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*me, in 2001, when we moved into the house that the old woman died in* (The real estate lady insisted it wasn’t a big deal.)  *Sister* “She died in your bedroom. Aren’t you scared?” *Me* “I’m more scared of our alcoholic, abusive father.”

*sister* “But ghosts are really, really terrifying.”

*Me* “At least with ghosts you don’t have to pick up the beer cans and put up with constant verbal abuse.”

For the record, I always slept soundly in the bedroom.

The elite believe that they are communicating with interdemensional creatures and they believe that they have to kill everyone to get to the super-technology. The psychopath cosmology is not to have kids and live on through them but that you must kill and enslave people to get ahead. Prove you’re evil, prove you’re hateful - you’re just this God killing everyone.

Alex Jones. (There are people who truly listen to this man, scary as that is.)


I'm A Fool To Want You - Part 5

Characters - 1940!Sam x POC!Reader

Word Count - 3.5k

Warnings - FLUFF, ANGST, Reader specifics, language, implied smut.

A/N - This is a companion series with the series​  I’ll Be Seeing You by @winchesterenthusiast be sure to read her version which is a Dean x Reader in the same AU and timeline. This is so so long overdue and I’m so sorry.

Song - I’m A Fool To Want You by Billie Holiday

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*Any historic inaccuracies are my fault and mine alone. Let it be known that I do not by any means have anything against any race or affiliate with anyone who does.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

September 16th, 1940

You woke up feeling more well rested than you ever had before; tangled in your sheets and wrapped up from head to toe in everything that was Sam Winchester. The sun was pouring through the thin, flowing curtains in your windows. The happy songs of birds flying by outside accompanied the faint snore coming from beside you.

A smile played on your lips. You knew there was no place you’d rather be, no one you’d rather risk your life sneaking around with, no other future you’d want than with Sam. The past couple weeks had been a blur of smiling faces, faint whispers of ‘I love you’ and breathless, sweaty nights in bed. There had never been a happier time in your life.

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Including Dean and Sam, there are 58 recurring white characters with 19 still living. Including a couple of Leviathans I'm not sure anyone remembers, there was only 12 recurring PoC with 1 still alive, the Alpha Vampire. The others were Gordon, Victor, Jake Talley, Kevin Tran, Linda Tran, Rufus, Uriel, Raphael 1.0, Raphael 2.0, Edgar, and Susan (Missouri was not recurring, she was only in 1 episode). That's a survival ratio of approx 30% white to 8% PoC. Fuck that shit.



Seriously, like, I’ve had people tell me that it’s hard for SPN to write POCS. 

But I don’t see how it’s hard.

  1. write a person
  2. make them poc by casting a POC actor or actress.

It’s not like SPN goes into the culture of a person (and even if they did, there are a lot of POCS like me who’s culture is WHITE CULTURE) or gives them non-white names.

Don’t tell me it’s hard. Because honestly, it isn’t.