In the spirit of the 2014 selfie roundup that’s going around on Tumblr now, here are 10 of my favourite tripod assisted selfies of the year! Unless I have someone to help me out, I shoot my own photos these days, and I’ve gotten comfortable enough with the self timer to get satisfactory results. I’ve shot more outfits this year than any other since I started blogging, which is pretty awesome, I think! Most of the time, I just try to get photos that are in focus and where I’m not mid-blink, but sometimes I accidentally get an excellent shot or two. And these are my 10 favourite unexpectedly excellent shots from 2014 <3 


Outtakes. Contrary to popular belief (since all personal style blogs are an expression of narcissism in some way or the other) not all photos from a shoot actually end up on my blog. These are some outtakes from the posts I’ve shot so far this year - in some of them, the technical glitches are obvious, but sometimes, there really isn’t any particular reason why one photo makes the cut and another doesn’t. 

For the actual shoots these originated from, please visit A Curious Fancy 💕


I’d earmarked this Unique Vintage dress for a very romantic engagement dinner which didn’t quite happen after all (but it was alright because it ended in sappy crying and roses.) Life turns up the loveliest surprises sometimes though, and le fiance and I ended up staying at a rather posh hotel last night and had such a grand old time. I finally got a chance to wear the dress earlier today (and feel very, very fancy) and pose for some photos by the pool. Moosh has grown into an excellent photographer of me. I thought it all went beautifully with my engagement ring too ❤

★ Dress c/o Unique Vintage {A note about the size - which runs very small! I’m a UK16/18 and I’m wearing the 2X, so I recommend sizing up if you can} ★ Vintage velvet veil via Dalena Vintage ★ ASOS pointed flats {Similar available here}★   


This week on Heartbeats: Jackie and Berlin! <3

Even though Jackie and me grew up in the same city, I became aware of her awesomeness on the internet after we both had moved away (thank u, tumblr). She has definitely been an inspiration for me as a fat woman of colour navigating whiteness and fat phobia, not just through solidarity, but also because she is unapologetically who she is which has been my biggest struggle, hence this blog project. Jackie is also a co-founder of It Gets Fatter, “a body positivity project started by fat queer people of colour, for fat people of colour!” I would highly recommend checking out their videos on Vimeo.

Joining Jackie on this crush-worthy post is her boyfriend, Berlin Reed. He is a chef who just published a really great book called The Ethical Butcher: How Thoughtful Eating Can Change Your World (it’s on Amazon if you can’t access a local shop.) His bio describes him as “a food warrior and radical food theorist bent on decolonizing cuisine.” SWOON. Catch him on tour right now!

On a very personal note: I can’t even tell you how special it was to photograph these two. I have never witnessed brown love like this, queer brown love. The experience made me want to keep searching for brown bodies to project out into the world. This is how we heal.

More photos and full interview on Heartbeats!


Important sweatshirt. This is by Monki who have a knack of making kitschy stuff look arty rather than costumey, as my friend Ushshi pointed out today. I mean, this isn’t even my **signature style** but I’m so happy in my pizza sweat! pizza sweat 

My shoes are an ancient charity shop find and the floral crown is sort of handmade, and the skirt was on ridic sale from asos. Cute cheap outfit!