pocahontas nakoma

The pilots of the reliable Jaeger ‘Dream Giver’, Pocahontas and Nakoma have been together since they were kids. When they were given the option to train in the corps to become Jaeger pilots, Pocahontas leapt at the new opportunity. Nakoma was a little more hesitant, but eventually realized that someone had to be there to protect her free spirited friend, to comfort her when she needed it. And besides, it wasn’t like she was going to let her best girl get in a giant robot with someone else by her side. 

8/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series 

Disney Femslash Week Alternate: Day 1, Sunlight/Moonlight. 

Nakoma thinks Pocahontas is brighter than the sun and prettier than the moon.

[Image Description: A digital image of Nakoma and Pocahontas. The image is split in half. One half is Pocahontas, standing in the sun wearing a short yellow dress. She is smiling softly and her hair and dress are blowing in the wind. There is a sunflower tucked behind her ear. Thje other half of the image is Pocahontas sitting on the side of a lake, looking at the rising moon, in a long purple dress, her hair braided, with moonflowers in her braid. Between the halves is Nakoma, saying “She’s my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.”]


On the edge of extinction, humanity turned to those willing and ready to defend it. Those who stepped up and worked in teams to protect all that they know and hold dear. Inside the base (commonly referred to as “The Magic Kingdom”) a living community thrives, Rangers, Engineers, Scientists, and civilians live out their lives not in fear, but defiance of the Kaiju threat. Each set of rangers has a different approach to battles. But one thing is true of all of them, they stand and fight for those they love. 

First set of what will probably be many. As in the cockpit, the dominant pilot stands to the right (our left). Check out all their individual posts for more in-depth stories on each team. 

Nani and Lilo || Jasmine and Aladdin 

Merida and Elinor || Nakoma and Pocahontas

Tiana and Naveen || Ariel and Eric

Kida and Milo || Hans and Anna