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I'm A Fool To Want You - Part 5

Characters - 1940!Sam x POC!Reader

Word Count - 3.5k

Warnings - FLUFF, ANGST, Reader specifics, language, implied smut.

A/N - This is a companion series with the series​  I’ll Be Seeing You by @winchesterenthusiast be sure to read her version which is a Dean x Reader in the same AU and timeline. This is so so long overdue and I’m so sorry.

Song - I’m A Fool To Want You by Billie Holiday

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*Any historic inaccuracies are my fault and mine alone. Let it be known that I do not by any means have anything against any race or affiliate with anyone who does.

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September 16th, 1940

You woke up feeling more well rested than you ever had before; tangled in your sheets and wrapped up from head to toe in everything that was Sam Winchester. The sun was pouring through the thin, flowing curtains in your windows. The happy songs of birds flying by outside accompanied the faint snore coming from beside you.

A smile played on your lips. You knew there was no place you’d rather be, no one you’d rather risk your life sneaking around with, no other future you’d want than with Sam. The past couple weeks had been a blur of smiling faces, faint whispers of ‘I love you’ and breathless, sweaty nights in bed. There had never been a happier time in your life.

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I just figured out the thing that bugs me so much about the attacks on Supernatural’s producers ad writers in the name of inclusion and social justice…in it’s own way it’s another form of erasure.

The ideas that Supernatural kills all it’s female character or has no minority characters, or when it  does, they die - is simply, mathematically wrong. The same goes for LGBT characters. Also - falling victim to the heteronormative, white-washy assumption that all characters are cis, straight and white until declare otherwise is Not Good.

Not only do fans ignore the existence of characters and plot points that don’t serve their anger, but in doing so, they completely erase and ignore minority characters. Attacking the show on twitter for killing women ignore and invalidates all the great women on the show who aren’t dead, and also ignores the impact of the death and role of their deaths in the story.

The idea that for representation to matter - for a minority character to be important enough to really have impact -  that said character must receive some sort of validation from the writers or producers, is self defeating. When I see these criticisms I often want to ask - what would you rather have? A female lead? No women die ever? Recast the show with different, more diverse leads? If the answer is “no” then you have to reconsider what it is you actually want and what you’re criticizing. 

Every bit of representation matters and it is part of the problem, not part of the solution to ignore that representation and demand MORE because what we have isn’t important enough. Yes, more is important - I want more shows with Female and/or LGBT and/or POC leads. And yes, SPN has done problematic things - but it is not The Worst Show Ever. It’s actually quite good and ignoring the good things the show has done is just a perpetuation of a culture to whom minorities can be invisible.

All I’m suggesting is that before we grab our torches and pitch forks to join the cool kids in their angry mob and the we ask ourselves: what do I want to see? What might I be ignoring that’s already there? And most importantly: What can I do or create on my own to make things better.

exitpursuedbyasloth  asked:

Including Dean and Sam, there are 58 recurring white characters with 19 still living. Including a couple of Leviathans I'm not sure anyone remembers, there was only 12 recurring PoC with 1 still alive, the Alpha Vampire. The others were Gordon, Victor, Jake Talley, Kevin Tran, Linda Tran, Rufus, Uriel, Raphael 1.0, Raphael 2.0, Edgar, and Susan (Missouri was not recurring, she was only in 1 episode). That's a survival ratio of approx 30% white to 8% PoC. Fuck that shit.



Seriously, like, I’ve had people tell me that it’s hard for SPN to write POCS. 

But I don’t see how it’s hard.

  1. write a person
  2. make them poc by casting a POC actor or actress.

It’s not like SPN goes into the culture of a person (and even if they did, there are a lot of POCS like me who’s culture is WHITE CULTURE) or gives them non-white names.

Don’t tell me it’s hard. Because honestly, it isn’t.