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🌕Period Self-Care🌕


it was important to me for this jar to represent ME bc I mostly see period spells that are very isolating in the way they cater to a very binaried idea of what getting a period is like n ThatsJustNotRealistic.gif

so without further ado, the ingredients are as follows:

🍄red sparkly beeswax

🍄red sparkly crayon

🍄cotton rounds

🍄cinnamon bark



🍄incense ash


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New hair, new hair, new hair!!!

Did a little magic with it. Trimmed off the split ends to release the old. Dyed it new colours to represent transformation. Did some knot magic by braiding wishes into my hair. 

I feel rejuvenated now.

To all the queer, POC, dis/abled artists/writers out there:

Your art is fabulous.

Your art is brilliant, whether it’s focused on your identities or focused on social justice or focused on dragons and space ships or all of the above.

Your art is needed.

You are needed.

But it’s okay when your art isn’t quite where you want it to be yet.

Keep going: keep improving. We all start somewhere, and along the journey, we all can create both incredible, life-changing work and we all can create meh work. That is part of the process.

You are worth more than the sum of your productivity.


Taking time for yourself is important, I promise. It is not selfish and it is not worthless and it does not make you less of an artist. We all need to recharge our souls, our creative energies, our intellect, our passion.

When the world tells you that they need you to explain your art to them because they do not live your life and do not understand your depth, you are not obliged to.

When the world tries to label your art and contort its meaning and its purpose so it fits into a particular, locked box, you do not have to consent.

You are amazing.

Your work is amazing.

Thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities.

Thank you for being brave enough to show us pieces of your soul.

You are incredible.

Create on.

People of colour. LGBTQ2SIA folks. Survivors of sexual violence. Folks with disabilities. People living in poverty. Undocumented immigrants. Muslim folks. Incarcerated folks. You deserve love, safety, and equality. We deserve better than this.

hi everyone,

this is a new blog that hopefully will serve as a safe space for people of colour to discuss mental health and talk about their experiences of mental illness. also to acknowledge how oppression can be so damaging to our mental health, and to explore ways in which POC can engage in self-love/care whilst being in societies that tell us we are undeserving of it. 

i’m looking for any co-admins that would be interested in helping me run this blog, send me an ask if you’re a POC and you’re interested!

poc mental health blog

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Black Girl Self Care Tip #5 🌊🌊

Brown girl,

Always remember to ride your own wave. 
You’re obviously the innovator, you can tell by how much they steal from you.

Keep doing you boo and let them be carbon copies, living a shallow existence.
They are a mere part per millionth of what you truly are.

You are unphased.

Keep shinin’ OG. 🌞😉

guide to self-care for people of color

Between a surge of hate crimes across the country, and countless heartbreaking stories of sexual assault, it’s fair to say that we’ve been through a lot these past few months. And while it’s essential to stay informed, your personal health and well-being is important too . We asked the Look Different Good Look Panel to impart a few tips for taking care of yourself when you need it the most.

Studies show that social support is one of the most effective methods to cope with stress. Connect with people who reaffirm and supports your beliefs, to combat feelings of alienation and isolation.

For me personally, one of the best self-care gifts is inviting people of color to create. Be it writing, visual art, dancing or acting. Communities of color are often the first communities to lose access to art education in schools.

We should not sacrifice the little things that make us the most happy or comfortable for the sustenance of white comfort.

In a system that is supposed to control and confine you, your individuality is an everyday act of protest. Wear what you want and laugh as loud as you can. 

Sometimes taking a break from everyone and everything and really focusing on yourself can be so gratifying.

Read the full article on Look Different’s Medium publication


Here’s some vent art I drew some time ago because I’m currently hitting a rough patch on my self love journey and when I draw myself I feel a little better. :)

Played with texture a little in Paint Tool Sai with these.


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