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I keep seeing angry posts on my dash about the recent AO3 statistics showing a pronounced lack of POC in our stories, and as a fanfiction writer I just wanted to say - guys, you’re right on all counts - it’s true we don’t have enough representation and it’s true there’s probably some underlying racism in how we pick our characters and whatever else, but also - this stuff about the stories themselves is interesting af, but has anyone done some research on the writers’ ethnicity? Because what I can say from my perspective - I’m white, and European, and most of the time I deliberately avoid writing POC characters into my stories because -

  1. creating a background is hard work - I don’t know enough about African American or Korean American or Latino culture, and this is the kind of thing that should be researched in depth if you don’t want to write walking stereotypes;
  2. I can’t pin down their voices - this is why I also tend to leave out characters with non standard accents - like, for instance, I write for Supernatural and I love Benny Lafitte to bits but his Louisiana drawl is really, really hard to get right;
  3. they’re not in the original story all that much, so there’s less material to work with - which, together with points 1 and 2, is self-explanatory;
  4. my introduction to tumblr was about a million posts about gate-keeping and ‘it’s not your story to tell’ - seriously, I get there are issues there but the result, as a fanfiction writer who’s learning how to write, is that you lose confidence to even try, because you see other people getting dragged and doxxed for being ‘offensive’ and ‘disrespectful’ (and something it’s justified, but other times, let’s be honest, it’s not), so I guess this is just to say - you can’t have it both ways - you can’t have stuff like if 👏 you’re 👏 not 👏 queer 👏 don’t 👏 write 👏 lgbt 👏 characters and then complain because AO3 doesn’t have enough diversity.

So, again - this is just my experience, but it seems obvious to me that if we want more diverse fanfiction (and we should), then we need a bit of everything - more representation in original content, sure, but also writers who’ve got room to manoeuvre (and try, and get it wrong, and try again without getting crucified), readers who’re ready to broaden their horizons, and more encouragement for authors from different backgrounds, because I’m sure they’ve got fantastic stories to tell and personally, I really want to hear them. 


This happened months ago but I’m still so heated over the fact that some 50 year old grown ass white woman (take a guess at who) told me not to bring race into something that had nothing to do with race i.e. Wayward Sisters and by extension Supernatural.

That’s literally the most ignorant shit I’ve ever heard. The reason so many POC, specifically black people in my case, bring race into things like this is because if we don’t, the shit that’s happening on SPN and so many other shows is gonna continue to happen. POC getting continuously killed off for white man pain, Black people always being portrayed or stereotyped as savages or thugs, POC just being under represented in general.

Wayward Sisters, hopefully, is making up for that by introducing Patience Turner, a black female who is incredibly smart, an over-achiever, and a psychic who’s actually gonna get characterization that lasts beyond two episodes and hopefully they will continue to add more POC. That’s important. So very important for people like me who are never represented in that way. And obviously it stretches far beyond Wayward Sisters but I’m too tired to get into that right now.

I just figured out the thing that bugs me so much about the attacks on Supernatural’s producers ad writers in the name of inclusion and social justice…in it’s own way it’s another form of erasure.

The ideas that Supernatural kills all it’s female character or has no minority characters, or when it  does, they die - is simply, mathematically wrong. The same goes for LGBT characters. Also - falling victim to the heteronormative, white-washy assumption that all characters are cis, straight and white until declare otherwise is Not Good.

Not only do fans ignore the existence of characters and plot points that don’t serve their anger, but in doing so, they completely erase and ignore minority characters. Attacking the show on twitter for killing women ignore and invalidates all the great women on the show who aren’t dead, and also ignores the impact of the death and role of their deaths in the story.

The idea that for representation to matter - for a minority character to be important enough to really have impact -  that said character must receive some sort of validation from the writers or producers, is self defeating. When I see these criticisms I often want to ask - what would you rather have? A female lead? No women die ever? Recast the show with different, more diverse leads? If the answer is “no” then you have to reconsider what it is you actually want and what you’re criticizing. 

Every bit of representation matters and it is part of the problem, not part of the solution to ignore that representation and demand MORE because what we have isn’t important enough. Yes, more is important - I want more shows with Female and/or LGBT and/or POC leads. And yes, SPN has done problematic things - but it is not The Worst Show Ever. It’s actually quite good and ignoring the good things the show has done is just a perpetuation of a culture to whom minorities can be invisible.

All I’m suggesting is that before we grab our torches and pitch forks to join the cool kids in their angry mob and the we ask ourselves: what do I want to see? What might I be ignoring that’s already there? And most importantly: What can I do or create on my own to make things better.

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Including Dean and Sam, there are 58 recurring white characters with 19 still living. Including a couple of Leviathans I'm not sure anyone remembers, there was only 12 recurring PoC with 1 still alive, the Alpha Vampire. The others were Gordon, Victor, Jake Talley, Kevin Tran, Linda Tran, Rufus, Uriel, Raphael 1.0, Raphael 2.0, Edgar, and Susan (Missouri was not recurring, she was only in 1 episode). That's a survival ratio of approx 30% white to 8% PoC. Fuck that shit.



Seriously, like, I’ve had people tell me that it’s hard for SPN to write POCS. 

But I don’t see how it’s hard.

  1. write a person
  2. make them poc by casting a POC actor or actress.

It’s not like SPN goes into the culture of a person (and even if they did, there are a lot of POCS like me who’s culture is WHITE CULTURE) or gives them non-white names.

Don’t tell me it’s hard. Because honestly, it isn’t.

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Please. Please tell me this is a joke. You honestly think making your ship canon is more important than my fundamental human rights?

Destiel being canon would be great for queer representation, yes. But you can’t honestly say it’s more important than POC rights. 

Also, yeah, that’s great. Show the fandom you’re not racist by calling me the N word repeatedly. That’s nice. 

Get the fuck off my blog, anon is going off.