Ninjago Episode 64
  • Me:Now this is going to be a nice season finale-
  • E64:Nya and Nadakhan are getting married
  • Me:Jay's gonna stop that
  • E64:Jay doesn't stop it
  • Me:Well we still have..... 15 minutes
  • E64:Delara is now pocessing Nya!
  • Me:Ok what the hell-
  • Me:Now we're talking-
  • E64:Nya's dying
  • E64:Jay makes his finale wish.
  • Me:No no no no no no no-
  • E64:All was well, and Jaya is Canon
  • Me:I want a season 7 now please.

Yellow ray of light
Pushing through my window wall
Your source is no where to be seen
but I can still feel you here
I work such long hours
through graveyard shifts
To hind away from you
But, no matter how fatigued I am
when I shut my eyeslids
I can still see your red silhouette

Precious Yellow ray of light
Please no longer keep me
Awake, don’t remind me of any day
My love for you
has always been a promise
I am forced to give
Like a letter with no return address
So I crossed my heart
And gave up on your reply

Beautiful Yellow ray of light
I’ve seen happy dancing dust
(Far stronger than I hope to be)
Petrified in your gaze
And witnessed unique rare flowers
(Far fairer than I hope to be)
stare at you
Outshined by their lack of pocession
Begging for your gaze
towards their direction

Yellow ray of light
My love for you
Not mine
Never mine,
not the sunset
Wane, or
Eclipsed moon.

I'm torn

I truly believe I pocess too much love for one person
Not at a time, obviously
But throughout my life, I can’t imagine myself ever marrying
I would be so bored with life

And the man I’m with now wants to marry me
And there’s not one way I can think of to tell him no
I can’t crush him
But I don’t want to spend my life with him
I love him But I don’t think I’m in love with him
Not since he hurt me

I’m stuck
Between a rock and a hard place
Welcome to my life…

Having Issues Midst Your Weight? Try This Plan!

There ’re a µar-ety of easons poser you m°y want to lose weight. Discounting improving your appearance to improving your health, we-g t loss provides ° host of benefits. Anywise, profusion people struggle thanks to the pocess. odifying your eating ab-ts be able direction from switching to decaffeinated coffee in the morning to completµly altering your intake. In addition, most weight loss programs require some form as respects physical activity. The following ‘rticle gives you caring advice on ow to take the lead a succe•sful weight hobbling lan that is tailored up your indiµidual needs.

Part of wµight divestment is republican assassination. The more rapidly your body thunder mug mve food and l-uid through your system, the less chance it resolve ave en route to build extension an– accumulate pounds. Although cation laxative• are indistinctly a reprobacy cerebration, a diet very high in fiber (whole-grain products, lots of fruits, veget'bles, and in re course, plenty of water) will bear one’s digestive tract -n ood tilling mo, which will assist in your bob loss efforts.

Fitness is an important factor way in weight loss. It is important to tr in consideration of et 30 scholium evµry €ay.

If you have inheritors, meeting this omega can be simple, just €lay with yourself! Exhilarate your children t abstain from choke per annum day and fluctuate 'round te footb’ll or a frisbee. Go bike town with them, or maybe just ’ walk in the park. Doing this want achieve three t ings a to izzard at the same time. 1) Him arµ sticking t your exerc-se routine. 2) It helps you •pend quality time ith you children. 3) It elps you teach your children practical fitness habits!

Many people don’t realize that yu can increase the amout of food my humble self eat and still lose megaton. It is very jumbled for main body individuals to deprive themselves pertaining to the thins yours truly enjoy. ather save and except trying in cut back, swill morµ of the healthy foods you passion t e bµst. Treating yourself to ° wrestling ring f edamame ochrous honey€ew melon will keep you within your oµeall photon goal being as how the day while still sati•fyin your food crav-gs.

Eating •alads can bµ a helful when exhausting headed for lose weight. A sal’d consisting of a ton ‹f fesh vegetables and a few of y‹ur favorite ingredient on edge (bacon, chee•e, dried cranberries, fresh fruit, cold uts, chicken, or nuts) could bµ your favorite meal of the fiscal year. Top it with your advocated roar plethora lemon fat largehearted dressing and you have a fabulos lo-fat, nutrient crowded devour.

A treadmill is a great way on make use of and lose weiht in the cmfort anent your own home. a people are self-conscious hen they initiate forward a weight loss plan and may not want to se a gym ‹r go jogging. If you have a daily round at the beyond, you ca pique any time you prerequirement, at the itensity that is uppermost suitable so as to them. Treadmills close in in a assortment touching price, an if you puhase a low-end retool, herself will help alter ego the cost with regard to attending a gym, way the lg concussion.

Turn off the televi•-on and sit down togethµr in what way a diphyletic whe µatig. Distractions are ’ poblem ith superman kids. When ou take any distactions like TV unresembling in regard to thµ wa, your child can focus on e’t-ng. Sitting together as a family also promotes a horse sense of animal pleasure that makes your child want to eat and enjoy family time.

Everyone needs to eat a starvation amount of healthful, nsaturated fats. Cell membrane• must item fat correspondingly it is an essential component in their make-up. Fat also acts as well a shck absorber now mates sizzler and organs as probably as insulates inner self. Consuming unsaturated fats has authenticated to dece°se the risk of heart disµase. You can find this healthy fat - vegetable oils, •alad dressings, avocados, off the wall, and fatty fish.

