pocahontas x john rolfe

Pocahontas x John Rolfe

Having grown up loving the first Pocahontas as a kid, I didn’t think the sequel ruined a thing. There’s a recurring point that others have brought up before me: it was nice to have a realistic arc for a Disney heroine. The first love you have isn’t always the one you’re meant to be with, and you can find love again. Even if it seems perfect, even if you spark, it doesn’t always mean things will work out, and sometimes it’s nobodies fault.

Since Pocahontas is based on real people and real life events (albeit loosely), I feel it has the pass to be more realistic and less like a fairy tale in that aspect. But there’s more to the Pocahontas x Rolfe love story than that, and it’s not just about the historical accuracy. I re-watched the first movie today, and it made me realize a number of things. Note, from here on out the points I’m going to make are based on the Disney incarnations, not their real life counterparts. I’m fully aware that history is far different.

Also please be aware I’m not trying to insult those who hardcore ship Smith and Pocahontas, but instead give some insight as to why Rolfe appeals to some of us so much more.

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