pocahontas x nakoma

In Which Shit Gets Real: Bisexual Pocahontas

Here’s how interpreting gay subtext works: pop off your heteronormative goggles. Keep your eyes peeled for any typical narrative tropes that might signify romantic attachment if it involved members of opposite sexes. By then you’re teetering on the edge of the Great Cliff of Gay Representation. Jump off and swim around in the ocean under it. Pop on a bikini; it’s pretty sexy down there. Or as Grandmother Willow once said, there is gay subtext everywhere, if only we know where to find it. Or whatever. So here we go.

You know Nakoma and Pocahontas had sex at one point. 

They’re both crazy adventurous, they know each other too well, and canon has shown that Nakoma will literally do anything to make Pocahontas happy, covering for her when she goes to see John Smith, pimping Kokoum out to her in the hopes it will get her to stay, and worrying constantly about her. The highest form of love is selfless love; letting someone do what makes them happy even if it means you won’t be. Nakoma does this again and again. Most people in the move, like Kokoum, Pocahontas’ fiance, and Powhatan, Pocahantas’ dad, run out of patience with her at some point. Nakoma stays loyal to her no matter what.

That’s a lot of homoerotic tussling for people who are just friends. 

Nakoma literally begs Pocahontas not to go to John Smith. Nakoma is pretty good at guessing exactly where Pocahontas has her romantic rendezvous. Perhaps Pocahontas took her to the cornfield sometime in the past? That would explain Nakoma’s look of betrayal…

Nakoma takes care of Pocahontas. She picks enough corn for the two of them to compensate for Pocahontas’ one ear of corn (seriously?)

Nakoma grounds Pocahontas. She’s the perfect foil to Pocahontas’ impulsiveness. Nakoma lets Pocahontas go to England, and waits for her to come back. 

Pocahontas is brave and open to new sexual experiences. That’s her with John Smith, after knowing him for two days, ignoring the fact that he has come to kill her people and claim her land. Pocahontas clearly loves Nakoma (see their teary goodbye in Pocahontas II) and it would make perfect sense for adventurous Pocahontas to take Nakoma’s shy flirting as encouragement in trying something new. But then Pocahontas gets bored, like she does with everybody (note how she abandons John Smith in Pocahontas II even though she pretty much gave up everything to be with him a year ago) and Nakoma has to cope with the fact that Pocahontas has moved on and she hasn’t. And knowing this breaks Nakoma’s heart but she still has to protect Pocahontas because if she doesn’t, who will?

And here are some legit screencaps, in case you needed further proof.