pocaguri couple


1) Approach her and start dancing in front of her. show your best move yaww

2) if she’s stil not impressed, starts showing your hidden card = “speedy leg dance”. and oh she’s smiling now

3) then walk away slowly…then turn back to look her with ur smexxay gaze & and giv her “ come here baby” signal

4) she wil dance wit u but stil shy to dance while facing to u. ..Guri : why u’re not facing me Poca ?

5) when she starts tun to facing you.. dance aggressively. even if she scared and try to move away, just continue dancing aggressively and follow her. try to catch her attention

7) and if the DJ suddenly play a romantic song, slow down your “aggressive dance” and dance in slow motion and beautifully as if you are Derek Hough.

or spinning like Kim Yuna wil do too

or some techno dance can do too

8) when her fav song start playing…H.O.T - Candy..

its a great opportunity for u to shine and grab her attention..next thing u should do, DO THE FLOOR DANCE

dun forget the Hammer dance as well

9) now she totally got the feeling. so, keep dancing with her like there’s no tomorrow.

10 ) last but not least : chest popping. CAN U FEEL MY HEARTBEAT POCA?

now she’s totally head over heels over u. she definitely wil fall for ur charms

 POLE DANCE ! u wil get extra 30 marks for this

everybody should watch 1N2D S3

I absolutely love this show!! This is the only season of 1N2D I’ve watched, and I find that people either love it, or they just compare it to S1 and S2 and say it pales in comparison. I’ve never watched the other seasons, but I really don’t think you should judge this season by the way it compares to the other ones. 

I have never closely followed with any variety show, except for WGM for the lettuce couple and pocaguri (and I only watch their cuts). But this one has my heart!!!


1. There is no MC 

A show like 1N2D, honestly, there is absolutely no need for an MC. It’s a show about brotherhood and survival out in the wild, why on earth would you need an MC. Having one creates opportunities for members dominating others and what fun is that to watch? 

2. They’re actually like brothers

Many people comment on the show and say that Joon Young has no manners and don’t respect his elders, or that they don’t like the 3G vs LTE games because 3G always loses. THE SHOW IS NOT ABOUT WINNING OR LOSING THE GAMES. It’s about six men playing ridiculous games that the production team comes up with in hopes of making viewers laugh. It’s about brothers messing with each other. There is no such thing as manners when it comes to fighting for food with your brothers, let’s be real. That’s what makes the show fun. What else do you want to see? Joon Young offering Joo hyuk the food that he earned himself on his knees? Don’t be ridiculous. 

And I love 3G vs LTE, because we all know 3G is probably going to lose, but we root for them much more than LTE. I love Joon Young but Joohyuk is honestly my favorite among the cast. Who cares if 3G loses all the games if they make the viewers laugh and we all cheer for them?

3. Yoo PD

He might as well be one of the cast members. He’s completely ruthless and that’s what makes it hilarious. He gets a fair bit of screen time and every time he makes me laugh. His monotone voice and straight face makes it even funnier. But when he actually laughs he’s the cutest thing ever. 

4. Chemistry

Six men can have chemistry with each other too. There are episodes where the members are by themselves, or it’s just a few of them together, and it’s not the same as all six of them being together. One of my favorite episodes is when they had an all-or-nothing day, where they swear to be loyal to each other, but of course that doesn’t work out. They’re screaming loyalty the entire day, but every single game one person would be like “let’s not, let’s at least have some of us eat”, and it’s hilarious. And they actually look like they like each other, which is a plus. It would be so terrible if they’re just pretending to like each other. 


I started watching this season because Joon Young is in it, but I have grown to love everybody. Even with my bias towards Joon Young, Joo hyuk is my favorite. He was a little bit awkward at first, but he’s really grown to accept his fate as a variety entertainer. He’s absolutely hilarious LOL and I love how Tae Hyun is basically the laugh track of the show lmao 

People need to stop comparing the seasons with each other. This new season is not a continuation of the previous, but a brand new one with four new members. That in itself gives enough reason for you to set S1 and S2 aside and focus on this one. If you don’t think it’s funny then that’s fine, we all have our preferences, but please don’t discard it just because you’re too blinded by the other seasons to see the good in this one.