his details were embroidered on.  His shield is also knit, and backed with gray felt to make it a little stiffer and help it hold the circular shape.  The strap was then knit and sewn on; it’s garter stitch, so it stretches over his hand but then snugs up against his arm.  Unfortunately he can’t really hold that last pose (I surreptitiously pinned his arm to his chest under the shield), but I think he’s cute anyway.

Overall he’s about the size of a Chapstick tube, and sits on my desk at work with my other plushies.

Yarn: Various bits of fingering-weight in appropriate colors
Needles: US 1
Other: Embroidery floss, stuffing, gray felt
Pattern: Heavily modified from the Pocket Loki pattern by overthebifrost

Thanks for looking!

The Adventures of Nightbird, the Pocket Avenger!

aka pocket!Blaine finds extra comfort in another identity. bits inspired by a talk with steph on skype (and here’s the other pocket!blaine drabble)

Blaine doesn’t mean for it to happen, honestly. It’s just that he really loves watching superhero movies even though Kurt frowns at the violence, and he started musing aloud about what it would be like to be a superhero himself. He doesn’t expect Kurt to take these little things to heart and interview him, subtly across the span of a week, about colors and capes and what kind of superhero he’d want to be.

At the week’s end, Kurt surprises him with a costume that’s the perfect size for him, made of stretchy fabric and tough plastic and, frankly, it’s everything Blaine’s ever wanted. Besides a home, that is, but he has that now, with Kurt. 

He dubs himself Nightbird and spends that first day wearing the costume and speaking in third person, which serves to make Kurt smile more than he’s ever smiled before. That’s what superheroes do, Blaine decides, or at least that’s what he’s going to do: make people smile.

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On a less terrible note, have a Pocket Iron Man!  I finished sewing his felt details on over my lunch break today.  He’s so bitty!  (Chapstick included for scale.)  Also, bonus picture with Pocket Loki and Apsu.  My desk guardians are multiplying.  :D

Pocket Iron Man was knit all in red, and the gold bits were then duplicate-stitched on.  This has kind of a cool side effect in that the gold parts are stiffer than the surrounding knitting, making them feel a little bit more like armor.  His eyes and arc reactor are pale blue felt stitched down with embroidery floss.

Pattern: HEAVILY modified from the Pocket Loki pattern available at overthebifrost after converting it from crochet to knitting
Needles: US 1 double-points
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver “Burgundy”, Lion Brand Wool-Ease “Mustard”,  both unspun from four plies to two (making a fingering-weight yarn)

Thanks for looking!  :)