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Hi!!! This is my drawing of Pocahontas and John Smith from Disney ‘s Pocahontas, as many of my drawings this one is based on Rapunzel’s wall paintings illustrated by Claire Keane!! :)
I hope you like it!! :D


 There are endless costume ideas to choose from, so why would you choose costumes that enforce racist stereotypes? (Part 1) 

 For example, instead of dressing up in costumes that enforce stereotypes, can be neo-colonialistic, and fetishize racial/ethnic groups, dress up as something not racist, like Yoshi, a lava lamp, the Black Angry Bird, or a steel blue crayon.

 Dressing up as other ethnicities enforces harmful stereotypes. More so, sexualized racial costumes result in racial fetishization, which helps lead to higher rates of rape and human trafficking. Dressing up as other ethnicities is racist. Using the culture of others as a costume is racist. Let’s #endracistcostumes

Cast Member Story
  • Guest: (Lady in her 50s) Can you show me where "The Princess" is??
  • Me: We have lots of princesses! Do you know which one you're looking for?
  • Guest: THE Princess. From the Princess movie.
  • Me: Could you describe her?
  • Guest: No.
  • Me: Oh ok, here, I'll show you what princesses we have. *Shows & names various princesses*
  • Guest: No no no you don't have what I want. I'm looking for THE PRINCESS from the PRINCESS MOVIE. You only have DISNEY princesses.
  • Me: Oh..um yes I'm sorry these are the only princesses we have.
  • Guest: *storms away*

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