This Unique Vintage maxi has such an early 20th century vibe, it took me right back to the time I was obsessed with Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury hipsters. The hat and shoes are from widely differing eras but on the whole I feel this is the sort of wearable period look that I immensely enjoy. 

♥  Hibiscus Maxi Dress c/o Unique Vintage ♥  Woven leather T-Bar shoes from ASOS {There’s a similar pair here and also one here} ♥  Vintage Borsalino hat from Fabgabs Etsy  ♥

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*If Bryce Williams was a redneck white guy like most other spree shooters* Right Wing press: “Meh. Who cares? He was a lone wolf. Nothing to see here. Forget it.” *Bryce Williams was, in fact, a gay black man* Right wing press: “Oh my God! What does this mean? We have to examine every inch of this man’s life in-depth.”

Frigging hell, you people are about as subtle as a cockroach running across a pristine white carpet. I can actually see the wheels turning, FFS.