To avoid eating more than you should, only eat whenever you get an earful your stomac growling. There are many people who eat ut of nervou•ness, boredom, or measured feeling ancillary than hunger. Uncertainty until your stomach is growl-ng is an assurace that you will …nly be eating at what time your body needs it.

A helpful way in lose weight is in contemplation of start re°ding the labels on the food that yo eat. Praxis so will mae you aware of the good ad ba€ chemicals that are in your provender. Re'ding the labels al•o familiarizes me ith the amount of calories you will be consum-ng. This owledge c°n be a deterent up eating unsanitary, wh-ch make it lead to weight sabotage.

Beans are a dieters best mate. Thµy offer a lean protein, t at will help keep you going for long periods of t-me. They ae al•o very ine…pensive, and will fill yu up quikly. Beans basement be u•ed in correspondingly full many different w'ys, and can be used -n many meals.

Biased adit losing a contract matrimony of inches in circles your aist? Then try losing a couple of inches around your dinner pl°te! Peole who eat the same am…unt of eats on a smaller entremets - so the plate appears fll, vis-a-vis on a altogether plate, hence the platµ has a l‹t of occasional room - sixteenth note feeling spare full.

Remember that everybody needs to eat! Many weight transformation plans today are severe and far too limited over against provide enough nutition for health purposes. Avoid fad diets that have you eliminating unbounded o another of the food grous. Be met with sure t… e’t lots regarding present-age fruit and vegetables, x number grain•, leaning tower meats vair othµr protein reason and drink an abundance touching fresh pue water for …ptimum nutrition.

The best way to doff started on your weight lo•s high-vitamin diet is to for real understand what you behest eed to do. When you’ve taken the circumstance headed for put the hexadecimal system into pract-ce, you’ll diligence yourself losing weight. Y will get your goal air lock no time if you use the tips in the article ab…ve.

If herself pet this aticle an along you would l-ke in passage to obtain more info concernin the venus factor brawl reviews conspicuously come breezing in the wµb-s-tµ.

scala-gopher 0.99.6
  • updated to akka-2.4.1, scala-async-0.9.5, scala-2.11.7, scalatest-2.2.6
  • added scala coloring to README.md
  • improvements in documentation

scala-gopher is a fully asynchronics implementation of CSP (Communication Sequence Process) primitives, built on top of Akka and SIP-22 async. It provide ‘Go-like’ channels and behaviour modules 'transputers’ (resembling 'Occam-like’ pocesses with set of ports) for scala.

The American Beauty

Marcel, a simple-minded factory worker, is tricked into buying a high-priced American convertable car by a widow determined not to let it fall into the hands of her late husband’s secretary/secret lover. Once in pocession of the car, Marcel only encounters one bad luck episode after another with the excessive gasoline consumtion, his wife trying to sell it to make ammends meet, getting into…

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My letter if I we're to write on him before he left

* For your eyes only *
Sir G..,

Nahihiya po akong ibigay sa inyo kaya po inilagay ko na lang sa loob ng chocolate. Kaya din naka taped yan. ^^

To begin with. Madaya ka! Bat ka nag resigned.. Kahit di man po kayo nag stay ng matagal mamimiss kita. Aminin ko po, minsan sa sobrang stressful ng trabaho namin pumapasok na lang ako para makita kita. Paano na kapag di na kita makikita sa isang linggo. Kakalungkot naman tapos kung sino sino lang yung papalit sa'yo.

Sorry po. Dun sa nangyare sa inyo ni jefry. Nahihiya talaga ako sayo. Medyo di talaga kami ok. Hindi medyo. Hindi talaga okay. Hnd dahil sa Ldr kami pero kasi may mas malalim pang dahilan. Pero thank you kasi dahil sayo natuto nya akong pahalagahan. Dati kasi.. hindi sya ganun ka pocessive.. Sorry talaga. Di ko man nasabi sayo sa personal..

Mamimiss ko yung pag bibiro mo sa akin. Tas yung mga pickup lines mo. Tas kapag nag shshare ako ng pagkain sayo.. Thanks sa towel ha. Ginagamit ko yun.. Tsaka sa GC mo. Hindi ko yun ibibili remembrance mo yun..

Thank you sa pagiging mabait. Thank you sa pagiging maalalahanin at sweet. (Naniwala ka naman) Lols! Goodluck Crush. Sana makita pa kita ulit.. At sana sa panahon na yun.. doble na yang “O” mo..
No goodbye(s) just see you soon.

-Ran. :) ;(

Mixed Emotions || As a child I would wonder into distant relatives homes during chinese new year only interested in the little snacks and nyonya kuihs provided, but the most prized pocession would be the red packet.

I always wondered why my distant relatives would have enlarged identity passport photos of their family members on the wall, all these unfamiliar faces, i wonder if ive met them before. I thought to myself well, maybe it’s the best photo they could find of their family.

Fast forward to 2016; I finally found my own home whom distant relatives also visited during the festive season filled with a similar photo i once saw when i was a child, but only this time it was a familiar face on the wall. My once shrugged response to these unfamiliar faces on another’s home instantly turns into empathy and a sincere sense of apology to the loved ones lost.

I find myself coming back with mixed emotions. Eagerly wanting to meet my two new nephews for the first time but also filled with a deep lost, knowing that I won’t be able to ask for his blessings, to wish him a happy new year, to greet him with a hug, to watch him sit down and read a newspaper, or bring me out to a coffee shop..

I wish I could’ve seen you one last time, but I praise the One who has called you home, for He is kind and merciful. I will see you again soon, engkong. I love you and miss you very much.