poc zine project tour

We’re pumped to announce that LA Zine Fest will be partnering with POC Zine Project for two events during the 2013 Race Riot Tour! If you didn’t get to catch their talk at LA Zine Fest in February, now’s your chance!

Join rad zinesters of color on October 16th at USC or October 17th at UCLA. Specific times and more deets to come! 

We look forward to future partnerships with POC Zine Project, so keep yr eyes peeled!

anonymous asked:

hey there. i found out about the POC tour through bloomington friends and i see that you're all keeping it pretty east coast/midwest, but i am living on the west coast in san luis obispo right now and would encourage some or any or all of you to make it out this way. if you came out west, i am volunteering to host/facilitate a show/reading for you in SLO, and can link you to good connections for poetry/literature readings in the Oakland and bay areas. i hope you're all well and good luck!

Hi there! We wanted to respond to your question right away because it represents several that we’ve been getting as of late:

1. This first tour is NOT going to the west coast, unfortunately. It’s not because we don’t want to (in fact Daniela, the founder of POC Zine Project, is originally from Cali!) - it’s because this is what we can support at this time. We can’t take the time off and don’t have enough funding to tour across the country in 2012.

12 cities over two weeks is pretty ambitious for our first tour and we’re grateful that we will be able to pull this off, considering all the many factors involved. 

2. We WILL have several events on the west coast in 2013 <3 … Stay tuned for updates.

3. Folks who are interested in participating in and/or supporting west coast events in 2013 should email daniela@dcapmedia.com. Some of you are already doing that, so thank you!

4. We mentioned previously that we want to organize a national poc zinester + ally conference for 2014. An event at such as scale takes time to put together (especially when everyone is volunteering their time), which is why we’re aiming for 2014. If you want to participate in that and help to organize, send us a message and indicate the following:

- Your name

- Your city (where you will be in 2014, if you know)

- Your contact info (email and cell if you have it)

- How you think you would like to support a national poc zinester conference. If you have any workshop ideas, share that as well!


5. Since we can’t tell who you are, Anon from San Luis Obispo, please send an email and we’ll share information about local POC Zine Project event organizing in your area for 2013. <3

- POC Zine Project