Having a problem with my Disney dvd does not make a girl a tech bimbo!!

so…I don’t think it’s too much to ask to be treated like a normal, tech savvy individual when talking to customer support online. Once I finally fixed the problem with my blu ray player and disk I kindly asked him to tell me why what I had done worked…I clicked the link he sent me…it was a link to an online version of my manuel…SERIOUSLY!?!?! That was obviously the first thing I looked to, I not only did that but I was also talking to Disney tech support people to see if it was the disk or the player. It was the player, I needed to reset it. I got no answer as to why I needed to wipe all of my player settings that took me a very long time to set up and why I had to hook up a blank USB drive…again I saw most of this before I asked someone online…pouring over forums and the support page. The whole time I was chatting with the support rep…a male…I was treated like a bimbo, like I was stupid…when in fact I used all of his lingo and spoke his language…I don’t like being talked down to, especially when it comes to technology. Watching a Disney movie does not make me stupid or technologically illiterate. I don’t appreciate how I was spoken to on that chat and will probable not be utilizing that service again. 

To anyone whose blu ray says it requires local storage…hook up a blank thumbdrive to the back, reset your player to factory setting (a pain to reset up I know) and try the disk again…hopefully this advice prevents someone else from being spoken down to. 

EDIT: The Disney studios reps were nothing but lovely in our email conversation. They said not to hesitate to contact them again if the problem crops up again.