ok its sunday so i guess i gotta talk about stuff with you guys.

u kno what really fucks me up? the scene in pocahontas where powhatan is like ‘pocahontas u gotta marry kocoum’ and then pocahontas looks outside at kocoum and shes like ‘but hes so serious’ and then we see him and hes fuckkin standing there stoically while children tug at his loincloth and jump around him

what is he doing? why are children there? why isn’t he even doing anything? what is he doing? if hes so serious then why are children so eager to play with him? what the everloving fuck is he doing?

“couples” I am still mad about:

  • the romance between amelia earhart and larry the security guard in night at the museum 2 (she would never kiss him tbh I will fight you on this)
  • pocahontas and john smith in the disney movie?? like wtf no that is so wrong?? and not even close to what actually happened in history??
  • natasha and bruce. so fucked up. no. so out of character for nat in fact she was out of character basically the whole movie because of this shit
  • I could go on

Jim Cummings appreciation post!

I have been meaning to do this for awhile and when I found out that it was his birthday on the 3rd of November I thought it would be the perfect time.

I adore Jim Cummings, he is one of my favourite voice actors, I love him. I know it isn’t all of his characters, but I showed a fair few. Also did anybody know he was Mr Bumpy, Cat, or Bonkers! I never knew that!! I haven’t watched any of them in years so I probably would pick it up now, but wow! That makes him that much more awesome.


After Frozen, I have renewed the list of my favorite Disney kisses:

1. Esmeralda & Phoebus.

2. Belle & Beast.

3. Jasmine & Aladdin.

4. Megara & Hercules.

5. Jane & Tarzan.

6. Anna &Kristoff.

7. Pocahontas & John Rolfe.

8. Marian & Robin Hood.

9. Nala & Simba.

10. Rapunzel & Eugene.