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If Nintendo came out with an Amiibo for Fi, how would Pocket Fi feel about this newcomer?

Pocket Fi would be happy! Fi (and by extension Pocket Fi) know how unpopular they are in the fandom. Any official merchandise of her would be welcomed because that means that there might be some people that love her enough to buy her merchandise!

On a side note, I’d pay good money for a Fi amiibo



Okay so I know I’m on hiatus but I need to take a moment to tell you a story about the glorious muppet that is @imhereforbvcky

So two week ago I was having a particularly rough day. And things haven’t been too great since, But today, as I’m leaving to go to a meeting at work a delivery guy comes to the door and hands me a parcel. I’m trying to remember what in the world I’d ordered until I open the package and find this

Mee you little shit

At this point I am grinning like an idiot before I see this

She wasn’t kidding. Evans AND Stan exposure. God bless. And then there was this

I hate/love her at this point because these are perfect but I mean it’s not even my birthday, holy shit!

I went to that meeting then (barely got there in time btw and was literally giggling the entire drive damn it) but I just got back and yo this book is fucking amazing

Awww a cute teddy bear? Nope. Not at all. Ima send this to that hot guy on campus lmao

It’s perfectly suited for a Brit! God, Mee, you know me too well. But wait…

IS THAT A LEMUR?? I feel like you deserve this page. But literally like 2 pages later there is

… Pretty sure that’s a sloth… Maybe don’t get this book for yourself

Okay but seriously, I give you a lot of shit, I annoy the fuck out of you but this is hands down the nicest thing anyone has done for me. Just because I felt down. You’re a fucking gem, Mee.

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(Ice hockey. Canada, It all links together)


New video for the weekend! :D
Unboxing SO MANY vintage original Polly Pocket compacts!! I’m such an excited dork aaaaaaa~ (QxQ)

here’s what cas carries in dean’s his old dufflebag whenever he’s not home:

  • two ids: jimmy novak’s driver’s license (real) and an fbi badge (fake.)
  • a hooped keychain with a spare set of keys for the continental (now impounded), his truck, and the bunker’s front door.
  • an angel blade. whether it’s his or a spare, he doesn’t know anymore.
  • a few changes of clothes. in particular: two flannel shirts, three t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, a hoodie, and clean socks and boxers.
  • some money, usually tucked away in a side pocket but it always manages to get loose and end up on the bottom of the bag, mixed in with loose buttons and bottlecaps he’s found on the side of the road.
  • swirl mints and scrunched packets of raw sugar from biggersons.
  • a collection of postcards from various gas stations across the states. 
    • none of them are addressed, but each of them has a small confession on the back, such as: “i watched you rake leaves.”
  • a small vial tied to a piece of leather string. its insides swirl against the glass and glow blue-white in the dark.

I feel like Jeonghan’s new thing is sticking his hand into everyone’s back pockets, it’s his new way of claiming people.

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Hi! I was looking for a that I read a while ago, it was an AU where P lived with Snow and K kept him company, and when they eventually had sex Snow (?) told K that P was playing her and they they lost contact until the end. Ring a bell? BTW, awesome blog!

Could this be Gray Expectations by Optimus-Pam?

It’s only listed on Prompts-in-Panem,  Let us know if this is not the right story!

My 5 year old is complaining about the fake pockets on her new jeans and I just have no answers for her.  I don’t get why we needed FAKE POCKETS ON A KINDERGARTNER’S JEANS.  Let alone why fake pockets are EVER a good idea.  They suck. Let women and girls have pockets!  FREAKING A.

Sneak peek of my mini-comic? Sneak peek of my mini comic.

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