Reading in fashion. Robe de gabardine á volants brodés á la main (Gabardine dress with hand embroidered ruffles), pl. 162: from Journal des dames et des modes, no. 71, 1914. Gerda Wegener. Pochoir.

The Journal was designed to appeal to the elite of Paris. It incorporated high fashion plates, an expensive layout, society columns, poetic texts, colourful annotations and fashion reports, using high quality paper and artwork.

Joan Miro ‘Cahiers d'Art Surrealist Composition’  published in 1934 for the very hard-to-find Cahiers d'Art No. 1-4.

(Cahiers d'Art was published in Paris from 1926-1960 by Greek art collector, writer and art critic Christian Zervos. The rarest and most sought-after issues of this art revue were those issued in the 1930’s containing original pochoirs by Miro and Marcel Duchamp. Zervos had high technical standards, and these works are truly stunning. )

“Une cigarette, c’est 7 minutes de vie en moins. Un alcool fort c’est 3 heures. Je suis donc mort en 1827.” (A cigarette equals losing 7 minutes of life. A glass of liquor is 3 hours. So I died in 1827)

Stencil painting and painted glass in Paris 13th district.

Pochoir et verre peint dans le 13ème arrondissement de Paris.