miinaharava  asked:

Hi! I love your blog and creations - thank you for them! I was just drooling over your "Nordic Inspiration" post and now I'm wondering where I could find some of the items you've used. 4th pic from top: window, jars & flower vase (on the table) and blanket. 5th (& 6th) pic: bowl (on the geo console - there's some green things in it, I don't know what they are exactly :D). Could you also recommend any other TS3 build/buy designer you absolutely rely on? Thank you so much! :)

Oh, thank you so much, darling! Knowing that you appreciate my work is very rewarding and makes my heart happy! Thank you! : D
I want to apologize for taking so long to respond. I was pretty busy with some projects and did not have time to look for these items for you. Some of them knew where to go, but others, like the flowers and blue jars, had no idea where to find it. But luckily, after much searching and some help from my dear followers here on Tumblr, I was able to find them for you. I just hope it’s not too late to answer …

1. Window

2. Flowers

3. Jars

4. Sofa blanket

5. Bowl with green things. Ow, And these ‘green things’ are artichokes. ;)

 About buy / builders designers I would recommend (I hope you are referring to the creators ….), I leave the list below.
P.S .: Please note that since I am a CC collector, I download things every day and so not all creators will be present here. Are many! But I promise that as soon as possible I’ll post them all. :)

1. simsinspring

2. Pocci

3. 77sims

4. Marcussims

5. PaisleyAvenueRedux

6. Florence

7. Plumblady

8. 01pond

10. steffor

11. D3VV

12. BuffSumm

13. Angela

14. AnoeskaB

15. SIMcredible

15. ShinoKCR

16. Severinka

17. pyszny16

18. Pralinesims

19. Pilar

20. NynaeveDesign

21. Mutske

22. Lulu265

23. Gosik

24. DOT

25. Cyclonesue

26. Cashcraft

27. ArtVitalex

28. sim_man123

29. spacesims

30. steffor

31. TheNumbersWoman

32. ung999

33. wondymoon

34. chisimi

35. aroundthesims3

36. applekissims

37. soloriya

38. backstreetsims

39. kalethegrey

40. murfeelee

41. mspoodle1

42. omfgingers

43. grandelama

44. vijinx0

>>No specific order.
Sorry for the long post. But lists so usually are guilty … : P

Edit: There have been some wonderful and talented creators who should have been on this list, but for an inexcusable failure of my so busy brain, they are not here ….. So I make a point of adding them here: